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                                                Leo H. Joachim, Editor & Publisher, 1928 to 1985
                                                Florence B. Joachim, Editor & Co-Publisher, 1948 to 1997                   EDITOR’S NOTE
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                                                Editorial, Production, Sales & Marketing
                                                3 Huntington Quadrangle, Suite 301N., Melville, NY 11747
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                                                Publisher: Kelley Holmes
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                                                Editorial Director: Bob Hall
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                                                                                                                                                Moving Forward
                                                                                                                         By Bob Hall
                                                Managing Editor: Denise Gustavson
                                                800-308-6397 x6218                               Welcome to the first issue of the Printing News monthly electronic edition, the latest vehicle for
                                                Associate Editor: Karen Hall                                             disseminating news and information to the printing and graphic arts community. This e-book
                                                800-308-6397 x6108
                                                                                                                         is part of a three-pronged effort to keep printers up to date in today’s rapidly changing world.
                                                Classified Advertising: Donna Cantwell
                                                800-616-2252 x6105                                Along with this monthly publication, the Printing News website is continuously updated to
                                                Account Executive: Paul Zimmerman                                        provide a daily first-to-market look at industry news and announcements. Also, the Printing
                                                800-308-6397 x6214
                                                                                                                         News weekly e-newsletter distills the highlights of the week’s news and offers a more detailed
                                                Account Executive: Stephanie Papp
                                                800-616-2252 x6102                            picture of what matters to its thousands of subscribers.
                                                Production Manager: Suzette Schear
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                                                                                                                         As our regular readers know, Printing News has been around for a long time—82 years, in fact.
                                                Art Director: Barbara Pineiro
                                                800-308-6397 x6316                          Until the end of June, it was published and printed weekly and distributed regionally to print-
                                                Circulation Manager: Jackie Dandoy                                       ers in the Northeast. Until the dawning of the digital communication age, a weekly printed
                                                For change of address or subscription information,                       publication made sense. However, technology eventually caught up with this weekly model
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                                                email:                                       as more and more people went online for their up-to-the-minute news and information.
                                                Reprints: To purchase article reprints please contact
                                                The YGS Group at 717-505-9701 x128 or                                    Another factor in the decision to launch this electronic magazine was the desire to broaden
                                                                                                                         its reach. While the printing industry in the Northeast is one of the largest concentrations of
                                                Mailing List Rental:
                                                Elizabeth Jackson, 847-492-1350 ext. 18, e-mail: ejackson@               printing and graphic arts firms, it is only one region out of many. With this new distribution
                                       Reprints: To purchase article reprints please
                                                contact The YGS Group at 717-505-9701 x128 or email
                                                                                                                         model, Printing News can now reach out nationally to the broad and diverse industry it serves.
                                                Southern Office:                                                         In future issues, many familiar contributors will offer their insights here just as they did in the
                                                305 South 7th Street, Fort Pierce, FL 34950
                                                Phone: 800-616-2252; fax: 772-466-2224                                   weekly printed edition. In addition, we will feature some new contributors who will bring
                                                Director of Marketing: Jonas Berberich                                   more business and technology expertise to these pages. In the months ahead, we will be poll-
                                                Contributing Writers:                                                    ing our readers to help us fine tune our contents and the scope of our coverage.
                                                Ed Bokuniewicz, Art Brooks, Jeanette Clinkunbroomer, Gregory
                                                D’Amico, Brian Enverso, Joseph Finora, Shelley Gabert, Joyce
                                                Jones, Alan Kahn, Stuart Margolis, Seth Mackenzie, Dennis              
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