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									Seven Swords

The Second edition, copyright 2009 by Kevin L.

                           The fire is burning on the surface of water,

                               None of the grasses is standing still.

                              The skies are gray, filled with arrows.

                                        And on the ground,

                                       The war has begun.

                              The wither souls that‟s fill with wrath,

                                  Lying on the rich, red ground.

                                 Their eyes, stare at one another,

                                     With hope, without tears.

           The one who is still standing is the one in the center of the battleground.

                With revenge, he fisted, he scowled, and he knows the fact that

                                          He is the holder

                                       Of the Seven Swords

    Under the bright full moon, Kelvin walked passed Shawn‟s garden, the flowers were
closed, like were in mellifluous sleeps, resting peacefully in their dreams. He went into the
head quarter, to the King‟s throne. Beside the throne, there lie a huge black quox. Once the
quox saw Kelvin, it stood up on its black legs, its pure black fur shone in the light of fire.
    “How are you?” with a simple greeting, Kelvin collapse onto his throne. Unbuckled the belt
and release the Sword of Light onto the ground with a thump.

    “What do you think? Letting me alone in my room, you leaved me without even a call.”

    “I told you that you do not need to come, unless there‟s a battle.”

    “I just want to listen to the meet…”

    “The meet is for king, Frank.” commented Kelvin.

    “…Besides, there is no battle after the one for the seven swords.”

    Kelvin stare at Frank for a moment, then burst into laugh. “Ha! That‟s a long time ago, how
would I forget!”

    “Maybe you are tire, king, let me help you to your room.” said Frank.

    “Thank you, but I prefer going by myself.” said Kelvin, then he walked into the hallway and

    The story take time in the Koland-year, 2000, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean there lays a
land called Dolum and an island by it called Koland. No one had ever find the lands and few
people know about them. However, there are people who lived on the land for generations,
they understand and develop lot more technology than us. Moreover, on Koland, there is one
city, where lived a boy who just turned sixteen, and his name is Kelvin.

    Years before he became the king of quox and the holder of the sword of light, Kelvin was
in his room, reading a book. Every thing was silence until some one scream, and a sound of
glass breaking, made him jumped.

    Then the door opened, came in his mother. “Hide under the bed, quick!” she yelled. Kelvin
immediately went under his bed, squeezed his body into the very corner of the wall. He was
shocked, not ready to be scare, and then he heard several screams, yelling, and gunshots. He
slowly closed his eyes, tried not to listen to the rest of the sound.
    At that night, Kelvin went out of the bed, he went to the kitchen and search for some
analgesics and swallow them into his throat. He does this when he was afraid and the drugs
always help him relieve his nerve like sertraline. However, the dining room was full of bodies
and nearly all of the windows broke into pieces. The flies and smell does not comfort Kelvin,
who was not daring to look into the dining room. He went back to bed and sleep.

    He woke up at morning and felt back to normal again, but the fact that all of the people in
the house were dead bothers Kelvin. When he was on conscious, his body shakes hard, not
from the sleeping pill and drug, but from the sudden fright. He ran around the house and saw
the faces of all the bodies of the people he knew for a long time. His family, all lie dead.

    “Who…who did all this?” Only his clear echo answered.

    He ran to the basement and found out that the rifle, the revolver, all gone.

    He lies down on the ground, but the smell did not keep him for long. At night, he went
outside to get help.

    Where are all the snows?

    The city was unusually quiet as Kelvin walked past the street, to the city park. There was a
taste of dead silent in the cool air of night, and it last until the breaking sound of a light bulb
emerged. Kelvin looked up to the light, and then down, there was something shone like a star
in about 30 feet in front of him. Then another wind blows, the hair on his head flew back, and
he can now barely see the other part of the park. He listened carefully to the trees, and the
trees whispered to him. Is the world coming to the end?

    A sound of banging metal broke the entire silent in the park. Kelvin was afraid to look back;
he stared at the bight shinny source. His heart beat rapidly, and his breath was deep and fast.
He thought,

    What is going on?

    Kelvin started to feel dizzy as another sound of metal banging emerged, and then a
shadow of man appeared in front of him.
    Kelvin was trying to run away, but then he tripped by a rock. There stood the man with a
stick of metal, his face and shirts were full of blood, and he was walking weakly and slowly to

    “What…What happen?” Words squeezed out from Kelvin‟s throat.

    “Run…Run away…while you can…please…there‟s no time left…” The man said. Kelvin
could barely understand what he was saying; he was paying all his attention to the man‟s
unbelievable amount of blood.

    “I got shot…warn you…run…” The man collapsed and could not say anything more.

    The man was about 35 years old, his stomach was no longer in the regular shape, and the
metal stick held tightly in his hand is covering with blood, too.

    Look like there have been a bloody fight.

    Kelvin got up and run away from the dead man‟s body. He stopped when he saw the
shinny source that he was staring at.

    It is a sword!

    It was a blue long dagger, about half size of a full size blade. The sword is adorned with a
greenish blue diamond-like stone. Kelvin touched the sword with the tip of his index finger,
nothing happens. The sword was beautiful and attractive, Kelvin caught the sword, and pulled
it out from the tree trunk, and then the stone on the sword was no longer shinny in Kelvin‟s

    “Beautiful, beautiful sword,” Kelvin said, “it might be useful.”

    Suddenly, a gun shot, and the tree trunk cracked.

    Kelvin cried. He stood up and ran as fast as he could. The only thing he knew is that
someone was shooting at him in his back.

    Kelvin could hear a lot of gun firing; he kicked his leg up and run through the street, then
turned in to a lane. There was a door, and he knew it was a fire emergency door. However, as
several of footsteps came out, he pushed the door inside and blocked the way with a block of
    What was that?

    Kelvin went up the ladder and fast as he could and then saw a figure in astonishment.

    It was a police, lying on the stairway, with blood all over the place. Kelvin was too shock to
pass the dead body. Then a loud BANG on the door Kelvin pulled the gun out of pocket of the
dead police and ran up the stair.

    Another loud sound of banging door, Kelvin knew the door has opened, he ran faster and
turned into a door and lock it.

    What had happened? Kelvin though sorrowfully, tears came down to his cheeks.

    “Hey…” A tiny, timid voice appeared from behind; Kelvin turned around and saw a girl with
messy long brown hair that covered almost entirely her face. By a doorway, wearing blue
hooded sweater and a pair of blue jean.

    Kelvin ran toward her, the girl looked shocked.

    “Look, you got to tell me everything.” Kelvin said breathless.

    “I…I can‟t, I don‟t know anything.” The girl replied, and then the moment silent.

    “Why are you here then?” Kelvin then asked.

    “I was chased by a bunch of people that‟s shooting me with shotguns!” The girl replied.

    “Same here…” Kelvin said sadly.

    “Why dare you holding a sword and a gun?” The girl asked.

    Kelvin then told the girl everything.

    “That‟s sad; I have exactly what happen to me.”

    “I know…”

    “What‟s your name?” The girl asked.

    “Kelvin, what‟s yours?” Kelvin said.
    “Leyla… Leyla Nora.” Leyla replied.

    Kelvin looked around; found out that the place was actually a hospital building. The light
was bright; there are doors leads to different rooms. Kelvin wa
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