Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Good choice but survival

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					Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Good choice but survival
Source: Entrepreneur (Beijing)

   Princeton University alumni, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) degree in 2010,
delivered the commencement speech. He remembers his childhood days, about how
they learned in childhood, "Good harder than clever," reasoning;
shared 16 years ago decided to give up their excellent work in creating the complex
thoughts and feelings when the Amazon. "Follow the warm
heart" is Bezos recommendations to the elite. In his view, is a choice of a
final shape our lives.

                          ?Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
   Following is the speech:
  ?More difficult than the clever kind
   When I was a kid, summer is always my grandparents farm in Texas to spend. I
help to fix the windmill, the cattle vaccination, but also do other household chores.
Every afternoon, we will look at soap operas, especially "our
age." My grandparents attended a car club, a group of car drivers Airstream
trailer-type people, they go hand in hand traveled the United States and Canada. Every
few summer I will join them. We hung in my grandfather's car behind the
car, and then adding more than 300 Airstream explorers mighty force composed.
   I love my grandparents, and I respect them, and also really looking forward to the
journey. It is time I travel about ten years old, I sat in the back seat of the bench as
usual, drove his grandfather, grandmother sitting next to him, Xizhe Yan. I hate
cigarette smoke.
   In that age, I will find any excuse to make some estimation or small arithmetic. I
will calculate fuel expenses are groceries and other trivial matters. I have heard of a
smoking ads. I can not remember the details, but the ad to the effect that each puff of
cigarettes will reduce the life span of a few minutes, about two minutes. Anyway, I
decided to be a grandmother arithmetic. I estimate the grandmother smoke a few
cigarettes a day, each cigarette to smoke large family and so on, and then he plans to
come to a reasonable figure. Then I sat in front of prodding grandmother's
head, then patted her shoulder, and then to proclaim, "Every two minutes
smoking cigarettes, you will live nine years less!"
   I clearly remember what happened next, but that was my unexpected. My current
move along little clever and numeracy skills to win applause, but that did not happen.
On the contrary, my grandmother wept. Before my grandfather has been working to
drive the car parked in the street, got out and opened my door, waiting for me to get
off with him. I got in trouble it? My grandfather was a wise and quiet man. He never
said harsh words to me, is this is the first time? Or he'll let me back to the
bus with her grandmother to apologize? I had never encountered such a situation, and
thus no way of knowing what will happen happen. We are in the room near the
vehicle to stop. Grandfather looked at me, silent a moment, then gently and quietly
said: "Jeff, one day you will understand, more difficult than the smart
   Select more important than talent
   Today I want to say, is that talent and choose. Smart is a gift, but good is a choice.
Talent come easily - after all they are born. The choice is rather easy. If not careful,
you may be tempted by the gift, which may harm your choices.
Everyone here has a lot of talent. I am sure one of you has a bright and talented minds.
This is so confident is because school is extremely competitive, if you can not be
shown wisdom, they are not eligible to enter this school.
   Your wisdom will come in handy, because you will land on a road full of miracles.
We humans, though a short step forward, but will eventually make their own surprise.
We can find ways to create clean energy, but also to assemble an atom of an atom to
micro-machinery, so that through the cell wall, and then repair cells. This month, there
is an exception, the inevitable happened - finally synthesis of human life. In the next
few years, we not only synthesis of life, but also according to the instruction drive
them. I think you will even see that we understand the human brain, Jules Verne,
Mark Twain, Galileo, Newton - the heart of all those curious people who want to live
to the present. As civilized people, we will have a so much talent, just like sitting in
front of you, each and every individual life have many unique gift.
   How do you do to use these gifts? You will feel proud for their talent, or will be
proud of their own choice?
   To follow their inner passion!
   16 years ago, I sprouted the idea of the founder of Amazon. I wound up facing the
reality of the Internet usage rate of 2,300 percent annual growth, I have never seen or
heard any thing up so fast. Hundreds of thousands of book covers created online
bookstore I would like to act excited, because this thing in the physical world simply
can not exist. I was just 30 years old, married only a year.
   MacKenzie I told my wife I would like to quit their jobs, and then do all these crazy
things, is likely to fail, because most of the start-up companies are so, and
I'm not sure what will happen after that. MacKenzie told me I should be a
go. When I was a boy, I is the garage inventor. I have tires filled with cement,
umbrella and tin foil is not easy to use solar cookers produced and used against the
brothers and sisters in the pan alarm produced a self-closing device. I always wanted
to do an inventor, and she wanted me to follow the warm heart.
   I was a financial company in New York, my colleagues are a group of very smart
people, my boss was very wise, I envy him. I told my boss I want to start a company
selling books online. He took me a long time in Central Park stroll, listen to me
carefully finished, and finally said: "It sounds like a good idea, but for
those who do not seek to present a good job of the people, the idea will be better .
   This logic to me quite true, he convinced me to make decisions in the final 48 hours
before further consideration. So, come to this decision really difficult, but in the end, I
decided to fight once. I think I will not regret the failure of attempts after, it touches
on a decision but has no action will always torment me. In After careful consideration,
I chose the piece of unsafe roads, to follow my heart's passion. I am proud
of that decision.
Tomorrow, the very reality that you create your life from zero time soon to open.
   How will you use your talent? How will you make a choice?
   You are guided by inertia, or to follow their inner passion?
   You will stick to conventions, or try new things?
   You will choose a life of ease, or choose a dedicated and adventurous life?
   You will succumb to criticism, or will uphold our values?
   You will cover up mistakes, or will a frank apology?
   You will hide inside for fear of rejection, or time will move forward in the face of
   You want to alarm, or want to Fight storms?
   You will choose to give up under the grim reality, or will hesitate to move forward?
   You do cynic, or practical builders?
   Otherwise you display all cost wise, or good choice?
   I want to be a prediction: in the age of 80 you recall a past time, only you can
quietly on the inside tells the story of your life, which is the most substantial and most
significant about that period, you will be made filled with a series of decisions. Finally,
select the shape our life. Create for yourself a great life story. Thank you and good