SCANNING the Wide Horizon by ProQuest


Answering that question goes back to the type of scanning your shop is likely to perform, [Jane Napolitano] said. "If you're doing a lot of CIS scanning, the cost of those scanners is very reasonable, so I don't see buying a used one even being an option," she said. "But if you're investing in a large CCD scanner, you may want to consider buying used. But then again, do you want to buy used and just have to turn around in a year and buy new?"

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                                                          wide-format scanners
                                                           the Wide Horizon
                                                           By Jeffrey Steele                                      markups. It’s more popular for people to scan their own fine
                                                           Offering scanning wasn’t always an option for          art pieces and make copies, and sell those copies.”
                                                           print shops. Scanners were expensive, the soft-
                                                           ware needed to run them was hard to master, and        Many municipalities are looking to scan old blueprints and
                                                           the entire notion of scanning being a profit center    building plans to convert them to digital format. They use 24-
                                                           seemed years away.                                     to 55-inch scanners that start at less than $4,000 for black-and-
                                                                                                                  white scanners, upgradeable to color, she said.
                                                           But the future is now for many wide-format imag-
                                                           ing professionals. Scanning equipment is now well      “Repro shops are becoming more and more interested in it, and
                                                           within their financial range, and the software cur-    are now moving from being interested to actually buying the
                                                           rently available makes the transition easy. What’s     scanners,” she added. “It’s another revenue stream for them.
                                                           more, the market for scanning services is ready        They have opportunities walking in the door, but can’t do any-
                                                           made. Many of the same customers that wide-for-        thing to serve these people without the right equipment.”
                                                           mat shops serve from the printing side are likely to
                                                           want scanning services as well.                        Those print providers have sacrificed the business of wide-for-
                                                                                                                  mat scanning to others because it was too expensive a business
                                                           Those in the business of supplying large-format        for them to enter, and the software was difficult to deal with,
                                                           scanners report there are a multitude of ways for      Napolitano said. Today that’s no longer the case. Prices have
                                                           print providers to make money in wide-format           fallen on newer scanner models, and today’s software makes
                                                           scanning.                                              transitioning easy.

                                                           Among experts voicing this argument is Jane            “Should they add wide-format scanning?” asked Neil
                                                           Napolitano, of Costa Mesa, CA-based Paradigm           Zdunkawicz, product manager for Santa Ana, CA-based
                                                           Imaging Group. “Depending on the type of scan-         Graphtec America. “They already have clients in that business,
                                                           ning, you can do large-format black-and-white,         and they’re doing print jobs for them. If they’re already doing
                                                           including engineering documents, plans, and            printing jobs for those kinds of firms, those firms would need
                                                           drawings,” Napolitano said. “Or you can do large-      scanning services.”
                                                           format color, which could be anything: renderings
                                                           to photos to fine art to plans with redlining or       At Océ, Chicago-based product marketing manager Maree

                                                                                                      Graphtec CSX300

                                                                          Oce TC4 Scanner
                                                                                                                                                  Contex XD2490MFP
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