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					Chen Wangdao
    Chen Wang Tao (1891-1977), "The Communist Manifesto,"
the first full translation of Chinese translators, punctuation, and promoter of Chinese
romanization, after the liberation of long-term as president of Fudan University,
Fudan University journalism department reserves, known as "the
Teacher's . "
   January 18, 1891 Born in Zhejiang Yiwu river watershed Tong village.
   Zhejiang Culture dazzling, celebrity giving birth, according to statistics, Yuan Ming
and Qing dynasties, only Zhejiang - Provincial Writers accounting for one fifth of the
total. Modern history, more prosperity. Fan Li, Wang, Wang Xi Zhi, Wang Xianzhi, Yu
Shinan, Chu Sui-liang, Xie Lingyun, LUO, Shen Kuo, Bi Sheng, Wang Yangming, xi,
Lu, Wang Guowei, ZHANG, Cai, Zhu Kezhen, Zhang Yuan Ji, Cao Juren so.
   Yiwu is known as a land of culture, reputation, modern with Chen Wang Road,
Feng Xuefeng, Wu Han and so on.
   1896-1905 school years 6-15 years old classics.
   16 years old in 1906, Yiwu city, embroidery Lake College to study mathematics
and physics.
   1907, 17-year-old returned to the reservoir points to lead the radical youth set up
village school.
   1908-1912 18-22 years old, admitted to the Jinhua prefectural school learning.
   1913, 23 years old to Shanghai after the tutorial in English, admitted to Hangzhou
of Zhejiang University specializing in English and mathematics.
   The University is the United Church of Christ South River Presbyterian Church
organized a school. Predecessor was founded in 1845, Ningbo Chong Xinyi Sook,
1867, moved to Hangzhou, was renamed the British Academy education. 1911,
formally established in Hangzhou, from Lookout Mountain of Jiangxue Tang Qin,
Jiang whom the University was renamed in 1914. After the outbreak of war, once
moved to Anhui Tunxi, moved to Shanghai in 1938, and the University of Shanghai,
Shanghai, St. John's University, Soochow University, the University of
Nanking, Jinling Women's University Union University, Shanghai
composed of various schools. Restoration of the river in 1940 the University, 1951
University of the river over by the Zhejiang Provincial Education Department in 1952
to adjust the national departments, the University of Jiang, Li, Business School of the
University, were merged into Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Shanghai
Finance and Economics. The river from the University no longer exists.
   1915-1919 25-29 years old Chen went to Japan to learn. Has at Waseda University,
Toyo University, National Central University, awarded the Central University of Law
degree. May 1918 paper of "punctuation of innovation."
   29 years old in June 1919 to return home by the description employed by the
President of the Zhejiang Heng Yi established the first Normal School faculty.
December and the summer with the school beggar (sound Mianyang) respect, Lee Pak,
Lee plays nine (known as "four James Bond") reform Chinese
education, to promote a new culture, set off "a wave of
division." (I do not understand the deep, only to return in the new post for
less than six months, ah! Harm to others by the President. Hengyi president forced to
resign after.)
   According to Cao Juren recalled, Chen Wang Tao in Shanghai that year in August
to find a phonetic alphabet and phonetic study of Wu Chih-Famennian, Chen Wang
Road, Hangzhou, a teacher taught a return to "we" (referring to
Cao Juren) phonetic alphabet and phonetics law school.
   1920, 30 years old, "one teacher bashing" post-Chen Wang
Road Yiwu back home, translating the "Communist Manifesto"
("Communist Manifesto" is a horse, column 2 in 1848 in
London). Wang Tao Chen took the translation to Shanghai to find Chen, participated
in the Study of Marxism. Employed Fudan University, set up the grammar and
rhetoric class.
   Wang Tao Chen is said to set up news Section 1924, 1929, Department of
Journalism at the University was founded, the National Capital.
   1921, 31 years old, and Li Da, Li Hanjun the Communist Party and other
preparations for a major, but not satisfied with Chen's
"paternalism", but have not participated in "a
   1923, 33 years old, appointed by Chen to Head of Department of Shanghai
University Ren Zhongwen, based rhetoric courses.
   August and Liu Yazi, leaf Chu sad, Shao Lizi, Cao Juren, who initiated the
establishment of "New South." (Old South Society, is
November 13, 1909 was established in Suzhou, Chen Qubing sponsors, on high, Mei
and Liu Yazi, all alliance members, are devotees of Sun Yat-sen, activity center in
Shanghai, mostly radical intellectual revolution elements, height and up to 1200
people. Old South Society in 1917 and the disintegration of their differentiation.)
   New South also fell apart in 1924. Short-lived!
   1927, 37 years old, Shanghai University was closed, Fudan Renzhong Wen Chen to
Head of Department.
   1929, 39, Ren Zhonghua Art University. University of the Arts in 1930, China was
closed down. Cai Kui and married the run, "Art Studies
Quarterly" only out of a proscribed.
   1933, Wang Tao Chen taught at Anhui University, "the general
literature." "General" is the English proletarian
(proletarians) - the word the first two scales. "General literature"
that the proletariat are literature.
   1934,       44,      founder      of     "Bai"          fortnightly.
"Bai" was founded in September 1934, closed in September
1935. A total of one full year, publishing two volumes of 24. Cao Juren later recalled,
Chen Wang, "In the viscosity of the scholars, the fine is very fine, but the
lack of bold courage." "He's probably afraid to
offend someone else, guess what, almost everyone gave him offended."
   Cao Juren said Chen Shih (Wang Tao) is "a political reality can not and
too close to people, but is unwilling to lonely people." Chen young to have
a nickname "Red Head Matches", meaning that a clean burning,
describe its character Unyielding. Such dissatisfaction to Chen's
paternalism, announced to quit the party in the Party.
   1937, Chen Wangdao participation "Romanization"
   1940, 50-year-old to return to Fudan University.
   1942, 52, Head of the Department of Fudan University Press, raise
"good practice" four words, as the Department of Ming.
   1949, 59, of Fudan University students hold a festival, Yu Yu-jen pro book
"The Master's" vertical one.
   In November 1952 as the national reform in higher education 62 years after the new
president of Fudan University. Mao Zedong's approval to continue to do
the journalism department of Fudan, so there is the "North was big, south
Fudan" news departments pattern.
   1955, 65, of any Standing Committee, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
   1960, 70 years old, as amended, "Ci Hai" general editor.
   1965, 75 years old, "Ci Hai" (finalized) the publication, and
the title inscription.
   1966-1972 76-82 years old, "Cultural Revolution" was
stopped during the administrative functions and social activities.
   Fudan University in 1972, restoration director of the revolutionary.
   86-year-old in 1976, "Wen Wei Po" published
"great inspiration."
   1977, 87 years old, "Wen Wei Po" published
"sorely missed." October 29 in Shanghai Huadong Hospital,
died 87 years.