Business Etiquette and Professional Image

					Business Etiquette and Professional Image
Internationally renowned etiquette expert, etiquette trainer, senior American Miss
Zheng Dong Xuan in gvc Beijing International MBA classroom to teach participants
how to do daily business in the elegant and dignified demeanor, dress accessories
fully shown professional posture.
Etiquette is the temperament, demeanor, training the perfect show. It is subject to
historical traditions, customs, religion, age and other factors influence the trend of the
formation of interpersonal communication is a pass. In a way, ritual can be interpreted
as acts of self-discipline, self-cultivation of expression. In the business meeting, be
professional, elegant, calm every business person is the goal, Miss Zheng Dong is the
main purpose of this lecture.
Ms Cheng first handshake from the everyday etiquette, telephone etiquette, and
network communications protocol to give instructions. She analyzes the
characteristics of the Chinese reserved style, focusing on correcting the behavior of
some ill conceived exchanges. Ms Cheng stressed that the ritual handshake line,
should focus on "Lady first (Ladies first)", "full hand
shake (all holding)" and "eye contact (eye contact)"
and so on. Business telephone answering, voice courtesy of the Road
"Hello!" Or quoted companies, department name, is the
performance of professional business people. Also, when using email for business
communication, language, avoid complicated long, simple decency like.
At the party etiquette, the arrival time is a topic worth studying. If it is a private
family gathering, the owner must give sufficient lead time to prepare, after the
appointment of a quarter of an hour to reach suitable. And participate in business
activities, by contrast, should arrive early activities the scene. Party conversation, the
content as much as possible to avoid the privacy and sensitive topics, creating a happy
and harmonious atmosphere is a mature business people should have one quality. In
short, in social situations, it should appear to be friendly, generous, confident, sincere
In addition, the image of professionals to locate and dress etiquette is also essential
executive etiquette important part. On the image of the location, professionals should
strive to achieve "professional, know themselves, exceed and show
training." Direct impact on a person's instrument of his first
impression of others, it includes people dress, appearance, behavior, attitude and
demeanor and so on. From the basic sit-line stand to the body language, eye contact,
etc., can reflect a person's taste and self-confidence. Therefore, business
meeting, be sure to pay attention to details. On dress etiquette, you need to also
consider "Time, Occasion, Place" (TOP).
Business occasions, the dignified appearance; social occasions, fashion personality;
casual occasions, comfortable and natural, is the exact criteria TOP refining.
Finally, men can eradicate the details of the following criteria to evaluate yourself
whether it is a gentleman.
A man open the door for women, so women of advanced gate;
2 on and off when the doors open for women to help her on the bus or get off, then
gently closed the door;
3 into the restaurant to the table, let women take the lead;
4 men should help women take off or put on your coat;
5 In the restaurant, Ms. men should move the chair to help her to her seat;
6 dining center, if the President left the dinner table, or return, the men simply due to
a bow and leave the table like ten centimeters;
7 pay the bill in a restaurant, do not put money dangling;
8 Ms. help with the luggage;
9 women entered the room, men should stand up, and then asked her to sit;
10 men and other women should be first hand before shaking hands with her;
Ms. 11 in the front, if the talk about phones, should be as brief as possible;
12 more to go the next flight of stairs and stepped, men go in front of the President, or
leaning on the edge of Ms.;
13 and women walking together when the pace and the President to the same;
14 on the sidewalk, men go outside, go inside, Ms.;
15 Ms. feeling cold, men should take the initiative took off his coat to a woman
16 In public transport, to the seat to a lady;
17 from the bus, tram or pedal vehicle higher off the ground down, men should under
in order to help women down;
18 In the more formal occasions, men should ask women to dance all at the same
table, including the hostess;
19 Ms. cup is empty, if one side there are no attendants, men should be women
20 When it rains, an umbrella for the President.