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"Time Education", "secondary school curriculum
resources,"     "Business     - Education and Economic
Research," "Business - Innovation of Science and
Education", "Jilin education" "primary
and secondary audio-visual", "Jilin Province Institute of
"CULTURE"            "science        and     education,
Wenhui", "Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry,"
"School Yushu Wai," "new course"
"Success Education", "New Curriculum"
"Jiamusi Institute of Education", "Heilongjiang
College of Education," "middle school students to
read" "Test Week" " China Science and
Technology Education "," China's school education,
"" World Education Information, ""
Teacher "" Teacher in China "," Literary
Education "
             ?Science & Industry category
"Popular Science" "Science Policy"
"Young Scientists" "scientific and technological
advice"      "CAST      Forum,"        "China
High-tech Enterprise" and "new technologies and new products
in China," "Today Keyuan" "Journal of
Light",          "Technology             Information",
"Scientific and Technological Advice Review ""
Review of Chinese scientific and technological innovation ","
Ordnance Industry Automation "," Zhengzhou Institute of
Aeronautical Industry Management "," China Youth Science
and Technology, "" technology wind ","
Electrical 21 "
             Monetary Economics and Management
"Yangtze River", "Economic Times",
"Management Watch", "Agricultural Bank of China
Wuhan Training College", "China's foreign
trade,"         "scientific         decision-making",
"EXPLORATION" "financial sector",
"Management and Fortune", "Human Resource
Management,"       "China       Trade     ""
Management and Innovation "," Private Science and
Technology of China and the economy "and" Consumer Guide,
"" financial economy "and" Money
"," Financial Times "," Eastern culture
"," New West "," UNIVERSITY
            Social sciences, law class
"Law and Society", "Law and Economy",
"Economy and Law", "democracy and the rule of
law," "Administration and Law"
"School of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee,"
"decision-making         to     explore,"    "charm      of
China"            "China's              Weekly",
"Xiang Fever" "Administration and Law",
"Lanzhou          Science"           "theorists,"
"Social Sciences Review"
        News, music, art, sports, literature
"Tokyo Literature", "UNIVERSITY"
"Popular Literature", "Shenzhou Folk,"
"youth voice" "Voice of the Yellow River,"
"Song        of     the      Sea",       "Hubei      Sports
Science,"                    "Sports               Expo"
"writer"           and      "Literary   Times",
"Shandong Literature" " masterpiece Appreciation
"" Fiction Review "" Beauty and the
times "" Fine Grand "" North and South
Bridges, "" news junkies, "" youth
reporter "" this media "," News World
"Big        Vision",           "our     health",
"Modern          Drug         Application"      Chinese       doctor
","          Chinese        and    foreign     medical     treatment
","         Inner      Mongolia,     Chinese    Herbal     Medicine
"" Medical Tribune "," Clinical and
Experimental Medicine, "" Asia-Pacific Traditional Medicine
"" Youjiang medicine " "Chinese
            ?Agricultural Science and Technology
"Study"             "Agricultural     Sciences",
"Hubei Agricultural Mechanization," "Green
World",           "Henan           Agriculture"         and
"modern        agricultural      technology",    "Jiangxi
Agricultural Sciences," "Agriculture"
            ?Architectural, computer
"China        Construction",         "Henan        Building
Materials",      "Shandong         Building    Materials,"
"urban residential" "foreign construction",
"Silicon Valley" Software Guide "" off
disk technology, "" computer and telecommunications,
"" Computer Knowledge and Technology "
"Chinese food", "China Shipping"
"commodity storage and transport"
Of class
"Harbin Normal University", "Xiamen University
College of Education", "Changchun University of Technology
(Social Sciences)", "Hubei Television University",
"Anhui TV University", "Liaoning Administration
College." Jilin TV of "Shaoxing University," Inner
Mongolia Normal University, "Education Theory," Heilongjiang
College of Education,
"Taiyuan       Teachers     College"     "University
Heze"      "ABC       Wuhan    Training     College"
"Langfang Teachers College" "School of the CPC
Zhengzhou Municipal Committee" "Journal of Jilin
Education" "Jiamusi Institute of Education"
"Kaifeng Institute of Education "" Xinxiang
Education College "," Hubei University of Police,
"" Chongqing Institute of Technology, ""
Liaoning Administration College "" University of Texas
"," Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management
Core classes
"News junkies" "Film Literature",
"productivity",            "Education            and
Management", "business activity", "adult
"Accounting          Communication",         "Times
Literary"           "Shandong            Literature,"
"writer" and "masterpiece Appreciation"
"Fiction Review" "the social sciences"
"Academic           Journal"       "Soil"
"Mining Machinery" "Lantai World"
"leadership      science"     and      "Agricultural
"Study," "communication technology",
"Hunan       Forum,"     "China     market"
"professional            time          and             space"
"Traffic      Management",      "Education       and
occupation", "Sichuan Drama", "Hubei
Social Science" "Henan Agricultural Sciences"
"Journal of Clinical Medicine," "Mountain
Flower",          "masterpiece          Appreciation",
"Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics,"
"Business Time"
"Special Zone Economy," "Adult Education in
China",         "Accounting         Communication",
"ACCOUNTING",                            "Accounting
Research", "Modern Information"
"Reform       and    Strategy,"    "Statistics    and
Decision",        "Explore",         "Social
Scientist",      "Shandong       Social     Science,"
"the social sciences"
"Economic Review", "China market"
"Sales and Marketing," "School Party and
ideological education", "MEDICINE"
"Theory         Monthly"        "theorists,"
"forward",         "Lanzhou        Science",
"Hunan Forum"

General Publications:
"Human resources development" "economic and
technological cooperation," "Financial Times",
"science      and       technology      for    development",
"Southern Accents"
"Hunan Academy of Public Security", "Hubei
Institute of Adult Education", "Correspondence of
"Chifeng College", "Henan University of
Science" "Henan Institute of Education",
"North China Institute of Water Resources"
"Chinese        Corner",          "Hubei      Sports
Science,"      "Chinese       school     education,"
"Beauty and the Time" and "Modern Educational
"Modern Business", "financial economy",
"Chinese Foreign Investment", "Flood Control of
Development", "Guilin University of Electronic Science and
"China Fibre Product Testing", "Food Distribution
Technology",         "Chemical          Engineering      and
Equipment,"              "Equipment             Manufacturing
Technology", "Heilongjiang Science and Technology
"Hubei       University     of   Police,"   "Xiang
Fever", "Computer and Digital Engineering"
"ship electrical engineering," "Computer"
"Traditional Chinese Medicine," "Wizard of getting
rich," "Farm Friends," "Chinese fruits and
vegetables," "farming technology consultant,"
"financial sector"
"Guangxi plant"

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