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					Australian government at the highest level University - University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide
Details please contact :010-65229780 Department of Australia and New Zealand
Was named Australian of only four universities to achieve the highest level of
Australia's oldest and most prestigious universities
Cultivate three Nobel Prize winners
Allow a longer working time
University of Adelaide was founded in 1874, is Australia's oldest and most
prestigious universities. Recently, the Australian Government as Australia's
Adelaide University, only four universities to achieve the highest level of government.
Campus of the University of Adelaide in South Australia state capital Adelaide city,
Adelaide is a commercial, cultural, political and social life of the center, full of sense
of the times, they retain valuable historical charm, is a elegant and civilized city, just
over one million population, compared to the hustle and bustle of Sydney and
Melbourne, Adelaide and more some gentle charm!
Why Adelaide
Long-standing history of high
130 years of history to Adelaide University to develop a focus on the education of
overseas students in research projects. In the past 50 years the University has always
been committed to the education of overseas students, many graduates have become
business in Australia and around the world, the leading political and academic figures,
there are three Nobel Prize winners and many Rhodes Scholarship winner.
Ya-low-cost environment
Adelaide University's campus is located in downtown Adelaide, the
Adelaide City and backed by rolling 蒙 特 洛 福 迪                           mountains, sits
Australia's most beautiful city beaches, and accessibility among the inland
of Australia and other major Attractions of the throat area, mild climate and the living
is relaxed casual living is low, everyone can afford a suitable live, work and learn.
Strong research and high-strength
University of Adelaide is Australia's most research-intensive a public
university, the most advanced teaching facilities. University of strength, in particular,
is famous in the following areas: information technology and telecommunications,
biological science, physical science, environmental science and management, and
social sciences.
Good service and long working hours
University of overseas students in particular concerned about the support services,
these services are mainly one: to meet, including the airport and sent to the residence
(as long as prior arrangement, all international students can ensure that there is
temporary accommodation on arrival), to help link long-term accommodation,
introduce library, campus and city tour, on banking, shopping, transportation to
provide suggestions. Second: In the read-assist, including the provision of welfare
assistance, assist with student visa, health insurance guide, and continued to do so; In
addition, the time in Adelaide allowed to work longer, the international graduate
students to work 20 hours per week, and their spouses and family members can apply
for a work permit to the Immigration Department, working up to 40 hours per week.
Master recommends:

MBA Master of Business Administration: 1-1.5 academic year, all tuition fees 31 800
Australian dollars; 2,5,9 month school year; IELTS: 6.5 (Total), 6 (Read), 6 (Listen), 6
(Speak), 6 ( Write)

Master of Commerce Master of Commerce: 1-1.5 academic year, tuition fees for
18,540 Australian dollars per year; every year in February, July school IELTS: 6
(Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write )

Master of Computer Science Computer Science Master's: 1-2 academic
years, tuition fees 20 600 Australian dollars per year; every year in February, July
school; IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak) , 6 (Write)

Master of Design Studies (Digital Media) Design Professional Master of Digital
Multimedia: school system for 2 years; annual fees 20 080 Australian dollars; every
year in February, July school

Master of Engineering (Chemical / Civil / Environmental / Electrical / Mathematics /
Mechanical Engineering) Master of Engineering Chemical Engineering / Civil /
Environmental Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Mathematics / Mechanical
Engineering: 1 academic year, tuition fees 20 600 Australian dollars per year; each
year in February , July school; IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6
(Speak), 6 (Write)

Master of Information Technology Master of Information Technology: curriculum for
2 years; annual fees 20 600 Australian dollars; every year in February, July school;
IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write)

Master of Project Management Master of Project Management: 1 academic year;
annual fees 20 600 Australian dollars; every year in February, July school; IELTS
requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write)

Master of Accounting and Finance Accounting and Finance Master: 2 years academic
year tuition fees 18 540 Australian dollars; IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5
(Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write)
Undergraduate courses recommended:
Bachelor of Science (Agriculture Science / Animal Science / Biomedical Science /
Biotechnology / Ecochemistry / Evolutionary Biology / Molecular Biology /
Molecular & Drug Design / Optics & Phototics / Space Science
& Astrophysics / Viticulture) Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science,
Animal Science, Biomedical science, biotechnology, chemistry, biology and
evolutionary biology analysis, analysis and drug design, optics and photonics, space
sciences and astrophysics, Viticulture professional): academic 3 years, AUD 19,050
per year tuition fees; school year in February ; IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read),
5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write)

Bachelor of Wine Marketing wine marketing degree: academic 3 years, AUD 15,140
per year tuition fees; school year in February; IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read),
5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 ( Write)

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting / Corporate Finance / International Business /
Management / Marketing) Bachelor of Business (accounting, finance, international
business, management, marketing expertise): 3 academic years, tuition fees for 16,890
Australian dollars per year; every year in February, July school ; IELTS requested: 6
(Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write)
Bachelor of Business Information Technology Business Information Technology
degree: academic 3 years, AUD 18,740 per year tuition fees; every year in February,
July opening; IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak) , 6

Bachelor of Finance Bachelor of Finance: 3 academic years, AUD 17,200 per year
tuition fees; every year in February, July school; IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5
(Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write )

Bachelor of Law Bachelor of Laws degree: 4 academic years, tuition fees for 16,890
Australian dollars per year; school year in February; IELTS requested: 7 (Total), 6.5
(Read), 6.5 (Listen), 7 (Speak), 7 (Write)

Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace / Chemical / Civil & Environment /
Civil & Structure / Computer System / E & E / IT &
Telecommunications / Mechanical / Mechatronic / Petroleum) engineering degree
(aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering,
civil and structural engineering, computer engineering, electronics and electrical
engineering, information technology and communications engineering, mechanical
engineering, electrical engineering, petroleum engineering): 4 academic years, tuition
fees 20 600 Australian dollars per year; school year in February; IELTS requested: 6
(Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write)

Bachelor of Computer Science BS in Computer Science: academic 3 years, AUD
20,600 per year tuition fees; every year in February, July school; IELTS requested: 6
(Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5 (Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write)

Bachelor of Design Studies Bachelor of Design: academic 3 years, AUD 16,890 per
year tuition fees; school year in February; IELTS requested: 6 (Total), 5.5 (Read), 5.5
(Listen), 6 (Speak), 6 (Write)
For more information, please call 010-65229780 to switch course Australia and New
Zealand Division
Successful graduates
Australia's eight Nobel Prize, three of those were from the University of
Adelaide, had also trained a number of other Rod Award (Rhodes) and scholars, in
particular, the results of academic research is a prime example. Adelaide
manufacturing the world's first can be placed in the natural environment,
the genetic control of the organism, the world's first visual computer
microarrays, the world's first car video phone (Motorola Inc. is working
with all for development). Training Australia's first astronaut, the first
music school established by the Australian universities, the first Australian university
to accept female students. Adelaide's graduates were recognized as the
world of high quality, many people in Asia, Europe, North America and the Pacific
government, business, industry and universities, holding an important position.
Alumni are proud of the University of Adelaide and the best messenger. Many alumni
of the University of Adelaide in Australia and overseas business, government,
academic and art institutions in key positions. Such as:

Richard Sanders Rogers (BA, MA [1897], Ph.D. [1936]): the first from the State
schools enroll students from the University of Adelaide; doctors, X-rays and medical
applications of hypnosis pioneer; Australia home authority on orchids.
William Ernest Cooke (BA, MA [1889]): the first work of government departments in
Australia, astronomer (in Western Australia, [1896-1912]).
Sir George Murray (BA): Adelaide University (1916-1942).
Thomas Hewitson (LLB): South Australian Industrial Court (1927-1930).
Edith Emily Dornwell (BSc): Australia's first female graduates of Science.
David Henry Holledge (BA, MA [1889]): Kyre College's founder, the
Institute was incorporated into the Adelaide Institute of Scotland (Scotch College).
William Ashley Magarey (LLB): Establishment of Magarey Medal, awarded annually
by the Football Association of South Australia.
Frank Sandland Hone (BA, MBBS [1889]): Public health and preventive medicine
Edward Erskine Cleland (LLB) South Australian Supreme Court Justice (1936-1943).
Charles Henry Standish Hope (MD): Due to the provision of medical services in
Bangladesh was awarded the Kaisar-I-Hind medal.
Laura Margaret Fowler (MBBS): Australia's first female surgeon to
provide medical services in Bangladesh was awarded the Kaisar-I-Hind medal.
Sir Charles Bickerton Blackburn (BA): Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred
Hospital doctors and consultant (1899-1972); the Royal Australian College of
Medicine, founder and first President; Sydney University (from 1941 to 1964 years).
Frank Beaumont Molden (LLB): Adelaide City mayor (1919-1921)
William Reynolds Bayly (BA, BS [1898]): educator, Geelong, Dean, Dean of the
Prince Alfred.
Henry Simpson Newland (MBBS, Master of Surgery [1902]): pioneer in plastic
surgery and rehabilitation.
Herbert Angas Parsons (LLB): South Australian Supreme Court Justice (1921-1945);
Adelaide University Vice-Chancellor (1942-1945).
Henry Newman Barwell (LLB): Premier of South Australia (1920-1924).
Henry Mortimer Muirhead (Final Certificate in Law): President of the Court of
Adelaide (1939-1950)
John Mellis Napier (LLB): Lieutenant Governor of South Australia (1942-1971),
Adelaide University (1948-1961).
Norman William Jolly (BSc): Forest Service officials, the first South Australian
Rhodes scholars, Queensland Forest Head (1911-1918).
Dr. Helen Mayo (MBBS, MD [1926]): Australia's pioneer
women's and children's health, maternal health, founder of the
Roy Lister Robinson (BSc): Rhodes scholar, first Baron Robinson, visionary of the
Forest Service official, the initiative to create the UK Forestry Commission (1916).
Thorburn Brailsford Robertson (BSc, Ph.D. [1908]), a biochemist, in the early 20th
century, created 20 insulin production base played an important role.
Henry Kenneth Fry (BSc, MBBS [1906]): Rhodes scholars, doctors and
anthropologists, Adelaide City, medical director (Medical Officer).
Reginald John Rudall (LLB): Rhodes scholar, served for 17 years and speaker of the
South Australian Parliament.
Sir Lawrence Bragg (BA): The youngest Nobel Laureate (Physics) 41 909
Sir Douglas Mawson (Ph.D.): the famous Antarctic explorer.
Cecil Thomas Madigan (BSc): Rhodes scholar, geologist and explorer, the Australian
Antarctic expedition team members (from 1911 to 1914).
Dorothy Angove, née Clare (BA): Educator, Girton Secondary School (now
Pembroke College).
John Christian Mayo (MBBS): Radiology experts, Perrett Medical Imaging
co-founder, Perrett Medical Imaging is Australia one of the largest medical imaging
Francis Edgar Williams (BA, MA [1928]): Government Anthropologist of Papua
Mary Cecil Tenison-Woods (LLB): South Australia first entered the women lawyers.
Sir Hugh Cairns (MBBS): an internationally renowned neurosurgeon, Nuffield
College, Oxford University, Professor of Surgery (1937-1952).
Sir Leonard Charles Lindon (MBBS, Master of Surgery [1923]): eminent
Lord Howard Florey (MBBS) (MBBS): Rhodes scholar, Nobel Prize winner, a
pioneer in the application and production of penicillin.
Winifred Wall, née Clark doctor (MBBS): doctors, anesthetists, Family Planning
Association of South Australia, the first president.
Sir Mark Oliphant (BSc): outstanding nuclear physicist, Governor of South Australia.
Phyllis Duguid, née Lade (BA): Feminist and social activist.
Sir Walter Crocker (BA): Diplomat, Lieutenant Governor of South Australia
George Elton Mayo (MA): the world's leading contributor of industrial
psychology and management issues.
Miriam Hyde (Bachelor of Music): an internationally renowned composer and pianist,
the annual international music Outstanding Female Award (1991 to 1992 year), the
award by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge University conferred.
Albert Walter Jones (BSc, MA [1944]): educator, minister of education in South
Australia (1970-1977).
Dame Roma Mitchell (LLB): Australia's first Queen's Counsel,
Governor of South Australia, the Australian founder of the Human Rights
Commission, Adelaide University.
Gavin Walkley (BEng): architect, created the first Australian town planning discipline;
South Australia National Trust member institutions, the President, Vice President and
President (1977-1990).
Joan Burton Cleland (BSc, Bachelor of Science [1939], MSc [1947]): educator,
biochemist, eminent ornithologist.
John Jefferson Bray (LLB): Chief Justice of South Australia (1967-1978), Adelaide
University (1968-1982).
Helen Crisp, née Wighton (BA): Feminist and educator.
Richard Arthur Blackburn (BA): Rhodes scholar, the Northern Territory Supreme
Court Justice (1966-1971), Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court Chief Justice.
Colin Thiele (BA, Diploma of Education [1947]): Educator, internationally renowned
author (including children masterpiece "The Tempest in the boy"
[Storm Boy]).
Basil Hetzel (MBBS, MD [1929]): a world authority on iodine deficiency in the field,
Monash (Monash University) Visiting Professor of Preventive Medicine (Foundation
Professor) (1968 年 至 1975), South Australia State Deputy Governor, University of
South Australia, "State special talent."
Dr Barbara Hardy (BSc): environmentalists, Investigator Science Centre's
founder, in 1996, the year the people of South Australia.
Don Dunstan (LLB 1949): South Australian Prime Minister (1967-1968, 1970-1979).
Dr Malcolm Bourne (BSc): Food scientist, International Association of Food Science
and Technology 41 952
Charles Robin Ashwin (BA): Rhodes scholar, diplomat, Australia, in Egypt, Sudan,
FDR, Ambassador of the Soviet Union and Mongolia.
Datuk Gopal Ayer Sreenevasan (MBBS): World-renowned urologist, a founding
member of the Malaysian Medical Association.
David Tonkin (inside and outside all scientific persons), South Australian Prime
Minister (1979-1982)
Professor Fay Gale (Honours BA): University of Adelaide's first geography
graduates, the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee's first female
president of the Australian Academy of Sciences (1998-2000), Vice-Chancellor
University of Western Australia (1990 to 1997).
Professor Robert Porter (MB BS): distinguished neuroscientist and medical educator,
Australian National University John Curtin School of Medical Research Director
Raymond Greet (BA): High Commissioner to New Zealand and Fiji, ambassador to

Lim Leong Geok (BEng): Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system general
Michael Khor Teik Hean (BEng, Master of Engineering [1964]): for the Singapore
government services and utilities have made outstanding contributors.
Datuk Dr Samuel Abraham (MBBS): a pioneer in the field of child health.
Dr Richard Hin Yung (MBBS): Singapore's independence pioneer in
medical education and practice.
Rosemary Taylor (BA): philanthropist, in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, working
with children.
Maurice de Rohan (Technical Degree): civil engineer, South Australia in London
HE Sim Cheok Lim you (Engineering Degree, Civil Engineering): Ambassador of
Singapore to live in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Ong Teng Chong (Bachelor of Architecture): Singapore's former president.
YAB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud (LLB, Ph.D. [1994]):
Malaysia's Sarawak state governor.
Ken Allen (BA in Economics): bankers, diplomats, Australian Consulate General in
New York.
Dr Helen Caldicott (MBBS): writers, scientists, children, social activist, created the
nuclear disarmament Social Responsibility and Women's Action Medical
Association (Physicians for Social Responsibility and Women's Action for
Nuclear Disarmament).
John von Doussa (LLB): Supreme Court Justice, Human Rights and Equal
Opportunity Commission President, Adelaide University.
Desmond Lugg (MBBS): National Aeronautics and Space Administration extreme
environmental health director.
Dr Margaret Somerville (American Urological Association [AUA], Pharmacy): First
Avicenna Price ethics (Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science) Award winner; Canada
McGill University (McGill University), Professor of Law and Medicine.
Dr Cheong Choong Kong (BSc): the outgoing general manager of Singapore Airlines;
Singapore Broadcasting Corporation President; Singapore Overseas Chinese Banking
(OCBC Bank) the current President.
Lesley J Rogers, Professor (Bachelor of Science): Neural race internationally
renowned      scientists   (neuro-ethologist),  feminist     and   social    activist,
"Science for the service of humanity" movement founder.
Bob Bishop (BSc Honours): super-computer company Silicon Graphics chairman and
Dr. Peter Colman (BSc PhD [1970]): has developed the first anti-flu drugs, 1996
Australia Prize (Australia Prize) winner.
Dr David David (MBBS): Australia Craniofacial Foundation (Australian
Cranio-Maxillo Facial Foundation) president.
John Bannon (LLB, BA [1968]): South Australia Prime Minister (1982-1992).
John Doyle (LLB): Rhodes scholar, the South Australian Supreme Court Chief Justice,
Deputy Attorney General of South Australia (1986-1995).
Robert Hill you (LLB, BA [1982]): Australian Defense Minister.
Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam (PhD): Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister of the
Republic of Singapore.
Malcolm Hemmerling (BSc): President of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
Datuk Yong Poh Kon (Bachelor of Economics): General Manager Malaysia, Royal
Selangor Pewter.
Julian Disney (LLB): Rhodes scholar, social activist, actively promote the reform of
the lawyers, the Global Regulation Group and the "edge of the
family," the founder of the project, the International Council on Social
Welfare (International Council on Social Welfare) President (1996 2000), Australian
Council of Social Service (Australian Council of Social Service), President
(1985-1989), Australian National University Professor of Public Law (1991-1997).
David Bruer (BSc): Australia's largest organic wine business 41 970
Robyn Archer (BA Honours, Diploma in Education): writer, international performing
artists, Adelaide Festival (1998, 2000) and Melbourne International Arts Festival
(2003), conductor and artistic director.
YB Dato Sri Adenan Haji Satem (LLB): Minister of Natural Resources and
Environment of Malaysia.
YB Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan (LLB): Malaysia's Sabah
state governor (1985-1994).
Dr Roger Lough (BSc, PhD [1974]): Australian Chief Defence Scientist, Defence
Science and Technology Organization President.
Vincent Plush (BMus): Harkness Fellow (1981), composer and music educator,
broadcaster and reviewer, Seymour Group (the new first-class orchestra), founder.
Professor James Crawford (BA, Honours Bachelor of Law): Jesus College,
Cambridge (Jesus College) professor Academy of Sciences, Whewell Professor of
International Law.
Dr Andy Thomas (BEng, PhD [1978]): the first born in Australia and participate in
space missions astronaut.
Richard C White (LLB, BA [1982]): South Australian Supreme Court.
Dr Graeme Koehne (Bachelor of Music, Music, Dr. [2002]): composer (including the
Australian girl, Mary, "Donaldson and Danish Crown Prince Frederik in
2004 wedding to music).
Tim Cooper (MBBS, MBA, [1998]): Australia's most successful family
winery - Coopers Brewery general manager.
Professor Cheung Yau-kai (Dr. Engineering): Engineer, won the first gold medal in
Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.
Dr     John      Nicholls    (MBBS):    identification    of     "atypical
pneumonia" (SARS) virus, a member of the team.
Raymond S Lim (Honours BA in Economics): Singapore's Senior Minister
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Dr Roger Brissenden (BSc, Bachelor of Science [1985]): National Aeronautics and
Space Administration (NASA) of the Chandra X-ray Centre, the Centre is
Shimisongen Astrophysics Laboratory (Smithsonian Astrophysical Laboratory) of
Peter Ong (Honours BA in Economics): Singapore's Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Communications.
Sara Warnecke (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts [1986], Dr. [1991]): pseudonym
Sara Douglass, Australia's most outstanding fiction writers, works,
"Axis Trilogy" (The Axis Trilogy) and the "salvation
Departed "(The Wayfarer Redemption)
Kirsti Harms (LLB): Opera singer and performance artist.
His Excellency Dr. Jane Lomax-Smith (PhD): Mayor of Adelaide, South Australia
government ministers.
S Iswaran (Bachelor of Economics): Deputy Speaker of Parliament in Singapore.
Peter Leech (BA, Bachelor of Music [1990], Music Graduate [1996]): Oxford City
Natasha Stott Despoja (BA): Australian Federal Parliament's youngest
Joel Kaapanda (Bachelor of Arts): Namibia Region, Local Government and Housing
Sarah Robertson (PhD): Reproductive Medicine Research Fellow, South Australian
Science (South Australian Science) and fighting (2000).
Anna Goldsworthy (BMus): pianist, award-winning Chamber Orchestra - Angel Trio
(Seraphim Trio), founder of

Didier Elzinga (B Ma and BS in Computer Science): to create visual effects for the
Hollywood movies such as "core" (The Core), "The
Last Samurai" (The Last Samurai) and the "Lord of the
Rings" (The Lord of The Rings).

Duncan Chessell (BSc): South Australia's first resident to climb Everest.
Caroline Dunn (BS Agriculture): Australia's highest wine Achievement
Award - Jimmy Watson Award for the first female winner.

Nicholas Parnell (music degree [BMus Perf]): outstanding percussion musicians,
finalists in 2001 contributions to Australian art of the Outstanding Youth Award (2001
Young Australian of the Year for contribution to the arts).
Briony Hoare (BA, oenology): 2003 Australian wine producers of the Outstanding
Youth Award (2003 Young Australian Winemaker of the Year).
Lyn Pearson (MBA): South Australia's ambulance service in charge, South
Australia 2002 Telstra Business Award for Outstanding Women (2002 South
Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year).