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									                      inform July 2010, Vol. 21 (7) 399

             The project included the use of four            Victor Raboy, a crop geneticist at the
        laboratories: AgbioLab, the USDA-Agri-          US Department of Agriculture, commented:
        cultural Marketing Services lab in Blakely,     “Understanding this unique aspect of inositol
        Georgia; SGS Labs in Louisiana and the          phosphate chemistry has broad significance
        Wagga Wagga laboratory in Australia. When       not only for plant biology and agriculture
        the first survey is completed, COOC plans       but also for nonplant eukaryotic cellular
        to apply for a second technical grant to con-   metabolism and signal transduction.
        tinue the work.                                      “For example, it will also enhance our
             COOC credits Bruce Golino, chair of        understanding of how yeast, slime molds,
        the COOC Standards Committee, for over-         and fruit flies function, and potentially could
        seeing the project.                             have future importance in understanding
                                                        human disease and in designing therapies.”

        Final piece in                                  FDA seeks
        phytate puzzle                                  comment
        discovered?                                     The US Food and Drug Administration
        A team of scientists in Spain and the United    (FDA) wants comments and informa-
        Kingdom have identified what they say is        tion from the public and “other interested
        the “final piece in the jigsaw of how phytate   parties” about front-of-package nutrition
        is produced in plants.”                         labeling and on shelf tags in retail stores.”
             Published online in the Proceedings of     The comment deadline is July 28, 2010.
        the National Academy of Sciences (10.1073/            The agency wants to understand how
        pnas.0912979107), the breakthrough dis-         to enhance the usefulness to consum-
        covery by the Consejo Superior de Investi-      ers of point-of-purchase nutrition infor-
        gaciones Cientificas (CSIC) in Madrid and       mation. This includes information on the
        the University of East Anglia (UEA) has         main display panel of food products, called
        implications for agribusiness, the environ-     “front-of-pack” labeling, as well as informa-
        ment, and human health.                         tion on shelf tags in retail stores.
             Phytate is a naturally-occurring phos-           The FDA is seeking to learn more
        phate deposit that accumulates in the           about:
                                                           n ■The extent to which consumers notice,
        seeds, beans, and tubers of many crops.
        The researchers have identified for the first         use, and understand nutrition symbols
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