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American International Assurance Company Limited ("AIA" or
"AIA") is the American International Group (AIG), a wholly
owned subsidiary, since its inception in 1931 in Shanghai, has been serving customers
in Asia 70 years ago.

AIA headquarters in Hong Kong SAR, its branches and associated companies in
mainland China (including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Beijing, Suzhou,
Dongguan, Jiangmen), Macao Special Administrative Region, Taiwan and Australia,
Brunei, Guam , India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

In 1992, as the first was allowed to carry on insurance business in China, foreign
companies, AIA Shanghai branch was established in Shanghai to provide a range of
life insurance products and services. In 1995, the AIA set up branches in Guangzhou,
then set up in 1999, Shenzhen, Foshan branch companies and subsidiaries. In 2002,
AIA Beijing Branch, Suzhou Branch, Dongguan and Jiangmen branch companies
have opened branch companies.

AIA lease in December 1996 a famous landmark of Shanghai Bund 17 building, the
lease three years. American International Group, the predecessor company in 1927
had moved to the site. May 1998, the AIA to return to the site, and conducted the
opening ceremony of buildings. Currently, the building was the seat of AIA Shanghai

AIA continues to prosper, the bank said. AIA first to LOMA (Life Office Management
Association International) exam into Taiwan, to enhance the professionalism of staff.
AIA is also the first to introduce the domestic life insurance company agent system.
Currently, the system has been the overwhelming majority of Chinese-funded and
foreign life insurance companies widely adopted and has become the primary way of
marketing. January 1999, AIA Shanghai branch by the international authoritative
certification body SGS ISO9002 quality certification, becoming the first domestic full
compliance with the quality certification system of life insurance companies, and
again in April 2001 first passed ISO9001 (2000 version) Quality System Certification.
December 2003, the AIA Beijing Branch has fully passed the SGS ISO9001 (2000
version) quality management system certification.

As a originated in China, and China have decades of multinational origins, and the
reform and opening up in China first allowed foreign insurance companies doing
business, AIA read keep in mind always cherish the feelings of positive social
responsibility, for the local community, education, health care contribute to the
development cause.

Since 1994, AIA has with Fudan University, Zhongshan University, China University
of Technology and Peking University hundred and fifty of domestic famous
universities, established the AIA - Fudan Actuarial Center, AIA - Zhongshan
University Actuarial Center, AIA - Actuarial Center and HKUST AIA - North
actuarial center, designed to help Chinese students to participate in the North
American Actuarial Association of professional examinations, the promotion of
China's life insurance industry; In addition, AIA Shanghai branch has
Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of Finance, East
China Normal University, Shanghai Finance College and other financial professionals
of outstanding college students scholarships.

AIA Shanghai branch and Shenzhen branch actively involved in the cause of
voluntary blood donation, had made donations 1.05 million yuan (about 126,000 U.S.
dollars) in Shanghai and Shenzhen purchase Blood Collection and bone marrow
donors of genetic information collected air-conditioned bus. In 2001, AIA received by
the State Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health of China Red Cross Society and the
General Logistics Department jointly issued the "National Award for the
promotion of voluntary blood donation."

In 2003, the whole country during the fight against SARS, AIA claims the branch
company not only opened the green channel, suffered losses due to SARS and the
rapid settlement of claims for injury to customers, while the Shanghai Municipal
Health Bureau, Shenzhen and Jiangsu-Hong Cross sympathy donations Anti-SARS
frontline medical workers fighting.

In 1998, AIA Shanghai branch to the flood-ravaged areas along the Yangtze River,
Hebei Zhangjiakou earthquake, Huangpu District, Shanghai Disabled Persons
Federation, contributions totaled 1 million yuan, of which some funds for the
construction of Yichang, Shanghai Red Cross Society disaster preparedness relief
should center; AIA Shanghai branch in Anhui build a friendly Spring Bud primary
donor for many years without interruption to the school to provide teaching
equipment assistance. By the end of 2004 when an earthquake and tsunami in Asia
after the attacks, the AIA companies of all branches of positive action, to the local
Red Cross or related corporate donations more than 600,000 yuan.

In 2004, "Global Entrepreneur" magazine published a 2003
"Best Corporate Citizens" top of the results, the AIA as the only
award an insurance company, and ranked top 11 selected companies. The selection is
from the "Global Entrepreneur" magazine Joint Research
Center of Transnational Corporations, Ministry of Commerce for the first time carried
out by multinational companies in China to recognize those who actively expanding
operations in China, while China's rapid integration into society,
contributing to society to become good corporate citizens of local multinational.

AIA since 1992, returned to the market operation in China, witnessed and participated
in the development of China's insurance industry and prosperity, while a
successful business, AIA is also active in the Chinese market to fulfill the social
responsibility of corporate citizenship, in personnel training, donor student, assist
vulnerable groups, disaster relief and so active, won a good reputation. In order to
better unify and accelerate the company's public welfare brand building
brand pace, AIA and the China Children and Teenagers Foundation set up a
"Love Fund AIA," AIA is hoping to set up the fund, call for
more community participation to Care for children, care of vulnerable groups to

In order to better and better on the special fund for management and supervision of
the Children's Foundation and the AIA staff will form a special
"AIA Charitable Fund Management Committee," co-manage
the fund. AIA Heart Fund will be used to Sichuan earthquake reconstruction work,
and rescue women and children in poor areas; in the orphanage after the completion
of preparation, the company will organize "International Assurance
Volunteer Services Team" to visit orphans, and they keep in touch , for
support through volunteer teaching, etc., to the affected areas to bring more love and
care of orphans.

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