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Muay Thai In Phuket


Suwit offers muay thai training and specializes in kickboxing training and serves the city of Phuket Thailand and the surrounding areas

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									                                    Thailand in 2005

Are you familiar with the significance of the date December 5 in Thailand? Well if not, this date
is regarded as a very significant day in Thailand, because it marks his Majesty King Bhumibol
Adulyadej’s birthday. Five years ago his Majesty turned 82. Thai people from around the world
celebrated this auspicious occasion on a grand scale to show gratitude to their beloved monarch.

In that year, King Bhumibol Adulyadej called on all of the members of the country’s key
institutions and the Thai people to perform their duty with sincerity, and true intentions and
honesty, as well as to put the benefit of the country above self interest.

During 68 years of his Majesty the King’s reign, he has dedicated and worked very hard his life
for the well being of all Thai people. Over 3,000 Royal Development Projects, that ranged from
agriculture, technology, environment to health, transportation and irrigation, energy, have been
initiated by him to help increase the quality of life of the Thai people. The philosophy of
“Sufficiency Economy,” stressing on moderation as the main objective, was introduced by His
Majesty as guidance for society to deal with challenges that aroused from globalization and was
regarded by the UNDP as the keys for human development, according to Muay Thai in Phuket.

After the King delivered his address at that time he returned by motorcade to Siriraj Hospital.

While fireworks lit up the sky in honor on the night of the speech, thousands Muay Thai fans
held candles, waving Thai flags cheered, and chanted "Song Phra Charoen" or "Long Live the
King" at the Muay Thai stadium.

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