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					1 girl in the Amoy lakes
  ?Many people now choose online shopping, the same girl, especially in the empty
days, nothing would like to open Taobao 4 search results always irrepressible own,
click on the mouse, purchased many of the things I do not know 12, or in mall to see
what satisfaction the dressing room to secretly hide a record number, home online
search, mainly because the mall thing more expensive, as high as we could only buy a
month's wages of a Chiffon skirt is not the kind of sleeves, a nd many
Taobao Shopping Service can make a 75 break to the new, semi- new is able to down
65-fold, this is definitely kind of temptation, but there is the risk of online shopping, I
do not say We also all know that the quality assurance of goods, sometimes we feel
very nice to see pictures of clothes, in fact hand, we find that in fact is not we the
ideal quality, or the so-called authentic Shopping Service simply non-existent, there
are a lot of clothes and even let us have the idea of swindling.
  ?Suo Yi girl decided to buy myself something Taobao out to share with you, write
down details of the goods of the quality of comments, some people would say Ya Tou
superfluous, after all, Taobao Each item has a comment, you can not know everyone
has     noted     Pinglun     the     most    is "very           good",
"good" and so feeble, of no help to the word, girl want to give
you an objective and realistic self-appraisal, for no other is to give more information
to all buyers, after all, money is a great portion of hard-earned, and always hope I can
get better value for money some of the things that girl will be accompanied on his
blog and as far as possible without any PS the picture, give you a real accurate
   Summer is coming, Taobao is now filled with the most purchases are perhaps the
largest variety of T shirt, and yes, Taobao's T shirt prices are basically in
the 30 to 40, while the general foreign trade shop street T shirt prices about 60 to 100,
not to mention the brand T shirt mall price is around 200, many shot in the summer,
MM The first products will choose one T shirt.
   I also bought a few T-shirts, now they are out to share with you real, I will shop cut
and paste the picture here, give us a detailed senses.
   The first:

  ?First saw this T-shirt, I heart, and first of all I like the head T-shirt, in particular, this
woman is the head T shirt to wear myself full of a woman who was full of flavor
without losing the joy of a cell, another picture gave me the feeling is quite the bar,
clothing store on the evaluation is that:
   Hand clothes, my first feeling is rough fabrics, yarns of different colors in the
clothes and the right upper part of a combination of sequins and bow similar to the

However, sewing the back can see here quite rough, is on several needle Liao, if
wearing long Jingchang washing is likely to be open line, then there are clothes in the
interfaces there are lots of thread, more to the people an intuitive sense of poor quality
clothes, but in fact this dress worth 78 yuan in Taobao large T shirt should be able to
count the middle class family in the.
  ?Dress upper body work well, do as the seller said, it was waist, if you have Xiaodu
Zi, this dress does fit perfect to help you hide, do no t let it come out in the summer to
give you trouble trouble. It is able to bat sleeves visually compared to the arm thick
girl some comfort, but the overall long dress, I height 169, which almost wrap my
clothes more than half of the buttocks, the following section I take a direct blue tube
jeans, feel good about themselves.
  ?Recommendation: This dress fabrics, screen printing is slightly less quality, not
suitable for people at close quarters (1 meter or less face to face) contact wear,
personal sense of fabric and workmanship is not the value of 78RMB, but the effect
on the upper body and creativity is pretty good, but this dress does not fit petite size,
thin girls, located in the 40 or so if the price is very worth of a product shot.
  ?Clothes, no discoloration after water problems, as it would be unremitting, now we
can not give definitive answers.
  ?The above pictures are from sellers shop, no one is shot girl, girl clothes to dry in
the upper body after the details and effects of camera work, so stay tuned.

Taobao store:
Opened in 2005, is a very famous Taobao shop has a 4 crown of.
Girl tip: to communicate with customer service, patience, read reviews, with
particular attention to what their length. Do not just promising, but also look good,
comprehensive evaluation, and customer communication, not recommendations to
buy, after all, have not seen the kind, there are many uncertainties.

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