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									                                                                                                396 inform July 2010, Vol. 21 (7)

        capabilities that will meet the needs of the industry,” she said. The     differences between the European and US approaches to dealing
        company is also expanding in the area of nutraceutical analysis,          with biocide registration. “The United States is being more prag-
        introducing a “whole line” of new nutraceutical analysis capabili-        matic than Europe, with its Biocide Directive. Put another way, the
        ties, including for fish oil, vitamins, and essential oils.               US is working from the bottom up, while Europe is working from the
              POS Pilot Plant Corp. was celebrating the end of its first fiscal   top down,” he said. Nijburg also noted that 10 years ago, Europe was
        year as a self-sufficient not-for-profit operating in the black. In the   at the forefront of the “green trend.” Now, he feels that the United
        next booth, Jim Pauley, senior process engineer, Process Separa-          States is taking the lead.
        tions, for LCI Corp., had the economy on his mind. LCI, which sells            A spokesperson for enzyme manufacturer Novozymes said that
        capital equipment for the lecithin, glycerin, biodiesel, and omega-3      the use of enzymes in detergents is on the upswing—augmenting
        fatty acid industries, has seen business upticks in Africa, South         and even partially replacing surfactants. The company is focusing on
        America, and the Far East. Business in North America, however,            improved stain removal and whiteness with its Mannaway enzyme.
        has been flat.                                                            (Visitors to the Novozymes exhibit received a handy stain remover
                                                                                  pen—always helpful when one is on the road.) Hugo Gonzalez of
        greeN TreND                                                               Genencor (a division of Danisco) agreed that the focus on sustain-
        Many exhibitors talked about the focus on all things “green” by           ability has increased interest in the use of enzymes as a means to
        either their companies or their customers—or both.                        reduce surfactant concentrations in products.
             For example, Rudy Nijburg, Market Manager Detergents                      Bruce Patsey, vice president & general manager, Global Spe-
        for Purac (a CSM company and lactic acid producer), discussed             cialty Products Group, Oil-Dri Corp. of America, shared his insights
                                                                                  on the trend toward “natural” products. “The increase in palm oil

                                                                                  market will quickly follow the lead of both North America and
        Acquisitions/mergers                                                      Europe, where omega-3 fortified food and beverage new product
                                                                                  [introductions] are showing excellent growth.”
        Perrigo Co. (Allegan, Michigan, USA) said in May 2010 that
        it had completed the acquisition of PBM Holdings Inc., the                oLiVe oiL
        world’s largest manufacturer of infant formula for store-brand
        markets. PBM (Gordonsville, Virginia, USA) manufactures and               Production of olive oil in Chile is projected to triple as of 2015,
        distributes over-the-counter infant formula and baby foods sold           increasing from 12,000 to 45,000 metric tons (MT), according
        by retailers 
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