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									American University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix (University of Phoenix) is regarded as the world's
most university will operate the network. It was founded in 1976, became the first
batch of 1989 was approved to provide degree education in the school network,
Touguo 15 universities across the United States, 126 of the school, teaching center, to
date, more than 150 thousand of students take distance education through the network
to accept than the school itself received the "entity" the number
of students even more.
University of Phoenix, about 60% of online students to graduation, this proportion is
similar to other tertiary institutions with the United States.
1. School Philosophy
University of Phoenix, will start training from the business object located in the
working adult students, and focus on developing social and professional expertise of
the most useful. All of the facilities, professional, human resources are for the target
service. It does this by means of advanced technology to provide professional, strong
practical courses, to meet the career aspirations of adult students and enhance the
social status of the demand, has won the trust of students, schools are getting bigger.
    University of Phoenix school characteristics:
l to-the-job training object adults
l by the part-time learning support teachers to provide better service
l from the traditional constraints of practical lesson plans
l Multi-Control to reduce running costs
l enterprise operation and management mechanism
l tax revenue for the country and important job market
2. Professional and Curriculum
Phoenix University is a comprehensive university, according to the actual needs of
students and the community, Linghuo to cater for the needs of the professional market,
in college, degree, a master Dr. various levels have more than 100 Ke Cheng Shang.
At present, with eight Academy Axia (Axia College of University of Phoenix), Arts
and Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences), Business and Management (Co lleges of
Business and Management), Institute of Education (College of Education), Health and
College of Nursing (College of Health and Human Services), Information Systems
and Technology (College of Information Systems and Technology), Military (Military
(Domestic)), Advanced Research Institute (School of Advanced Studies), mainly in
accounting, administration , business, management, education, marketing, nursing /
health care, technology and other subject areas 8. All use of online instruction, with
no term. Later to complete a course to another course, students can attend courses at
any time enrollment, course immediately after completing graduate qualified.
University of Phoenix has been a learning experience and recognition of credits from
other universities with a mechanism of mutual recognition of credits. Students if the
university or through the recognition of other places have received education or
training, their access to credit or professional training certificates have been
recognized, or can be changed to credits. Students for the learning time should be less
than other U.S. universities. University of Phoenix Web site require students to
"an average of 15-20 hours per week to learn", if a 3-credit
elective courses, general courses will be finished in 5-6 weeks, so that the program
takes about 96 hours of study time, This is the other American University 3 credit
course of study time by 70%.
3. Student
   University of Phoenix is relatively low entry requirements, students mus t be
enrolled for at least 23 years old and have high school diploma or equivalent
education, job, and by the University of Phoenix general knowledge assessment test.
For graduate students to be at least 3 years work experience, and asked for Yi
accredited university in the United States, the average score at 2.5 of the report card,
or outside the United States with the same qualifications of a college transcript .
University of Phoenix, an object located in the in-service training of adult students
and constitute mainly working adults, minorities, poor foundation and there had been
failure of the traditional college experience of students, the proportion of them are
women and more minorities, women accounted for Registration 66.6% of the total
number of students (data as of 2008-2-29).
4. Teacher
   University of Phoenix does not employ the so-called full-time or tenured professor,
but by nearly 8,000 people online part-time teachers, many teachers are retired, or
need to adjust the working hours of teachers. Part-time staff, including president,
senior information officer, chief financial officer or professional researchers, are
holding a doctorate or master's degree, at least 5 years relevant work
experience (actually an average of 16 years). Currently 26% of teachers in service in
the Group has more than 4 years. They understand the real needs of society, with the
latest theory and application of industrial technology, to industry knowledge and
experience into the classroom to ensure that the teaching content keep up with market
demand, and easy to have work experience with student exchange. They act as
teachers, consultants, counselors and learning assistants and other roles.
University of Phoenix online instructor, after receiving guidance to the task than most
of the first American universities to accept more training. Newly hired teachers should
receive a diagnostic evaluation, but also received four weeks before commencement
of pre-job training. Training, are familiar with University of Phoenix include
education policy, teaching guide software, steps, procedures, online technology skills.
Then under the guidance of senior teachers, with two weeks to plan curriculum. First
class, the school will send a senior lecturer in team teaching. In the coaching process,
teachers should receive the evaluation of students and schools to ensure effective
teaching programs in accordance with curriculum design. Not all teachers can pass the
training, some not suitable for online lectures of teachers online to complete the first
lesson after school was rejected.
2002 University of Phoenix online part of the registration of over 60,000 students,
representing an increase of 60% in 2001, annual revenues of more than the entire
Apollo Group revenue year (10 billion U.S. dollars) 1 / 3. Just simply better equipped
than the Chinese that the United States Distance Education in the mature market is not
sufficient, Apollo Group Chuang Shiren 约翰斯波林 education in the new industrial
Moshi Shang Suzao the Zhuanzhu objectives are clear, simplified, Chuang Xin Ye Xu
Hui and other success secret Let us understand something.

Now, I placed the table Apollo Group (Apollo Group) the company's
annual report. Most U.S. companies have a tradition, no matter which corner you are
in the earth, just fill out some information online, ask for the company's
public financial reports, they will be sent immediately. Potential investors wanted to
come to China will cause them more attention. My concern is that their online
business, that is, development of University of Phoenix Online, I see it as a barometer
of the distance education market.

The report shows that in 2002 the University of Phoenix online part of the registration
of over 60,000 students, representing an increase of 60% in 2001, annual revenues of
more than a year the entire Apollo Group revenue (10 billion U.S. dollars) 1 / 3. This
is not a distance education institutions in Taiwan and a little envy? Undeniably, the
United States, environmental and social needs of the network economy based on a
certain particularity. Some people may simply think that the United States, therefore
better equipped than China Distance Education in a mature market. But if we look at
the experience of Apollo Group founder 约翰斯波林 will change from most of their
lives to the pursuit of education to get some inspiration.

Difficult starting point
约 翰 斯 波 林 recently the United States, "Fast Company"
magazine described as the richest man in the field of education. The 82-year-old
legend is quite the experience: the early years impoverished, did sailors, visited
Shanghai and other Asian cities. Fortunately, yes, he had encountered in the work of
some brains and knowledge of people, also read a lot of books and teaching for a few
years, history science and anthropology 教授. Because teaching easier, 约翰斯波林
active part in political activities, joined the U.S. Communist Party, becoming leader of
a coalition of teachers unions. However, after the failure of the strike in the
organization, he had caught the spirit of low, once at a loss. In 1970, Sperling
participated in a number of external training programs designed to sum up a set of
teaching methods based on study group: the professional fie ld as a
"teacher" into the classroom, with learners on an equal
exchange, and then let Each group completed a series of challenging project tasks.
This very good teaching effect, caused Sperling thinking. In this connection, he soon
developed a project plan for adult education and submit to the school leaders, but hit a
brick. "We do not have money and taste of the students, you'd
better go back and do their own work." Sperling ignore this advice. He is
not familiar with the mode of business operations, but he intuitively felt a huge
market opportunity: employment population in the adult there is an urgent continuity
of qualification education requirements. Sperling can not be implemented in their
school situation, turn to other support. But the U.S. education system was entirely an
iron, he could not find any opportunities. However, Stanford University, Vice
President Frank Newman gave him a good recommendation, "education
authorities only in the event of financial crises will be to find innovative way. You
might as well find that financial constraints of the school, and have them believe you
The model can give them a turn for the better. " Frank's
proposal Sperling has considerable influence. He began to seriously consider starting
their own business, using business models to realize their ideas. "We may
live, may die because the market is a jungle, but I like it." Prompted him
determined to become a businessman a few years ago another reason for the operation
of teachers from the Union suffered such a non-profit organization setbacks, he no
longer willing to lose control over one thing. Eventually, the 50-year-old Sperling
selected poor financial situation at University of San Francisco, started his journey as
an entrepreneur.

Shaping the education industry's new model
University of San Francisco's experiment was successful. In Sperling
continue to expand their services to other school, attracted the attention of educational
authorities in California. No doubt, Sperling practices violated the rules inherent in
higher education and culture. He drew the concept of profit in the ivory tower, which
was simply a violation of heaven. Sperling recalls the situation, "If they
can kill me, they will do that." In academic circles, he is considered the
practice of naked pragmatism, so that university professors have lost their original
meaning. Sperling did do it, although he was a lifelong Sa n Jose University professor,
has a commercial pilot in his completely abandoned the fixed teaching approach.
Until now, this business is still more than 8,000 part-time teaching staff of
professionals, who work by day and night classes. Sperling also abolished the
traditional teaching methods, and the fixed program pattern. Today University of
Phoenix courses are based on mutual equality and learning team approach, the
knowledge of teachers is not the so-called authority of learners in the study group and
in the same position. Their task is not to explain to a large extent for the study group
California education officials and politicians that the mode of operation is blasphemy
Sperling academic education. Sperling and their exhausted after more than five years
after the struggle and had to leave the certification in California, go to Phoenix to start
his own business. He originally thought that Arizona would be relatively easy to
accept new ideas, the difficulty has been shown to par with California. Until 1979,
things began to numerous times in order to be awarded the university degree. But
until today, this struggle is still continuing with in different places. Apollo Group has
more than 30 political and public relations are an extension of his e fforts to help
Sperling University to establish global profit target.
University of Phoenix has a beautiful red headquarters building, which is a set of
comprehensive classroom and administration office, but there is no student hostels,
arts center and a turning point came under media, Sperling of the University of
Phoenix has finally received educational institutions and legislation were recognized,
into the gymnasium. University of Phoenix building itself embodies the concept of
traditional education Sperling break. Schools, business, information technology,
finance, management, marketing like degree programs, including undergraduate,
graduate. During the day, school is almost empty, to the evening, many people will
come from the work. When each classroom full of 30-40 people who were
professional attire, University of Phoenix only show their own inherent characteristics.
According to statistics, the average age of students is 34 years old, the average annual
income of 5-6 million. About 60% of the participants will reimburse part of the tuition
fees from the employer company, which includes a number of blue chip companies
such as AT & T, Boeing, IBM, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, and a
large customer base from the military.
Of course, some critics are still subject to the University of Phoenix educational effect
generated by the content of questions. They think that University of Phoenix, the lack
of art, literature and humanities education, literacy, can not bring real talent to the
enterprise. But Sperling stick to their practical point of view, he uses two figures to
refute these views: 160,000 and 30%, that is, the number of registered students and an
annual growth rate. According to his ideas, this form of education is itself the result of
market choices. If this rate continues, the university will make the registration within
five years the number of students reached 600,000, becoming the world's
largest system of higher education.

The secret of success
As with any business successful, as Sperling does not recognize that they have any
tips, but denied his unique personality and vision. Sperling's development
has really given us a lot of inspiration: Focus: Sperling chose a strongly- field around
the field after going all out to focus on. In the nearly two years of development has
been almost bankrupt, but he did not change his mind. Even today, Sperling also
maintained the habit of getting up at 5:30 every day, and continue to meet the
challenges and new goals of a strategic approach.
Objectives clear: it is also a higher education, University of Phoenix does not intend
to train as Ivy League universities in the research elite, but rather focus on developing
social and professional expertise of the most useful. All of the facilities, professional,
human resources are for the target service.
Simplify: Sperling to simplify the business model to use a few words can make it
clear, and to seize the most suitable people for marketing, thus reducing unnecessary
additional consideration. For example, in the selection process of the target population,
the University of Phoenix sights with their own educational needs, but also bear the
cost of education to a special target group, and select a very practical focus as a
teaching subject. Sperling selection of these subjects was primarily in the work to
produce a direct effect, while reducing unnecessary other humanities cultural conflict
and non- measurable results. For example, a senior sales staff training as a writer
easier than training, while only focus for business model of adult students (basically a
formal job for adults), school construction substantially reduces student dormitories,
providing students with the cost and potential problems. Of course, this does not mean
that everybody can freely copy. This must break through many traditional concepts,
the most important breakthrough in the shackles of traditional education management
Innovation: This is probably the most important characteristics Sperling. He started on
the lack of courage on the education model features make bold to create, and
continually try and improve in the market. Moreover, as early as 1989, he was on the
potential of distance education have made optimistic forecasts and timely
development of distance education organizations, the business team. Sure enough, the
Internet boom years, although other companies also began offering online education
mode, is far less than solid foundation of University of Phoenix Online. When the
Internet bubble has broken, which has lost its foothold, the University of Phoenix
online business has increased steadily. Not only in a substantial expansion of biogenic
but also for ordinary investors bring more than three times the return. Now, Sperling
still tirelessly to prepare their traditional business tool aimed at new targets. He now
has its eyes on the potential of e-books, is preparing to try to eliminate the traditional
teaching in this way, all the textbooks, and related printing, transportation and other
unnecessary costs and teaching itself. Sperling acknowledged the success rate of this
adventure is not big, but he always believed the Internet era's famous
remark: change or die. He believes that this is disruptive innovation (Disruptive

Worry or encouragement
According to Apollo Group I received some information, the University of Phoenix
has begun Eyes on China's education market, this may become the new
"wolf," the prelude. With the further opening up of national
policy, we may also occur home their own "University of
Phoenix." Because in our education system has a number of the same
people who dare to break through innovation. In any case, from Sperling's
business process can see the difficulty of changing education itself, but also
demonstrated a broad education industry "money scene." In the
end, the industrialization of education services will be to meet the whole community
an important supplement to educational purposes.
Related Links
● 1976, the University of Phoenix was established; in 1978 by North Central
Association Higher Learning Commission accreditation. Today there are 110
campuses and learning centers in the U.S. 21 states, Puerto Rico and Canada, the
United States in the largest private university students.
● 1989, the University of Phoenix launched its first computer-based teaching system,
that online learning program, after the gradual development of a University of
Phoenix Online Campus. University of Phoenix Online campus degrees and
certificates by the introduction of teaching programs focused on accounting,
administrative, business, education, management, marketing, nursing / health care,
technology, eight subject areas. All use of online instruction, with no term. Later to
complete a course to another course, students can attend courses at any time
enrollment, course immediately after completing graduate qualified.
● University of Phoenix, Wang Xiao students enrolled and pay tuition, purchase of
materials, to teaching seminars, homework, examinations, graduation, all the links are
online. Students can attend courses at any time enrollment, course immediately after
completing graduate qualified. Similar region to form a class of students to open class
e-mail and forums, students can exchange at the forum and view their work, teachers
will provide guidance in the forums. Students use computer conferencing system class
discussion, ask questions or receive replies. Assessment shows that the quality of
online education on campus and even higher than the traditional institutions of not
less than the quality of education.

● University of Phoenix Online campus enrollment growth is very rapid. November
30, 2000, Wang Jiao 18,500 students who registered to November 30, 2001, reached
33,700 people, a growth rate of 81.7%. Wang Jiao in the first quarter of fiscal year
2001-2002 (September-November) of the total revenue of 64.34 million U.S. dollars,
net income of 10.95 million U.S. dollars, higher than the same period in fiscal year
2000-2001, 34.1 million U.S. dollars, 5.6 million U.S. dollars rose by 88.7 % and
95.5%. According to the school expects total annual revenue in 2002 will be 2.91-2.92
● At present, the American Council on Education, Association of American
Universities, American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, American
Education Association, the American Nursing Association and other education
organizations are voluntary members of the University of Phoenix, to support their
teaching practice

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