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									Population earning less than US$2 a day per region (World Bank)
Economic Growth is a pre-
requisite for poverty alleviation

A Vibrant Private Sector Drives
Economic Growth and Enables
the Poor:
- Provision of Quality products and
- Jobs
- Entrepreneurship
- Tax revenues and distribution options

                                          Source: OECD 2004, Accelerating Pro-poor Growth Through
                                          Support for Private Sector Development
• Is the engine of economic growth & main contributor to public revenues
• Provides jobs and access to necessary products and services

• Has an influential role in tackling child labour in the work place
• Facilitates the education of employees’ children and invests in education

• Strengthens women’s economic capacity as entrepreneurs, employees and producers
• Contributes to and invests in women’s leadership development

• Provides affordable health products and services, including donations
• Advocates to support the Rights of the Child and support children’s issues

• Provides affordable health products and services, including donations
• Improves working conditions and occupational health for women

• Provides affordable health products, services and innovative solutions
• Implements workplace HIV/AIDS programmes focused on education, prevention, treatment

• Has major environmental impacts and increasingly invests in product and business
process innovations to lower impacts

• Is an important partner in promoting investments and an open trading & financial system
• Is a crucial partner in supporting youth employment & making new technologies available
UNDP’s new private sector strategy focuses on Pro-poor Business Models and
Policy Dialogue - where core business assets are needed

        benefits                                                                 Pro-poor business
                                                                                 models / inclusive
                                                             Policy dialogue /
                                                                                      • Enterprise
                                                                                      solutions that
                                      CSR / Social                                    accelerate and
                                                              • Dialogue which
                                      investment                                      sustain access by
                                                              contributes to more
                                                                                      the poor to needed
                                                              effective governance
                                                                                      goods and services
                Philanthropy          • Social investment     institutions, rules,
                                                                                      and to livelihoods
                                      that is strategic to    policies and
                                      the core business       processes
               • Contribution of      and that
               financial or in-kind   contributes to
               resources to           achievement of the
               development            MDGs                                                         Business
               projects                                                                             benefits

Relevance       5. CSR for             5. CSR for               1. Policy &          1. Policy & institutions
to UNDP         inclusive              inclusive                institutional        2. Value chains
strategy        markets                markets &                infrastructure       3. Pro-poor goods &
priority        and MDGs               MDGs                                          services
areas:                                                                               4. Entrepreneurship
                                         Policy and                                 
                                     1   Institutional

                                         Pro-Poor                                   
UNDP Private Sector Priority Areas

                                     2   Value Chain                                

                                                                                    Adapt products
                                                                                     Offering cash-to-asset transfers to migrants (Cemex, Mexico/US);
                                         Investments in
                                                                                    offering prepaid airtime in small units (Smart, Philippines); providing
                                     3   Pro-Poor Goods
                                                                                    healthcare to rural areas via satellite communication (Narayana, India)
                                         & Services
                                                                                    Invest in market conditions
                                                                                     Providing loans and training to farmers (VCP, Brazil), building one’s
                                                                                    own infrastructure (Tiviski, Mauritania)
                                         Inclusive                                  Collaborate with other organizations
                                     4   Entrepreneur-                               Collaborating with local money collectors and adapting financial


                                         ship                                       services (Barclays, Ghana); partnering with research institution to test
                                                                                    business case viability (CocoTech, Philippines), leveraging NGO’s
                                                                                    existing knowledge and network (Pesinet, Mali)
                                         CSR in support
                                                             Advoca                 Make social investments that are strategic to the core
                                         of the MDGs &
                                     5   Inclusive        Busin
                                                                  cy &
                                                                                    business and contributes to the MDGs
                                                           ess ue
                                         Markets                                     Providing drugs to SSA (Sanofi-aventis) or selling water purification
                                                                                    products at cost (P&G) in partnership with international agencies
• Issue            • Implications/details
• Clear roles      •    Clear division of roles is necessary, with clear
                       added value of each partner, underlining their
                       competitive advantage in that specific role

• Clear benefits   •    All partners should see tangible, well-defined
                       benefits accruing to them as a result of the
                   •    There should be a link to clear strategic or
                       commercial interests of the partner corporation;
                       benefits may be long-term

• Personal         •    Champions of the partnership should be
                       identified within each partner organization

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