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[Edit this paragraph] About Arts College
University of Arts (liberal arts college) is an important type of college one of the
United States to undergraduate education, a feature focus on comprehensive education,
curriculum development, including arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences,
and other categories. Different from the important indicators of employment,
professional school or technical college. United States, a considerable proportion of
students from the School of Arts degree.

In the eyes of most Americans, College of Arts and often represents the classic,
small-scale, high-quality undergraduate education. Many Liberal Arts Colleges are
often as much as the academic reputation of schools such Hafoyelu so many
American elite education to become the first choice for their children. For example,
familiar with U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of Labor
Chinese Zhao Xiaolan, wife of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy Jacqueline
have graduated from the College of Arts and the United States.

College of the Arts and unfamiliar people, simply because of the following several

First, the Chinese students to study in the United States, mostly at the graduate level
integrated into the universities of the United States engaged in research work. The
Graduate School of Arts and College did not, so the Chinese are not familiar with.

Second, the Chinese University a few years ago a large merger wave of rage, almost
all of the "college" have disappeared, for example, renamed the
Shanghai International Studies University Shanghai International Studies University,
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Beijing University of Posts and
renamed. If renamed the University, in place of high first-class, and if they have been
called the Academy, it is humble, Yen on Matt. As everyone knows, in the United
States, Generally known as college, the school is very cow, from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, the California Institute of Technology, to New York Institute
of the Arts. If the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was renamed the University
of Massachusetts, that grades do not know how much lower level. In such a biased
perspective, the Chinese Academy of Arts is a natural disdain.

3, Arts and Sciences, in the country often wrongly translated Adult Arts. The Chinese
culture has always been important management light, even more scornful of the

But the people's misunderstanding, but still can not erase the University of
Arts and light. It is no exaggeration to say that most American Educational Arts
Academy is proud of the essence. College of Arts and Education is not, there would
be no United States today. So in the end what is the University of Arts?
We first look at the English original. University of Arts in English text is the Liberal
Arts College. Be noted that, where the arts can not be simply understood as art, but
rather the quality, ability and ideas such as soft capacity. Liberal Ats College is
relative to the specific terms of vocational education, and its goal is not to teach
students specific skills to earn a living, but in many ways to educate students, making
it a high-quality, educated intellectuals . Therefore, Liberal arts college will certainly
teach the history of ancient Greek philosophy, and certainly do not teach accounting.
As the first student to University of Arts are noble descent, they do not need to worry
about the pressure on employment. Their concern is how to upgrade their quality, to
improve their training. Therefore, more or less a liberal here in the color of
aristocratic privilege. Imagine the poor kids in mind first of all is how to snare a chore
to make ends meet, they will certainly be interested in accounting than on the history
of ancient Greek philosophy.

Just as Liberal arts College offers undergraduate education so that teachers can
concentrate on teaching, rather than spend a lot of energy to engage in scientific
experiments and research papers. The same time, Liberal Arts Colleges and small,
close interaction between teachers and students. Which students communication skills
and leadership are very helpful. Students accepted after four years of high-quality
general education, or into the community, or further studies into graduate school, are
very popular. According to Newsweek's statistics, the United States, the
famous Arts and Sciences, such as Williams College Wellesley College graduates
attending graduate school in the United States the proportion was even higher than
Hafoyelu such prestigious schools. Monograph undergraduate education, adhere to
general education. The American Academy of Arts and Philosophy of Education, we
should ponder the leaders of the Chinese University.
[Edit this section] classic comment: "the best university
- American College of Liberal Arts and College of Education (Article: Shen Rui)

American universities, from the institutional point of view of teaching are basically
three types. University (four-year undergraduate program and graduate school, grant
bachelor, master and doctorate), College of Liberal Arts and Education (four-year
system, only the degree granted) and Community Education (two-year, grant or
transfer of certificate AD). The first class University, in a sense somewhat similar to
Chinese universities and comprehensive university or Polytechnic University. This is
usually several thousand to tens of thousands of university students ranging. In
addition to the University College of Arts, there are Business School, Institute of
Technology,       School    of    Journalism,     School       of   Law,   or    other
"professional" colleges. In China's most well-known
American universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton University, University of
California, Berkeley, are these universities. Although each of these universities the
University of disciplines and students from very different settings. For example, the
University of California, Berkeley, has more than 30,000 students, while Princeton
University is only about 6000 students. University has divided public or private. In
general, private universities, due to a long history, sources of funding, Professor level,
etc., the quality of the whole school seems to be higher than the public and good. Of
course, not entirely true, is that public universities such as Berkeley, is also
recognized one of good schools. But not necessarily everything a good school is good,
usually such a good subject for graduate education leading to a Caibei that good.
Some common schools a certain level of research departments or professional level
within the country may be very good. For example, the Berkeley professor of Chinese
literature and academic achievement is not necessarily better than the Russian music
Kong University, although the Russian music on the far post as Berkeley University
Rankings. However, the Russian music Kong University Chinese Language and
Literature Professor of five life-long job, in ancient times from China to Hong Kong
and Taiwan to study Chinese literature. And Berkeley in the fields, from teaching staff,
lack of music posts with Russia than the University. One of my best friends are on the
Berkeley, the then transfer back. This is the status of graduate education.

Stage of education at the university, comprehensive university of the many courses
taught by graduate students. Especially the first two years of college general
education courses are basically teaching assistant. And the class itself great, a lot of
students. Hundreds or even thousands of students in class are not uncommon.
Students often have no contact with the professor. Because graduate students rely on
teaching to earn their scholarships, so students graduate as teachers, resulting in a lot
of famous universities in the education stage is not necessarily good, I know a student
told me that he was the head of Berkeley two years have not seen a professor, he was
not even his advisor have not seen. University professors of pressure by their own
oppression, but also to teach students really attend to. Therefore, comprehensive
universities, university education is very important part of the course, but compare the
University's education graduate education.

Everything and focus on university education and university education with excellent
mission, and in the United States Court of free education, Liberal Arts College of Arts
and the fundamental purpose, therefore, the best American college education is
usually carried out in such a school. In China, this small, free education, liberal arts
college does not seem interesting. College of the word in China seems a bit outdated.
China has called the School of the University seem to have renamed the new
generation suddenly turn into college. For example, past the Central Institute for
Nationalities, China Railway Institute, Beijing University of Posts and
Telecommunications, all these colleges near my home, I told them from childhood to
college, has often slip of the tongue, have long been known about their own university,
as if called College on the same low level one. Of course, such institutions and the
U.S. Liberal Arts College is not the same principle. Liberal Arts College, the Chinese
translation is usually Humanities. I recently in the "Century"
Web site to see at Yale University, Xue Yong's article about the American
educational system, he also translated Adult Arts. His series of articles in the United
States and China, education reform is very inspiring to me. But I think he Liberal Arts
College Faculty of Arts is a translation of adult mistranslation. Mistranslation because
of free education, Institute of Philosophy of Education Arts and misunderstanding. I
have previously read at a public university graduate, was the freedom of education in
the private liberal arts college teaching, work, gradually see their similarities and
differences between, experience a different educational philosophy and the
significance of the university system settings. In fact, in 2001 I went to their own
teaching of Bolton University of Arts before gradually realized that he spent so many
years in the United States, College of Liberal Arts education in the educational
philosophy of ignorance. That year I drove across the American continent, from coast
to Maine to teach, the way sightseeing, and wait for my little prepared in different
environments, from that experience in the public teaching me all ready. To the
University of Bolton, in the work I'm getting on the distinction between
universities and colleges have experience, aware of how easily we take for granted.
Perhaps the truth is, we can only understand our experience allows us to understand
things beyond our experience of things outside, and we can understand. No wonder
one of the main tasks of life reading thousands of books, thousands in it, only the
concrete experience of abstract experience, only to be practical.

Why can not the Liberal Arts College Institute of Translation of adult language
education, and translate it into the College of Liberal Arts Education? I think the term
humanities education here seems inaccurate, can not express this type of educational
philosophy and objectives of the school. Liberal Arts is not the only means for
Humanities Education. Humanities in the English language has specific words, is the
Humanities, but the College of Liberal Arts education not only for humane education,
college education, the content of these three fields: Natural Sciences (Sciences),
Social Sciences (Social Sciences) and Humanities ( Humanities). College of Arts and
Humanities Education is the content of one phase. Humanities, including literature,
philosophy, history, languages, etc., and sociology, political science are examples of
social science. Therefore, the translation of Liberal Arts School College Adult Faculty
took the nature of this changed, and also to narrow this College of the. According to
these three areas, each of the United States Institute of Liberal Arts and Education has
its own educational requirements, such as students in all three areas to be selected in
the number of course, to complete college education. College of Liberal Arts and
general education is not "professional" professional. For
example, University of Bolton is one of the best American Academy of Arts, the
nation's fifth. University of Bolton no business professionals, students
interested in business, economics can only learn the lesson, take economic degree. In
the professional such "discrimination" vocational, liberal
education is described as a fundamental education in Arts and College of principle,
that is, not the culture of specific people, but a free education. The purpose of liberal
education is to train highly qualified people, the so-called educated and cultured
people, rather than training staff to do specific work. Is at this point, the Liberal Arts
education in colleges and universities are not the same. University education in
general universities, in addition to basic education, another purpose of the training
capacity of the concrete work for the middle-class white-collar job training of staff.
Liberal Arts Colleges and Liberal emphasis on university education, that is, the
original meaning of the word, freedom. Here are a few free word has meaning. First,
liberal education is to learn to respect each person the freedom of choice. Each
child's talents are not the same, free education, an environment that
everyone has the free opportunity to discover their capabilities, whether it is like
science or languages or have to, of the University to provide this opportunity to find
themselves. For example, students can own a professional. One of my students hope
to do, "National Geographic" magazine photographer,
University of Bolton in his own design their own professional, designed a school has
not been professional, his own unique expertise. Second, liberal education is to
cultivate a "free spirit" who, Eastern and Western civilizations
these people education, knowledge and culture. They are the future of our country,
they need more than skill, important to have thought, spirit and independent thinking
and good health. As we all know, is easy to learn skills, quality and education is not so
easy to quick. Quality and education is a sense indicators are immeasurable. College
of Arts and an unmeasured indicators as to the purpose of education, the basic aim is
to train, not train engineer or something. Because a person has the qualities to make it
easier to enter the career process. After graduating college, graduate study is the
vocational training phase. The best liberal arts colleges in the nation's
college graduates on a specific proportion of graduate school, I am not sure, but I am
sure that far more high than the university. Arts translation of the word is more
complex, because the Arts is not usually think of "art" such as
painting and music, but the "skill acquired by experience, study, or
observation" and "a branch of learning" of the
compound word, The point is that "through experience, learning and
observation skills acquired" and "knowledge of the area
(plural)." So it is the unity of learning and education. In this almost
impossible to use the short exact translation of the multiple meanings of Chinese
terms, we can only will the translation of the Liberal Arts College Liberal Arts
College of Education, to indicate the nature of such schools.

I think I might be able to further use an example to illustrate the University and
College of Liberal Arts and the different education and different historical reasons for
this. The University students may have professional and skilled, but not necessarily
educated. Liberal Arts College of Education students may not have professional skills,
but have cultural literacy and understanding, there is awareness and ability to think
independently. This educational philosophy and the College of Liberal Arts and the
history of education is extremely relevant, because, before the advent of the
comprehensive university, College of Liberal Arts and Education is a fundamental of
American education, that time to the educated upper class children are, the purpose of
education not train their skills, but education was to train people, they are leaders.
Leaders may not have specific skills, but there are a wide range of cultural
backgrounds, a high degree of education, moral and cultural level. This philosophy, so
far the United States Institute of Philosophy and Liberal Arts and fundamental

It is this educational philosophy has led to the best universities in the United States
education is mainly carried out in this college, because college is the focus of general
education and quality training. Its goal is to train future leaders and citizens of quality.
Of course, not everyone in this college to learn who will become a member of the
leadership, not a guarantee, of course, depends on everyone's quality and
capacity development. University can provide the environment and opportunities for
it. 2002 University of Bolton, I do see the speech from the Harvard University
Professor Du Weiming. Turning to Sino-US education is different from Professor Du
said in a speech, "Unfortunately, most Chinese people do not understand is
that the U.S. education system is the essence of liberal education in the four-year
liberal arts college. The fundamental spirit of the United States and Western culture
The essence of liberal education in the liberal arts colleges. "His speech is
naturally warm applause, because only body in which to understand the taste of the
people, knew that he was talking about. I look around me those energetic students, no
wonder they are so-called Western cultural and spiritual successor. They came to the
University, their parents send them to college to, to not only learn the skills and
knowledge, more importantly, is to receive free education. Skills by living in a society,
how many people can but no specific knowledge of cultural education goals? It is also
in this sense, the class showed out. Many people say that the United States seems
obvious class divisions. I, probably under the influence of Marxism, everything seen
everywhere traces of the class. In the U.S., can afford to go to College of Liberal Arts
education        students,        most       of       American         society's
"noble" - wealthy families. Only they can afford the expensive
tuition fees, only they have the capital capacity to allow their children to become
educated people, not just the technical and white-collar workers. College of Liberal
Arts education, mostly private, tuition fees, the average annual tuition at between 30
thousand to 40 thousand U.S. dollars. Amherst College's tuition and living
expenses is about 43,000. Cover the end of Pittsburgh School of annual cost is 36,000
U.S. dollars. In contrast, my family where public, comprehensive university with
Russian music post college tuition, local students, less than five thousand dollars a
year. Therefore, the formation of the situation is that free education in the Academy of
Arts and the majority of students come from wealthy or educated families. The best
the U.S. Institute of Arts is a liberal education in Massachusetts Williams College and
Amherst College, the third is the University of Pennsylvania's Siwosimo.
Anyone can easily see the best in site ranked liberal arts college. I
just saw Mr. Xu Jilin, "Century China" website made the article
said, "like 斯沃斯摩尔, 艾姆霍斯特, Wesley unheard of these Chinese
Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of even bothered to do, obsessed with creating
high-quality undergraduate, each candidate's test scores, still no less than
Harvard, Yale. The reason why American universities world class, not because a
group of higher grade, a comprehensive university, but there are Harvard, MIT,
Princeton, Stanford and 斯沃斯摩尔 these different styles of schools, of them, most
of the disciplines is not complete, nor necessarily the Faculty of Arts, School of Law,
but each have their own personality, its own strengths, and to their own housekeeping
ability to attract students to take the Nobel Prize, on board the nation's
university rankings. "(Century, July 19," a big way liberal arts
and "High," "〕. I think his argument is correct, but
His American College of Liberal Arts and discussion of education, if it were still
misunderstood Siwosimo, Amherst, Bolton, cover the end of Pittsburgh School of Arts
and education of these free educational principles. such college is not not bother to do
graduate school, to becoming a comprehensive university, but because such freedom
of Education has its own educational philosophy, a faith in education and training is
not the quick success of some people, but also general education is to educate people,
it is like radish a radish, cabbage Yi Yang does not want to be, he Bushi arrogantly
disdain as Chinese cabbage, is fundamental to his conviction Yin Wei Tai radish
Zijizhege high quality vitamins, Ke Yi and Chinese cabbage as meaningful. Lingwai,
College of Liberal Arts and Mu Biao Jiao Yu's not a Nobel Prize, nor any
other university in the ranking to squeeze continues, although the ranking is not when
a few months ago is not complacent, but free education, Institute of Education aims to
foster and improve the quality of people, with my Cover the bottom Ginzburg
teaching college dean as saying, "Freedom of Education to promote free
education and training of citizens have freedom of spirit, emphasis on free education,
the importance of human development." It is also in this sense, the Liberal
Arts Education College rankings is not so absolute. but they take a
student's standards, especially good Arts and Sciences, admission standards
is not Harvard University Zhixia. at several different universities have taught the book,
my experience is that good liberal arts college student quality is very good, the
students love learning, family, rich or poor, even a millionaire children, and very hard
work to read. less a little school, and some wealthy kids do not read, they play, drink
wine, mixed, because dad will be arranged after graduation anyway good job. By the
way, liberal arts college tuition free higher education, scholarships are also high, if a
child family poor, but smart work hard, will be accepted free of Education, They
usually have a variety of scholarships, some students can not spend one minute to
complete university education. the United States in order to keep up the vitality of the
community, so that a steady stream of talent to join the leadership. Fundamentally, it
is possible, through their own personal in order to change their class and social status.
This is a principle based on the individual country.

It is this freedom of education, liberal arts college for the best university education in
the United States, but also because teaching in this college professor who basically
did not graduate law classes the situation, teachers force is very strong, but the size of
the school is quite small. University teacher-student ratio is an important indicator of
good or bad. Usually the smaller the proportion of students and teachers, the school
better. For example, has been ranked in the nation currently is not the first is the
second of two free education Arts and Sciences, Williams College in Massachusetts,
the teacher-student ratio is 1:9, less than 2,000 students; Eminem Hearst
teacher-student ratio is 1:8, about 1,600 students. Two years ago, the fifth this year,
the tenth ranked University of Bolton's teacher-student ratio is 1:10, less
than 1,600 students. The cover of the end of the 46th ranked Pittsburgh School of
teacher-student ratio is 1:15 or so, more than 2,400 students. Can be seen, can be seen
from the teacher-student ratio on the general situation is good or bad for the school.
Strong teaching force, so that any student has the opportunity and share the best
professors. This school emphasized that the exchange between teachers and students,
emphasis on small classes, a class of students is not too much interaction between
professors and students, and close ties. It is this privilege, so that students benefit,
leading to the middle and upper class children were sent to these schools, because, if
history is a family of teachers to teach the family, it is now taught a dozen students in
teaching, students or eat small kitchen. We all know, small kitchen stove with rice rice
than most delicious thing, delicate and multi-cultural.

I am not of Chinese education, little knowledge of China's education. I
would like to introduce my familiar educational institutions, educational ideas and
philosophy, on education reform to explore the Chinese people may be able to inspire
a bit. China's education reform, calling for many years, as if every year a
new reform plan. I am for work, visits to several universities, the new situation to see
if the larger university to do more. For example, Zhejiang University, according to the
teachers there said it put together over the past four universities, have become
Zhejiang University, like the Great Leap Forward as a collective make iron and steel.
The teachers talk about this reform, as if no one of this large university a positive
attitude. I remember in 1999 I was the Central University for Nationalities. One day I
passed a class, could not help but stand next to the sound, the original Revolution
history teacher is talking, that is what I often teach the 54 in the United States
involves one of the elements of literature. I want to see China's universities,
to promote education reform in the years how to teach students how to learn. I was
surprised to find that dozens of minute class, the teacher standing on the podium
speaking for a whole twenty minutes, he wrote a lot of writing on the blackboard,
blackboard above the 1911 Revolution in the sense of failure, students are immersed
for notes from the set of primary school and then learned several dictation again. Leng
Leng I stood there, like, since the set of the original, or ancient, back, "The
Analects" set of educational methods, teach how every step of the way the
set of the set of reciting other people's ideas of education. Others, not even
a thought, but the garbage.

Education reform, first of all should be the philosophy and principles of education
reform, the reform of educational methods. If the educational philosophy or the Great
Leap Forward, the United States blindly rush Premiership, or the higher grade, or
hollow, education aims to train people who picked up the pace not far off the mark,
China's education reform is probably more vigorous, less the actual change.
Those eager to become a leader in world-class university, I am afraid that the name of
reform, the redistribution of power lines, and the number of China's reform
did not stick side. China's education should first be determined in
accordance with our national conditions of different What is the philosophy of
education, the establishment of different types of universities. If you rush to the
college into a university, the University of Technology into a comprehensive
university, like Handan toddler, before long, walked up and down are people who do
not know how to walk and forget to learn other people walk into a path for themselves
better. Mr. Xu Jilin cries, "is the time to stop and reflect." I want
people to hear him. 2008 US News & World Report Ranking: LAC 1
Amherst College

2 Williams College

3 Swarthmore College

4 Wellesley College

5 Middlebury College

6 Bowdoin College

6 Pomona College

8 Carleton College

9 Davidson College

10 Haverford College

11 Claremont McKenna College

11 Vassar College

13 Wesleyan University

14 Grinnell College

14 Harvey Mudd College

14 United States Military Academy

17 Washington and Lee University
18 Colgate University

18 Smith College

20 Hamilton College

20 Oberlin College

22 United States Naval Academy

23 Bryn Mawr College

23 Colby College

25 Bates College
[Edit this section] China Academy of Arts
China has gradually emerged in recent years, Arts and Sciences, the current total of
six Arts and Sciences, are: Hunan Arts and Sciences, Shaoxing University,
Xi'an University of Arts, Chongqing University of Arts, Baoji University
of Arts, Sichuan University of Arts. They are ordinary full-time comprehensive
university, belonging to two batches. College of Arts and the former general as
Teachers or Teachers College, now College of Arts and still retains most of the
Normal professional. Teachers College can be said to upgrade, such as
Xi'an University of Arts and its predecessor is the Xi'an Normal
University, Xi'an University; Hunan University of Arts and its predecessor
is the Changde Normal College, University of Arts and the Ministry of Education the
establishment of these more than six institutions, the future may see more liberal arts

Some universities also have Arts and Sciences, are organized by Independent Colleges
and Universities Colleges (3), such as the college of liberal arts colleges Jianghan.
The Independent Institute and the 6 is not a concept of institutions.

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