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									                      inform July 2010, Vol. 21 (7) 461

        polyhydric alcohol and an acyl group derived from a carboxylic acid      closest to the recording medium among the plurality of single-color
        having 2 to 18 carbon atoms and has an average acylation degree          images forming the non-fixed color image.
        of 50 to 90%.
                                                                                 Cosmetic emulsifiers
        Process for producing glycerin and                                       Clendennen, S.K., and N.W. Boaz, Eastman Chemical Co.,
        fatty alcohol via hydrogenation                                          US7667067, February 23, 2010
                                                                                       A composition, process of preparation, and utility of salts of
        Sakamoto, T., et al., Kao Corp., US7667059, February 23, 2010
                                                                                 fatty acid esters of amino-alcohols such as dimethylaminoethanol
             The invention relates to a process for producing a fatty alcohol
                                                                                 (DMAE) as emulsifiers useful for formulating with lipids and waxes
        and glycerin by hydrogenation reaction of fats and oils in the pres-
                                                                                 is described. DMAE fatty acid esters were prepared enzymatically in
        ence of a catalyst, wherein the reaction is carried out in the coexis-
                                                                                 the absence of added solvent and then salified directly with carboxy-
        tence of an organic solvent.
                                                                                 lic acids to form the salts. The compounds were used to make stable
                                                                                 emulsions with a variety of cosmetically acceptable lipids.
        Method of producing biodiesel
        Yu, J., et al., Sichuan Gushan Oil Chemical Co., Ltd., US7667060,        Method for purification of glycerol
        February 23, 2010
                                                                                 Rezkallah, A., Rohm and Haas Co., US7667081, February 23,
             This invention involves a kind of fatty acid methyl ester (bio-
        diesel fuel), especially the method of obtaining ester-like substances
                                                                                      A method for purification of glycerol, especially crude glyc-
        by means of chemical alterations of oil.
                                                                                 erol from biodiesel production. The method uses gel-type acidic ion
                                                                                 exchange resin beads to separate fatty acid salts and inorganic salts
        Method of preparing a composition                                        from the crude glycerol.

        using argentation chromatography
        Binder, T.P., et al., Archer Daniels Midland Co., US7667061, Feb-
                                                                                 Transgenic plants having
        ruary 23, 2010                                                           anthelmintic activity and methods of
              The present invention is directed to a method of preparing
        compositions enriched in compounds containing carbon chains of           producing them
        varying degrees of unsaturation using argentation chromatography.        Verbsky, M.L., et al., Divergence 
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