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									7500 TOEFL recognized university
May 27, 2010, Princeton, New Jersey - Educational Testing Service (ETS), announced
today, there are currently from the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia, more
than 130 countries, more than 7,500 institutions of higher learning TOEFL school
recognized that the world's most widely accepted English proficiency test.
45 years, TOEFL higher education institutions around the world to provide an
accurate and comprehensive assessment tools to test non-English mother tongue
candidates level of English.
TOEFL, director of product management, Teresa Sanchez-Lazer, said: "We
are very pleased to see so many world famous institution of higher learning as the
TOEFL test of English as a reliable test. The future will still keep a large number of
overseas students studying abroad, people in high quality objective test of English
will continue to grow demand. "
TOEFL is the only artificial and computer ratings also means the combination of
English proficiency tests, to just and effective English language communication skills
assessment of candidates. In addition, each TOEFL paper by a group of certified
raters strictly for ratings, in order to maximize the objective to ensure the degree of
TOEFL and reliability, every score marking members work done under strict
So far, more than 2,400 million people worldwide participated in TOEFL candidates,
and this figure is still growing. The candidates are, the TOEFL test is the most
convenient to participate in the English language proficiency tests: they can be by 165
countries around the world more than 4,500 test centers to take the test. Now, after the
end of the examination candidates can also check results online within two weeks so
that the whole process more efficient TOEFL and convenient.
TOEFL score of more than 7,500 accredited colleges and universities a complete list,
see "List of TOEFL use of the institution", download URL for
the http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/TOEFL/pdf/univ0708.pdf
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