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									2010 Toyota business survey - South entrepreneurs went to Toyota Lean Training
Entrepreneurs in South China to Japan Toyota Lean Training (March 21, 2010

     2006 fiscal year, Toyota sales revenues of more than 1850 billion dollars,
equivalent to a medium-developed country's gross domestic product;
     Fiscal 2007, Toyota profits than Ford, General Motors, Chrysler Big Three auto
companies combined profits of more than;
These data indicate that: Toyota Motor Company not only as a famous, but because it
is the origin of lean manufacturing, global manufacturing in mind,
"world-class facility" and highly respected;
     Japan Co., Ltd. MIC (under the Toyota) after 11 years of history,
"Toyota Training Tour" performance excellence for the
world's manufacturing elite opened the door Toyota. Through classroom
teaching, project work and field visits to improve the system to learn lean production
technology system, and Zero experience world-class status of the factory Lean;
     ● About Toyota, Zero Keys feel the shock caused by lean production;
     ● Let us reveal the mystery of the Toyota Production System, analysis of
world-class plant DNA.

   Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing the market and the social
environment, while rising energy and raw material prices, high land prices, labor costs,
improve the RMB revaluation pressure facing the other hand, prices of goods sold
increased competition, customer choice and the increasingly diverse rapidly changing,
and therefore have a certain scale of manufacturing means universal access to the
transformation of Qi value creation, management of Zhuyao Wentibuzai is Ruhehuode
market channels, equipment, funds, Jishu and other operating Zi Yuan, but rather how
to get business Zi Yuan Shi Xian You The most effective role of the
"production"                    organizational                  skills
★ TPS (Toyota Production System) as a distinguished and highly efficient business
operation system, profoundly changing the global manufacturing value chain and run
the way and order. Therefore, in transition and aggressive manufacturing enterprises
in China have started spontaneously learn and advance TPS.

Five Modules

1. Classroom: 40 years of Toyota experience of Lean experts for you personally
resolve the Toyota production methods DNA;
2. Subject studies: the participants according to their business situation and select
training topics, under the guidance of Japanese experts in the Lean way with layers of
depth to solve the problem;
3. Site visits: a field representative to visit the factory, from different sides feel the
charm of the Toyota Production System, the highest level of understanding of lean
manufacturing and TPS in the Toyota way and steps forward;
4. Factory simulation practice: the Toyota factory system simulation practice, to
deepen understanding of the essence of the lean;
5. Depth of experience of Lean Culture: Visit the national culture, Nagoya City
Pavilion, Toyota Center and Toyota Industrial Science and Technology Museum, so
that you understand the history of Toyota, experience Japanese customs, culture, and
improve on the other side of the understanding of lean concepts.
★ four characteristics of a pioneering high-end lean experiential learning projects;
               ★ classroom learning, training and factory visits theme combined
effect of reinforcement learning;
               ★ full by the Toyota lean production expert, accompanied by
experienced guide;
               ★ limit class enrollment of 20, after the quota applicants automatically
transferred over the next

◆ Rapid innovation leadership team, business philosophy and management style;
◆ systems framework to understand Lean, lean production control series of methods
and tools;
        Clear the scene of the seven business waste, understanding the essence of lean
        Learning materials on time-based system and the implementation of
technology, production and control equilibrium mixed production technology;
        Learn to use in the production process design, management and improvement
of methods, and improving profitability;
        Using lean pull production systems, inventory control process and reduce
manufacturing cycle time;
        Quickly reduce the inventory, to significantly reduce the production cycle;
◆ experience Japanese culture, and thus deepen the understanding of the background
of the implementation of lean manufacturing;
◆ To Lean concrete implementation in Chinese enterprises laid a solid foundation;
◆ make China the industry elite, the establishment of a network of high-quality ring.

   MIC is under Toyota Group, a leading consulting firm, through teaching the Toyota
Production System, as in Japan and overseas, and world-level production of
medium-sized manufacturing enterprises own production management and
performance improvement consulting services. MIC is located in Gifu City, Japan, its
training base 60 minutes by car from Nagoya.
   MIC's Establishment and the Toyota Production System Taiichi Ohno,
founder of a great source of Mr.. Taiichi Ohno the occasion of his retirement, Mr
Toyota Production System has set the worldwide promotion of the vision, but
relatively conservative in the Toyota Corporation, under the system is difficult. Mr.
Kentaro Hoshino as a disciple of Mr. Ono, Gifu Body Industry Co., Ltd. is the general
★ Mr. Ono number of interviews on-site guidance to the Toyota Production System
and after careful consideration, MIC can be born. MIC, as Toyota's
consulting firm, this model within the entire Toyota Group, is unique.

  Japan Japan next month (Yao Japan) Day trip
13 21
Sunday is at 12:00 noon at the Baiyun Airport, 4 door into the next layer of a
collection of Golden Dragon Restaurant and lunch at the same time check. Went to
Nagoya in flight and drive to Gifu (one and a half hours) Nagoya
23 22
Monday Morning: Opening ceremony (exchanging business cards, photo), TPS base
PM: Plant tour 1, TPS base talks
33 23
Tuesday morning: TPS base talks
PM: factory tour 2, subject training to confirm
43 24
Wednesday morning: the factory visit 3, subject training guide
PM: Subject training guide
53 25
Thursday morning: factory simulation practice, subject training guide
Afternoon: study concluded, published practice certificates, wrap party
63 26
Fri-day activities: Toyota Industrial Science and Technology Museum tour, factory
tour 4, visit the Toyota Center in Gifu
73 27
Saturday all day: the depth of experience of Nagoya, Japan Lean Culture
83 28
Sunday morning: Take the 9:35 to 15:00 (stops) to Guangzhou
◆ What is the TPS first unit
1, TPS purpose
2, TPS The basic concept of
3, the composition of production costs
4,7 kinds of waste
5, how to understand the efficiency? Single, comprehensive efficiency
6, Jia fixed rate and fixed rate can be
◆ The second element of the two pillars of TPS JIT
1, Heijunka (levelized) precondition
2,4 M + information
3, to flow up the manufacturing process (basic principles)
4,1 a large engineering production
5, process-oriented assembly machine
6, beat time and cycle time
7, pull system
8, transmission
9 ◆ through automation to reduce the workload of the two pillars of the third unit
TPS Automation
1, since the difference between 働 and automation
2, to help eliminate waste
3, the population of the production line from 働
4, error proofing (since 働 of the important tools)
5, by improving the efficiency of self 働
6, by reducing the workload of self 働
◆ fourth unit efficiency measures
1, the connection process with the rhythm method
2, job rotation methods
3, the aggregation of different production methods of the beat
4, beat generator
◆ standard operating fifth element
1 What is the standard operating?
2, the three elements of standardization work
3, standardization of operating the three documents
4, to achieve improvements through standardization of operating kanban pull ◆
sixth production unit outline and implementation
1, the nature of production kanban pull
2, the role of Kanban
3 types of Kanban
4, the basic principles of operation Kanban
5, Kanban setting
6, the basic calculation of the number of billboards Zhang
7, distribution and maintenance of billboards
◆ seventh unit balanced production line with the rapid change
1, the concept of balanced production and organization
2, balanced production compared with the advanced nature of mass production
3, processes of production and one-piece flow
4, flexible production unit set up
5, fast change of theory and implementation

?Toyota vehicle plant
  Vehicle factory was established in 1959, the total area of about 1.6 million square
meters, 4,000 employees, production reached 13,000 units per month, this tour will
visit Toyota Toyota Toyota vehicle factory to let you know all the production lines and
processes including: forging and stamping, welding, painting, assembly and
commissioning and quality control.
?◆ Aspect: How many varieties, small batch production, kanban management, error
proofing devices to improve the proposal, security lights, beat production, work
friendly environment.

?SUZAKI factory
SUZAKI founded in 1953, covers an area of about 4500 square meters, is Toyota,
Honda, Mitsubishi cars parts supplier, although smaller, but the implementation of the
TPS and the establishment of efficient production systems, have made rapid
development. The company's president was the founder of the Toyota
production system, a disciple of Mr. Taiichi Ohno, Toyota quality and has received
◆ Aspect: Kanban system, Pokayoke (Poka Poka Yoke) and extensive use, how to
implement SMED (Quick Die)

Gifu Auto Body Industry Co., Ltd. Toyota (GBC)
?GBC is a vehicle under the Toyota Group, and parts factories, known as the Toyota
Group, one of the most efficient factories, the main production station wagon, truck,
ambulance and other special vehicles. In GBC, Japan MIC consultants will lead you
to visit the following three plants and two plants in simulated practice experience.
GBC agency vehicle factories (production van sea lions and other vehicle) GBC Head
Office components factory, GBC shall Wei parts factory (production of metal parts
used in seats)
◆ Aspect: between the supplier Kanban pull systems, water spiders feeding systems,
on safety, production and quality of visual management, security lighting systems,
on-time production.

?Denso Corporation
?December 1949, Toyota Automotive Corporation as one of the Denso plant parts,
separated from the Toyota Group, set up an independent "Denso
Corporation of Japan." Today, DENSO has developed in Japan ranked first,
the world's top automotive suppliers group, in more than 30 countries and
regions with 188 affiliates, the Group employees amounting to 112.262. The main
products: automobile parts (electronics): ETC system, hot and cold boxes, automatic
air conditioning, convenient barcode terminals, bar code scanners to facilitate, QR
scanner, engine control systems.
◆ Aspect: typical cell-type production units, 1 house desktop production, and more
able to work the industry, flexible equipment utilization.

★ Course Name: "Toyota Lean Training Tour"
★ Registration: to participate in this trip overseas for further studies of South China
entrepreneurs, please fill out the registration form, fax to 020-84114144, and the
payment of money within a week, and Japan visa information, I completed the
registration after the Department received procedures. (Now the application is very
active, need to book in advance a half seats!!)
★ Speaker Teacher: Hiroya Yamashita, Takagi Road Law
★ Course Location: Nagoya, Japan, Gifu City
★ Duration: March 21, 2010 -28 days (8 days 7 nights)
★ Course Fee: ① team Package: 756 thousand yuan (20 places)
                ?② team Package: 388 thousand yuan (10 places)
                ?③ team Package: 199 thousand yuan (5 places)
                ?④ team Package: 122,400 yuan (3 places)
                ?⑤ in personal vote: 41,800 yuan (a quota)
Including: Hong Kong - Nagoya economy class round-trip air tickets, visa fees, six
nights hotel accommodation (single room), training fees, visit fees, ground
transportation during the training, meals, invitations, etc.. In the visa process,
Guangzhou City, Guangdong International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Training
Department of the Ministry will provide the Japanese study invitation letter and other
supporting documents, and apply for Japan business visa, applicants must have valid
travel documents (passport at least 6 China months period), Guangzhou City,
Guangdong International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Department of Training and
Investigation Division does not assume any reasons of their own identity issues to be
refused or the consequences. The tour of Guangzhou - Nagoya - Guangzhou travel. If
the participants choose different reasons due to their own line, please notify at least
three weeks before the starting of our ministry. Participants must take due notice or
delay changes in its emergency any loss. If a special trip ticket purchased by the
Ministry of study, our department has the right to visit each of the special charge to
the participants the difference. Guangzhou City, Guangdong International Travel
Service Co., Ltd. Health Study and training activities in the possession of the power
of final interpretation.

★ Account Name: Ms. Li month
★ Bank: China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Guangzhou
Zhongshan University
★ account: 6222023602017202680
★ Cash payment: No. 135 Xingang West Road, Guangzhou, Zhongshan University,
Zhongshan University Science Park Simon Room 402
★ Fax :020-84114144
★ Tel: 020-84114141 Miss Liao

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