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					Call for Papers
                  ?Call for Papers
     ?Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. Jieyang Jieyang City Union branch and in
the first month in lunar calendar GY seventh day, the 15th in Jieyang City Dongshan
District, Jieyang City, organized by Agricultural Bank of China Agricultural Bank of
China business knowledge will be a large lantern riddle guessing, and decided in May
publication "ABC style set Jieyang City," the general mystery
of the Greek King mentoring send me the Agricultural Bank of China business
knowledge riddles and HE poetry, greetings, paper, good mystery assessment.
Mystery set of published rebate, and 10 selected masterpieces, masterpiece of the
bonus payment and a certificate, look for the general support of teachers and friends,
actively contribute, at the end of March before the manuscript please send: Jieyang
City, Guangdong Province, Fu northbound Three Tunnels 2 days Block 11 / 2, Huang
Qingsheng income, zip code 522000
       The closing date of March 31, 2010, postmarked.
         Attachment: Agricultural Bank of China business knowledge information
         Note: Due to the tight urged Contributions
                 黄庆生 Kai
                 February 16, 2010
Added: Recently, a foreign Mi You would like to contribute by mail, but worry not
convenient, as Mr. Huang Qingsheng not provide email, please mystery mystery for
the faithful to March 12 by e-mail sent to my mailbox WANGYH133@163.COM for
onward transmission. Thank you for the enthusiastic participation.
Banking Terms
Currency, coins, paper money, paper gold, cash, and spend, overdrafts, reserve fund,
reserve fund, currency, measure of value, medium of circulation, means of payment,
the world's currency, freely convertible, inflation, deflation, transfers,
money laundering, cash , deposits, demand deposits, time deposits notice deposits,
loans, subsidized loans, low-interest loans, syndicated loans, savings, on the public
deposits, checks, verbal report of loss, passbook deposits, position, financing, letters
of credit, export letters of credit, mortgage, guarantee, loan pre-survey, when the
credit investigation, credit, after investigation, the principal, interest, interest rate,
accept, endorse. Promissory notes, promissory notes, bills of exchange, discount,
rediscount, rediscount, acceptances, financial oligarch, treasury bills, interbank
deposits, lending, securities, capital markets, money market, deposit real name system,
stock, broker, short checks, foreign currency, exchange rates, balance sheet, accounts,
transfer and settlement, cash checks, transfer checks, the same city clearing, remote
settlement, account, cancel the account, basic accounts and settlement accounts,
special accounts, special accounts, interim accounts, sleep households mail transfer,
wire transfer, ticket exchange, the drawer, the payer, payee, holder, acceptor, endorser,
guarantor, guarantor, mortgagor, beneficiary, money counter, automatic teller
machines, abacus , remittances easy self-service banking, Internet banking, electronic
banking, mobile banking, the Li & Fung, Department of Li &
Fung, the Fund will vote, debit cards, credit cards, quasi-credit cards, personal
ABC Financial Products
Maestro Card, Kins Card, Huinong card, Jin Yinong, safe deposit box services,
third-party depository, international travel card, Shuangfeng cards, offshore treasure,
Golden Key,

To larger De Canton, with your growth, voluntary deposits, withdrawals free
The name of national currencies
Renminbi, Hong Kong, shield (Vietnam), yen (Japan), circular (North Korea), kip
(Laos), riel (Cambodia), Ma Yuan (Malaysia), Thai baht (Thailand), Rupee, Dinar
(Iraq ) Royal (Saudi Arabia), EUR, SEK, Mark, rubles, capital buckets (Poland),
forint (Hungary), shillings (Austria), francs, pounds, pesetas (Spain), escudos
(Portugal), Lira (Italy), lei (Romania), Lev (Bulgaria), Lek (Albania), Delamake
(Greece), the U.S. dollar, Quetzal (Guatemala), peso (Cuba), Goode (Haiti), Bolivar
(Venezuela), new soles (Peru), Sucre (Ecuador), New Cruzeiro (Brazil), UM
(Mauritania), Falasi (Gambia), cedi (Ghana), rand (South Africa)
Related terms
Agriculture: (in rural areas, agriculture, farmers), the company plus farmers, small
hydropower loans, three packs a link: (including distribution, package management,
including recovery, linked to performance), three bags of the second link: (including
distribution, package management, package back, hook performance, linked to
accountability), the five old: (old secretary, the old village head, party members,
cadres. the old leader), farmer, head of the household, family members, partner
agencies, farmer credit, poverty alleviation loans , forest ownership, mortgage,
personal forest right mortgage.
The following is added to provide enthusiastic Miyou light rain mystery material
Banking terms (some, only a part of)
Withdraw cash cash cash cash deposit collection the whole point of booking tickets
home currency vault cash payment of cash withdrawn from circulation the cashier put
the cash management of large reservations foreign currency notes denominated in
Renminbi, edition circulation coins (coupon) Broken currency (coupons) the amount
of exchange and a half full of coins counterfeit money seized counterfeit notes
confiscated counterfeit cash ATM POS machines merchants 95599
Regular savings deposits, savings deposits, interest in this installment savings,
education savings, fixed-interest tax interest income of principal and interest Lump
small deposit large deposits Si deposits on a regular basis a live current through a
passbook deposits paid Password paid way paid with dense deposits jointly with India
and draw on personal savings deposit and withdrawal of public unit deposits deposits
deposits protocol agreement personal notice deposits, call deposits deposits deposits
shall notify notify the deposit on the 7th day notice deposits, savings bonds bonds
bonds bonds, electronic deposit principal and interest, interest in this two-Fung Li
& Fung Exchange Fenghui Po Po offshore investment funds fund investor
beneficiaries will
Report the loss verbal report of loss loss report or report of loss book written loss
report password report the loss of depositors Solutions authorized agent of change up
for their certificates of deposit linked to reset the password to unlock the password
individual certificates of deposit passbooks passbooks rewrite lines magnetic death
certificate renewal funds pool account funds Guiji
Junction bearing interest income on interest-bearing day-end interest calculation
periodic statements at any time bearing interest rate of about on the end of fixed rate
floating rate interest rate sub-phases with a specific interest rate equal the debt service
principal and interest such as the clear decrease in full repayment of part of the
repayment of advance payments paid in advance the number of days bearing interest
payments discounted at the discount rate discount rate discount period the number of
days rediscount rediscount entrusted loan syndicated loans national student loans
personal loans for farmers from the rib cycle microcredit loans to medium-term loans
short term loans Mobile Messenger BOC customs through student fees through bank
deposit express third-party top-tube air
Accounting general ledger sub-account ledger accounting files a summons on the
meter Monthly Report Quarterly Report on Report on the bill for six months roaming
Bank Card Credit Card Credit Card Debit Card standard overdraft interest-free
repayment period of Gold Platinum Diamond local card remote card personal card
unit Ka Jinka Card Bank Card Bank Card Golden Harvest local card card swallowed
his card invalid Card blank card finished blank cards are important documents and
certificates consumer price points
Loans Loans to normal credit personal loans non-performing loans overdue loans
loans loans loans sluggish credit investigation to review before the credit check the
borrower after the mortgage security (property) pledge (property) right to property
ownership certificate warrants forest
Electronic Banking Internet Banking Phone Banking Mobile Banking self-service
bank deposit and electronic banking ATM machine one password internet banking
account, certificate of remittance easy to head office branch branch president of
Account savings account savings account billing account is essentially a general
deposit account only temporary depositors depositors capital increase registered
capital verification account account account account account permits approved annual
accounts for the record a long-term inactive sleep households account management
Account sales account
Valid ID card deposit real names online verification check thaw frozen money orders
cashier check or deducting ordinary paper check bad check note of transfer to reserve
of cash a check endorsement stamp stop payment acceptance endorser guarantor
guarantor funds transfer clearing joint line between the net cash remittances received
the payer account username depositors sender uses Huiru Hang Export Bank United
line below the joint line between real-time arrive back exchange settlement accounts
of Western Union accounts for the year-end accounts need not fill in a single day
(business) to allocate a sum of cash for a clean 1 1 Qingqing clear household income
settlement Refund Transfer cancel the account to pay a ticket collection bearing
pressure to settle payment of extended payment clearing votes reserve provision for
reserve fund capital adequacy ratio of electronic payment password settlement
documents endorsing anti-money laundering money laundering consecutive big
endorsement trading transactions of suspicious transactions entrust the bank of deposit
interest receivable due to compound interest loan extension penalty card preferential
agricultural loans to benefit farmers. . . . . .