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                          ?A rare blog home
   ?In the "CMP world" program in a number of names often go
to Bo for guests, and their popular blog in the cyber world, because they are well
informed, because they have insight. Bo Mr. Liu Xingliang IT were not the first time
to the program, and often listen to our programs, people may remember last year, we
also have several connections, a cultural and historical name Bo Mr. Liu Jixing. In
fact, the two Mr. Liu is a person, they are blood brothers and their family's
special about this is that, almost everyone family blog, the blog is a real family.
   Liu Xingliang, Southwest Jiaotong University, MA, well-known Internet expert, a
senior marketing and communications consultant, has served as director of operations
over the company, editor, president and other positions, the current president of the
Internet lab. As the Internet industry's elite, Liu Xingliang is the first
contact with the family who blog. His blog is full of in-depth exploration of the
Internet industry, the forefront of trend forecasting and precision Road industry
comment, and his writing style both clear and sharp logic, there are nifty popular
literature, from his book "outsmart the shadows" of a book,
almost as IT industry, Legend of the Condor Heroes and Wulinwaishi. Moreover, in
his lead, beginning from the brother Liu Jixing, Jackie Liu, Xing, Liu Xiang sister
branches and their respective family members also have access to a small blog world,
and finally, even the nearly 70-year-old father, Liu Yufu has become a blogger.
Liu Xingliang can be said Liu, a pioneer in the blog, his name is world-famous IT
lakes Bo, but by the Liu family was among the most successful blog is not him, but
his brother Liu Jixing. Liu Jixing, Shanxi Liulin County, who now lives in Taiyuan,
writers, literature and history scholars, senior media persons. In fact, he is also a very
successful entrepreneur, but I prefer him as a very knowledgeable of the cultural
scholars. Liu Jixing born in 70 years, in 1992 graduated from Tianjin University
Department of Philosophy, like "pontoon sea, Li Ma Kunlun"
great realm of life, though not to the heart and desire. His blog is known for history
and culture, good books hidden behind a secret mining industry, particularly in the
vast Xuehai in Probing taken by. More than ten years, in literature, history, philosophy
and aesthetics, the areas of communication achievements quite good, all works
published in more than 450 million words. Author of "Liu Jixing Reading
History,"          "charm        of     Mao        Zedong",
"History Behind," "the history of crying,"
"the history of the people of those cattle," "biggest
names in the Republic of China" and other works, and editor of
"Reading History" series series. History read his blog, back in
the cool calm of the text has a tremendous sense of history, but also full of historical
figures and deep concern for the fate of human warmth, subtle meaning,
everyone's demeanor through the paper back.
Liu three brothers, all of them is named Bo. Big Brother Liu, Xing, 1987, graduated
from Shanxi Normal University Department of Philosophy, has Luliang Municipal
Publicity Department of CPC research director, publicity chief, Lu Liang School of
Arts, Vice President. Over the years his pen stopped working, in the
"People's Daily", "Xinhua news agency
dispatch," "Comment" and published in the press
nearly 100 million words in the article, won many awards above the provincial level,
has published "History of lost track" of a book. His blog
features, like with a couplet of his own to describe this: "View of the fire
hole to see if the buildings or Zhuojiu cup of ancient and modern."
Circle in the family blog, "Liu Courtyard," which, of course, the
number of oldest-old father, brother and sister Liu Mr. Liu Yufu. Liu Yufu, Liulin
County, Shanxi Province, who is nearly seventy years of age, I only upper primary
culture, have been in the sun, Liulin counties work, he had private teachers, the militia
commander, the "four clean" work team members, commune
Revolutionary Council deputy director of the township government office, the Deputy
mayor, deputy secretary of the township people's congress to contact the
chairman, County Board veteran researcher, are currently retired, a comfortable old
age, children and grandchildren, feel comfortable. His life is most proud of is that
encouraging parent, the younger generation which has three graduate and four
undergraduate students, three senior titles. Mr. Liu Lao origin of extreme poor peasant
family, until the father of a generation still illiterate, is the new China, a fate they Liu
has undergone fundamental changes. Mr. Liu Lao usually read books and newspapers
on the preferences and care of state affairs, IT Times blog the wind, the old man will
not fall behind, opened Bo writes in a family history, to understand the culture,
"Liu Courtyard" of the context and the rise of history, see Mr.
Liu Lao Pok Man series, "Liu Courtyard of the story: Liu Yufu family
history of the pen!"
Liu Yufu's daughter Liu Xiangzhi, North Han Language and Literature
undergraduate teacher education, secondary school language teachers, senior teachers.
Over the years dedicated, willing to be a ladder, was awarded the "city of
academic leaders," "City of teaching experts,"
"City Outstanding Teacher", "provincial backbone
teachers", "provincial academic leaders," such as the
title of honor. Teaching, the scholarly research with great concentration, pen stopped
working, in the provincial newspaper published an article more than 40 articles.
Concerned about education and education and culture are the main features of her
blog. Her pursuit of life is: the education of these gifted young; favorites Mood: peach
and plum tree branches laughing spring.
"Liu Courtyard" blog circle of other members also include: The
titanium, Liu Jixing wife, civil servants, the Central Party School graduate student,
won the national ministries of recognition, a former Central Literature Publishing
House's "History of the Shanxi-revolution," Editorial.
Divergence, Liu, Xing's wife, graduated from Shanxi Normal University,
Department of Foreign Languages, Liaoning Normal University graduate school. Has
been engaged in university English education, is currently Associate Professor of
Foreign Languages High Luliang. Liu Dian, Liu Jixing and The titanium son, Liu
Courtyard representative of the third generation, Shanxi Experimental Secondary
School Middle School students, young age, it is quite the style of my father, more
than a dozen articles have been published in various magazines, to be incorporated in
the published book, Liaoning youth magazine was small of 2008 top ten.
    Liu Courtyard, three generations, in addition to the illiterate grandmother, and with
those outside the small, 15 out of 12 people coming out to open Bo, Year of the Tiger
Chinese New Year, Liu Courtyard bloggers who have written with the Chinese New
Year culture-related Bowen, such as Big Brother Liu, Xing-name people writing for
the New Year's Different taste, brother Liu Jixing about China tiger
worship ancestors, the third son Liu Xingliang Shanxi back home about the
experience the feeling Shangfen ancestors, Liu Hong-chi describes himself as seventh
grade language design problems in winter operations involving clever New Year
culture, The titanium introduced the statutory history Lunar New Year, Chinese New
Year Divergence summarizes the English expression, Liu Code and readers to share
some lovely people couplets ... ... Netease blog in the first Liu, a Chinese New Year
for the open section columns, success stories of the altar of a Tiger Bo.
Sanjin earth, human and cultural, historical background and a deep, long, traditional
cultural, civil place where dragons and tigers are hiding, and more people in a mighty
hero. Liu Courtyard this has to cultural establishment to blog name. Xiong Liu 3,
diligent pen himself, and reproduction Jinzhong celebrities style, desirable, admirable.
This is:
Men and women, over the door are all bloggers;
Ancient and modern, write full article!
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