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About Cake
Cake is a food, usually sweet, typical of the way the cake is baked produced. The
material includes the cake flour, sweetener (usually sucrose), adhesives (usually eggs,
vegetarian gluten and starch can be replaced), shortening (usually butter or margarine,
low fat content concentrated fruit juice will replace the cake), liquid (milk, water or
fruit juice), flavors and fermentation agent (such as yeast or baking powder).

Cake is usually formal dining, wedding or birthday party, especially when one of the
optional dessert. In some traditions, the bride and groom was the first wedding cake to
eat, and often a piece of cake with your fingers digging sent each other mouth.
Birthday cake and decorative inscriptions generally, and candles. After the candle to
make a wish.

The origin of the cake
The first cake is made of several kind of out of simple materials, these cakes is the
ancient religious myths and miraculous symbol of superstition. Early trade routes to
exotic spices imported from the Far East, north, nuts, toilet water, citrus fruits, dates
and figs from the Middle East, the introduction of sugar cane from the Eastern
countries and the South imports.

Dark Ages in Europe, these exotic materials could have only monks and nobles, and
their creation is the honey gingerbread cakes and flat hard biscuit or something.
Gradually, with the frequency of trade, the Western countries also followed the eating
habits change completely.

Crusades home from soldiers and Arab traders, the use of spices and the spread to the
Middle East recipes. In several major commercial center for Central Europe, baking
master association has also organized. In the Middle Ages, spices were the rich people
all over Europe widely used, more enhanced imaginative cakes baking technology.
Nuts and sugar until the pandemic, the almonds popular mud also followed up, this
almond sugar clay mold is baked relief carvings, while the mold on the pattern is
more associated with religion admonished.

Cake originated in the West, and later introduced to China gradually.

Production Methods

Can make the cake in different ways

Send method: butter and sugar until they are sent to join the other ingredients.
Mixing Method: Put the dry ingredients mixed together, then add melted butter and
other liquid materials.
All Mixed: dry ingredients and shortening to join the container, gradually adding the
liquid ingredients.
Friction method: adding the liquid ingredients into the dry rub before the raw butter
Sponge Method: Put the eggs and sugar sent to fight the bubble, and then carefully
add the flour. This method does not add any fluffy agent or oil, which require high
skills in order to play sponge.

Finished cake is often a need to decorate icing sugar.

Blueberry Cheese Cake (Blueberry Cheesecake)
Angel Cake (Angelfood cake)
Apple Cake (Apple cake)
Lamb cake (Babka) (a kind plus a peel, rum, almond and raisin coffee cake)
Ring cake (Baumkuchen)
Birthday cake (Birthday cake)
Cream cake (Butter cake)
Butterfly Cake (Butterfly cake)
Carrot Cake (Carrot cake)
Cheese Cake (Cheesecake)
Chocolate Cake (Chocolate cake)
Christmas cake (Christmas cake)
Chiffon Cake (Chiffon cake)
Cupcakes (Cupcake)
Devil's food cake (Devil's food cake)
Raisin cake (Eccles cake)
Sex cake (Fairy cake)
Fruit cake (Fruit cake)
German chocolate cake (German chocolate cake)
Genoa-style cake (Génoise Cake)
Gingerbread Cake (Gingerbread)
Butter Cake (Gooey butter cake)
Hot milk cake (Hot milk cake)
Ice cream cake (Ice cream cake)
Best Fat Cake (Jaffa Cakes)
Madeira cake (Madeira cake)
Paper wrapped cake (Paper wrapped cake)
Petit (Petit fours)
Upside-down cake (Pineapple Upside Down Cake)
Pound cake (Pound cake) (due to flour, butter, sugar and other raw materials each
pound of the name)
Queen Elizabeth Cake (Queen Elisabeth cake)
Red Bean Cake (Red bean cake)
Red velvet cake (Red velvet cake)
Sachertorte (Sachertorte) (a kind of almond butter, jam, chocolate cake filling)
Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwald Cake)
Heavy fruit cake (Simnel cake)
Spice cake (Spice cake)
Sponge cake (Sponge cake)
Volume cake (Swiss roll)
Green Tea Cake (Teacake)
Vanilla slice cake (Vanilla slice)
Wedding Cake (Wedding cake)

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