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The capital region from about 80 km north to south, from east to west about 30 km. It
is located in Sydney, a distance of 305 km on land, there are 655 km from Melbourne.
Canberra is located in the northeast of the capital region, the southwest is the
Namadgi National Park. Canberra's population of about 37 million, the city
is surrounded by Lake Burley Griffin, it is a man-made lake. North of Lake gathered
some shopping centers, enterprises, institutions and universities. Parliament House
and other government buildings located in the south of the lake. Canberra is
surrounded by these satellite towns: Woden, Belconnen and Tuggeranong.

Canberra Airport is located about 7 km east of the city. Coach station is located in
Jolimont Centre, is the center of the city. Station located on the south side of Kingston
area. Shopping malls and restaurants concentrated in the city center and south of the
Manuka area, downtown or city center of night life than most people imagine in the
outside world to be more crowded and noisy life.

As the capital, Canberra is the 79 foreign consulates and missions of the base, and an
important country in hundreds of associations of the base camp, it and the
international community has close ties with Japan's ancient capital city of
Nara (Nara) is a sister city. Canberra is the world's leading research base, is
Australia's leading teaching and research University, Australian National
University (ANU), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
(CSIRO), University of Canberra (UC) and the Australian Defence Military Academy
(ADFA) is located.

Canberra is also a famous green city, is Australia's highest recycling rate of
the city to the world's first proposed in 2010 would not waste Mubiao the
city, more than 100 companies in operation in environmental management industry,
exporting technology, services and management to overseas countries. Built in
Canberra branch of the world's leading companies including: HP (Hewlett
Packard), NEC (NEC), British Airways (British Aerospace), Fuji (Fujitsu), Unisys
Corporation (Unisys), Computer Associates (Computer Associates ), Oracle (Oracle)
and so on.

In education, the universities and colleges, including Canberra: Australian National
University, University of Canberra, Australian Defence Academy, Australian Catholic
University, Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia International House schools.
Canberra's school students enrolled in the highest rate for the country, high
school students do not need to obtain certificates in public examinations and
university entrance qualification. Canberra has a first-class sports facilities, including
the Australian Institute of Sport, Bruce Stadium, Tuggeranong Indoor Sports Centre,
Hockey Centre, Canberra, three world-class skateboarding facilities, nine golf courses,
30 tennis centers and 120 district stadium.

Finally, look at some of Canberra's attractions and leisure activities.
Canberra has four distinct seasons, with warm summer, dry and cold winter, mild
spring and colorful fall. You can visit the Australian National Library, Parliament
House, the Royal Australian Mint, National Museum, National Science and
Technology Center, National Museum of Art, the High Court, War Memorial,
National Archives Museum, National Portrait Gallery; you can find the National
Aquarium, the Ambassador Museum consulate, the National Dinosaur Museum,
Australian Reptile Centre, Federation Square, deep space communication center,
Cockington Green miniature, Blundell's cottage, Griffin Lake, Tidbinbilla
Nature Reserve. Members of the public to enjoy outdoor leisure activities often have
BBQ, picnic, fishing, skiing, water recreation, etc..

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