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									Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health 24(2), Winter 2009


     This issue of the journal presents three thought-provoking
articles, each with unique and individual perspectives. A focus on the
mother in each sensitizes us to what the effects of the external envi-
ronment is for the mother, affecting the environment of the mother
for the prenate. To know one, is to know the other.
     The first article discusses the importance of the pregnancy period
as much more than a biological one, namely, a major life transition.
Thus, the authors, Drs. Côté-Arsenault, Brody, and Dombeck from the
University of Rochester, School of Nursing, Rochester, New York,
examine this pivotal event as an important rite of passage. Case
studies are offered to illustrate the points presented.
     Submitted by authors from the University of New England,
Armidale, Australia is an article entitled, Differentiating Subtypes of
Postnatal Depression Based on a Cluster Analysis of Maternal
Depressive Cognition. Drs. Church, Dunstan, Hine, and Marks per-
formed a quantitative study examining 406 postnatal women that
had either a cognitive vulnerability to depression
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