; Building world-class city of Tianjin plans drawn
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Building world-class city of Tianjin plans drawn


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									Building world-class city of Tianjin plans drawn
?Water Park Road 68, an unusual gray office, stationed a group of unusual people,
here is the focus of planning the preparation of Tianjin headquarters location. Months,
where a collection of several hundred domestic and international urban planning and
urban construction, the top elite decision-makers, designers, and they dry with a very
unusual thing - a better picture blueprint for the future construction of Tianjin, Tianjin
is the preparation of key economic and social development planning.
  Since July 21 the work of the Urban Planning focused on the establishment of the
date command, this appearance of calm in the building, then surging passion, a busy
day and night, seizing the day.
Will be positioned as a world-class city of Tianjin
  Into the preparation of key planning headquarters on the first floor exhibition room,
immediately to get excited, greeted by a beautiful yet another fine sand table planning
and design: town planning, housing planning, green space planning, environmental
planning, etc. dizzying, the future of Tianjin is so beautiful, so handsome!
  Tianjin City Planning Bureau Chief Architect Qinchuan interview that talk about
different, the biggest difference is that urban planning over the past orientation is
relatively low, the preparation of the plan, the construction and development of
Tianjin as the world-class city. The New and upgrading of the 119 planning projects,
both spatial strategic planning, urban planning, district master plan planning Binhai
New Area, focusing on regional planning, town planning pilot projects, or the general
public and people of intuitive transport, environment, housing , green construction,
layout and special programs are aimed at the advanced cities, regional standards to do.
  The focus of planning the preparation of major policy decision is municipal, the
municipal government under the CPC Central Committee, State Council on the
Tianjin Binhai New Area into the positioning and will Guojia 发展 strategy and
made several trips actually made on the basis of research on. The establishment of key
planning and then preparation of the municipal headquarters, held the power of the
city, go all the key 150-day battle plan, in July this year began.
Starting point and high standard level
  "Planning        is    the     leading      urban     development",
"planning is productivity," which is the Party Secretary Zhang
Gaoli has repeatedly stressed that point of view. In this thought, the 119 plan is this:
starting point, high standard, high level.
  To achieve this goal, first of emancipating the mind, than of learning. City Planning
Bureau, more than 230 outstanding planning to send the backbone of
"going out" to the developed countries and regions, field trips,
learning cutting-edge knowledge, developing world perspective and strategic thinking,
planning the introduction of international advanced design concepts. Second, the Sea,
the introduction of market mechanisms. Employ more than 50 high-level design team
at home and abroad, including the United States EDAW, Europe and other
international leading edge design & P companies and Chinese-American
architect Huang Wenliang WRT total more than 100 other international well-known
urban design experts to participate in the preparation of key planning the battle. Third,
to focus on the way of office, will the city Gewei Ban, district the person in charge of
planning and design were all focused on key planning headquarters, the Joint Office.
The efficiency is greatly improved over the past difficult to solve programming
problems, procure the issue, repeat planning a series of questions, here be resolved
quickly. The central planning office model, earned at home and abroad involved in the
preparation of Tianjin planning experts praise, praise is a major initiative in Tianjin.
Tianjin University Architectural Design Planning Research Institute Hong
regeneration, said the joint office, and the preparation of regional planning, not only
improve the work efficiency, and effective planning to overcome the contradictions
usually difficult to overcome, is a good idea. Involved in the preparation of strategic
planning in Tianjin and China Space City Institute of Urban Planning and Design,
Senior Town Planner Zhu Li praised the establishment of planning in Tianjin, with the
weather, geography, people, very successful. Fourth, to break the routine, and
innovative. Large-scale preparation of a wide range of organizations, the overall urban
design initiative as another city, five research results achieved breakthrough in the
history of domestic planning.

The Sky Tower in Tianjin

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