The Stone Bracelet -Novel by linkevin422

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                The Stone Bracelet
  “…so raise your bows, arm your swords, we will run under the

glistens, and flood the grass with blood. Our claws will break, our

fur will rip, but we will demolish the army, and proud the land!”

                                                                Background Information

   It was all start out with an ordinary boy named Kelvin, who walked through his

confusion with Leyla, a thirteen-year-old girl. Later Leyla learned the fact that she and

her brother, Michael, are the protectors of the Seven Swords. Kelvin became the holder

of the swords, who is responsible for taking the swords as the keys to unlock the Door

that locked the Sword Maker for decades. Each sword has its own individual significant

power that makes the sword holder powerful and undefeatable.

   On their journey, Kelvin, Leyla, and Michael met Shawn and Frank, who are the

Quox of Koland. They helped the sword carriers and fight with them against the Dark


   After the final battle, Kelvin went to the underground chamber and unlocked the Door.

The Maker of Swords, also called as the Sword Lord, came beyond Kelvin‟s imagination.

It was extremely powerful. Without the Seven Swords, Kelvin was defeated for a

moment until the Sword of Light dropped from the top of the chamber. With the Sword

of Light, Kelvin fought the Sword Lord to the very edge of his life. With so many

reluctant in his mind, he stood up and fought to his death.

    Out of his luck, Kelvin successfully took Sword Lord‟s life. He went up to the

battleground and found out that there were not any entrance to the chamber, all of the

dark forces and armies dissolved, and at that moment, Kelvin fainted into darkness.

   When he woke up, he was on the Hill of Quox, standing as the King of Koland.

Kelvin: The holder of the Sword of Light and the Bracelet of Stone; mage.

Leyla: The Sword protector, archer.

Michael: The Sword protector, warrior.

Shawn: Quox king.

Frank: Quox black mage.

Cole: Quox summoner.

Ivanhoe: Human prisoner, heavy soldier.

Anthony: Human prisoner, quick thief.

Luke: Human prisoner, monk.

Richard: Wild beast, friendly and strong.

The Stone Bracelet

   “The message you gave me last week, what about it?”

   It was a sunny noon, in the middle of the woods, there hid a beautiful garden. It was

an ordinary garden with flowers and trees, the pond sparkled under the sky flowing

slowly and beautifully past the little bridge on top of it, rushed onto the rocks on the sides.

Under the tree by the pond, sat two people in the shade.

   The one with long dark-brown hair was sitting with a book in her hand. The sun light

reflected her glasses, the eyes behind the glasses twinkled, under them, she smiled.


   It has been four years after the victory of the War of Swords; Kelvin has grown to be

more mature and full of experience. The Sword of Light is showing under his hooded


   “Oh, the message, it‟s from Shawn, he want you to prepare to hunt with him on this

Friday.” She said.

   “That‟s tomorrow, right? Thanks.” Kelvin replied.

   “You can go back and rest if you want; I am staying here to pick some fruits and

wheat.” Leyla said.

   “Do you need any help?” Kelvin asked.

   “It‟s fine with me; you go ahead and do your job.”

   He walked slowly through the forest, passing rows and rows of hundreds-year-old

trees. Few animals make noises as Kelvin walked by. A mother bird flew by, a dead

worm rested peacefully between the bird‟s beaks. The warm sunlight surrounded Kelvin
once again as he walked out of the forest. He set his feet on the grassland, moving toward

the village.

    The next morning Kelvin woke up on his bed. His right wrist raised and stopped in

front of his face. The watch on his wrist says, 3:20 a.m. Right away, he got down and

gets dressed quickly. He belted the Sword of Light onto his waist, draped his cloak onto

his shoulder, and took the hunter kits with him.

    “King‟s going out to hunt!” a quox guard announced.

    The king went out of the castle and jumped onto his horseback, sprint quietly into the

morning‟s darkness.

    After a few minutes‟ ride, Kelvin saw something besides fresh air showed in between

two trees. Within a second, he stopped the horse and wiped his arm in the air. Forces

spread, knocked Kelvin‟s quox guards down, a cracking sound followed, and then a

broken arrow fell onto the ground. This noise made few birds flew away from their nest,

Kelvin‟s quox guards pulled their swords out, awaited.

    “Shawn, don‟t you do that again, every time you send that kind of arrow, it frightened

me for a second.” said Kelvin quietly.

    “Oh, it did frighten you! Please pardon me, my lord,” said Shawn, shot another arrow

at Kelvin, who caught it barehanded.

    “Iron arrow.” said Kelvin, “How many time have I told you not to waste an arrow like


    There was a short moment before both of them start laughing, about five guards

walked out of the forest.

    “What do you think? The first hunt in this year‟s hunting season.”
   “Nothing‟s better than hunting for king like me.” Kelvin put his weapons down onto

the ground, “Let‟s set out fire before the sun rise. The animals came out when it‟s light

and we hunt them for breakfast.”

   “Alright, King.”

   “And don‟t call me king, I have a name.”

   With his guards‟ help, Kelvin gathered few branches, set out a green fire with his

power, and laid onto the ground.

   Shawn looked around, smelled the tree trunks, the branches, the fire, and other places

with his nose carefully, and rest on the ground like a wolf.

   By the time Kelvin woke up, the sun was up in the sky, the time, 6:45 a.m. Shawn

shake Kelvin awake, telling him to get up.

   “Sh! Do not make any noise, get up!” Shawn said in an extremely soft tone, like

breeze passing a lawn…

   A lawn!

   “Shawn! Did you sensed that too?” said Kelvin in the same tone.


   “Feels like there are two to four people walking on the grassland!”


   “Let‟s check it out.”

   Kelvin and Shawn ran with the winds in between the woods to the Grassland of Quox.

Kelvin hid behind a thick tree, catching his breath without any noise. Shawn climbed

onto the top of the tree.
   Slowly, Kelvin turned his body and peeked through the grassland. Out of Kelvin‟s

surprise, there are few figures moving slowly, he can barely hear what they are saying.

   “Careful, there might be wild beast around here, especially on this open space,” one

of them said.

   “It‟s alright, we can take down any kind of beast,” the other said loudly.

   Kelvin and Shawn looked at each other.

   On the grassland, there are three men; one of them covered with armors from head to

toes, seemed extremely muscular, carrying a somewhat familiar machinegun Kelvin had

seemed before. The second man not as tall and muscular as the first one. This man had a

bold head; he looked peaceful, covered with only some brown and simple clothing. The

third man is short; however, he was the only one who walked with no sound. There are

two short blades held in his hand, his facial expression was insidious, looking in all


   “Shall us gre
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