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					2010 Global 500 List of freshly
2010 Global 500 List of the Financial Times global ranking of the five hundred oil
companies to top the list
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British "Financial Times" this morning released the
world's top five hundred companies, oil for the first time in more than U.S.
oil companies Exxon, the world's largest enterprise value, top 10 Chinese
enterprises have three.
This is the "Financial Times" of the world's 14th
annual ranking of the five hundred is the first time Chinese enterprises ranking top
According to "Financial Times" research report, as of March 31
this year, in the current market value of oil reached 329.3 billion U.S. dollars, higher
than the second Exxon more than 130 million. Microsoft ranked third,
ICBC's market value of 246.4 billion U.S. dollars Zeyi followed.
This week five, the price of oil closed at 10.96 yuan per share, was up 0.37%.
Five hundred list of the 21 listed companies in mainland China, all of the large
state-owned or state holding enterprises, industry covering the financial, chemical,
construction, and transportation. Rankings released the total number of Chinese
enterprises (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to 45, slightly lower than last
year's 47. The number of listed companies in China is not like last
year's 27. Get the job companies including Shanghai Electric, Datang
International Power Generation, Zijin Mining and other rookie on last
year's list.
The top ten companies, in addition to the Australian mining giant BHP Billiton Group,
the all-American enterprise occupied, while more U.S. companies account for six
It is noteworthy list of Microsoft Corporation in the IT class was ranked first, but on
the 28th of this month, Apple's total market value beyond Microsoft, which
occupied many years of global IT boss had to hand over the position .
Reported that the 2010 version of the five hundred companies with market
capitalization of 23.5 trillion U.S. dollars, an increase of more than 2009, more than
half of such a large increase for the past 10 years only.
Shortlisted companies require at least 15% of the shares in circulation, according to
the company listed in the Exchange's total market value of their own ranks,
not not included among the shares listed.
Expert opinion
PetroChina soiled light of China's economic environment
Morning, the China Petroleum University, Associate Dean of Business Administration
Dong Xiucheng told this reporter that the oil summit, is stained with the light of
China's economic environment, Europe and the United States hardest hit
by the financial crisis, the stock market in general fell a lot, so Ecker Mobil, Shell and
other companies were dragged down the market, while China withstood the impact of
oil opportunity ahead of the competition.
Dong Xiucheng that measure the strength of enterprises, market value alone is not
enough sales to some extent a company can better reflect the strength.
Background Links
"Financial Times" Five hundred
British "Financial Times" is a world leader in commercial news
organizations, with 120 years of history, of the establishment of the London stock
market index FTSE100 index is one of three major European stock indexes.
"Financial Times" Five hundred is the world's wealth,
five hundred and said one of the global authority of the corporate rankings. Major
companies in the world on March 31 this year, the stock price based on the
development of this list. The list published once a year, has announced 14
ENTRY company must have at least 15% of the shares in market circulation. Five
hundred and wealth ranking by turnover according to different, "Financial
Times" the world's five hundred according to the
company's market capitalization rankings, market value = units that share
price × number of issued shares. (Source: Legal Daily)
Attachment: Statement of Valuation of the global top ten businesses
State of the industry ranking enterprise market value (U.S. dollars) last year ranked
1 China Petroleum Oil and gas 32 932
2 Exxon Mobil oil and gas exploration 31,621 U.S.
3 Microsoft U.S. IT25696
4 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Bank of China 24644
5 Apple U.S. IT213133
6 BHP Australian mining 209 919
Wal-Mart's U.S. retail sales 20 903 7
American Insurance 200 612 8 Berkshire
9 General Electric U.S. manufacturing 194 223
China, China Mobile Communications 19 305 10

Oil the second time in 2009, ICBC fourth

(Reporter Tao Lobster) British "Financial Times" recently
released 2009 list of Fortune 500 companies in the financial tsunami, of the top
companies from a total market capitalization of 26.8 trillion U.S. dollars last year,
dropped to 15.6 trillion U.S. dollars a decrease of 42%.
Energy to replace the most valuable banking industry, including Exxon Mobil and
PetroChina were reelected champion, runner-up.
More than half of market value evaporate in the banking sector not affected banks
According to British media reports, more than Europe and the United States this year,
financial companies (banking, insurance, etc.) or Chubang outside, including
American International Group (AIG), Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers. The total
market value of the banking sector from 4.1 trillion (about 28 trillion yuan) fell to 1.9
trillion U.S. dollars (about 12.9 trillion yuan).
However, Chinese banks were not affected, the Chinese Industrial and Commercial
Bank of China from 6 to No. 4, continue to be the world's highest market
value of listed banks.
Followed by the United States ranked number one in China
Account by countries and regions, the United States to 181 companies, total market
capitalization of 6.2 trillion U.S. dollars commandeered the top of the charts, and
China 47 list (including Hong Kong and Taiwan, the 16 companies in 4 firms), total
market capitalization of 1.9 trillion followed.
Although Japan and the United Kingdom made the list were 49 companies and 32, but
lower than China's total market capitalization. "Financial
Times" According to global enterprises in the March 31 to position the
stock, asked Ranking company must have at least 15% of the shares in market
circulation, list the enterprise market place as country or region, so China Mobile has
been as Hong Kong companies.
Global 500 top 10
Ranking (last year) Enterprise countries / regions Category Market (RMB)
1 (1) ExxonMobil Energy 2.29 trillion yuan 2 (2) China Petroleum Energy 1.96
trillion yuan in China 3 (11) Wal-Mart's U.S. retail 1.39 trillion yuan 4 (6)
China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China China Bank of 1.28 trillion yuan 5 (5)
China Mobile Hong Kong, China Mobile Communications 1.19 trillion yuan 6 (7)
Microsoft U.S. computer software 1.11 trillion yuan 7 (8) AT & T fixed
telephone 1.01 trillion yuan U.S. 8 (17) Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical
0.994 trillion yuan U.S. 9 (9) Shell UK energy 0.949 trillion yuan 10 (10) Procter
& Gamble, the U.S. Commodity 0.942 trillion yuan
Ranking countries total market capitalization of 500 companies ranking
The total market value of companies ranked to the chart (RMB)
1 United States 2 181 42.3 trillion yuan in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan)
47 13.1 trillion yuan 3 UK 4 32 7.9 trillion yuan by 7.6 trillion yuan of Japan 49 5 5.4
trillion yuan in France 23 Germany 20 4.2 6 7 trillion 3.6 trillion yuan, Canada 27 8
10 3.5 trillion yuan, Switzerland 9 Spain 13 2.5 trillion yuan 10 14 2.4 trillion yuan in
Ranking 27 Chinese mainland companies ranking
Ranking (last year) Enterprise
2 (2) oil 4 (6) China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 13 (20) China
Construction Bank 21 (26) Bank of China 24 (37) China Petrochemical 31 (50) 59
China Life Insurance (52) China Shenhua Energy 87 (140 ) Ping An Insurance 94
(105) Bank of Communications, 122 (103) China Merchants Bank 174 (369) CITIC
Securities 190 (260) 243 CITIC Bank (new) Zijin Mining 269 (422) Shanghai Pudong
Development Bank
Ranking (last year) Enterprise
289 (new) China Railway Construction 292 (new) IB 293 (273) Aluminum
Corporation of China 309 (433) China Railway 314 (363) MOUTAI 337 (242) China
Ocean 340 (288) Steel 343 ( 311), China Coal Energy 350 (419) China Minsheng
Bank 383 (387) Vanke 405 (new) Huaneng Power International 427 (new) Shanghai
Electric 472 (new) Datang International Power Generation
China's high economic growth rate of pulling rank
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences scholars of regional economic analysis for this
report Xu Fengxian morning, the stock itself is the virtual economy, Ken Ding will by
physically economic impact of the financial crisis spread globally in the cases,
according to market capitalization Pailie the list Ziran will Tixian out the rapid
evaporation of the global business market. "China's total market
capitalization jumped to second place, many companies quickly jump up is
inevitable." Xu Fengxian, said China's current economic growth
rate remained at 7.6%, ranking first in the world, so Chinese enterprises play an
effective pull rank effect. (