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According to the AAM, more ethanol content makes engines run too hot, destroys catalytic converters, and damages engine cylinders. Cellulosic ethanol plant to be constructed in China Denmark-based Novozymes, an enzyme manufacturer; COFCO, a grain, oil, and foodstuffs import and export group in China; and the Chinese oil refiner Sinopec signed a memorandum of understanding at the end of May covering the next steps toward commercialization of cellulosic biofuel in China.

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									                      inform July 2010, Vol. 21 (7) 403

                                                                                                           planted 400 different varieties of jat-

        Algal by-products
                                                                                                           ropha on 15 hectares of the Katima
                                                         ETHANOL                                           Farm to determine which varieties of
        as fish food                                                                                       jatropha offer the highest diesel yield,

                                                         Risks associated
                                                                                                           and which will thrive in the Caprivi
        The US National Marine Fisheries Service                                                           region’s conditions. If all goes according
        awarded a $243,000 Saltonstall-Kennedy
        grant to Kona Blue Water Farms Inc.,
                                                         with a short corn                                 to plan, LL Biofuels expects biodiesel
                                                                                                           production to begin in 2011.
        located on Hawaii Island, to research alter-
        native protein sources for aquaculture feeds.
                                                         crop                                                               nnn
                                                                                                           New Generation Biofuels Holdings,
        The project will examine substitutes for fish    The National Pork Producers Council               Inc. (Columbia, Maryland, USA) has
        meal in the company’s farm-raised Hawai-         (NPPC; Washington, DC, USA) testified             filed a patent application for an emul-
        ian yellowtail (Seriola rivoliana).              before the National Research Council in           sified biofuel incorporating glycerin
                                                         early May regarding the financial risks           (US Patent Application 20100037513,
              The protein sources to be investigated
                                                         associated with a short corn crop. The            February 18, 2010). The biofuel con-
        include microalgae by-products from bio-
                                                         NPPC suggested that the ethanol industry          tains (i) a continuous phase compris-
        fuels production; single-cell protein made
                                                         should share more of this risk with livestock
        from food processing water; and a fish                                                             ing about 50–95 wt% of at least one
                                                         farmers, instead of forcing them to bear
        protein filtered from the wastewater of fish                                                       liquid oil of vegetable or animal origin
                                                         almost the entire risk of rationing if there is
        processing plants.                                                                                 or mixtures thereof; (ii) a water-con-
                                                         a short corn crop owing to bad weather and/
              The marine fish hatchery and aquacul-                                                        taining dispersed phase comprising
                                                         or a high demand for biofuels.
        ture operation will substitute p
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