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A team of researchers from Cornell University (Ithaca, New York, USA) and International Ra vor s & Fragrances Inc. (IFF; New York, USA) received the American Cleaning Institute (formerly The Soap and Detergent Association) Distinguished Paper Award for the most outstanding research article published in 2009 in the Journal of Surfactants & Detergents (JSD).

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									  Briefs                                                                                           inform July 2010, Vol. 21 (7) 415

  “Supplies of oleic fatty acids are tight-
  ening as the material is being used to
                                               Surfactants, Detergents,
                                               & Personal Care News
  make dispersants—a key product that
  BP is using to break up a massive oil
  spill in the Gulf of Mexico,” buyers
  and sellers told ICIS News in mid-May.
  Fatty acid producers include Procter
  & Gamble, Vantage Oleochemical,
  Emery Oleochemicals, and Dial, the
  ICIS report noted.
  Siltech Corp. has acquired Rhodia’s
  manufacturing facility in Mississauga,
  Ontario, Canada. Siltech will continue
  to manufacture Rhodia’s products
  under a long-term contract. Nove-
  care products produced at the facil-
  ity are used in shampoos, detergents,
  soaps, paints, lubricants, and hard-sur-
  face cleaners.
  A team of scientists in the United
  Kingdom and the Netherlands are
  reporting evidence that soil microbes
  have become progressively more resis-
  tant to antibiotics over the last 60
  years. This trend continues despite
  more stringent rules on use of anti-
  biotics in medicine and agriculture,          Rich Sedlak (left), senior vice president, technical and international affairs for the Ameri-
  and improved sewage treatment tech-           can Cleaning Institute, congratulates Michael Incorvia, who accepted the ACI Distinguished
  nology that broadly improves water            Paper Award on behalf of himself and his coauthors during the 101st AOCS Annual Meeting
  quality in surrounding environments.          & Expo.
  The report appears in Environmental
  Science and Technology (44:580–587,

                                                ACI Distinguished
  2010).                                                                                        formerly of IFF (now of Sheridan Ross PC);
                          nnn                                                                   and Michael Leonard, formerly of IFF.
  The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
  announced in mid-May that it was              Paper Award                                           Their paper, “Adsorption of Aroma
                                                                                                Chemicals on Cotton Fabric in Different
  acquiring Smashbox Beauty Cosmet-             Aroma chemicals are used to enhance a           Aqueous Environments,” provides insight
  ics, Inc., a privately held, photo studio-    variety of cleaning, fabric, and personal       into why certain water-based surfactant
  inspired prestige cosmetics company         
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