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Century Business School Churchman University Ranking TOP20
Churchman University campus located in Pennsylvania, California, Texas and other
places, cardiff university, which established the first branch Churchman Business
School was established in 1911, nearly a hundred years of history, is the oldest
business schools, one for the United States financial sector and train high-end talent in
the U.S. MBA Ranking, this elite was the century number 17. Churchman University
awarded undergraduate, graduate and doctorate.
In order to adapt the practice of employing business graduates work for the
requirement, Churchman University, Stanford University and other prestigious U.S.
more than 20 years of reform the current education system, provide and encourage
students to participate in the reading of the cooperation of the world's
leading business internships. Income students also will receive credit, and can be
included in the total credits.
The reform measures to make the students before graduation or completion of training
a number of enterprises, an increase of working experience in large enterprises can
quickly adapt to the actual work in the future, but also improve the employment rate
of university graduates.
Churchman University has a long history as a senior business school, in a recent
comprehensive ranking of U.S. MBA, which was ranked by the prestigious Century

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