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					Canadian immigration, the things (2) Business Immigration papers
Canada Business Immigration System Past and Present

Before applying for Canadian investment immigration, we are there to clarify
"investment        immigration"     and      "Business
Class" distinction. In Canada, the federal immigration system, common in
fact only two categories,
- Skilled Migration (Skilled Worker Class)
- Business Class (Business Category)

In business migrants will separate the three small groups:
Canada Investment Immigration (Investor)
Canadian business class immigrants (Entrepreneur)
Canadian self-employed class of immigrants (Self-Employed)
Canada's Provincial Nominee Class Business Class (PNP Program
Business / Entrepreneur Class) **

** Canada's Provincial Nominee Business immigrants in Canada, the
federal government's official documents are not attributable to the scope of
business immigrants to Canada, but its very nature, the author or to his fall to the
business immigration category.

As can be seen from the above categories, the Investment Canada immigration is part
of the Canadian business immigration, business immigration, but can not say that
investment immigration, because the other two types of Canadian business
immigrants: Canadian immigration and self-employed entrepreneur class class
immigrants and investment immigrants enjoy a huge difference.

Here, it is necessary to introduce a passive investment in Canadian business
immigrants (Passive Investment) and active investment / management (Active
Management Role). These two terms in official documents and Immigration Canada,
is frequent, and a distinction between investment and other business class immigrants
immigration important criterion.

Passive investment (Passive Investment) means: only invest in obligations of
investors, while the results for the investment does not assume any responsibility, nor
in Canada must carry out the obligations of the business. Bluntly that the Government
of Canada to sell a green card, as long as you meet the conditions, can afford it, you
get a green card in Canada.

Therefore, the only passive investment projects, real investors. But please always
remember is this: passive investment project is the Canadian federal and Quebec
provincial government the exclusive right to any other province has the right to
introduce a passive investment business class immigrants.

It more bluntly ---- pure investment immigrants only two projects in Canada:
Canadian Federal Immigrant Investor Program and the Canadian province of Quebec
Immigrant Investor Program.
Canada's federal investment in Quebec, Canada Investment Immigration
and emigration
Canada's federal investment in migration and immigration, Quebec,
Canada for investment conditions and investment requirements are similar. Only
slightly different application procedures. Here the author describes the merger.
Being human and having 20 years of history of mature projects, the specific
conditions and Liuchengqishi search for what in the network, there are many, Wei
Liao as to facilitate Kuaisulejie and memory, here what I Jiu selfless dedication,
Genju years of consulting experience, the Investment Canada Immigration eligibility
criteria and requirements summarized into three words to share:
First, you have to have money enough.
Description: Family of net assets of more than 800,000 Canadian dollars (or about 5
million yuan, including the name of the couple of cash, securities, real estate,
corporate assets), you are eligible to apply.
Second, your money from legitimate sources.
Description: You have to prove you have no less than 2 years of management
experience, you name the couple's property through legal economic
activities obtained.
Third, you need to invest in a prescribed manner.
Description: The Government of Canada requires you through the designated
brokerage firm (such as: banks, insurance companies, fund companies) spent 4.0
million Canadian dollars to a fund designated by the Government.
Government-guaranteed return of principal after 5 years.
Because of government guarantees, so brokerage firms created a financing program,
namely: brokers to help you vote 400,000 Canadian dollars, you only pay 40 million
dollars one-time 5-year loan interest and management fees can total: 12 million
Canadian dollars.
It says the Canadian investment immigration requirements, you can see, the risk is
zero. The Investment Canada immigration application process, while further
strengthening the advantages of its zero-risk --- that is: after the successful applicants
to pay for investment. Specific application procedures, can be found online a lot, do
not start here described.
Low threshold programs in Canada Immigrant Investor: Canadian Provincial
Nominee program
Expert Comments: The city of the first King of the flag change, not easy to say love
REVIEW: Canada's Provincial Nominee program in Canada in terms of
system is the product of political struggle. Since the issuance of immigrant visas in
Canada the right to the federal government in Canada, where provincial governments
in Canada have almost no immigrants from the Canadian federal
government's investment in the Fund to benefit. Therefore, the Canadian
federal and provincial governments in Canada where a compromise will be selected to
the provincial government delegated the rights of migrants, while the Federal
Government of Canada reserves the right to issue visas.
So in the struggle for power and advantage to stage a big show out ... ...

In Canada's business immigration system, the passive investment (Passive
Investment) of the project is federal and Quebec provincial government the exclusive
right to nominate all of the province of business immigration program, its very nature,
are all belong to the Canadian entrepreneur class Immigration (Entrepreneur).
Class immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada in accordance with the requirements of the
federal government, must belong to the active investment / management (Active
Management Role), namely: to the management of a business engaged in the business
initiative of the management functions. Frankly speaking, that is - need to do business,
to local job creation, and must have control, not only as shareholders.
The nature of the Canadian provincial nominee program is the Canadian federal
government the right to select immigrants delegated to the provincial government put
forward its own provincial nominee program, that is, the conditions for recruiting new
immigrants, reported to the federal government approved an audit generally valid for
2 - 3 years. The federal government decentralization, while still retain the right to
medical examination and background investigation, in theory, as long as the province
made a decision, medical and background checks as long as the applicant is not the
problem, the federal government need to issue an immigrant visa.
Is this really the case?
To explore the nature of the whole thing, we need to figure out the following two
First, why would there Canadian Provincial Nominee Program? Canada's
Provincial Nominee program on the various provincial governments in Canada What
are the benefits?
Second, if the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program, applicants get a green card, not
the nomination of his provinces to do business, or simply to not go, what would the
legal consequences?
Let me start with a problem. - Why does Canada's Provincial Nominee
Program? Canada's Provincial Nominee program in Canada What are the
benefits of various government
From the beginning, only the Canadian Federal Immigrant Investor program a single
show, and later the Quebec provincial government by virtue of an unparalleled
political strength has also inserted a leg in, also abruptly in the province of Quebec
have the right to independently choose migrants to write this article into the
In Quebec, the number of money the federal government and several hand cramps
when the business migration program from other provinces is not any good. Thus,
Congress had a lively meeting of the local members would yell up, and a good place
where people such as Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, Ontario, where, say,
"Why invest all the money immigrants pay to be the federal government
took, I've had to house the new immigrants, but also no good. I quit ~!
"remote point of the province said," I'm already here,
birds do not shit, you do not to the point of policy, not my more people to come, no
one has money, it does not work! "So the federal government Mozhe ah,
say:" Well, you have to take a program out, I'll grant you, and
you choose their own immigrants, their own money. but must comply with 2: 1, visa
me, 2, and you can only do active investing and passive investing and Quebec only
boss I can do. "Thus, the Canadian provincial nominee
program's that introduced.

This is in fact a good way to balance the interests of all parties, but in reality why the
Canadian Provincial Nominee immigration program into the provinces on the rotation
of leading the trend in 2023 then?
Then the second question would have to say, if the Canadian Provincial Nominee
Program, applicants get a green card, not the nomination of his provinces to do
business, or simply to not go, what would the legal consequences?
Mentioned above, and in accordance with the plan of mind, Canada's
Provincial Nominee Program, applicants need to login provinces nominated him, in
accordance with the application to carry out a business commitment. However,
Canadian law requires that all permanent residents of Canada have the freedom to
choose residence, and this law seems to be written in the Bill of Rights, the legal
status of the seemingly even higher than the Constitution! So, who took a green card
if it does not fulfill its commitments, in addition to despise him about immigration,
really Mozhe!
The more remote provinces, the more that no one go, so the more relaxed conditions
to find ways to get hold of the Provincial Nominee Program. However, the applicant
Houjinghoujing the help of an intermediary, not the entire white, and took a direct
shot on the bottom green card to leave Vancouver to enjoy life to the. Of course, the
government is not no good, people go all right, the money left the ah.
Canada's Provincial Nominee Program has gradually evolved to become an
immigrant to Canada fast-track procedure is simple, fast approval, and some cheap,
indeed, the fire for a while.
In fact, it plainly, the provincial nominee program is the idea of holding items of
various provinces, where the cents from the federal government. The federal
government is not stupid, first with the quota can not let the threat of a project over to
the Canadian Federal and Quebec Immigrant Investor investment immigration, and
the second, the Canadian federal government can also use the right to control the
issuance of visas, although the provincial government approved, But the federal
government is not refused you, you can drag you ah. Delayed a year or so do not send
you a physical examination table, you really are Meipi Qi. And a Provincial Nominee
Program, applicants lose the advantage of speed, it is basically no market, no buyers
With the memory of what I put together in recent years the market has been active or
are active in the provincial nominee program, for reference, a place not very accurate,
also please forgive:
Nova Scotia, 2003
I remember around 2003 when, Nova Scotia province, the province launched the
nomination business, conditions are very favorable. What is the practice of real estate
investment, real estate eventually secured, the government has to support the
investment side. However, the item in the federal investigation through data one I
picked, that is scary! ! By the federal piece of extremely slow, and only granted by the
provincial government each year for 20% less than the nomination.

In the end, I heard the federal government to Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee
Program is the essence of Passive Investment, that is a passive investment, as the
reason for closure of the project.
2006 NB New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
This plan sounds very attractive, the applicant need only pay the 60 000 Canadian
dollars a local company shares, login and then pay 3 million dollars to participate in
the company's operations, 2 document 30,000 CDN will be used to
Applicants wages. And this attractive project is the status quo is more dead than alive,
the reason is very simple, so cheap to do, of course, to card the Federal dead.
PEI Provincial Nominee Program, 2005-2008 Prince Edward Island
Canada's Provincial Nominee Program, referred to, have to say that Prince
Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, this program is unprecedented, and is
also estimated and no latecomers, is the provincial nominee program led directly to
the federal government in March 2008 amended the Immigration Act, the provincial
The project was nominated by more stringent limits, and once again clear that any
provincial nominee program may not involve a passive investment.
2006 to mid-2008, which is almost two and a half years, is the PEI Provincial
Nominee most prosperous days of the project, from mainland China out of almost
2000 families, you know, Canada's federal investment in Beijing + Hong
Kong each year from immigrants out also approved Only about 1000 cases! !
Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, and the sudden emergence, it
shows political factors in the Canadian immigration system played an important role.
Prince Edward Island in Canada's provinces, belong to a very special, it is
Canada's smallest province, an island in the eastern, a total of only several
hundred thousand population, the islanders are proud of the specialty is the lobster
and potatoes. However, his political position is not general. Prince Edward Island can
be said that the origin of the federal government of Canada, Canada's first
federal agreement signed in the island. So the province at the federal Congress, the
chair of the unusual. No wonder he can Jiyaqunfang provincial nominee program, a
single show, or even a period of time, and the Federal and Quebec Immigrant Investor
investment immigrants form the three pillars.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, designed to be clever.
Canada's federal government is not required to take the initiative to invest?
OK, my require the applicant to invest 200,000 Canadian dollars to the island a
government-recognized business, a business up to accept the four applicants
investments. These may sound prosaic, skillfully investing in the applicant after the
company holds shares of preferred stock! The preferred option on the derived three
1, investors actually do not need to participate in the daily management;
2, preferred stock risk is more established, the financial company can borrow two
hundred thousand Canadian dollars to the applicant and the applicant need only pay
the interest can be a risk financing;
3, combining these two, the applicant is actually legal to pay for a green card;
Prince Edward Island project in a day, the applicant really happy ah, we are the fastest
growing company handled less than 8 months to get a visa! But the condition is very
loose. Island visa officer will understand you a month's say it, in fact, one
would not come. Therefore, in addition to investment in the project section, the
provincial government also received 25,000 applicants living in Canadian dollars
CAD 20,000 deposit and the language of deposit. Plainly, that I know you will not
come, but I would have to charge you money, you people can go, but the money was
left behind.

Prince Edward had in 2007 to the project and the expiration of the federal agreement,
this wonderful province and the federal contract, insisted that the magic 2 times, each
time for six months! Ultimately, the federal government last straw, in March 2008
changes in immigration law, the provincial nominee program to a more stringent limit,
and once again clear that any provincial nominee program may not involve a passive
investment. All on Sept. 2, 2008 after the provincial nomination certificate issued by
the applicant, must review the federal application stage in accordance with the new
law. The political reform, in fact, is against the Prince Edward Island.

A new law, Prince Edward Island provincial government also play gooseberry to
designate a deadline on June 20, after this time will no longer accept new cases. So,
the mainland market madness, and applications show explosive growth, far beyond
the province of immigration processing power. How do? This case may give the
province are leaving real money on the ah ~! So once again the magic of the island
province staged a miraculous story ... ....
First of all, that period of time to verify the loose scary, I doubt the officer just looked
at the application form, the rest of the supporting documents did not even see. Why?
Because we fund companies to submit the case to the province, not to submit original,
but the scanning, the time, too many documents, scan quality simply can not
guarantee, I think that's not clear, but in order to race against time also sent
to the , but actually all of the cases have received the interview notice.
Second, no matter how loose, interviews, interview ah go to the island to apply for
business visas is too late, ah! The magic of the whole immigration province actually
been out in force in Hong Kong and set up a temporary place to interview applicants
on the mainland! This expenditure of public funds, but no budget for travel, so each
person subject to cost 2,500 Canadian dollars in the interview, but also make a!
Last carnival, leading to the basic formality interviews, basically 3,5 minutes, they
sent a few questions. The applicant had asked for out of reception after the loss of
colleagues: "I adopted? Passed on so?"

Hong Kong in mid-July after the end of the interview, Prince Edward Island
Provincial Nominee Program officially died down.
Present the final stick, Manitoba Provincial Nominee program
The project is basically still visible in the market can do only a provincial nominee
program. Specific requirements are as follows:
- Family net worth 350,000 Canadian dollars
- 2 years management experience
- Need to make a complete amount of investment at least 15 million Canadian dollars
over the business plan,
- Provincial Nominee certificate issued before the payment of provincial government
investment of CAD 75,000 deposit;
- Log in Manitoba province after a more than 150,000 Canadian dollars in business
investment, after the completion of the provincial government will refund the
investment of CAD 75,000 deposit.
According to my understanding, the current business plan for Manitoba's
more stringent review. It's no wonder we get to eat the federal quota, the
plans do not make things right, in regard to how that fool is not the past. So, this is an
open secret on the market, the applicant's business plan, fund companies
are looking for professional organizations ghost were written. As a result, have to
subject to a 30 000 Canadian dollars or so writes the costs, count 75,000 Canadian
dollars of investment margin, the total cost has more than 10 million Canadian dollars
of the.