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									    5th Regional Annual Meeting for Telecommunication Development5
                            in the Arab Region
                    Beirut - Lebanon, 28-31 May 2003

        ITU-D Sector Members
          in the Arab Region
                  Presented by:
             Mr. Mohamed Abdalla
Focal Point, Private Sector & Partnership - ARO
     ITU Members (2003)

• 189 Member States

• 653 Sector Members
        ITU Sector Members
         in the Arab Region

• ITU-D Arab Sector Members are 39.

• ITU-R Arab Sector Members are 13.

• ITU-T Arab Sector Members are 7.
         Subscription fees
• The contributory unit for a Sector Member is 63,000
CHF for the period 2002 – 2003.
• The scale of contributions ranges from the 1/16 to the
40 unit class.
• The class of contribution may be freely chosen.
However, the 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 unit classes apply solely
to participation in ITU-D and the 1/16 unit is reserved
for Sector Members from developing countries
participating in ITU-D.
• The minimum unit class in ITU-R and ITU-T is 1/2
(10.500 CHF).
  The increasing Number of ITU-D Sector
   Members in the Arab Region (2003)
    60                                               Egypt

    50                                               Jordan

    40                                               Lebanon

    30                                               Morocco

    20                                               Saudi
    10                                               Sudan
      0                                              Tunisia
          1999          2001            2003

* 6 companies from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Syria applied for ITU-D
membership this year and currently undergoing the membership process.
Number of ITU-D Arab Sector Members
          (distributed by categories)
                                        Total numbers
                                        (see attached tables)
                 ROA          •   Bahrain 1
                              •   Egypt: 15
                 Ind Or       •   Jordan: 5
                 Financial    •   Lebanon: 5
                 other        •   Mauritania: 1
                 entities     •   Morocco: 3
                 org/int      •   Oman: 1
                              •   Saudi Arabia: 3
                              •   Sudan: 1
                              •   Tunisia: 4
Benefits Gained from ITU-D Sector Membership

• Participation in the activities of the sector by attending meetings,
  conferences, workshops, exhibitions, etc.
• Access to ITU publications, documents, information and statistics,
  freely or with reduced prices.
• Ability to convene joint activities supported by the Union.
• Ability to carry out missions for ITU, studies, pilot projects, statistics,
  training, etc.
• Ability to benefit from technical assistance programs that Union can
  offers to its members including specialized experts.
• Ability to meet and react with other private sectors from different parts
  of the world.
  Examples of Interaction with
      Sector Members
By co-sponsoring some of ITU Meetings:
• Mobinil: co-sponsored the IMT-2000 Regional Seminar, Hurghada –
Egypt, 27-31/3/2000.
• Telecom Egypt: co-sponsored the Annual Meeting and Regional
Preparatory Meeting for WTDC, Alexandria – Egypt, 15-19/10/2000.
• BTC: co-sponsored the Telemedicine Regional Workshop, Cairo –
Egypt, 18-20/12/2001.
• Vodafone: is co-sponsoring our Private Sector Cooperation Meeting,
Cairo – Egypt, 22-23/5/2002.
• NTI: is co-sponsoring two Telecom Policies Forums, Cairo – Egypt,
7-9/11/2001 and 19-21/5/2002.
•AAST: co-sponsored the Annual Meeting and Regional Preparatory
Meeting for WTDC, Alexandria – Egypt, 15-19/10/2000.
Examples of Interaction with
Sector Members (Cont.)
By interacting with ITU in the following activities:
•   Al-Iktissad Wal Aamal : Participation of ITU in the last three conferences in
    2000, 2001 and 2002.
•   Arabcom: Participation of ITU in the last four conferences in 1999, 2000 and
•    Nilesat: Supporting the Arab Center of Excellence by providing a one hour for
    free broadcasting.
•   Telecon Consultants: Carrying out a mission to Yemen, 22-28/12/2001 in
    New services and audio text.
•   Telecom Egypt: Co-sponsoring most of the events held in Egypt.
•   TradeFairs: Providing a free booth to ITU during the Cairo Telecomp 2000
    and 2001. With the participation of ITU Secretary General in 2000.
 Regional Partners:

• League of Arab States (LAS) / Council of Arab
  Telecom Ministers
• Economic and Social Commission for Western
  Asia (ESCWA)
• Arab Industrial Development and Mining
  Organization (AIDMO)
• UN Specialized Agencies
• Increasing the number of ITU-D Sector Members
per year.
• Database for the Arab Private Sector
• Web Page for Arab ITU-D Sector Members on the
website of the ITU Arab Regional Office
• Establishment of cooperation network with one
volunteer as focal point (coordinator)
• Strengthening the role played by Arab ITU-D
Sector Members in the activities of ITU and in the
development process of telecommunications.
How to get ITU-D Sector
  Members together ?
• Special annual meeting for Arab ITU-D
Sector Members and private sector
• Special sessions for the private sector
• Database for Arab ITU-D Sector Members
•Networking the ITU-D Sector Members in
the Arab Region
•Side meetings through ITU events.
ITU Meetings for the ITU-D
     Sector Members
• 1st ITU-D Sector Members Meeting was held in
January 2000 (with the presence of Mr. Y. Utsumi,
ITU Secretary General)
•2nd ITU-D Sector Members Meeting was held in
November 2001 (with the presence of Mr. H.
Toure, Director BDT)
•1st ITU-D Sector Members / Private Sector
Meeting in the Arab Region was held in
Casablanca, April 2001
• 2nd ITU-D Sector Members / Private Sector
Meeting in the Arab Region, Cairo, May 2002
            ITU-D ARAB STATES
             SECTOR MEMBERS
Sector Member                                  Country
Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA)   Bahrain
Telecom Egypt                                   Egypt
Systel                                          Egypt
Telecon Consultant                              Egypt
Nilesat                                         Egypt
Mobinil                                         Egypt
LINKdotNET                                      Egypt
EGTI                                            Egypt
Egynet                                          Egypt
Vodafone (Click)                                Egypt
Trade Fairs International                       Egypt
                  Sector Member                    Country
EFG-Hermes Telecom Fund                            Egypt
NTI                                                Egypt
Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime   Egypt
BarkoTel for Communication                         Egypt
Telecom Egypt Data (TE Data)                       Egypt
Jordan Telecom (JTC)                               Jordan
Vision For Telecom & Consultation                  Jordan
Middle East Communication Corporation (MEC)        Jordan
METE                                               Jordan
Jordan Mobile Telephone Services                   Jordan
ARABCOM-TXG                                        Lebanon
Sector Member                                   Country
Investcom holding                               Lebanon
Pre-Paid international System                   Lebanon
Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group                     Lebanon
Telecom Information Technology (TIT)            Lebanon
Agence de Promotion de L’Accès Universel aux    Mauritania
Services (APAUS)
Itissalat Al Maghrib (IAM)                      Morocco
CKM Holding                                     Morocco
Upline Securities S.A.                          Morocco
Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel)       Oman
Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC)           Saudi Arabia
Saudi Logistics & Electronics Company (SALEC)   Saudi Arabia
Zajoul for Advanced Communication               Saudi Arabia
                  Sector Member      Country
Sudan Telecom Co. (Sudatel)          Sudan
Agence Tunisienne D’Internet (ATI)   Tunisia
CERT                                 Tunisia
Tunisie Telecom                      Tunisia
      Companies undergoing ITU-D membership process

-   Orascom Telecom Algeria                    Algeria
-   Arab Business Forum                        Egypt
-   TRC                                        Jordan
-   Arab Advisors Group                        Jordan
-   STE-Samsung (Syrian Korean)                Syria
-   SPACETEL Syria                             Syria
Meeting of Sector Members and Director of BDT
                Cairo, Nov. 2001
Private Sector Cooperation Meeting in the Arab Region
                Cairo, 22-23 may 2002
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