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Bar code inventory management system solution


									Bar code inventory management system solution
[If you need to inventory management systems, please contact our Systems
Integration Division]
Introduction inventory management system
   Inventory management systems for medium and large businesses to establish
e-commerce product distribution system, application system, is facing a kind of
corporate sales for Distributed Network, to support supply chain management
planning and control system. Inventory management system platform includes three
subsystems, namely the lower distributor management systems, branch management,
headquarters management systems. Distributors can place orders online and monitor
the status of orders, in addition, the distributor management system also implements
the management of commodity stocks. Management system for each branch office to
achieve the inventory management, the branch system in the headquarters under the
supervision of the management and operate independently. Based management system
in addition to achieving the Department's inventory management, but also
include online order management, integrated search system (including all branches,
the lower level distributors of information) and other management functions.
Industry Solutions
   Inventory management system provides the solution is to use bar code Jishu for the
front, Zhong enterprise operations and production materials and capital, Jin Xing bar
full track of management starting from the receipt of orders Hetong, into the material
procurement, warehousing, Consuming Daochan Pin completion of storage, delivery,
recovery of loans, payments and other materials shall, at every step to provide you
with detailed and accurate data. Use inventory management software is a sales
channel for manufacturing enterprises a total solution, it can establish a goal for
enterprise management information system to effectively assist companies solve the
headquarters and regional operations management, distribution management,
inventory management, Marketing plan implementation and monitoring, statistics,
advertising planning and performance monitoring and so on major business issues.
Use of this system can operate the business process into a Qiye an organic whole,
from Duozhong channels of distribution for flexible adjustment and optimization
Qudao to meet the competition Riyijilie needs of the market so that enterprises always
leading in the industry. Use inventory management system can help companies
effectively manage business sales network, rational use of resources and distribution
networks to reduce the corporate sales network in the amount of funds used to
optimize logistics, capital flow and information flow operation. Can fundamentally
solve the operation of enterprises in the goods with the upstream and downstream
suppliers, agents, distributors means of communication between the product sales
methods and service delivery.
About inventory management modules
1. Headquarters system function module
1.1 Maintenance Management System
* User Management System
System with user management features, you can add or delete users, and can change
according to the use of user rights, to protect the security of the system.
* Right Management
System can use to set permissions. For the average user only check permissions for
the operator provides the query, statistics, modify, add, delete files permissions. For
administrators, including system settings are provided, including all rights. This
effective control of the user's operation, but also to maintain the system
data security.
· Password management
In order to realize the protection of user rights, the system has a strict password
authentication and password management capabilities. Users who log on this system
must input their user name corresponding to the password before entering the system.
Change the password, the system requires the use of more than six or six uppercase
and lowercase letters numbers and other symbols. And determine the new password
twice for the same square to change successfully.
1.2 Basic data management
* Basic information providers
The supplier name, address, contact person, the management of the balance sheet
* Provider
Under the name query transactions with various suppliers history.
Basic data Commodity
On the product name, model, price, the minimum safe level, product price transaction,
expected to be less time and allocation of goods (optional) number management.
2 serial number inventory management bar code generation module

In building materials, the only bar code affixed to each box serial number label, as in
the whole warehouse management to manage the trail.
3 Invoicing Management Purchasing Management Headquarters
* Table generated procurement proposal
According to the minimum safety volume of each product as well as the actual
warehouse stock levels, in the headquarters of the system to automatically generate a
certain period the proposed procurement list, the company may decide to focus on
procurement is decentralized procurement.
* Generate purchase orders
According to the proposed procurement list, the system headquarters procurement
managers in accordance with the actual situation, developing the procurement of
goods, fill out purchase orders.
* Procurement Enquiries
Query delivery and delivery at any time without purchasing details, search results can
urge companies to goods.
4 inventory management sales management
* Sales Management
Management of the clerk of sales, generate sales orders.
* Results based fund management clerk
Bonus for each salesperson's business to provide monthly statements and
annual reports.
* Sales Enquiries
Sales clerk at any time check the sales, according to the sales clerk to generate sales
5 Invoicing Management Price Management
* Price Management: management of all retail sales department and shops offer
Commodity cost management: the end of calculating the cost of various commodities
and weighted average cost.
* Accounts Receivable Management: The salesroom and shop display list of their
customers accounts receivable and record the monthly payment and collection of all
customer balances.
* Accounts Payable Manager: Display to the supplier's accounts payable
schedule, and record the details and did not pay the monthly payment information.
6 Invoicing Management Decision Support Management
* Decision support provider
Purchase certain period of time shows the highest amount of suppliers to the next as
the purchase price discount based on the time of purchase.
Commodity Decision Support
Provide various products of daily sales, daily sales of various products monthly flow
meter, available certain period of time, which products or sales turnover or gross
profit maximum.
? Customer and business decision support
Provide the receivables from lack of transactions or customers over credit limit, and
can print the basic period of time the highest volume of business or profit customers
to discount as a gift or a transaction basis, but also can print out the salesman within a
certain period of time to sell The ranking of the table
* Retail outlet and shops of decision support
Retail outlet within a certain period of time providing business conditions, as well as
product sales gross margin in the salesroom.
7 total warehouse management inventory management
7.1 Procurement Receipt Management
According to the contents of the purchase orders, warehouse for verification of
acceptance after completing a single purchase.
Sales Management 7.2 shipping
The content according to the order, warehouse staff, after checking the sale Chu
7.3 Invoicing Management
* Inventory Management: The procurement and sales, time management, and
headquarters and retail outlet stores inventory information.
* Inventory Management: Storage and the retail sales department headquarters and
warehouse stores inventory information.
* Storage management: vendor delivery details recorded information, including
abnormal storage management: gifts, samples and so on.
* A library management: records of all customer delivery details information,
including a database management exception: loans, retirement and loss.
* Allocation of management: when a retail outlet or a shop out of stock situations, the
total storage warehouse and the retail outlet under the overall situation with the shop,
to transfer management of the department to accept receipt of goods allocated to
allocate goods.
* Stock: check stock levels at any time, out of stock products and niche product, in
order to take promotions.
8, branch management inventory management
8.1 The Client basic information
On each retail outlet and store customer address, person in charge, the balance sheet
date and the salesman responsible for the management of this client, and generate
ancillary printing, to produce the customer address labels for easy mailing.
8.2 Customer Inquiry
According to the customer name, check with the client transactions.
8.3 salesroom and shop sales management
Management of the salesroom and shop sales data into monthly.
Inventory management system process structure

Inventory management software performance
1. Highly integrated. Including a complete enterprise business integration and supply
chain integration of external resources. To have an open platform for integration with
popular e-commerce capabilities.
2. The industry's most advanced technology.
3. Advanced management concepts and forward-looking considerations.
4. Strong scalability.
5. Excellent maintainability and low maintenance costs. Performance
Can support the maximum number of users: unlimited;
Can support the maximum number of concurrent users: unlimited;
Throughput: only by network bandwidth limitations, the system itself is unrestricted;
Response rate: only by network bandwidth limitations, the system itself unlimited.

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