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					Amway correct way 【12345】
An opportunity
   Amway is a business opportunity. You are now satisfied with your current situation.
In your efforts to work to earn money, I found the soaring prices and wages are not
rising, money's hard to go fast. If you have a business and there is no
conflict of your original work, using his spare time to build a pipeline, another more
income, number of years after the bigger your business, and that opportunity you have
to do it? Amway we heard , but we see a lot of wrong practices, many people fail, or
even go bankrupt, let us wonder. Amway said this cause, many people think that this
is a salesman in the business, a serious mistake. Amway is not a salesman's
career, Amway is doing good business, help, have a career, his life teaching people
learn the cause of life.

2 Share
   First, the opportunity to share
   Amway is a pipeline of business is to sell products carrying water, Amway really
need to do is to build pipelines to human branch, will open branches all over the
   Second, to share product
   Not promote a product. Share product is not to make money, let the other party
know that this product can also make money with a white, we told him the career
3 for
   First, pay for a group of friends
   And some more successful people contact Amway, Amway interested in
understanding some of the friends, which can be easily done online.
   Second, change the subject talk
   The time to chat with in business, change the subject talk Amway
   Third, for a brand with
   Good to know Amway products, their use, because they will make money with the
same time, the Amway products to demonstrate their benefits to the people.

4 degrees
   First, the width
   Opportunities to tell others and help them do so. If you tell 20 people, then you are
a Crown Ambassador, an annual income of tens of millions.
   Second, the depth of
   Down do to help your friend, do deep, the bonus system will be developed
according to the depth of your money.
   Third, the speed
   The study plan, not in fits and starts, nothing else, the effective management of
time, no delay.
   4, heat
  I believe your choice is correct, and maintain a positive attitude, determined to go
on, to ensure you continue to heat your pipe repair to a certain extent.

Five are
  One, two friends all over the world, happy three or four of wealth, health, five
personal values

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