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					2009, current affairs and political
2009, current affairs and political
First, the domestic part?
▲ 1 13, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Jintao of the CPC Central
Commission for Discipline Inspection seventeenth plenary meeting, on the third
delivered an important speech. He stressed the need to consistently strengthen the
leadership cadres of party spirit, so that leading cadres at all levels, always maintain
political quality of communists, carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of
work, establish and adhere to a correct view of the cause, work concept, performance
concept, in order to fine style to lead the party members, the people rose to the
challenge, determined to reform, to overcome difficulties.
▲ 1 14, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting
examined and approved in principle the auto industry and steel industry restructuring
and rejuvenation program. The meeting decided that, from 2009 January 20 to
December 31, the displacement of 1.6 liters and below 5% reduced rate of levy
passenger vehicle purchase tax.
▲ 1 19, the Tibet Autonomous Region Second Session of the Ninth National
People's Congress voted to establish "liberated millions of serfs
in Tibet Day" resolution to be 382 deputies unanimously decided on March
28 each year is set to "commemorate the liberation of millions of serfs in
Tibet Day. "
▲ 1 月 20, the national recognition of spiritual civilization construction work held
in Beijing. CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Director of
the Central Guidance Committee Li Changchun attended and delivered speeches. He
stressed that the building of spiritual civilization should thoroughly implement the
scientific development concept, focus on promoting the socialist core value system,
and promote civic and social civilization and the quality of the degree of civilization,
to promote development and prosperity of socialist culture in response to the
international financial crisis and maintain economic stability rapid development, and
to win new victories in building a well to provide a powerful spiritual motivation, to
create a good social environment.
▲ 2008 annual "Top Ten News of basic research in China"
Award results announced on Feb. 10. 10 Chinese scientists independently or by the
completion of important research-based selection. The 10 results are: the successful
launch of Shenzhou VII and complete the set tasks, China's first lunar
maps site-wide announcement of iron-based high-temperature superconducting series
of important progress made, Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic
Telescope (LAMOST ) completed, Asian diploid genome sequenced, 22.4 years over
the past millennium and the track between the East Asian monsoon changes in scale,
Lanzhou heavy ion accelerator storage ring built and put into operation, the influenza
virus polymerase PA subunit PB1 peptide complex three-dimensional fine structure,
Ghd7 natural variation is the control of rice heading date and yield potential of the
important factors, found a possible dark matter annihilation evidence.
▲ 3 月 1 日 16 时 13 分 10 seconds, the Chang'e One satellite in the
Beijing Aerospace Control Center, under the precise control of scientific and technical
personnel, accurately controlled impact on the Moon 52.36 degrees east longitude,
latitude 1.50 degrees of the moon-rich sea area, as China's lunar
exploration project and draw a perfect end.
▲ field of high performance computers in China surging, following the one hundred
trillion times supercomputer among the world top ten, the country's first
trillion Desktop Supercomputer, "Heavenly Sword" on March 2
available. This group introduced by the wave of the computer, volume, and general
desktop machine similar to a maximum computing capacity of up to 4 trillion times /
second, equivalent to 40 servers and 200 personal computers, while the cost of
traditional high performance computing system is only 1 / 5.
▲ lasted more than five months has finally settled Sanlu merger events. March 4,
Sanlu Group Co., the estate auction was held in Shijiazhuang Intermediate
People's Court. In the end, by Beijing Sanyuan Group Co., Ltd. and Hebei
ternary Food Co., Ltd., a "joint bidding body" to total 616.5
million yuan a successful auction.
▲ Eleventh National People's Congress the morning of the second
meeting in the Great Hall of the opening 5. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in his report
in 2009 general plan of work, said that economic and social development this year,
major targets are: GDP growth around 8%, and further optimize the economic
structure; urban employment for more than 900 million people, cities and towns The
registered unemployment rate within 4.6%; urban and rural incomes increased
steadily; consumer price level rose by about 4%; the international balance of
payments continued to improve. Make this year's government work, we
must grasp the following principles: expansion of domestic demand, growth; adjust
the structure, on the level; focus on reform, increase vitality; weight
people's livelihood and promote harmony.
▲         "'Chang'e One' full moon,
three-dimensional drawing in construction technology" projects the
morning of March 9 organized by the People's Liberation Army General
Armament       Department     of    the    results   of   identification.    Use     of
"Chang'e One" production of the original image can
be viewed real-time three-dimensional map of the moon, the moon for the second
phase of China's lunar soft landing device location, the lunar robot motion
planning and simulation to provide technical support. ?
▲ State Councilor Liu Yandong met in Beijing on the morning of the 10th Hong
Kong "Legacy" series of the National Education Committee
responsible person delegation. Said Liu, the establishment of the HKSAR
Government to promote the "Legacy" series of the National
Education Committee, is the reunification of national education in school since an
important breakthrough, marking the national education of young students in Hong
Kong into a new milestone.
▲ The first new energy vehicles in China Industry Alliance - Beijing Automotive
Industry Alliance, New Energy on March 13 was proclaimed. By the BAIC Gong Si,
Beijing Public Transport Group, Beijing Institute of Technology co-sponsored by
other units Digai Union energy Ling Yu Zheng He of the Guonei new superior
resources to technical cooperation, information sharing, Keyan research, policy to
address such Duogefangmian the Union Qi Ye create opportunities, enhance
productivity, learning and research, with the convergence, innovation and change in
China through cooperation in new energy automotive industry, lack of core
technology and innovation status quo.
▲ party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin, Xi
Jinping, Li Keqiang, He Guoqiang, Zhou Yongkang, etc., respectively 19 and 20,
came to Beijing Exhibition Center, visit here for the 2009 China International
Energy-saving and emission reduction New Energy Science and Technology Fair. The
Chinese international energy saving and new energy technology exposition, is by the
Ministry of Science, the National Development and Reform Commission, jointly
organized by the Environmental Protection Department and other departments, and
from 267 domestic companies and the United States, Japan, Sweden, 21 exhibiting
companies. Exhibition of "energy conservation, revitalization of the
economy, Keji innovation, exploration of the future" as Zhuti concentrated
demonstrated energy conservation and new energy technologies of significant results,
in order to mobilize public concern and Zhong Shi energy saving and new energy
Kaifagongzuo, Cujin related to the application of the latest technology and products,
marketing and trading.
▲ 3 22 is the 17th session of the "World Water Day", the
twenty-second "China Water Week" activities are also open
today. The United Nations established "World Water Day"
promotion theme is "cross-border water - the water sharing, shared
opportunity." My mark "World Water Day" and
launched the "China Water Week" the theme of
"implementing the scientific concept of development, protection of water
resources conservation." By the Ministry of Water Resources, the National
Youth Federation, National water conservation office, the central state organs,
co-sponsored by China Youth Federation, "the scientific concept of
development, protection of water resources conservation" theme practice
was officially launched in Beijing the same day.
▲ Beijing at half past eight p.m. on the 28 March, with the National Stadium in
Beijing, in Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower and other landmarks lights one
after another, marked by the nearly 4,000 cities worldwide, about 10 million people
participate in the "Earth one hour "lights relay into China.
China Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong Shi Yuzuo cities attended the event. ?
"Earth Hour" campaign by the World Wildlife Fund launched in
2007, called on people in March last Saturday 20:30 to 9:30 lights out for one hour to
raise awareness of carbon emissions and global warming and other issues.
▲ world's second-long cable-stayed bridge in Hong Kong on April 7
closure, Stonecutters Bridge is one of the world's tallest bridge, allowing
the largest container ship passed into the Kwai Chung Container Terminal. It is
reported that the bridge construction techniques for the world's advanced
level, with a very streamlined deck design, greatly increased wind resistance.
▲ Communist Youth League Central Committee, Ministry of Education, Ministry of
Human Resources and Social Security on April 10 in Beijing held a
"Volunteer Service, 2009 West planned teleconference."
Volunteer Service, 2009 West planned from April 11 onwards started. Plans to send
10,000 graduates to the universities and colleges around the western grass-roots level
to carry out volunteer work. Volunteer service for the period from 1-2 years 1-3 years
to adjust.
▲ 4 月 15 日 零时 16 points at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China
with a "long march on the 3rd C" carrier rocket successfully the
second Beidou navigation satellite into orbit. The satellite was successfully launched
satellites for Compass navigation system has a very important building.
▲ 4 15, the 105th Canton Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou, the opening to May 7
held in three phases. During the fair, 55,885 standard booths, an increase over the
previous 265. Total 22 104 exhibitors inside and outside the family, less than the
previous 237. Exhibition in the country generally met the financial crisis,
"cold," the occasion, the Canton Fair exhibitors and display size
to remain stable.
▲ Boao Forum for Asia 2009 Annual Meeting April 18 opening of the morning in
Boao, Hainan. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the opening ceremony speech,
entitled     "confidence       and    deepen      cooperation    to    achieve
win-win" in a keynote speech. He stressed that China is willing to continue
to work with Asian countries to actively respond to challenges, to comprehensively
strengthen cooperation and cooperation in various fields so that a more substantial and
full of vitality, and promote regional peace and prosperity.
▲ 4 23rd morning, the State President and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao met in Qingdao,
People's Liberation Army Navy was invited to attend the 60th anniversary
celebrations of the 29 States naval delegation, on behalf of the Chinese government
and armed forces of countries to participate in the celebrations naval officers and a
warm welcome. People's Liberation Army Navy 60th Anniversary on April
25 morning in Beijing.
▲ Fourth Central China Investment and Trade Fair on April 26 was officially opened
in Hefei, Anhui Province. Expo Central China "innovation, cooperation
and win-win situation, the rise" as its theme, will be held in six central
provinces and the multinational lunch Seminar on Service Outsourcing, invigorate the
circulation of the policy statement will be to expand consumption of major events in
12 games.
▲ Chen Yunlin, president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait
and the Straits Exchange Foundation Chairman Chiang Pin-kung on April 26
afternoon meeting. During the talks, both sides Taiwan investment in mainland capital
exchanged views and reached consensus in principle.
▲ 5 1st, Beijing warm spring, flowers bloom, Tiananmen Square was filled with
joyful and festive atmosphere, the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China countdown to a
time-card launch anniversary was held here.
▲ This year is the 90th anniversary of May 4th Movement. Youth Day in the dawn
of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC
Chairman Hu Jintao arrived in the morning of May 2 China Agricultural University,
with the majority of teachers and students were welcome Youth Day, on behalf of the
CPC Central Committee to the community of all ethnic groups Young extended
holiday greetings. Hu stressed that the contemporary youth movement of the 54 best
to commemorate a pioneer of the 54 best comfort, it is necessary under the leadership
of the party, to persistent faith, good moral character, rich knowledge, perfect skill, the
courage to take historical responsibility, together with the masses, struggling to create
a new situation in the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, so that the spirit of
the great 54's practice in rejuvenating the new era of dazzling shine even
more light.
▲ commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Fourth Conference on May 4 at the
Great Hall of the morning. Politburo Standing Committee member Li Changchun in
the General Assembly. Li said that the outbreak of the May 4th Movement 90 years
ago, gave birth to the patriotic, progressive, democratic and scientific spirit of the
great 54. 90-year history shows us, uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of
China has always been to promote the continuous progress of our country the
fundamental guarantee; adhere to basic principles of Marxism with the concrete
realities of China, continue to promote Marxism in China, is to promote the country
strong driving force for the continuous progress; adhere to the socialist road with
Chinese characteristics, is to achieve national prosperity and rejuvenation and the
people being the only right choice; 青年 always been the most active in our society,
the most active and most dynamic force of motherland and the nation's
future prosperity of the cause of our hope.
▲       Despite the adverse situation of the international financial crisis,
China's service trade growth remains well above the global average.
Ministry of Commerce announced on May 6, I trade in services imports and exports
in 2008 reached 304.45 billion U.S. dollars, up 21.3%, an increase of 9.6 percentage
points down. According to the latest WTO statistics, China's service trade
exports in the world ranking from seventh place in 2007 rose to fifth place, imports
remained the world's fifth.
▲ 5 月 afternoon of 12 mark the first anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake in
activities held in the Town in Wenchuan County. CPC Central Committee General
Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Hu Jintao attended the celebrations
and delivered an important speech to the earthquake disaster in the fellow who lost
their lives to the struggle to win a major victory in relief of the martyrs who sacrificed
their expression of deep thoughts, call the whole army and people of all carry forward
the spirit of great relief, struggling to fight to win a complete victory of earthquake
▲ China Network on May 14 published the full text, "the State Council
on the support of the Economic Zone in Fujian Province to speed up construction of a
number of views." In this document, Economic Zone for the strategic
positioning of contacts between people on both sides first before Shi area, perimeter
serviced opening up for developing new integrated Tongdao, the eastern coastal Xian
Jin Zhi Zaoye an important base of natural Woguo important and cultural tourism.
▲ 5 19, the largest biogas power plant - the source gas power plant completed de
Young, and started to North China Power grid. It is reported annually to the grid than
the power plant to provide 14 million kilowatts of green power, it also produces heat
equivalent to 4,500 tons of coal equivalent for heating, while reducing the more than
80,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. This year in April, the biogas power
generation project was classified as "global large-scale biogas power
generation technology demonstration project."
▲ 6 1st, Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao at the Zhongnanhai in Beijing
Zhongguancun in Beijing and participated in the third elementary school,
"congregated in Beijing, bless the motherland, and to celebrate the
61" campaign nearly 56 pupils on behalf of the nation spend
"61" International Children's Day.
▲ to "colorful culture of the human spirit to their homes" as
the theme of the second session of China Chengdu International Intangible Cultural
Heritage Festival on June 1 opened in Chengdu. Heritage Festival, this non-Ministry
of Culture, Sichuan Provincial People's Government, UNESCO organized
a period of 13 days. Non-heritage festival, will launch five major categories and more
than 300 items of the activities section, in which the Intangible Cultural Heritage
Expo will showcase the world of non-heritage items and non-heritage protection in
China, especially the "5.12" earthquake in Sichuan in the
non-material cultural heritage protection, rescue and pass the results achieved.
▲ 6 1st, the State Food and Drug Administration held in Shanghai,
"catering permit" issued opening ceremony, seven were
approved, the first batch of food and beverage companies, "food service
permit." Basis beginning June 1 implementation of the Food Safety Act,
"food service license" will replace the existing ones a few years
of food hygiene license.
▲ 6 2, the International Mathematical Union announced the establishment