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Advantages in America


									Advantages in America
Advantages in America
1, the United States is the world's one of the highest quality of education,
there are many world-renowned universities, the number and range of courses cover
very alarming. American higher education and career development of individuals is
very helpful - where you can broaden their horizons, learn cutting-edge knowledge,
build leadership skills, enhance their competitiveness.
2, every year more than 200 countries from around the world the more than 450,000
foreign students to American higher education, half of the undergraduate, graduate or
professional the rest of the course. 5% of them from Africa, 58% from Asia, 14%
Europe 10% Latin America, 7% of the Middle East, as well as 5% from Canada, by
country of view is the largest share of Japan and China, both 8%.
3, the United States a wide range of scholarships, university scholarships (school
scholarship) is divided into non-service scholarship (Non-Service Scholarship),
Service Scholarship (Service Assistantship) and school loans (loan) of three. Graduate
School of the vast majority of American universities have set up the first two funding.
Although not all school year, such funding can cover the full cost, but most are in the
full amount of the 2 / 3. The applicant as long as the TOEFL more than 550, GRE
higher than 1200, GMAT higher than 550, if the attention to apply techniques and
methods, is fully get the whole prize.
4, a wide range of American education, you can choose according to their own
circumstances best suited to their school. There are private schools with public
schools, there are college university, a two-year college another four-year university,
graduate education, vocational education there. Degrees from the associate degree,
bachelor's degree, master's degree to doctorate, post-doctoral
and Jacuzzis.
5, flexible and effective way of credits accumulated so that students can complete in a
shorter time to their studies;
6, free and open system of professional selection so that students can have more time
to consider their own future;
7, by professional accreditation organizations, managing and regulating all kinds of
institutions, recognition of credit transfer between institutions;
8, to provide work-study opportunities to help students reduce the family burden,
increased social experience and ability;
9, multi-cultural composition of the various ethnic equality, open and free
environment, conducive to the integration of students;
10, once a student visa, have the opportunity to work for migrants, their families
would also have the United States;
11, raising awareness in America home market, competitiveness and, more access to
high-paid jobs.
Study in the USA Q & A
1.GMAT results are not restricted to MBA's application but the same
applies to other business class management major on the application of right
A: Whether or Chinese American students, and if they want to enter the Business
School or School of Management master's degree, must participate in
GMAT exam.
2. If you have hepatitis B can not go abroad?
A: Different countries have quite different requirements. UK student visa is not
required physical examination. Australia / Canada / New Zealand student visa
applications to the designated hospital to medical examination. Schools in the United
States as the different requirements of different students. However, to apply for
international travel generally yellow book "International Travel Health
Card" and "international vaccination certificate", no
matter what country you go.
3. No university degree can apply for scholarships for master's degree in
the United States do?
A: In China, the so-called American university diploma is not to say, they look at you
have a Bachelor Degree, so to apply for a master's degree in American
universities is best to get the undergraduate degree certificate to say. Of course, this is
not absolute, some American universities still consider Master. For examp le,
professional MBA, if you have a good academic background, work experience is very
rich in well, it is possible to apply to schools and scholarships.
4. What school scholarships in American Universities
A: The U.S. university campus scholarships are d ivided into non-service scholarship,
service three types of scholarships and school loans. Non-service scholarships,
including college grants, scholarships, free college tuition and other incentives for
their own set. Service Scholarship is the fellowship gold and two assistants. The third
category of loans, the amount is relatively small, and most American universities
awarded to their students not only awarded to overseas students.
5. Why not get a visa a lot of good scores?
A: The main reason is not a scholarship, or English is not good, or immigrant.
6. Why scholarship is important on a visa?
A: Because the visa officer that a scholarship in the United States can ensure that your
study and living expenses, the second can determine whether you are good. Only you
are very good, the school will give you scholarships. So can you get scholarships to
become an important indicator of a visa
7. What is the GPA, should be calculated?
A: GPA in English stands for grade point average, meaning that the average hours of
GPA out of the United States is 4 points, that is A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1.GPA
decimal point accuracy is often achieved after 1 to 2, such as: 3.0,3.45. GPA
calculations will generally credit each course multiplied by the hours, add up the
hours later divided by the total obtained average. Chinese schools are generally set
percentage points system or a five, depending on the specific manner equivalent to the
requirements of the American University varies, generally speaking, the percentage
system in more than 90 points can be regarded as 4 points, 80 more than 3 points, 70
more than 2 points, 1 point above 60 points, five-divided into 4 points in 5, 4 into 3, 3
into 2 points, 2 into 1 minute. China does not have many hours the University of
transcripts, therefore, GPA can only be estimated, the results can be combined for all
courses divided by the number of courses. General American universities for
scholarship applicants GPA requirement is 3.0.
8. If the United States for visa, applying for visas in other countries affect it?
A: Do not have such a psychological burden, after all, is not the same country, no
country is willing to use his country's standard to judge things in their own
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