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                                                                                                                                                                 March 08 | Issue 1   1
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     1 GM’s message

     3 Get to know all about what’s happening and what’s to come at DIP

      Neighbourhood watch
     6 An update on what’s new at DIP

     10 DIP contributes to the real estate sector in Dubai

     14 A profile of Aujan Industries

     16 What’s new at the Mariott at DIP

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     18 Pamper your nails, hands and feet
     20 Say it with flowers
     21 Know all about Carers and Toddlers

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     26 Experts from Drs Nicolas & Asp tell you all about braces

     27 Emirates Bank –your preferred banking choice

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     32 Dubai Investments Real Estate (DIRC) - a profile
                                                                                     March 08 | Issue 1   3

    A modern township                   D
                                                      ubai Investments Park (DIP) is a modern,
                                                      eco-sensitive mixed-use development
                                                      spread across an area of 32 million square
                                                      meters. It is a unique complex of industrial,

where people work, live
                                                      commercial and residential developments
                                        designed to boost the productivity of potential local
                                        companies and promote development within the region.
                                        DIP’s unique mission is to create a self-contained and
                                        master-planned business complex providing investors

         and have fun
                                        with facilities and professional services that set a
                                        benchmark in the region. The park provides investors
                                        with the right environment for success, their workforce
                                        with a wholesome living and their families with a
                                        comfortable community lifestyle.
                                        Set up in 1997, DIP is developed and managed by Dubai
                                        Investments Park Development Company. It is located
                                        at the southern end Dubai, in close proximity to Jebel

  VIJAY DANDIGE gets an update on       Ali Free Zone and Port. It is considered as a five-star
                                        industrial park. It sets out to achieve its objectives that
                                        are in sync with set international standards. The park
 Dubai Investments Park (DIP) to give   is equipped with world-class facilities and services for
                                        manufacturing, housing, academic, research and devel-
   us a glimpse of what’s happening     opment, distribution and logistics facilities. Its industrial
                                        complex provides an environment conducive for manu-

                and what’s to come.
                                        facturing, commerce and trading. Easy access to roads,
                                        high quality telecommunication and other social ameni-
                                        ties add a huge advantage and has been the primary
                                        aspect of laying out the complex.

                                        A cornucopia of facilities
                                        DIP’s commercial complex helps companies build their
                                        specific facilities to function as regional offices, head-
                                        quarters, business centers or exclusive showrooms.
                                        It ensures that all the industries and activities encour-
                                        aged within the park are environmental-friendly. The
      DIP bags prestigious
      DIP has won the Best General/Industrial
      Special Economic Zone in the Middle East
      award for 2006/07. The award is instituted
      by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) maga-
      zine and Financial Times Business. It was
      presented to DIP at a ceremony at the Du-
      bai International Exhibition Centre during
      the Cityscape Dubai 2006 exhibition. The
      selection criteria for the award included
      expansion plans, recent infrastructure de-
      velopment; presence of high growth indus-
      tries; number of businesses; growth in the
      number of businesses operating in each
      zone over the past 12 months; strength of
      leading investors; size of the zone and area
      allocated for expansion; financial and other
      incentives; amenities such as restaurants
      and retail outlets, housing, childcare, leisure
      and health facilities; and rental costs.

    park has all social amenities that enable the community          doing similar businesses together, so they benefit from
    to live within reach of all the required facilities. There are   a mutual operational advantage. Currently, the park’s
    schools and health centers, tight security, civil defense,       numerous tenants altogether employ a combined total
    security vehicles, ambulances, shopping centers, fit-            of 20,000 staff, a number that is expected to increase to
    ness and health clubs and other facilities to ensure bal-        60,000 by 2015.
    ance for the community living here.                                     Thirdly, the park’s location; DIP is located at half-
     DIP is already a major business hub, attracting invest-         an-hour from downtown Dubai, right where the future
    ments from leading regional and international inves-             of Dubai is taking shape. It is the first concept of its kind.
    tors. The Park’s tenants include industrialists and entre-       With respect to commercial convenience, the park is
    preneurs representing a broad spectrum of economic               close to Jebel Ali port and Dubai’s upcoming International
    activity: pharmaceuticals, property development, metal           Airport in Jebel Ali. It can be easily accessed from Emir-
    treatment and insulation materials, water purification           ates Road and Sheikh Zayed Road, the commercial life-
    and many others.                                                 lines of the region. Fourthly, DIP’s activities and services;
                                                                     The park combines modern facilities such as industrial,
    Thrust on Green strategy                                         residential and commercial. And it offers myriad efficient
    Although the park’s infrastructure is created for indus-         services, which are attracting investments from leading

                                                                                                                                      DIP Newsletter
    trial growth, DIP also focuses on a green and clean en-          regional and international investors.
    vironment and advises its tenants accordingly. It has no
    separate environmental strategy. has adopted the                 Focus on customer satisfaction
    Green ideology as per His Highness’ vision and the park                Lastly, DIP’s main focus is on tenants’ satisfaction.      To keep its community informed of all the hap-
    actively supports it. The hallmarks of DIP are infrastruc-       DIP has dynamic staff to assist potential and existing           penings within the park, DIP has launched its
    ture and intensive planning. All the amenities are within        tenants with all the formalities for processing and set-         own newsletter. This is the first issue. DIP au-
    reach. DIP is a city within a city to work, live and play with   ting up their facilities. It makes sure that the tenant’s cor-   thorities hope that this newsletter will reach
    modern, efficient facilities for industrial, residential and     respondence or queries are answered within 48 hours.             all DIP tenants and residents who would be
    commercial purposes. It has attracted new entrants               Moreover, the park invites and welcomes tenants to               kept updated with the latest projects and
    such as industrialists and entrepreneurs to the country          have preliminary discussions for selection of their plot
                                                                                                                                      news within DIP. Tenants are requested to
    representing diverse economic undertakings.                      and assists them in their step-by-step process, such as
                                                                     designing their facilities, signing of lease agreement, liai-
                                                                                                                                      note that DIP gives them an opportunity to put
    Unique features                                                  soning with government authorities, processing build-            their company names and projects along the
          What makes DIP entirely different from other de-           ing permits etc.                                                 park’s streets through outdoor advertising,
    velopments of similar nature are some of its outstand-                 Thus, building a harmonious community where all            which is being carried out by Wellmark.
    ing features. Firstly, DIP is the pioneer in this kind of a      the business and secondary needs are easily accessi-
    multifaceted complex within the region where indus-              ble and, at the same time, maintaining the set standards
    trial and residential zones are harmoniously blended             and promoting a vibrant community is DIP’s top priority.
    to create a mixed-use city. Other upcoming parks are             DIP is now in a vantage position to expand further into
    emulating DIP’s example. Secondly, the park provides             more industrial, residential, manufacturing sectors. Un-
    investors with total support by helping to choose suit-          doubtedly, this will accelerate the economic growth and
    able location for their facility and grouping companies          prosperity not only of Dubai but also of UAE as a whole.
                                                                                                                                        March 08 | Issue 1   5

DIP’s offering of services                                A few prominent industries        DIP Olympiads
                                                          at DIP
• Reliable power distribution network
• Abundant water supply                                                                     Two years back, the park launched its unique
• Waste water collection, treatment and recycling         • Emirates Extruded Polystyrene
                                                                                            feature, DIP Olympiads, an event that con-
• High tech telecommunications                            • Global Pharma
                                                                                            nects all tenants and companies both from
• Fire fighting facilities including hydrants             • Emirates insulation
                                                          • Seven Seas Steel Industries     inside and outside to participate and interact
• Futuristic planned road infrastructure
                                                          • Emirates Building system        on a different platform other than business
• Overall park maintenance, security and operations
• Beautifully landscaped with open space for leisure      • Al Aujan Industries             or commerce. And DIP is planning for more
                                                                                            events and interactions tools that would be
                                                          Residential/public facilities
• All imaginable community amenities
• Focus on a green and clean environment                                                    announced at the appropriate time.
DIP has signed up for international schools, ware-        • Green community East and West          Finally, DIP is committed to improving the quality of
houses, manufacturing facilities, offices, staff accom-   • Dubai Lagoon                    life by tackling the challenges of development, promot-
modations to cater to the needs of tenants.               • Ewan Residences                 ing improvement, learning and harmony for the com-
                                                          • Al Manal Real Estate            munity at large. The park has attracted almost 1000
                                                          • The Dunes                       companies out of which 600 are totally new entrants to
                                                          • Palisades                       the country. What has been achieved is an exceptional
                                                          • Premier Inn Hotel               success that has taken DIP’s name to higher regional
                                                          • Marriott Courtyard              and global heights. Of course, DIP’s success is also in-
                                                          • Ritaj                           trinsically linked with its tenants and their endorsement
                                                          • Ramada Hotel                    of its facilities and services.

    Getting updated                                                   Catching up with the latest developments
                                                                      in DIP neighbourhood

    MCT Group opens
    manufacturing facilities in
    DIP                                                                                                                        Office headquarters at DIP

    Dubai Investments Park (DIP) has signed a contract with         excellent reputation,” said Philippe Tourbier, General      Premier Travel Inn
    the MCT Group that has recently acquired a third prop-          Manager, CCC/Parex.
    erty in DIP, which will be used for the development of the         CCC/Parex is a specially designed plant that is capa-
    company’s labour accommodation. It was revealed at              ble of producing 60,000 tons of technical mortars and
    the signing ceremony that construction has finished on          coloured renders, using two different types of sand
    the two AED 60 million MCT Group manufacturing plants           and cement along with specially developed mixes. The
    in the Park.                                                    coloured renders have been particularly popular as
         One of the new facilities, Corrotech Construction          they speed up construction of buildings because of the
    Chemicals (CCC), is located in DIP Phase 1, while the other,    manner they are applied; the renders can be sprayed
    Corrotech Construction Chemicals/Parex (CCC/Parex), is          onto the surface and can also be used even on wet ex-
    in DIP Phase 2. Construction of the accommodation facil-        teriors.
    ity is expected to be completed in September 2008.              CCC manufactures a vast range of products, including
         “DIP is celebrating the completion of two projects         concrete admixtures, epoxy-based flooring systems
    from a key player in the construction industry and we           and fireproof in-tumescent paint. CCC has also
    are pleased to provide an excellent location and the best       developed and patented a UV curing technology to
    industry resources to these new plants. DIP has been            make UV cured polymer-based sheeting material for
    carefully master-planned to provide a fully integrated          pipe wrapping, steel sheet piling protection jetty, and
    environment that is guaranteed to satisfy the broad             loading jetty legs for all types of marine applications.
    range of requirements of major companies like MCT,”                                                                        Hotel Ramada Plaza
    said Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager, DIP.                      Demand for office
                                                                    space in DIP
         The manufacturing plants produce concrete admix-
    tures, polymer-based products, blended powder prod-
    ucts and other building materials. With the new state-               DIP have already leased more than 8 million square
    of-the-art facilities, MCT is committed to strengthening        feet of office development plots and intend to offer
    its presence in various market segments, particularly in        investors over 20 million square feet of office space
    the theme park sector.                                          within the next 15 months at a cost of more than AED 5
         “We have invested substantially to build state-of-the-     billion.
    art facilities that will bring in the latest technologies and        The development, already entirely leased, has been
    a wide range of tried-and-tested construction products          designed to attract company headquarters, administra-
    to the UAE’s booming construction industry. The plants’         tive and professional offices, clinics, research and de-
    strategic location will play a critical role in realising our   velopment activities, laboratories, commercial services
    objectives because of DIP’s high-quality standards and          and trading businesses.
                                                                                                           March 08 | Issue 1   7

                                                                                                       Marriott at DIP

    The DIP office space zone will be low rise, boutique        self-sustaining business, residential and leisure com-
style and heavily landscaped and each development               munity in the near future.
will provide an excellent retail facility, including an abun-        “DIP offers the best package for business and leisure
dance of parking spaces to eliminate the hassles as-            travelers with its broad selection of hotels. With choic-
sociated with parking. Large and discreet parking areas         es ranging from luxury suites to high-quality budget
were incorporated into DIP to facilitate business per-          rooms, DIP will be able to accommodate all the require-
formance and contribute to enhanced facilities for both         ments of our value-conscious clients,” said Omar Al
visitors and residents.                                         Mesmar, General Manager, DIP.
     “We have received a surge of investors who have                 DIP is home to the Courtyard Marriott, the first court-
recognised the potential within DIP as the Park provides        yard-themed hotel in the UAE. Opened in 2005, the hotel
office space and first class infrastructure complemen-          offers unique dining experience, excellent leisure fa-
tary to economic development,” said Omar Al Mesmar              cilities and generously sized rooms and suites. By the
General Manager.                                                end of 2007, DIP will also welcome the Premier Travel
    “DIP offices are highly attractive because of their stra-   Inn, a 300-room joint venture by Emirates Group and
tegic location only half an hour from downtown Dubai,           UK-based Whitbread Plc that targets the budget hotel
right where the future of Dubai is taking shape and close       sector.
to Jebel Ali port and Dubai’s upcoming International air-            “In addition to the Courtyard Marriott and Premier
port in Jebel Ali. DIP can be easily accessed from Emir-        Travel Inn, we will be commencing in the coming month
ates Road and Sheikh Zayed Road & Al Hibab road and             the development of 4 and 5-star hotels, which will help
the outer bypass of the Park is surrounded by a 20 km           us achieve our target of 1,500 hotel rooms. We want our
radius of major residential, Recreational, entertainment        wide range of hotels to offer top quality and great value
and hospitality developments,” Al Mesmar concluded.             for money, which is why we are bringing in the best
                                                                international brands from different market segments,”
                                                                added Al Mesmar.

DIP emerges as hotel hotspot
                                                                     “Dubai is an important destination in the region with
                                                                its massive development and aggressive marketing
DIP has announced that it has invested more than AED 1          campaign attracting some of the most prominent in-
billion in the hospitality sector as it aims to address the     dividuals and organizations in the world, who come to
increasing demand for quality hotel facilities in Dubai. In     Dubai both for leisure and business functions. DIP is
addition to a recently launched 165-room luxury hotel,          committed to helping Dubai cultivate this thriving indus-
DIP will offer more than 1,500 new rooms and a wide             try by offering the best selection of hotels,” concluded Al
range of amenities when eight new hotels open at the            Mesmar.
                                                                                                                                                        Sprawling office headquarters

       Plush interiors of the Marriott

                                                                                                                              rily to a customer base outside of the DIP.
    New state-of-the-art                                             In addition to safety measures, DIP features a host of
                                                                 amenities including mosques, irrigation, street cleaning,        “The DIP has been strategically conceptualised to be

    facilities and amenities                                     landscaping, a cricket ground, a football ground, ATM ma-    both a self-contained community and a destination of
                                                                 chines, public phones and a shopping centre and food         choice for non DIP-based clients who are looking for a
         DIP has announced new facilities and technologies to                                                                 hassle-free venue to transact business through the
    enhance the safety and comfort of the Park’s residents                                                                    Commercial Showrooms Zoning District,” said Omar Al
                                                                     The Park is also hosting schools and nurseries, po-
    and tenants.                                                                                                              Mesmar, General Manager, DIP.
                                                                 lice and civil defence stations, a sewage treatment plant,
         The upgrade program includes state-of-the-art pub-                                                                       DIP’s strong appeal is hinged on its self-sustaining
                                                                 an Etisalat office, a facilities maintenance office, and
    lic safety features such as a permanently-based fire en-                                                                  concept, covering all aspects that contribute to a healthy
                                                                 comprehensive onsite maintenance facilities.
    gine and ambulance, strategically located speed humps                                                                     business enterprise – from corporate-centric services,
                                                                     The safety measures are designed to complement
    and wireless communication systems to facilitate                                                                          to industrial facilities, to comfortable housing and rec-
                                                                 the Park’s emergence as a premier residential and busi-
    faster response time and coordination by DIP authori-                                                                     reational amenities for company workforce.
                                                                 ness destination, as the 3,200-hectare development
    ties to any situation. Also included in the upgrade are 45                                                                    “The DIP’s range of amenities is unparalleled, from
                                                                 has already attracted AED 21 billion in investments.
    CCTV cameras, and security personnel and vehicles, in                                                                     business, to leisure, comfortable living and even sports.
    a total security outlay of well over AED 2 million. Group                                                                 Being just half an hour from downtown Dubai and lo-
    Seven has been awarded a major contract to install the
    CCTV system. Moreover a 24-hour hotline designated
                                                                 Special showrooms zone in                                    cated close to the Jebel Ali port and Dubai’s upcoming
                                                                                                                              International Airport, DIP’s Commercial Showrooms
    specially to meet all DIP concerns has been set up and       DIP attracts AED 2 billion                                   Zoning District is an ideal location both for companies
    can be accessed at all times.                                                                                             and consumers. Investors can take advantage of the
         “As one of the largest integrated business and resi-        DIP has attracted over AED 2 billion in investments in   Commercial Showrooms Zoning District’s conducive
    dential communities of the Middle East, it is necessary      various enterprises in its special showroom zone.            platform to maximize the visibility of their products and
    to provide first-class facilities for the large number of        To further improve its economic viability and busi-      services, while they can also tap in DIP’s built-in custom-
    people and organisations residing in the Park. These         ness flexibility while extending its services to a wider     er base. Consumers will have a comfortable and satis-
    initiatives will reassure our residents and tenants that     customer base, the DIP has incorporated the Commer-          fying experience with the zone’s wide range of services
    they live in one of the most secure, functional and self-    cial Showrooms Zoning District into its master plan,         and products, excellent leisure amenities and proximity
    contained communities in the region,” said Omar Al Mes-      which permits the development of retail and wholesale        to key areas of the emirate,” Al Mesmar.
    mar, General Manager, DIP.                                   commercial showrooms that are to be oriented prima-              Situated at an ideal location facing the Emirates Road,
                                                                                                                                                                    March 08 | Issue 1   9

                                                                                      European Business Centre

                                                                                   The showroom complex at DIP

                                                                                                                         sizes, as well as in-house retail facilities, meeting and
                                                                                                                         conference rooms, logistical facilities, basement park-
                                                                                                                         ing, and ‘green building’ amenities.

                                                                                                                             “We are very pleased with the diversity and calibre
                                                                                                                         of companies that are basing their businesses in DIP,
                                                                                                                         which indicates that our high-quality support services,
                                                                                                                         infrastructure and facilities are appealing to the diverse
                                                                                                                         requirements of our tenants. We are confident that EBC
                                                                                                                         will fortify trade and business links between European
                                                                                                                         and Middle Eastern companies, and become a starting
                                                                                                                         base for many of Dubai’s headlining companies in the
                                                                                                                         near future,” said Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager
                                                                                                                             The new Centre is being constructed by Kleindienst
                                                                                                                         & Partner in DIP’s Commercial Zone, which is one of the
                                                                                                                         three business zones in the 3,200-hectare Park. “Our
                                                                                                                         decision to establish this modern centre in DIP is based
the Showrooms will be leased to vendors of automo-
biles, furniture, home appliances, professional and
                                                            European Business Centre                                     on its proximity to key business districts, as we had to
                                                                                                                         take into consideration where our future clients would
commercial equipment, industrial equipment and sup-
plies, hardware, plumbing and cooling equipment and
                                                            at DIP                                                       like to be based. This is the ideal location for us, as the
                                                               DIP announced that it has recently signed an agree-       Park is a comprehensive, self-contained business zone
many more commodities.                                      ment with Kleindienst & Partner, a Dubai-based German        with plenty of amenities, and also with quick access to
    A number of major developers have started work on       real estate broker, to open the ‘European Business Cen-      the Jebel Ali Port,” said Joseph Kleidienst, CEO, Kleindi-
their projects at the zone, which is expected to be com-    tre’ (EBC) in DIP, in a move predicted to foster a greater   enst & Partner.
pleted by mid 2008. The zone, which will be carpeted and    European corporate presence in Dubai.                            Kleindienst & Partner began operations in Dubai in
will have a lavish landscaping, has a leased area of over      The AED 150 million project will incorporate up to 150    2004 and provides real estate services such as broker-
three million square feet.                                  new companies and create more than 1,500 new jobs            age, and short-term and long-term rentals. From 2005,
                                                            at DIP by assisting European and Middle Eastern com-         the company expanded its operations to begin its own
                                                            panies establish operations through providing local          real estate developments, and its portfolio currently
                                                            sponsorship and business-set up support. When EBC            includes several projects in DIP, as well as Jumeirah
                                                            opens in November 2007, the company’s commercial             Village South, Dubai Waterfront, Discovery Gardens and
                                                            premises will accommodate turn-key offices in flexible       The World.

        DIP contributes to the
            residential sector
       Dubai Investments
       Park (DIP) attracts
            AED 20 billion
             in residential
         with seven major
         by consortium of
      developers creating
           19,392 units in
     residential sanctuary

                                                ubai Investments Park (DIP), the wholly    vestments Park as one of the region’s premier residen-
                                                owned subsidiary of Dubai Invest-          tial communities. DIP has carved a niche in the real estate
                                                ments, has announced that more             market as a high-profile, environmentally friendly and
                                                than AED 20 billion worth of residential   cleverly planned development and we have received a
                                                projects will be constructed in the Park   surge of investors wishing to capitalise on this opportu-
                              this year, bringing the total investments value to almost    nity,” said Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager, DIP.
                              AED 21 billion.                                                    Dubai Investments Park’s largest new develop-
                                    Seven major developments by a consortium of de-        ment is the Palisades project, being developed by Pearl
                              velopers are earmarked for construction in DIP during        Properties, offering investors a residential commu-
                              2007, offering investors 19,392 residential units when       nity that incorporates architecture composed of eclectic
                              the projects are completed by 2010. The multi-phased         property styles, inspired by the Georgian, Regency and
                              developments are spread over a total area of 3,200 hec-      Victorian eras. The Green Community West project is
                              tares and equipped with world-class facilities and serv-     another major DIP development, constructed by Prop-
                              ices for manufacturing, residential, academic, research      erty Investments, to include 580 villas, 256 apartments
                              and development, distribution and logistics purposes.        and six recreation areas spread over a total area of 11.2
                                    “This phenomenal amount of investment under-           million square feet.
                              scores the property developers’ confidence in Dubai In-            Similarly, the Ritaj development is a high-profile
                                                             March 08 | Issue 1   11

                             Ewan Residence

                                              Dubai Lagoon

Dunes Village   Green Community

     Ritaj development

                         Dubai Lagoon
                                                                                                                            March 08 | Issue 1   13

residential project earmarked for construction in DIP by     Ewan Residence and Green Community. Ewan Resi-
Dubai Investments Real Estate, which will offer inves-       dence, constructed by Lootah Real Estate Development,
tors more than 2,200 units located in a fully networked      offers investors’ 75 properties distributed over two mil-
residential community that features restaurants, cafes,      lion square feet of land. Green Community, constructed
shops, a supermarket, a clinic, a pharmacy, a mosque,        by Union Properties, offers investors a traffic-free en-
entertainment and recreational facilities. Dunes Village,    vironment with cobbled roads, walkways, manicured
being created by Manazel Real Estate and Al Serkal Prop-     gardens and residential developments spread over an
erties, will include 14 residential towers in an environ-    area of one million square feet.
ment that seamlessly blends modern amenities with                  In addition to residential projects, DIP has attracted
traditional values.                                          a sizeable business community and is considered to
      Nearby is the Crown City project, under construc-      be the premier business park in the Arabian Gulf by of-
tion by Al Manal Development, offering investors 52          fering investors an environment tailor made for suc-
buildings comprising 8,000 residential units in the Park.    cess. Commercial amenities such as six international
Additionally, the Dubai Lagoon project will feature apart-   schools, sports clubs, fire and police departments, a
ments and walkways surrounding a sapphire lagoon             healthcare centre, postal, banking and insurance servic-
creating a permanent romantic setting.                       es and major shopping facilities attract both residential
      “DIP is one of the most attractive destinations for    and business investors.
both home and office, because it is half an hour from              Located close to Jebel Ali port and Dubai’s upcoming
downtown Dubai and right at the heart of the cities busi-    international airport in Jebel Ali, the fully landscaped DIP
ness circles. The whole development is a pioneering          is conveniently located for easy travel requirements.
concept by creating a city within a city, an area to work,   The Park can be accessed from Emirates Road and
live and play,” commented Al Mesmar.                         Sheikh Zayed Road, and a 20 Km radius of major resi-
      Two existing residential projects are already com-     dential, recreational, entertainment and hospitality de-
pleted in DIP, with more than 30,000 residents living in     velopments surrounds the outer bypass of the Park.

                 Aujan Industries
                   & DIPa prestigious partnership
                                       VIJAY DANDIGE profiles
                                      Aujan Industries at Dubai
                                              Investments Park

                           ith its alluring benefits and advan-    chairman of Aujan Industries. “The facility will enable us
                           tages, Dubai Investments Park (DIP)     to maintain optimal product quality as well as distribute
                           has attracted a galaxy of diverse       our products efficiently and economically to our region-
                           organisations, while continuously       al customers.”
                           offering enticing investment op-              For the first time in the GCC, the new facility will en-
     portunities in a free environment to new ones. One            able Aujan to produce its popular malt-based beverage
     of DIP’s main strengths is its location, at the southern      Barbican. Since it acquired the trademark over 20 years
     end of Dubai, close to Jebel Ali Free Zone and Port. This     ago, Aujan has had to import the product from Europe.
     makes it an ideal venue for industries. Little wonder, this   The company currently has an annual capacity of over
     strategic advantage has beckoned one of the region’s          300 million litres and one billion units. The new DIP facil-
     prestigious names, Aujan Industries to join DIP’s roster      ity will boost the company’s manufacturing capacity by
     of famous partners.                                           more than 50 per cent, enabling Aujan to serve its GCC
            Aujan Industries is one of the largest soft drink      customers in a more efficient and timely manner as
     manufacturers and distributors in the Middle East. The        well as meet the growing demand from emerging mar-
     company was founded in 1905 in Saudi Arabia. With over        kets in the region.
     2500 employees and a turnover of $450 million, it is one            Mr. Kerry Anastassiadis, president of Aujan Indus-
     of the top 100 companies in the kingdom. Its greatest         tries at DIP was appointed president in February 2007
     strength is its own well-established brands, namely           following a distinguished career that has included a
     Rani, Barbican, Vimto and Hani.                               nine-year stint with Coca Cola, an earlier five year period
            In 2005, Aujan Industries opened a $55 million         with Aujan as Group General Manager, with Al Futtaim
     manufacturing facility at DIP. Spread over 50,000 sq m,       Trading as Managing Director, Gulf Services Division, and
     it is a world-class, state-of-the-art plant with three high   with Procter and Gamble where he began his career.
     speed processing and filling lines capable of producing       During his five years with Aujan, he laid the foundation
     over 150,000 cases of beverages per day. The compa-           of the company’s distribution operations in the Gulf and
     ny’s original plant is at Dammam.                             relaunched the Rani and Vimto brands and expanded
            “We’re very proud that our new manufactur-             the portfolio of franchised brands in the confectionary
     ing plant is fully operational as it reflects our regional    category. A polyglot who speaks seven languages, Mr.
     expansion ambitions and the corresponding need to             Kerry has worked and lived across all continents, with
     service our customers,” said Mr. Adel Aujan, owner and        more than 20 years experience in the Middle East.
                                                                                                                                                                         March 08 | Issue 1   15

                                                              of final product distribution to the lower Gulf and interna-
                                                              tional exports. The project was on a fast track and the
                                                              DIP Authorities were very well equipped to support our
                                                              needs and programme. So the decision has been more
                                                              than justified, as the DIP has assisted us in every way
                                                              possible in making this project a success.

                                                              What is your view of Dubai as an industrial,
                                                              trading and commercial hub?
                                                              Dubai, undoubtedly, has achieved growing importance
                                                              as a pivotal point for manufacture and redistribution to        How does Aujan deal with the competition in
                                                              the lower Gulf and international market. So, it’s impor-        the UAE’s soft drink and confectionary market?
                                                              tant for Aujan to be a part of this explosive opportunity,      We’ve instituted an aggressive programme of constant
                                                              as it aligns with our vision and strategy of long term          and continuous improvement in every aspect of our
                                                              growth plans. Dubai’s sustained growth and longevity            business. So we ensure we offer very competitive pric-
                                                              will no doubt in time move away from a dependency on            es in the market without in any way compromising our
                                                                                                                              quality ethic or consumption promise to the customer.
                                                                                                                              We also offer unique products supported by on-going
                                                                                                                              innovation in all product categories.

                                                                                                                              What is Aujan’s edge in the market, especially
                                                                                                                              in view of the company’s status as one of the
                                                                                                                              oldest in the region?
                                                                                                                              We’re a locally owned company. We’re driven by com-
                                                                                                                              petitiveness on all fronts, from manufacturing to inno-
                                                                                                                              vative products to excellence in market execution, all
                                                                                                                              ably supported by leading edge marketing and produc-
                                                                                                                              tive development. Key to this is our in-depth knowledge
                                                                                                                              of local market and consumer. This is clearly identified
                                                                                                                              in our award winning Vimto product that is now very
                                                                                                                              closely linked to the cultural heritage of many Gulf Arabs.
                                                                                                                              A bottle is even in the Dubai Museum. The decision proc-
                                                                                                                              ess driven by our Chairman is timely and very flexible.

                                                                                                                              What is your vision for the company?
                                                                                                                              It’s simply referred to as “555” which translates into an-
                                                                                                                              nual revenue of US $500 million with 5 brands in 5 years
                                                                                                                              (2005-2009). We’re ahead of schedule that allows us to
                                                                                                                              accelerate our expansion and operational footprint to
                                                                                                                              the MENA region. We have identified suitable locations
                                                                                                                              for future sales/distribution and plant infrastructure.
                                                                                                                              We intend becoming a formidable global player

What was the reason behind the recent                         construction to a manufacturing and industrial base. And        What is Aujan’s philosophy of doing business?
expansion?                                                    this, I believe, will offer even better opportunities to com-   Quality of product is sacrosanct. And price competitive-
In line with Aujan’s strategy and the significant expan-      panies such as Aujan offering top-of-the-range FMCG             ness. Our products are designed to compliment the
sion experienced in recent years, Mr. Adel Aujan decided      products to a very demanding, discerning consumer.              consumers’ ever changing pallets while quenching their
that the growth potential in the lower Gulf and countries     The market is already evolving into a more sophisti-            thirst. We deliver an expectation promise as extolled in
serviced from Dubai offered not only a very good invest-      cated customer and consumer base. Dubai’s location              our excellent brand marketing. Through our extensive
ment opportunity but it was also in line with his vision      is excellent in terms of being an international service         distribution, both internal and external, we offer great
of global expansion. Also, the extremely favourable           hub, and it will continue to expand as the industrial and       business opportunities for all who both supply us di-
investment opportunities extended by DIP spurred the          manufacturing segments gather more momentum. In                 rectly or offer distribution services. Our philosophy on
decision.                                                     short, Dubai continues to offer great opportunity, but it       Supply Chain is that all parties should mutually benefit.
                                                              will need to stem the costs of doing business, if it is to      This has resulted in long-standing relationships that will
What sort of new facility do you have at DIP?
                                                              maintain its momentum.                                          continue to grow into the future, thus supporting our
Our DIP plant is a world-class, state-of-the-art facility
                                                                                                                              pricing and quality objectives and ensuring customer
with three high speed processing and filling lines capa-
                                                              How vibrant is the soft drink and confectionary                 and consumer satisfaction.
ble of producing over 150,000 cases of beverages per
                                                              market in Dubai, in the UAE?
                                                              The market is very vibrant and competitive, where the           Are you planning to come out with any new
Why did you specifically choose DIP for your                  cost of a soft drink has remained Dh 1 for more than            products?
new expansion?                                                25 years; arguably the cheapest high quality drinks in          Yes, this is on going and we’ll continue to introduce ex-
Firstly, the DIP offered the investment and infrastructure    the world. And you can now choose from a plethora of            citing innovations in our existing portfolio and future
opportunities and requirements that matched Aujan’s           products that are driven by consumer demand. This               concepts. Finally, we are a very proud Saudi Company,
overall strategy. Then, its location is ideally suited for    highlights the need for maintaining the cost of doing           dedicated to quality, customer service and innovation.
our distribution networks in terms of reception of im-        business here rather than losing opportunities to other         We are aggressive in delivering our vision and then ex-
ported raw materials etc via Jebel Ali, as well as in terms   offshore production locales.                                    panding it further.

          Flavours and
       colours at the Courtyard
                      by Marriott
                                                                                                                                                                  March 08 | Issue 1   17

                                                                  waken your senses and pamper your               nean takes place on Mondays. Go hot and spicy on Indian
                                                                  taste buds with a myriad of flavours at the     Night on Tuesdays and enjoy a sumptuous spread of
                                                                  Courtyard by Marriott Green Community.          Far Eastern dishes on Wednesdays. We all love BBQ’s
                                                                  The rich aroma of delicious cuisine is          and that is why Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays have
                                                                  simply irresistible as the restaurants have     been reserved for BBQ nights. All these and more for
                                                  so much to offer in terms of variety.                           Dhs 125 per person including unlimited soft drinks, wa-
                                                        The Express Lunch at Cucina is perfect when you           ter, chilled juices, coffee and tea. Dhs 189 per person
                                                  are on the go. The lunch is fast, easy and healthy. With        including unlimited house beverages.
                                                  different soups, selection of breads and salads, pastas               Don’t miss out on the Friday Brunch with a side or-
                                                  and pizzas, changing everyday, each showing their cal-          der of Free Wheels at Cucina from 12 noon to 4.00pm.
                                                  ories count and health benefits, lunch at Cucina will be        The regular adult package is Dhs 140 per person includ-
                                                  the boost you were looking for to get back into shape           ing unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, water and chilled
                                                  this year. The Express Lunch is only Dhs 49 per person          juices. It is Dhs 65 for kids aged 6 to 12 years old and free
                                                  including a small bottle of house water.                        for children below 6 years old. It is playtime at the Fri-
                                                        Express SSS Lunch at Rendezvous Lounge is inter-          day Brunch with face painting; balloon bending, movies
                                                  esting to try. Indulge in freshly made Soups, Salads and        and the resident clowns will make you laugh with your
                                                  Sandwiches. There is no need to skip lunch anymore              hilarious acts and jokes.
                                                  as Cucina and Rendezvous Lounge has tasty options
                                                  to offer. Express SSS Lunch is Dhs 39 per person for            The Free Wheels is actually to and from the hotel when
                                                  soup, salad and sandwich and a small bottle of house            you pay Dhs 250 for the Friday Brunch with unlimited
                                                  water.                                                          house beverages.
                                                        The Express Lunches are available daily
                                                  from 12 noon to 3.00pm daily.
                                                        It is a flavour explosion at the Pine Grill every night   For reservations or more information,
                                                  as you can go on a culinary tour to experience a mul-           please call 04 – 885 2222 or
      CY Brunch Ad for DIP Magazine feb2008.pdf       3/10/08         5:29:19 PM
                                                  titude of dishes. It is British on Sunday and Mediterra-        log onto www.

                                                                                                                  FRIDAY BRUNCH WITH
                                                                                                                  A SIDE ORDER OF
 C                                                                                                                FREE WHEELS

                                                                                                                   A memorable day awaits you and
                                                                                                                   your family at the Courtyard by Marriott.
CM                                                                                                                 Each Friday from 12noon to 4.00pm,
                                                                                                                   Cucina the Italian Kitchen offers you
                                                                                                                   the best of trattoria style cuisine.

                                                                                                                   Package Price Per Person:
                                                                                                                   • Dhs 140 including soft drinks
                                                                                                                   • Dhs 65 for kids aged 6 to 12 years and

                                                                                                                     free for children under 6 years of age
                                                                                                                   • Dhs 250 Free Wheels Package including
                                                                                                                     unlimited house beverages and free
                                                                                                                     transfers to and from the hotel

                                                                                                                  For reservations call
                                                                                                                  04 885 2222 or book online
                                                                                                                   Bookings must be made 24 hours in advance and are
                                                                                                                   subject to availability. A booking of 4 adults or more
                                                                                                                   is required on the AED 250 package. Terms and
                                                                                                                   conditions apply.

      Pampering redefined

       Pamper your hands
                                           hould you be in the mood for indulgence,              it with care, as improper trimming may induce the in-
                                           the Essie Spa Experience for feet or the              grown toenails. To keep ingrown toenails (which can

         at N.Bar, the first               N.Bar Special for hands come highly recom-
                                           mended and is certain to leave you with the
                                                                                                 be quite painful) at bay, avoid cutting the sides of your
                                                                                                 nails, particularly in the area that meets the nail bed.

     and foremost fashion
                                           softest and smoothest hands. If you find           2 Soak and relax and your feet: Treat your feet to
                               yourself a fan of a particular treatment, then opt for a          a warm soak to cure aches – N.Bar recommends
                               loyalty card. Designed to allow freedom of choice, the            Essie Spa Pedicure Marine Sea Salts which contains
        savvy chain of nail    loyalty programme couldn’t be simpler – customers
                               select one favourite N.Bar treatment, purchase five re-
                                                                                                 (Dead) Sea Salts, Eucalyptus and other essential oils
                                                                                                 to energize and invigorate tired, overworked feet.
        bars in the Middle     peat services upfront and N.Bar will give them a sixth of
                               the same service on the house – an excellent and inex-
                                                                                                 Avoid soaking your feet for more than 15 minutes as
                                                                                                 excessive exposure to water can weaken the nails
                      East.    pensive way to have frequent the store for sessions of
                               your favourite treatments. N.Bar gift vouchers are also
                                                                                                 and make them chip and split.
                                                                                              3 Scrub the rough skin away: After soaking, dry
                               a fabulous option as gifts for a girlfriend, sister, mother,      and flaking skin will soften and can be easily chafed
                               etc. and can be purchased for the value of any service.           away with a good foot file. N.Bar recommends the
                                                                                                 Credo Ceramic Foot Scrub. Go gently on your feet.
                               N.BAR RECOMMENDS THAT YOU MAINTAIN THE SERV-                      Avoid using blades or metal foot scrubs – these
                                  ICES YOU’VE HAD WITH A FEW TIPS THAT YOU                       should only be used for extremely rough and tough
                                  CAN FOLLOW IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME:                        calluses only.
                               1 Cut and file your toenails to shape: For your own            4 Clean up your cuticles: Push back the excess cu-
                                  comfort, keep your nails trimmed, but ensure you do            ticles at the back of your nails – avoid scraping the
                                                                                                                                  March 08 | Issue 1   19

                              entire nail plate. After this, nourish your cuticles with     will protect your nails from pollution, breakage and
                              a cuticle treatment like Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil.         discoloration. N.Bar recommends Essie’s Non-Yel-
                           5 Exfoliate your feet: Exfoliation helps to stimulate            lowing Topcoat for the best results.
                              circulation in the feet and soften the skin. Use an         8 Applying Nail Polish: Should you wish to colour
                              exfoliating foot scrub, rubbing the product in a gentle       your nails, make sure you apply a layer of basecoat
                              circular motion. N.Bar recommends Essie Spa Pedi-             before applying two even coats of a long lasting nail
                              cure Exfoliating Foot Scrub, which contains natural           colour. N.Bar recommends Essie Nail Polishes - a
                              herbs and essential oils to aid in removing dry skin.         collection of fashion forward, chic and chip resistant
                           6 Moisturise & massage: Apply a herbal mask to                   nail colours. Top off with an ideal topcoat that pro-
                              seal in moisture. N.Bar recommends Essie Spa                  tects, seals and quickly dries the polish. N.Bar rec-
                              Pedicure Hydro-Masque to cool the skin and leave it           ommends Essie To Dry For Top Coat.
                              deeply moisturized. After rinsing the mask, apply a
                              moisturising cream. N.Bar recommends Essie Spa              The Grooming Company, parent company of N.Bar
                              Pedicure Kirby Crème – this product contains an ex-         boasts two other brands in its portfolio - 1847, the re-
                              tensive moisturizing complex to heal severely dry           gion’s first brand of dedicated grooming lounges for
                              and cracked heels, or for complete indulgence, try          men offers various services ranging from manicures
                              Essie Spa Pedicure Ylang Ylang Leg and Foot Mas-            and pedicures to shaves, cuts and massages and
                              sage Oil which contains a blend of Jojoba, Ylang Ylang      JetSet, the region’s first ‘wash and blow dry’ hair care
                              and Coconut extracts – it leaves the skin impossibly        concept.
                              smooth minus all the grease!                                In addition to these three highly successful brands,
                           7 Take advantage of Nail Treatments: For a col-                TGC recently unveiled its plans to launch a fourth brand
                              ourless finish, apply a touch of a nail treatment that      - a grooming concept especially for children. The new
                                                                                          brand is expected to open its doors later this year and
With one of the eight branches located at                                                 will feature state-of-the-art facilities designed around
                                                                                          the needs of its junior clientele.

the The Market in Green Community, N.Bar’s                                                Branches
                                                                                          Currently N.Bar has a total of eight, JetSet has one and

offers an extensive variety of services, which
                                                                                          1847 has two branches sprinkled across Dubai with a
                                                                                          new branch each, on the way at Jumeirah Beach Resi-

cater exclusively to nail care, maintenance
                                                                                          dence. Call today to book an appointment.
                                               Call us today

and upkeep of hands and feet and are           N.Bar
                                               • Al Ghurair City                                                               : 04 228 9009
affordable enough to allow a weekly visit.     • BurJuman (Faces)
                                               • Emirates Towers
                                                                                                                               : 04 359 0008
                                                                                                                               : 04 330 1001
                                                                                          • Ibn Battuta Mall                   : 04 366 9828
                                                                                          • Al Garhoud                         : 04 283 1200
                                                                                          • Green Community                    : 04 885 3434
                                                                                          • Grosvenor House                    :04 399 9009
                                                                                          • Palm Strip Mall                    : 04 346 1100
                                                                                          • JetSet - Grosvenor House           : 04 399 5005
                                                                                          • 1847- Emirates Towers              : 04 330 1847
                                                                                            Grosvenor House                    : 04 399 8989

                          Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty.
                          Roses are so important that the word means
                          pink or red in a variety of languages (such as

                          Romance languages, Greek, and Polish). A rose
                          by any other name may smell as sweet, but
                          what about a rose of a different colour? The

                          traditional red roses may give off the same
                          soft fragrance as its colorful cousins, but a
                          vibrant yellow or vivacious orange rose doesn’t

                          necessarily speak the same language. Every
                          rose color, in fact, sends a unique message to
                          the recipient.

                          Victorian symbolism

                                       ccording to the Victorian “Language of flowers”, different coloured roses
                                       each have their own symbolic meaning:
                                       • Red: A popular rose color, red is known the world over as a token of
                                       passionate love and commitment, which makes it the favoured choice for
                                       Valentine’s Day. This colour symbolises the creative fervour of new love
                          as well as the respect and durable nature of long-term adoration - the perfect rose
                          for the love of your life.
                          • Pink: The soft shades of pink roses eloquently tell of courtesy, sophistication,
                              grace and the female spirit. Touched by a hint of red tempered by creamy tones
                              of white, pink makes a rose say “thank you,” with poise, grace, charm, tender-
                              ness and joy.
                          • Dark Pink: A rose for expressing gratitude – a way of saying thank you in ear-
                          • Light Pink: Generally used to convey feelings of admiration or sympathy.
                          • White: A true symbol of innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, reverence and
                          • Yellow: Happy, bright and full of life, yellow roses exude feelings of friendship,
                              delight and compassion, although yellow roses used to send a message of envy
                              and resentment to the unlucky recipient. Yellow roses generally mean dying love
                              or platonic love. In German-speaking countries, however, they can mean jeal-
                              ousy and infidelity.
                          • Yellow with red tips: They signify a beginning of friendship or falling in love
                          • Orange: A warm colour as tender as a hug, yet full of emotion, orange roses
                              burst with enthusiasm, passion and desire. If you want to express your feelings
                              for someone in no uncertain terms, a bouquet of energetic orange roses might
                              just do the trick. An explosion of colour, an arrangement of orange flowers pro-
                              claims sentiments of appreciation, desire and exhilaration.
                          • Burgundy: Signifies beauty at its best and is an ode to beautiful people.
                          • Blue: Spells intrigue and mystery.
                          • Green: Generally used to convey serenity and calm.
                          • Black: slavish devotion (as a true black rose is impossible to produce)
                          • Purple: Purple is a mysterious, magical color that seems to radiate enchantment
                              and longing. A subtle yet powerful flower, a rose that comes in tones of purple
                              and lilac represents both caution and love at first sight.

                          For your very own flowery experience visit:
                          Flowers by Contempo at The Market, Green Community – Dubai Investments
                                                                                                          March 08 | Issue 1   21

Toddlers day out
           o uphold their commitment as being a community-spirited school, Greenfield Community
           School belonging to Beacon Education has opened its doors to all parents with toddlers
           living in the immediate vicinity. The ethos of this group, named Carers and Toddlers
           (CATs), is to provide parents with an opportunity to mingle with other families in a caring,
           safe and nurturing environment. This facility for CATs is offered to the community free
of charge. The school is committed to teaching the youngsters play activities that will benefit their
motor and sensory development.
   Playing is the main way in which children learn and therefore play affects all aspects of a child’s
development. Age appropriate educational toys are available to encourage toddlers to explore the
world around them. In the CATs social club, the aim is to allow toddlers to become more confident.
We know through play that children develop a deeper understanding of concepts, different materi-
als, coordination, behaviour and language.
    “As GCS wants to be part of the community, we have asked parents of our school to be involved
in the CATs programme and help set it up. CATs is also open to those families whose children are
not enrolled in GCS, and is available twice a week for a couple of hours, providing an opportunity
for children to play with different equipment and interact with other children”, commented Virginia
Dugand, Early Years Coordinator at GCS.
   Often childcare professionals visit to give advice and answer any concerns or queries mothers
may have about their toddlers. Activities organised by CATs may include day trips, coffee mornings
and many other fun social activities.
           KEEP FIT

               Why Just Walk When
                  You Can
             Nordic Walk?
           t looks like cross-country skiing but without the            body’s skeletal muscles versus 80% for cycling, 70%
           snow or skis. It’s regularly described as ‘Fitness           for running and 30% for swimming (figures based
           Walking with poles’, a concept first developed back          on average performance for a 12-stone person).
           in 1985 by American pole walking pioneer, Tom             4. It is regularly reported that Nordic Walking can re-
           Rutlin. It’s called ‘Nordic Walking’, a name created by      duce the pain experienced by back pain sufferers
     Finnish ski pole manufacturer Exel Oyj in 1997, to coincide        while walking with their poles, as well as reduce ten-
     with the launch of their new line in Fitness Walking poles         sion in the neck and shoulder region.
     with specially designed wrist straps. Nordic Walking is         5. Walking uphill is a breeze because as a ‘quadruped’
     now growing in popularity on the worldwide stage as                the workload is spread, so you no longer have to rely
     the ‘new’ gentle ‘total body’ way to exercise that puts            on your legs to do all the work. Walking downhill is a
     your whole body to ‘use’ without ‘abuse’.                          lot easier too.
           There are currently estimated to be over 5 million        6. Nordic walking is the perfect rehabilitation exercise
     Nordic Walkers in Europe alone, including two million in           following illness, surgery or injury, which is why
     Germany, one and a half million in Finland, eight hundred          many physiotherapists and other medical profes-
     thousand in Austria, with countries including Sweden,              sionals are now recommending Nordic Walking to
     Switzerland, Norway, Holland and the United Kingdom                their patients.
     contributing more than a million participants. Popular-         7. For anyone unsteady on their feet e.g. due to bal-
     ity is fast spreading to other parts of the world too. The         ance instability, Nordic Walking poles can give added
     last 12 months has seen an upsurge of interest in the              security and confidence
     US, where world famous sports apparel company ‘Ree-             8. Nordic Walking is great ‘weight bearing’ exercise
     bok’ have recently formed a strategic alliance with pole           and therefore helps to keep your bones strong and
     manufacturers ‘Exel Oyj’ to promote the activity.                  healthy.
                                                                     9. Participants often report improvements in their pos-

     An impressive list of                                              ture, as the poles tend to stop you from slumping as
                                                                        you walk.

     benefits is reported for                                        10.The use of the poles in ‘Nordic Running’, ‘Plyometrics’
                                                                        (leaping and bounding exercises) and other ‘athletic
     Nordic Walking:                                                    style training techniques’ can offer the toughest of
                                                                        workouts to sports enthusiasts and competitive
     1. Research has shown (Cooper Institute, Dallas, Texas,            athletes.
        2000) that Nordic Walking can burn up to 46% more
        energy and therefore calories than walking without           Nordic Walking poles differ from skiing and hiking poles,
        poles at the same speed; although interestingly your         in that they have specially designed wrist straps that
        perceived level of effort tends not to increase.             you slip your hands into, in much the same way as if
     2. Nordic Walking reduces the stress on joints such as          you were putting on gloves. Proper use of the straps
        the hip and the knee by up to 30%.                           is an integral part of the recommended technique. The
     3. Nordic walking activates approximately 90% of your           poles are designed to be used on all surfaces and come
                                                                          March 08 | Issue 1   23

                               with removable ‘asphalt’ rubber tips. The poles fall into
Now in UAE                     several ‘type’ categories including, one-piece, two piece,
For more information contact   semi-adjustable and telescopic. Pole shafts are usually
DEBORAH DIXON                  made from carbon fibre, composite (a mix of fibreglass
of Stride for Life on:         and resin, or fibreglass, resin and carbon fibre) or alu-
+971 50 6577057 or             minium.            When Nordic walking you ‘plant’ your poles alter-
See also                       nately just behind each hip. In fact the poling action is and      very similar to that used by cross-county skiers (clas-     sic style). E.g.: As you push off with your right pole your
                               left leg is forward. Then as your left arm swings to the
                               front, you step forward onto your right foot and you
                               plant your left pole just behind your left hip and so on.
                               In the full technique you open your hand to release the
                               pole handle each time your arm swings behind your hip.
                               As your arm swings forward again you catch the pole
                               handle in preparation for the next ‘plant’ (don’t worry
                               about dropping your poles, remember they have wrist
                                      The ability for Nordic Walking to boost fitness lev-
                               els has been recognised by business and politicians.
                               In Switzerland two health insurance companies offer
                               financial bonuses to policyholders who attend Nordic
                               Walking lessons. While in Germany the cost of attending
                               a certified course for hospital outpatients is refunded by
                               the government.
                                      Like with any sport the best way to learn is via
                               proper instruction. Nordic Walking instructors offer
                               group or one-to-one personal tuition. INWA (Interna-
                               tional Nordic Walking Association) have instructors in
                               18 countries visit: and
                               select ‘Your Country’. A search on the Internet will find
                               additional instructors listings.
                                      As the popularity of Nordic Walking continues to
                               gather momentum across the world, don’t be surprised
                               to hear a new ‘catchword’ phrase… “Why Just Walk
                               When You Can Nordic Walk?”

         Carpet care!
                   Your carpet is a major investment, and
                   like anything else, it will last longer with
                   the proper care. Even with today’s high
                   performance fibres, you’ll want to do
                   everything you can to prevent stains and to
                   treat them carefully and immediately when
                   they occur. With a little extra time and
                   attention, you’ll keep your carpets looking
                   newer longer. Emad Carpet Trad. L.L.C. at
                   The Market, Green Community gives tips.
                                                                                                                                                                            March 08 | Issue 1   25

                                                                                                                                 Common Carpet Problems
                                                                                                                                 and Solutions
                                                                                                                                 Crushing is caused by both furniture and foot traf-
Frequent Questions                                              “warp” onto which the weaver ties the knots. When the
                                                                rug is cut down off the loom, the ends of the warp be-           fic. The weight of furniture crushes a carpet’s pile.
First brought to this country in colonial times, oriental       come the fringe.                                                 Furniture glides or protectors help to distribute the
rugs are today more popular than ever. While an ori-                                                                             weight of the furniture from pointed “feet” that may
ental rug is always at home in a traditional room set-          Why does the colour seem lighter from one                        dig into the carpet.
ting, decorators are also using the intricate pattern and       side?                                                            Static occurs with cool temperatures and
colors as a counterpoint to contemporary decor. Many            The dyed wool from which the rug is made doesn’t stand           low humidity. Choosing carpet with anti-
first-time buyers are new to this world of colour and           straight up. The pile ‘leans” in one direction, and light is     static protection or using a humidifier will
design, and questions frequently arise.                         either reflected or absorbed, depending on where you             help the problem.
                                                                stand. Even standing in one place, the colour may seem           Pilling is a condition, usually caused by traffic in
Why is one rug more expensive than another?                     to be different shades. Variations in color are part of the      certain areas, where small balls of fiber appear on
 Labour costs and materials determine the price of a            natural beauty, of handmade oriental rugs. Often, wool           the carpet’s surface. If the pilling is minimal, just
new oriental rug; but a rug need not be expensive to be         is dyed in separate lots, and this will sometime cause a         clip it to reduce the appearance. If it’s extensive, call
beautiful. Cost factors include:                                slight difference in hue over the course of a rug. This ef-      a professional.
Knot density: It takes a weaver longer to hand tie              fect is called “abrash”.                                         Snagging occurs when sharp-edged ob-
40,000 knots per, square foot than 7,000 knots per                                                                               jects such as furniture, toys or pet claws
square foot, simply put, the more knots in the rug, the                                                                          snag the carpet fiber. Simply clip off the
more labor.                                                     Care and Maintenance                                             snag if the affected area is small.
Intricacy of design: A simple, elegant Bokhara may              It has been said that an oriental rug doesn’t wear out; in-      Sprouting is a condition where small tufts of fibre
have no more than five colors while a floral pattern            stead, it is more likely that a rug may “wear out” several       stick out above the carpet surface. Clip the individ-
can have as many as thirty. A complicated design with           generations! With proper care and maintenance, you               ual sprouts level with the carpet. Never pull them
many colors requires more time and an experi¬enced              can pretty much guarantee that your oriental rug will            or you may pull other fibres in the process and
weaver.                                                         become a cherished family heirloom.                              further the damage.
Labour cost: Imported oriental rugs are subject to in-                                                                           Fuzzing makes the carpet appear “hairy”
ternational economic and political conditions that cause        Padding is a must                                                and is generally caused by slack yarn twist
the cost of labor and exchange rates to rise and fall.          The first step; in caring for your oriental rug is installing    or fibers breaking out of the yarn during wet
Wool quality: There is no such thing as bad wool, but           proper padding. Padding muffles the sound of footsteps           cleaning or servicing. If this occurs, it needs
there is such a thing as better wool. How to tell? Length       and prevents the rug from sliding on smooth flooring.            to be sheared by a professional cleaner.
of fibre, springiness and luster; better wool costs             More importantly, it helps protect your rug from inces-
more.                                                           sant crushing between shoe heels and flooring. The              Washing
                                                                proper padding is no more than one-half inch thick and          Inevitably, some dirt and grit will escape the vacuum
Is an oriental rug really a work of art?                        is just smaller than the rug itself. Types of padding avail-    and work its way deep into the nap of the rug. Every
The answer is a definite ‘’yes!’’ And like all art, you’ll be   able include rubber, high-density foam, needle-punch            few years, a thorough and professional washing is in
drawn to some rugs more than others. The design and             polypropylene and rubberized hair/jute.                         order. This involves total immersion and can cor¬rectly
colour of oriental rugs follow centuries-old traditions;                                                                        be done only by a professional with proper cleaning and
new rugs are interpretations of those motifs, con-              Regular maintenance                                             drying facilities. Your rug dealer can recommend some-
ceived by a real artisan, taking several craftsmen many         An oriental rug’s greatest defense against wear and             one with the proper experience and equipment.
months to hand tie the millions of knots that make up an        tear is the very substance of the rug itself: wool. Wool
average 9x12 Persian design.                                    fibers tend to keep everyday dirt particles toward the          Spills and stains
                                                                surface. As you walk on the rug, however, these dirt            It’s bound to happen, but again the qualities of the wool
Isn’t the design a little busy for my home?                     particles can be forced down into the nap of the wool           will protect the rug from spills. After running for towels
In the showroom, an oriental rug is subject to much             and begin to cut into the wool strands. Regular, weekly         to soak up any liquid, blot up excess liq¬uid and elevate
staring and close attention. The center medallion of a          vacuuming removes surface dirt before it settles into           the dampened spot to allow air cir¬culation. Clean any
Persian design rug may seem enormous; the colors                the rug. Vacuum in the direction of the rug’s pile (By run-     stain from the outer edges in¬ward to avoid spreading
may seem intense. In a natural room setting, however,           ning your hand across the rug: it will feel smooth in one       the stain. If you are unsuc¬cessful, do see a profes-
the rug tends to “calm down”. While in the showroom,            direction and coarse in the other; vacuum in the smooth         sional Oriental rug cleaner.
try to view the rug at the distances and angles from            direction.). If your rug is new, you can expect some shed-
which it will be encountered at home.                           ding at first. This is natural, and you need not be alarmed.    Remember that your oriental rug is a valuable work of
                                                                Shedding will subside after a few months of regular use         art and deserves the care and attention you give any
Why do they add the fringe?                                     and care. You can also extend the life of your oriental rug     fine possession. With the minimum maintenance out-
Actually, the fringe was there before the rug! These cot-       by rotating it 180 degrees every year or two. This helps        lined above, your rug will provide years of beauty and
ton threads run the entire length of the rug and form the       to even out the effects of traffic and sunlight.                durability.

                                                    Drs. Nicolas & Asp
                                                     Patient information
                                                    Orthodontics (Braces)

     C         rooked teeth are a common dental problem.
             Some experts have estimated that up to seven
             people out of ten would benefit from orthodon-
     tic treatment at some point in their lives.
                                                              How are teeth straightened?
                                                              Orthodontic treatment involves the design and use of
                                                              corrective appliances known as braces, plates and
                                                              headgear, among others. Braces are usually the most
                                                              precise and effective way to straighten teeth. Wearing
                                                              braces is simple and generally quite easy. Due to
     We asked Dr. Salam Al-Khayyat to answer the follow-
                                                              developments in technology, the appliances are made
     ing questions:                                           comfortable, effective and not as visible as earlier
     Who can benefit from Orthodontic treatments?
     Orthodontic treatment can improve dental health,         What to expect after you have had your braces
     restore good function and change the facial appear-      fixed?
     ance for the better.                                     After you have had your consultation with the
                                                              Orthodontic Specialist, who will make treatment plan
                                                              tailor made to meet your needs, a written quote of
     Teeth that work better usually look better, too. And a
                                                              costs and the payment options will be provided.
     healthy, beautiful smile can improve self-esteem.
                                                              It will take approximately 45 minutes to have the
     Healthy teeth can be moved at almost any age. Many       braces fixed to your teeth. It will then be necessary to
     orthodontic problems can be corrected easily, both for   have your braces adjusted regularly by tightening the
     adults & children. Most adults get orthodontic treat-    elastics or ligatures. This will make the teeth feel ten-
     ment because they realise that taking care of their      der for a few days. During this short period, soft foods
     smile is part of taking care of themselves.              and a mild analgesic may be needed. Your
                                                              Orthodontist will provide you with a written sheet of full
     One thing that you can give your child ensuring their    information on how to look after your braces.
     attractive smile, boosting their self-confidence and
                                                              How long does orthodontic treatments take?
     helping them to achieve their potential are Braces.
                                                              Braces unlike cosmetic dentistry is not a fast treatment
     Surveys have indicated that people who have had          option, teeth are moved slowly within the bone to
     braces look better and feel better about themselves.     achieve a good result and this frequently takes 2 years
     For determination of the optimum starting time of        to complete. Treatments, which are short, can usually
     orthodontic treatment, it is recommended that you        only correct a small problem such as a gap between
     consult the Orthodontic Specialist when your child is    two teeth.
     around the age of 8 years.
                                                              How to take care of braces?
                                                              Food and plaque get trapped more easily if you are
     What are the common reasons for receiving ortho-
                                                              wearing braces. You need to be especially thorough
     dontic treatments?
                                                              when brushing to remove the food particles and
     Some common reasons why people want to change            plaque. Your Orthodontic Specialist will show you how
     the way their teeth are positioned are:-Overlapping      to clean your braces, teeth and gums and will provide
     teeth, prominent front teeth, missing teeth, gaps        you with a written sheet of full information of how to
     between teeth, bite problems.                            take care of your braces.

                                                              Phone: (04) 394 77 77
                                                                                           March 08 | Issue 1   27

                     Mr. Suvo Sarkar, Emirates NBD General Manager Retail Banking

                         mirates NBD, the Dubai-based banking group and holding
                         company of Emirates Bank and National Bank of Dubai
                         introduced its new promotion in conjunction with Choithram,
                         the UAE’s leading supermarket chain. The promotion offers
                         customers the chance to win back shopping vouchers from

            Choithram and will run for a period of one month starting from the 14th
                  Mr. Suvo Sarkar, Emirates NBD General Manager Retail Banking com-
            mented on the new promotion by saying, “Emirates NBD is constantly
            launching new and exciting promotions with rewarding prizes. These
            promotions are our way of thanking our customers for their loyalty as

            well as attracting new customers to bank with us. Our promotion at
            Choithram in Green Community’s The Market is linked to the Emirates
            Bank branch situated in the shopping mall. We hope to become the
            number one choice for banking amongst Green Community residents
            and Dubai Investments Park employees.”
                  Emirates Bank’s on site promotion at Choithram in Green Com-
            munity is available for all customers interested in applying for Emirates

            NBD products (loans, credit cards, new accounts). Customers can fill out
            a simple application form at the Emirates NBD display stand inside the su-
            permarket, which will be manned by the banks promoters. The promot-
            ers will be available to answer any questions the customers may have
            as well as to give out leaflets and brochures for detailed information on
            the bank’s various products and services. All successful applicants will

            be entitled to win the shopping vouchers.
                  As the leading Supermarket and Departmental Store chain,
            Choithram has always been the favorite place for UAE residents to shop
            at. With a rich heritage of over 60 years, Choithram supermarkets have
            been in the region since the early 70’s. Following a tradition of Service,
            Selection & Satisfaction, Choithram has been able to carve a niche for it-
            self in the retail trade. With trends changing, Choithram’s concern for its
            shoppers has not. The dedication has remained firm in its ever-improv-
            ing effort to give consumers the best possible service with a wide choice
            of quality merchandise, friendly ambience & extra customer care at con-
            venient locations in the Emirates.


     Plan your
                                                        It is a dream come true for nature and lovers of wild life.
                                                        Kenya promises the globe’s most magnificent wildlife
                                                        parks, unsullied beaches, thriving coral reefs, memora-
                                                        ble mountain views and ancient Swahili cities. The fact
                                                        that Swahili has given the world the word Safari that
                                                        means journey explains the adventurous nature of this
                                                        Must see: The Masai Mara National Reserve: The Mara
     Everybody has a summer holiday…no more             is the most popular wildlife park in Kenya. Abounding
                                                        with wildlife and joined to the Serengeti. Kenya’s most
     working for a week or two…” Who can forget         spectacular annual event is organised by an unlikely

     these famous lyrics? They come to mind
                                                        group - wildebeests. Literally, millions of these ungainly
                                                        antelopes move en masse between July and August

     specially when the sun shines brightly and one     from the Serengeti in search of lush grass. They head
                                                        south again around October. The best place to see this
     can’t help but think of the cooler climes. It is   phenomenon is at the Masai Mara National Reserve.
                                                        Nairobi - Kenya’s capital is cosmopolitan, lively, inter-
     when you make up your mind to take that much       esting and pleasantly landscaped.
                                                        Amboseli National Park - At 392 sq km, Amboseli
     needed vacation that the mind is confused          has huge herds of elephants, and to see a herd of them
                                                        making their way sedately across the grassy plains,
     about the destination one should head for. We      with Tanzania’s Mt Kilimanjaro in the background, may

     give you options to choose from some of the        be a real African cliché but it’s an experience that cer-
                                                        tainly leaves a lasting impression.
     most exotic locales and make your vacation a       Mombasa - The largest port on the coast of East Africa,
                                                        Mombasa is hot, steamy and historical.
     memorable one.                                     Visas: Visas are now required by almost all visitors to
                                                        Kenya. It’s also possible to get visas from Kenyan dip-
                                                        lomatic missions overseas. For more accurate details
                                                        please contact the nearest Kenyan Consulate in your
                                                        How to get there:
                                                        Kenya Airways, Emirates fly you directly into Nairobi on
                                                        daily direct flights out of the UAE apart from many other
                                                        indirect carriers.
                                                                                                                                        March 08 | Issue 1   29

Switzerland                                                        South (or vice versa). The Bernina Express offers breath-
They call it heaven on earth. A unique miracle of nature           taking vistas through glaciers hewn into the sheer rock,
is there to be discovered whether in the splendour of              through switch–back tunnels, along rushing mountain
its summer colours or in its mystical autumn robes.                streams, glaciers and even an Alpine garden.
From the lowlands right up to the mountaintops, clothed            Golden Pass Line - Route: Zurich – Lucerne – Brunig
in perpetual snow and ice, there is so much to discover            pass – Interlaken – Zweismmen – Montreux – Geneva.
and experience on foot, by rail, bus or ship or on one of          This attractive train ride connects central Switzerland
the many mountain railways or cable cars. The diversity            and Lake Geneva. For a special treat ride at the head of
of the landlocked, mountainous country is the essence              the train. Remember it has only limited seats.
of Switzerland and gives the country its unique identity.          How to get there: Swiss International Airline and
That’s not all, it is best known for its financial institutions,   Emirates gets you into Switzerland on direct daily flights
fine cheeses and chocolate, watch-making industry, for             out of the UAE apart from other indirect carriers.
its scenery and its excellent network of public traffic.           Visas: GCC Nationals once in possession of a multiple
Must see: Glacier Express -Route: Zermatt – Brig – An-             Schengen visa would not require a Swiss visa. How-
dermatt – Chur – St. Moritz. This is an adventurous sev-           ever, other Asian expatriates would require procuring
en-hour ride crossing 291 bridges and 91 tunnels.                  visas before their arrival. For more accurate informa-
Bernina Express - Route: Chur – St. Moritz – Bernina               tion on visa requirements please contact your nearest
Pass - Poschiavo – Tirano. Cross the Alps from North to            Swiss Consulate.



                    France                                                             India
                    There’s something about Paris that appeals to every-               If it’s an Indian experience you are looking for, look no
                    one, evoking images of romance and European ele-                   further than Goa…where life is rejuvenated with a
                    gance. Whether it’s walking by the Seine, discovering the          smile. Sun kissed golden sands, calm azure waters of
                    delights of French cuisine or taking in the breathtaking           the Arabian Sea, swaying palm trees that fan a green
                    Haussmann architecture, there’s a definite magic about             landscape, numerous picturesque rivers and rivulets
                    this sensual city. Ultimately Paris, the City of Lights is still   crisscrossing the terrain magical moonlit nights, tons
                    the ‘Grande Dame’ of European cities and a treat for all           history, culture, nature and warm friendly people — that
                    the senses, best savoured at a leisurely pace.                     is Goa.
                    Must See: A trip to the Eiffel tower is mandatory. Paris           Beaches and beyond: A vast majority of tourists
                    is renowned for its museums and parks. There are                   visit Goa for its picture perfect golden beaches and the
                    some beautiful parks to be discovered in Paris. The ultra          calm, warm blue waters of the Arabian Sea. It is believed
                    modern business district of Paris La Defense. Champs               that the coastline in South Goa is the longest stretch
                    Elysees Paris’s most famous road and of course the                 of unbroken beach in the World. The beaches of North
                    Opera. To escape the metropolis, take off to Versailles or         Goa bustle with activity during the tourist season. The
                    the glamorous seaside of D’eauville. The metro and bus             famous of the beaches on this stretch are Nerul (Coco
                    systems are highly efficient and inexpensive means of              Beach), Sinquerim, Calangute, Anjuna, Vagator, and Ara-
                    moving around Paris.                                               mbol. Plenty of hotels and restaurants dot the coastline
                    Disneyland Paris – A whopping 138 acres of dream                   and beach shacks run by locals provide refreshments
                    world in five spectacular theme lands. Over 50 attrac-             to sunbathers.
                    tions, shops restaurants, shows, parades, hotels and               The most famous fort in Goa is the Fort Aguada, which
                    magical entertainment for the family. It’s a fantastic             borders the entire Aguada Hill, covers the fascinating
                    world you’ve seen only in your imagination.                        lighthouse, the Central jail, and ends at Goa ‘s first five
                    Visas: Nationals of the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia,            star resort, which bears its name – The Fort Aguada
                    and New Zealand do not need visas to visit France as               Beach Resort. The famous Churches of Old Goa, and oth-
                    tourists for up to three months. For more accurate de-             er parts of Goa, include the sacred Bom Jesus Basilica
                    tails please contact the French Consulate in your city.            that enshrines the uncorrupt remains of St. Franscis
                    How to get there: Air France, Emirates fly you into                Xavier, the Patron Saint of Goa. The revered temples of
                    Paris on daily direct flights out of the UAE apart from            Ponda, including the Mangueshi and Shantadurga Tem-
                    many other indirect carriers.                                      ples and The Safa Masjid Mosque also in Ponda, are big
                                                                 March 08 | Issue 1   31

tourist attractions.
As a destination, Goa is one of those unique places that
has the sea, the rivers, the lakes and the mountainsides,
making it, truly, a paradise for the visitor. The hospitable
nature of the people of Goa, the fascinating legacy of 451
years of Portuguese rule, and a fanatical following for
football makes Goa one of the most intriguing lands in
the whole of Asia.
How to get there: Daily flights available to Bombay
with connecting flights to Goa.

So what are you waiting
Choose a destination of your choice. Make your book-
ings catch a flight and head for the most exotic place on
earth… Enjoy!!!!!
32   March 08 | Issue 1


       Dubai Investments
       Real Estate Company
                                      stablished in 2006, Dubai Investments Real          In the next two to three years, DIRC will increase its port-
                                      Estate (DIRC), the real estate arm of Dubai         folio to an estimated AED 20 billion. It has already em-
                                      Investments PJSC, has already made its mark         barked on a mixed-use project worth about AED 14 billion
                                      on the real estate scene in Dubai. Combining        in Ajman, scheduled to be completed by 2015 or 2016.
                                      contemporary design sensibilities, an in-           DIRC is also taking great strides in the realm of sports
                          depth understanding of the market and empathy for               management through its subsidiary Al Qudra Sport
                          the consumers’ needs, DIRC brings unparalleled quality,         Management Co.
                          service and realty solutions to its customers.                  The company draws its strength from a team of pro-
                          The phenomenal progress achieved in recent years by             fessionals with in-depth market knowledge, unrivalled
                          the UAE, the country of its origin, has helped shape the        expertise and a passion for the property business. This
                          success of DIRC. As a true Emirati company, it is com-          enables it to provide the finest services and respond to
                          mitted to the development and expansion of UAE’s real           the complex requirements of its discerning clients.
                          estate sector.                                                  DIRC has initially focused on key residential, commer-
                          DIRC currently has a mix of residential and office projects     cial and industrial projects located in Dubai. Led by the
                          under its belt in Dubai Investment Park. It is also intrinsi-   futuristic vision of its management, the company has
                          cally involved in projects in Raffa and Medan in Dubai and      now drawn up ambitious expansion plans that will sig-
                          in prestigious upcoming projects in Abu Dhabi.                  nificantly enhance the value of its investment portfolio
                          Apart from these major real estate projects, DIRC has           through the launch of prestigious real estate projects
                          recently ventured into the hospitality sector through its       throughout the UAE, Gulf region and internationally. It is
                          subsidiary Al Mujama Real Estate LLC, by way of a con-          DIRC’s ambition to become one of the UAE’s leading real
                          tract recently signed with ANC Holdings LLC.                    estate developers within the next few years.

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