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    Some work, some go to school, you should not miss this article, see the article is
also a lucky, really benefit, a great inspiration to me, this article will change your life I
really The great hope to share with a nice ring, but also want to help a nice ring! After
reading a kind of "Brief Encounter" feeling, particularly moved,
hope treasure Be kind to this article, I believe that many years later, look at this article,
some readers have different feelings ------- Net personal opinion.
As "employees" Tang Jun said: "I think there are two
people not to compete with others of interest and value in return. The first person who
is just into the enterprise, the first 5 years Do not say you can give me a little wage
The most important thing is what can be learned in the enterprise, on the back of the
development is not conducive to ... ... "
      Always flat in the lessons learned from the few lessons learned from the ordeal
over; from the flat light of lessons learned, lessons learned from the ordeal deep. A
person experiencing hardships in his youth, if correct, as the, out of darkness, and that
is a person worthy of admiration. The most important thing is first needed to train
their internal organs, into the community, founding the first 5 years is the best time,
needed to train their internal strength, be possible to climb even higher in the future.
    Go? Solution lies in thinking!
In fact, no money, no experience, no experience, no social relations, these are not
terrible. No money to earn by hard work; no experience, you can practice operation to
sum up; no experience, step by step to accumulation; without social relations, can be a
little bit to knit. However, no dreams, no idea is the most terrible, and people get
scared and feel lost!
Must have a correct direction. No matter how high-spirited, no matter how resourceful
you are, no matter how much effort you spend, without a clear direction, they had a
great loss, gradually lose their fighting spirit, to forget the original dream will be a
detour, or even no return, wasting his talent, missed his youth.
    Homer's "Odyssey" in the well-known saying:
"There is no better than aimlessly wandering the intolerable. Into the
community, the first 5 years of confusion, cause panic in 10 years, 20 years After
struggling, or even a lifetime of mediocrity.
Confused about who would experience fear and to avoid anyone else have had, but
not to be confused about as self-abandon, willing to excuse for mediocrity, not to
become self-pity, sacrifice frustrated Moved. Need to take their own life and destiny
need to hold their own. The earlier and found, the sooner out of the confusion, the
more likely success on the road in life, and create brilliant. Can not find direction
without a head, will run into a wall everywhere; a person can not find a way out, only
confusion and fear.
    Life in the face of difficulties, we often have the feeling of desperation. Do not be
discouraged, persevere, to believe that there is no road to ruin young lives, difficulties
in the front and hope around the corner. As long as we have the right ideas, we will be
able to avoid detours, find a way out!
   Successful people are not winning at the starting point, but won the turning point.
   Number of recently graduated young man, always expect will soon find their ideal
job. However, a lot of good work is not and so, you must select a job for life
experiences. Professional journey first job, no doubt into the starting point for the
university community. Maybe you find an unsatisfactory job, so from here, good to
precipitate themselves learned from this work, the nutritional value, Accumulate. A
thousand miles begins with a single step, as long as the departure, there is hope to
reach the terminal.
   Starting point can be the same, but chose a different inflection point, the end will be
much different!
   ?Life, emotional, career and so there are many uncertain factors, the future is full of
possibilities. This time, we must learn to choose, know how to give up, give yourself
a clear position themselves to stabilize. If you do not take the initiative to locate,
people and society will be "fixed"!
It can be said: A man entered a few years ago nurtured social behavior, will determine
the height of his life. Our success depends in part on their own assessment of this is
positioning. What is your personal position, what you are. Positioning can determine
life, positioning can change the fate. Ugly duckling into a white swan, as long as a
pair of wings; Cinderella into a Princess, as long as a pair of glass slipper.
   People's lives, one-third of the heavens, seven by working hard, have
dreams to "be red" No victories. They do not put themselves in
the heart of the cage binding, no binding can not you go fly.
   The reality is far from what they think. Thus, when the sense of superiority or even
frustration is turning into a sense of loss, when the firm belief that he is a
"gold" to suspect that he is a "sand", the
anger, confusion, low self-esteem started growing.
   In fact, it should carefully weigh yourself, do you really gold? Is real gold, the
hands have unique skills to be superior to others on Caixing. Word: real gold is to rely
on strength to prove, only to put its own ability to cultivate good, and be eligible for
consideration things horses
  ?Originally each pearl is a grain of sand, but not every grain of sand can become a
  ?Want to differentiate their brands stand out in the capital should have. Could not
bear to combat and setbacks to withstand the neglect and dull, it is difficult to achieve
glory. Young people should want to own up important success, it must transform itself
from a grain of sand into a priceless pearl.
      Days of rain and the sunrise, peaks and troughs of life.
      Mo look for the cloud cover eyes, always advisable to wait and see.
   Just flick the haze, you can reveal their beautiful clear skies. If you're
unhappy at work some to believe that they will not low life has been in a period of
one day be able to break through the heavy clouds. Tell yourself: I have not failed, but
no success! As long as the inner light a lamp of hope will certainly dispel the dark
clouds, brighter.
   Indeed, on the qualifications, they are an absolute rookie workplace, the business
does not involve deep connections, poor and white, often run into a wall at work.
Their pressure is not necessarily as supremely at ease, but before the arrival of the sky
like rain, gray low, obviously there is room, he was gray fill each slot can only wait
for the skies after the rain poured down.
"Earlier than roosters, sleep later than the dog, doing more than donkeys,
eat worse than pig." This is a lot of fresh graduates, people like to laugh at
their own words living conditions. Although a bit exaggerated, but many people do
them have been shrouded by gray heart - hearts will always be cloudy to overcast. I
remember a bit philosopher once said: "Our pain is not the problem itself
brings, but our views on these issues arise." See life from another angle, is
a breakthrough, a relief, transcendence, a kind of high level of indifferent and quiet,
happy to be free.
   A philosopher said: "Life is a series of choices, each person's
future and destiny, totally confident in their own hands, if they work hard, eventually
will become." Employment Ye Hao, career worth mentioning,
entrepreneurship is the case, as long as work hard, will success. Are you ready to
pledge all of life to others?
25 to 30 years is to change the golden era of their own destiny. In the best position to
decide their own fate, if not sure, you have to wait until when? My life, my interests
and has not help the fate of the people.
Do not live in someone else's mouth, do not live in someone
else's eyes, but to hold in their hands the destiny.
Do not say you do not have the background, their background is the greatest.
American writer Jack Kerouac said something: "I am young, I want the
road." Journey of life, we are always young people, every day should be
full of desire. Everyone's potential is unlimited, the key is to discover their
potential and correct understanding of their talents, and find a stage for their full
potential, not only inappropriate for the stage unhappy. To be objective and impartial
view of their ability, combined with their own situation and preferences cool choice,
as far as possible to the most in need of their own, the place most suitable for them.
Human resources management sector, particularly with a popular saying that
"riding, cows, pigs catch, beat the dog" theory: good character,
capable and strong, is the Maxima, we have to ride him; character very well But the
ability of the ordinary is the old ox, we took him; character and capacity of the
ordinary is "pig", we have to send him; poor ability of strong
character, that is "dog", we to fight him.
  ?I think everyone is the same, once the dream of all, as ambitious, as was to become
an appreciated, galloping battle of the Maxima, right? Well, good settle down. Low on
the floor does not mean inferior, overlooking the low today is to
tomorrow's another job. The so-called value of life is that we value the
presence of others. Can be exploited is a good thing, nobody cares is the real tragedy!
   Capable of work, do a good job is the basic guarantee of job market.
   Any person who is a prerequisite for doing the work of his abilities to the job.
Competent qualified staff is the most basic standards, work hard is an attitude. A job
that many people can be competent, have to do a good job of basic capabilities,
however, can do a better job of some, depends on whether the practical work hard,
suffer from studying the work of the attitude.
   Able on the basis of the practical work hard.
   Work, live more than others did, do you think suffer; money to get less than others,
do you think suffer; often work overtime, do you think suffer ... ... Actually, no need
to care about it, lose not a disaster, not a failure, also suffer a life philosophy. Now eat
something small loss for the success of paved road, perhaps at a future time, you
suddenly come to a big blessing.
   To suffer is the life of a state, is a wise attitude of life.
   Not do more at work or someone else's job to do live is the disadvantage.
If you Gaga leadership classes, rush rush the task, do not think they suffered a major
loss, but should feel fortunate, because the leadership just told you, but do not call
other people shows that he trusts you, appreciate you. Disadvantage is a contribution,
the more you contribute, the more the returns. Willing to work overtime, is such a
   Willing to be willing to have homes only have to; Learn to eat when the loss of
people do not mentally retarded, but Dazhi.
Aggressive is to give ourselves to others aggressive, easier and more convenient for
people to have convenient, kind to others is good to yourself.
Silly me please, because stupid people do not scheming. And such people together,
physically and mentally relaxed, not too much vigilance can be close to each other.
Silly in many cases means the commitment and loyalty, generosity and honesty also
means, people unknowingly to his side of the station. Stupid people accidentally get
more than smart people get more than scheming. Graduated last few years, you just
floating a few slices of the sky snow, so you satisfied? Success requires persist and
accumulate, with its focus on collecting snowflakes, as to save energy to snowball.
Buffett said: "Life is like a snowball, the most important is the discovery of
very wet snow and a long slope." Yourself settle down, learn to find
"a very wet snow," trying to find "a very long
slope" . Remember: scattered snow will soon melt, vanish, only the
snowball is more realistic, long-lasting.
In the young, if you can do more than others pay an extra effort, it means more than
others, a point of capital accumulation, one more than the others the chances of
   What is professional then? Professionalism is the work of the state of
standardization, standardization, institutionalization, that is at the right time, the right
place with the appropriate a way of saying the right words, doing the right thing, 使
knowledge, skills, Guannian, thinking, Tai Du, Xin Li Deng meet the occupational
norms and standards. "In every industry, there are many outstanding talents,
who is able to exist because more effort than others, more intelligent, more mature.
But most importantly, they more professional than most people! This is why I can
now because when your boss. A person is not enough merely professional, and only
professional people who can fly in front of people is hard to surpass! "Do
not think that we are now living a very stable. For the young man concerned, we must
recognize the five major challenges to be faced.
First, to support their parents.
Second, marriage and children.
Third, promotion and pay rise.
4, working pressure.
Fifth, the quality of life.
   Some people live and jump for joy, eyes always stop behind, in fits and starts,
Some human development efforts, eyes always stare straight ahead, a little progress
every day, consistently.
Graduates in recent years, can not pursue and explore, not without ideals and
objectives. Life is like moves. Willing to live the status quo is no longer ahead of the
ship, could no longer keep up with progress. Must seize every second of time to learn,
to understand student learning is not a patent. Small intelligent person most proud of
is: What did his? Great wisdom is that most desire: their need to do what?
Smarty is a tactical, great wisdom is the strategy; small smart to see that the sesame
seeds, great wisdom to see the watermelon.
In this world, both great and a small role, there is great live great law, ordinary people
have to be little clear, everyone has their own way of life, who barely who can not.
However, only a small performance of small bright and small vision can be
accomplished great wisdom and great state. Small businesses see the boss, see the
system in enterprises, large enterprises look at culture.
   Small companies and large enterprises are to survive, there is no good or bad, but
the impact of a person will be different at different stages.
Small companies will definitely want to develop for large enterprises, this is a goal,
young people have to their own career development goals. You graduated a few years,
it often was not stage fright or the lung power? Vigilant in peace time is definitely not
exaggerating! This moment will nap, you will have a dream; moment study, you will
interpret a dream. Life in the competitive battlefield, the nap is the loser!
  ?When everyone seems young and lofty, not afraid of anything, but with age, think
of the house every day, work, feed their families these worldly thing, never dare to
youth that "God Tenzing, Fishing the sea "had the courage. We
changed the life, or changed our lives? Our thinking more and more complex, because
of more and more reluctant, more and more concerns, we are always wandering,
always hesitate. Graduation beginning in 2012, will be the weight of the burden of life
we breath, setbacks and obstacles to block the openings in all directions, we tend to
play in the oppression of their potential was only after the thrust, find a way out. But
in 2023, the body began to ease the burden, work began to be plain sailing, we let
down, gradually forget the potential dangers. Until one day the crisis came suddenly,
we were defeated in the unprepared ... ... graduated last few years, is still at risk of,
must be vigilant in peace awareness, good hard, so as to have a real security in life!
   Hardships for the worst. If you want to cross their current achievements, we can not
draw to self-limiting, but to the challenge. On the timid of people, the real danger is in
not risk!
   Young people under the weight of society, adaptability has become increasingly
strong, but they do not consciously used to being pushed by the environment. They
dare not take risks, afraid to bring their own life-long regret, so comfort yourself:
"I am worthy of my own, worthy of his family, because I do
everything." In fact, people can only continue to challenge and break
through to maturity. Stick to the existing long-term security, the will be like the frog in
warm water, the ultimate loss of jumping instincts.
   Social life through the past few years, you should understand: the rich world are
also poor, there is also a bright cloudy, with ugly have the United States, in the end to
see what, depending on their positive or negative. In the young learn to work
diligently, with a bright thinking about life, then, as long as the open palm of your
hand, you will find, which has a brilliant life.
   The Thanksgiving carved in stone, deeply grateful to the people to help you, never
mind, it should be a realm of life; to hate to write in the sand, light forget about other
people hurt you, learn tolerance, so that all of the hate gone with the tide, it is also a
realm of life.
   Association pour water can hold far more water. Graduation day from the
beginning, learn each day as a new starting point, work from scratch every time. If
you know how to "zero" as a kind of normal life, as an excellent
extension, as a kind of time to do, then, after just a few years, you can complete your
career planning and the right full beyond.
In short career start on the road, want to get better, faster, more useful growth, it must
be zero thought to face the world. Do not come to the university's lofty
claim to be, do not feel particularly good, but to lay down their attitude to their lower
body frame, so that their settling down, holding the attitude of learning to adapt to
challenges. Down "posture" in order to raise their social status,
temporary, overlooking the low end will contribute to the future of another job.
Young people from the campus or from an environment into a new environment, we
must dare to be familiar with the original environment, habits, likes things down, then
starting from scratch. We want to be successful in the workplace, we must first
cultivate resilience. Conversion from natural units are integrated into the basic
conditions of the workplace. A person from a low not fearful, afraid of the state low.
The more thought to themselves, the more there is no prospect; the contrary, the more
initiative to pay, he will be more rapid development. Many people made a great
achievement today, early in his career are starting from scratch, sediment, sediment
itself, empty and then empty, zero then zero, because of this, their only way of life
singing, flying all the way .
The years in school, we have to let the past zero, it will not be carrying a heavy
workplace Nazhi crawling snail shell to the sky like a graceful bird as flying. Please
have a good taste of what Jack Welch said in one sentence: "to correct his
behavior and recognize their own, from scratch, you will be back on the job market is
clear for everyone." Spit it can accept the new, calm the mind, body to cool,
there are homes to gain, cup full of air to water, lay down to go beyond.
   Zero thinking five performance: a mind free from me, eyes no money, no other
study in the DPRK and no, life-long learning.
   Corresponds to yourself, would like to dedicate this article confused the people still
living in the hope of finding the goal of life, raised the ideal of sailing, along your
path! ! !