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									Canada Scholarships
Canadian universities to offer scholarships to their students and international students
(scholarship) or grants (allowance), performance will be given to outstanding students.
In general, undergraduate students fewer opportunities. The master's and
doctoral students more scholarship opportunities. Unless the very brightest, Canadian
undergraduate students are generally not available to foreign grants or scholarships,
but more for foreign graduate students scholarships for students or teaching assistants
to help research grant.
Classification of Canada Scholarship
As we all know, students applying for scholarships is very difficult, because the
United States each year, Canadian universities to submit application materials to the
students very much, this one for the students to set up two or three scholarships of the
system, its level of competition One can imagine that the applicant's
academic performance, learning ability and higher English proficiency requirements.
General are:
1. Bursaries (Fellowship)
Grants awarded under the student's academic performance. Not only can
students get grants exemption from tuition fees can also be a certain cost of living,
and generally do not work for the school.
2. Scholarship (Scholarship)
According to student achievement and financial capacity of payment. Students can get
scholarships, fee remission sometimes obtain some living expenses.
3. Grant (Grant)
Grants and scholarships awarded similar requirements.
4. Tuition is free or part of the relief (Full / Partial Tuition Waiver)
Students under the student achievement in whole or in part of the tuition waiver, but
the cost of living need to take care of themselves.
5. Research Assistant, Kim (Research Assistantship)
According to student achievement and research presented, the students won the award
may be exempt from tuition fees, but must work in schools. Schools to reward
students according to working hours, but usually not more than 20 hours a week. Its
main job is to assist professors in research.

6. Teaching assistant Kim (Teaching Assistantship)
According to student achievement and English proficiency award, its gold similar
treatment and research assistant, but as the work is to assist the professor teaching
undergraduate work.
If classified according to the source, these scholarships and grants can be divided into:
1. The Government of Canada;
2. Private and personal nature of the foundations of;
3. The school provided.
Many scholarships are classified by subject, reward or promote certain areas of
research. Some results of an applicant to decide whether to scholarships, opportunities
excellent ones. Most of these awards also depends on two factors. Scholarships are
available to my free, award-winning number of relatively limited amount of different
For example, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (Ontario Graduate Scholarship for
short OGS) has more than 1,000 places each year, most of the places to Canadian
citizens and permanent citizens, the quota for foreign students only a few dozen. The
amount of each quota of about 13,000 more dollars. Moreover, each university in
order to encourage our students to get OGS, win honor for the school to obtain OGS
leader icing on the cake, add more scholarships. Some students also received several
scholarships, the annual total of 30,000 Canadian dollars. Scholarships for needy
students financial assistance provided. Foreign students rarely.
From the formal point of view, there are direct my graduate students and scholars,
graduate application is approved, the scholarship granted to me unconditionally. Also
provided by the Government of Canada to a country belonging to Canada's
development assistance to foreign countries. Applicants would be required to their
government (or the Embassy in Canada) made, recognized by the national
organization. Those who receive this scholarship, and national government to sign a
contract, included in the public school program, after completing their studies in
Canada to be back.
Scholarships generally only one year, may be extended 1 year of Master, PhD
extended 1 to 3 years, but average scores after 1 year, or do not want to continue study
of the scholarship will not be extended. Teaching assistants or research assistants
generally time-limited benefits, in order to provide more opportunities just arrived in
the degree, the original holders of the benefits often encourage people to give, not
Citizens and permanent residents can apply for provincial government student loans.
No interest while in school. Plans after graduation can be a little every month, interest
is very low.
Most foreign students can get financial assistance is relatively limited. However, some
schools may offer scholarships specifically for foreign students (based on academic
performance). Scholarship on what is best to contact the school's student
advisors. But remember, many people apply for these scholarships, and scholarships
can not meet the full study costs. Institute of students based on their academic ability
may be eligible for teaching assistant or research assistant position (teaching or
research assist professor). This subsidy is funded by the Office of the University of
applications. Canadian Education Centre also provides scholarship information.

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