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									Canadian Immigration Collection - Application for Canadian immigration must see!
An Overview of the Canadian Immigration Act (Austria Ye emigration
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The Maple Leaf country is good, but slightly careless immigrant dreams may break.
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The basic principles of Canadian immigration law promoting cultural and social
diversity; to promote family reunification and to stimulate economic development.
The implementation of immigration laws by the federal government. Immigration
Law "and" Immigration Regulations "to clarify the
federal Citizenship and Immigration legal responsibilities and rights, the Constitution
also provides that, despite the government no right to the selection of immigrants
(except Quebec), but the federal government may be on the immigration plan

According to immigration law, Immigration Canada is divided into three categories:
(1) family reunion category; (2) the independent and business migration category
(economic class) (3) refugees and humanitarian categories.

In accordance with the family reunion category, Canadian citizens and permanent
residents can sponsor their relatives abroad for immigrants, are eligible for guaranteed
family, including parents, spouses and minor children.

Economic class refers to the independent skilled and business migrants (including
investment, enterprise and self-employed); one independent and business immigrants
accounted for an average total number of immigrants for more than half a year.

Skilled Independent is the largest source of immigration to Canada, and the most
extensive to absorb one of the categories of professionals. Immigration Canada 10
index reference to assess the applicant's qualifications. In accordance with
the Immigration Ordinance, the total score more than 70 hours before they were
allowed immigrants.

Immigrant family business sponsorship

Business in Canada has established citizens or permanent residents can sponsor close
relatives to help increase their family business, but requested that the applicant must
be capable of such immigrants of their duties. Such as relatives of the applicant for the
advertised position has been approved by the Canadian Department of Labor, the
applicant in the work of an available 10 points, while in "relative a
plus," a 5 points. If the score can reach 70 points, their immigration
application will be approved.
Business Migration

Business Migration, refers to possess the necessary assets, while I have a degree of
industry and business management or management experience for people. Such
immigrants must be willing to invest the funds or technology in Canada to promote
Canada's economic development, increase employment opportunities and a
rich cultural life. Once the applicants meet the Government of Canada enacted the
relevant provisions of an immigrant visa can be obtained. Business immigrants are
generally divided into three categories: (1) Investor (2) Business Immigration (3) Self

(A) Investor (Austria Ye emigration Tel :800-830-5535

Conditions: 1, has been successfully operating or management companies

2 to individual efforts earned net asset value of not less than five hundred thousand
Canadian dollars.

3, obtained after an immigrant visa in Canada is willing to conduct a certain amount
of investment, can participate in the investment sector, A, Capital Investment Entrant
Scheme approved by the Fund or designated Business B, to attract capital investment
in public projects.
(B) Business Immigration

The basic principles of business immigrants to develop business, to promote
Canada's economic development and contribute to raising the employment
rate. Applicants can be directly involved in business management, can integrate into
the community and adapt to new environments.

Conditions: 1, the applicant must have extensive business management experience
and a certain amount of assets;

2, the applicant has the ability to be established after the arrival, the acquisition or
investment and operating an industrial and commercial enterprises contribute to
economic development in Canada. The company at least for immigrants Canadian
citizens or permanent residents (other than the applicant themselves or their relatives)
to provide employment opportunities;

3, if a partnership business, the shares held by the applicant shall not be less than

4, the required investment is usually about fifteen million dollars.

Business immigrants generally will be conditional immigrant visa requirement that an
applicant must fulfill investment commitments. Arrived immigrants are generally
required to increase business within two years after the implementation of its
commitment to enterprise development (investment projects can be modified). Service
once implemented, can remove the visa conditions apply.

(C) Self Employed

Although included in the business migration, but are self-employed in the selection
criteria by reference to independent immigration category, the difference lies in the
self-employed applicants may be eligible for additional points were 25-30. Self
Employed applicants only in the personal capacity (such as education, occupation,
work experience and language ability) can be made 40-45 hours to be approved. This
category is particularly suitable for culture or the arts community.

Self-employed applicant must prove to the immigration officer that they are
successful professionals, whether writers, artists or musicians, so that immigration
officers believe that the applicant must be able to succeed in business, become
self-employed. Self Employed mostly athletes, musicians, actors and other artists. If
the applicant can prove that they can become self-employed, farmers and the
outstanding small business owners can also apply.

The most comprehensive social welfare system:

Canada has the world's best social welfare system, the publicly funded
health care system, family support payments, retirement pensions, unemployment
benefits, injury assistance, social benefits are all the best social welfare system,
citizens and permanent residents can be said that the old some support, medical. After
arrival in Canada to do one of the main things that apply for social security number.
The nine-digit number that you can work, pay taxes, use government services, the
identity of the code. Apply bank account, telephone number, and many times also
require social security number. Do not your social security number to anyone lightly.
Social Security numbers should go to the city's job centers
(EmploymentCenter) application. Most welfare programs are aimed at a person with
special needs, you must meet the conditions for such people. If both individuals and
families meet the eligibility criteria of some welfare programs, you can apply
separately. Application must have social security number.

Canada has world-class medical facilities and services, the Government's
health insurance, including all major medical treatment, all citizens and permanent
residents are eligible to apply. Canada about 55,000 more doctors, there is a doctor for
every 520 individuals. Government's annual spending on health care for
520 million Canadian dollars, 1,800 Canadian dollars per person to enjoy medical
benefits. Full implementation of public health services, including testing, inspection,
operation and so on. Generally see the doctor without paying, insurance claims may
be small disease drugs, serious illness of all hospital care costs, including meals and
all by the Government. Immigrants landing in Canada, you must apply for health
insurance card, health insurance card in your city of residence of the provincial
Ministry of Health's Office (provincialministryofhealthoffice) process, the
address bar can be found in the provincial government from the phone book.
Applications need to bring a birth certificate, immigrant visas (RecordofLanding),
passport, residence proof of address. Each family member must apply separately. In
addition to BritishColumbia, Ontario and NewBrunswick province needs three
months from the date of entry, other parts of health insurance can take effect
immediately from the date of application.

Unemployment benefits:

If unemployed, receive a double living. First, unemployment insurance, are usually
eligible for unemployment benefits up to 50 weeks, about the original salary of five to
Qi Cheng. If not find a job after one year, can receive social welfare benefits, one of
about 800 Canadian dollars per month. Pension insurance:

Canada's immigration or citizenship from 1 to 65 years old, can receive
pensions. For immigrants, the Canadian government to require more to receive
pensions for ten years.

Milk money (ChildTaxBenefits):

Canadian citizens or permanent residents, refugees, according to immigration law
authorized the government to remain in Canada may apply for children's
milk money: Old-age benefits (OldAgeSecurity):

Basic Guaranteed Income Supplement (GuranteedIncomeSupplement) and spouse
subsidies (SpousesAllowance). Old-age benefits (OAS) is a 65-year-old and 65 years
of age or older people. No income or little income which people can apply for basic
guaranteed income subsidy (GIS). Subsidies for low- income or deceased spouse of
the recipient spouse can apply for subsidies (SPA).

Canada and Quebec grant program (CanadaandQuebecPensionPlans):

Canada and Quebec grant program is a kind of insurance, the beneficiary of their
work period in the delivery of some money to the project. 60-year-old began to accept
the plan's benefits, since the age of 65 may gain from the scheme on a
monthly basis. Benefit depends on how much you have paid the total amount of
money in the scheme.

Unemployment insurance, (EmploymentInsurance):
If you work a certain amount of time and delivered the unemployment insurance (EI),
you can apply for unemployment insurance, unemployment benefits. Also free to
participate in a number of job retraining programs.

Long-term unemployment (SocialAssistance):

Also known as long-term unemployment benefits (welfare), is for those who need and
do not meet the conditions of other benefits for people. To cover food, housing, fuel
(petrol and gas), clothing and medicine and so on. Specify how much money and
funding varies with the region. It also provides a number of re-employment training

In short, Canada's health care benefits far better than the United States.
Countries to implement national health insurance. Any person who, if you were to
become Canadian immigrants, from the plane that day, you will enjoy lifetime free
medical treatment anywhere in Canada. Whether you are doing, even the beggars, also
enjoy. In the U.S., most people are not sick. In Canada are not afraid. Hong Kong
people are very smart, will settle accounts. Application fee as long as the little flower,
one at least three people, together with the parents, a total of seven people, as long as
a Canadian immigration, Canadian can enjoy free medical care for life.

Convenient study to immigration (Austria Ye emigration Tel :800-830-5535

In Canada, the high cost of studying abroad (non-residents, to pay tuition fees up to
three times), each year 10,000 to 15,000 Canadian dollars, about 7 thousand to 10
thousand U.S. dollars. This is a secondary school, the University also higher. Student
visa are not allowed to work, workers are illegal, no one wants to hire these
undocumented people working. If immigrants, not only the whole family can enjoy
Canada's benefits, tuition fees are also low, about the 2000 tuition fee for
one year more dollars.

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