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									"North-class women": Wang Xiaofeng self-timer is a third-DV
Event Description: October 26, famous blog writer, "Life Week"
writer Wang Xiaofeng's self-timer with his DV "You Ya Zhen
Hen" Zhongshan University School of Management MBA in International
Conference Hall Building propaganda broadcast. After playing the interactive session,
one was friends known as the "North-class women," the girls
stand up and accused of this "third" DV should not play into the
Zhongshan University. On "North-class women," the video time
line can be described as "greenhouse effect" very.
Video start there this Y extension of the arm, index finger pointing to stop the
embarrassment of Mr. Wang Xiaofeng: "I believe Sun (Zhongshan)
President, this, this, heaven he was not happy, you know it, really! He then things
(referring to Wang Xiaofeng's DV film "You Ya Zhen
Hen") can not enter the North of you know? if I heard that he entered the
North, I tell you, I'll go to Beijing University Beijing University is the
principal ... ... you are? Peking University is now the first place you know? Oh, you
find one, you find one, we can ... ... We can debate, you find a Ranking list out
me ... ... the spirit of China, the inheritance of this , I tell you it in Beijing.
"... ..." a little critical spirit of good, Peking University is a P, I
tell you, but then, I hope all of you can come up with an elegant spirit out, that this
Large things come to this, but also be able to play ... .... I think this is all a shame, Mr.
Sun heaven, I believe he will agree with me. "
I'm watching a video of Beijing University student who claimed to be the
world called "North-class women" who feel a strange sadness -
Mental and behavioral poor. Many college students now have this mentality can not
enter the elite schools, on the self-pity, propped up with nothing to eat all day as the
lack of challenge to his alma mater, too this too that, as if nothing alma mater, and
then trampled on the self (referred to as: Since the base), as long as the school is the
best school in the universe (this universe, the best thing?), their efforts will naturally
be without the outstanding personality of the universe; into the elite schools, into the
so-called "first class" academic institution, like smoke after a
period of time so feel that they are cows, like all the fine tradition of first-class
universities, all the commendable things for the people of the world suddenly
concentrated on our bodies, reborn, and then on the high moral
"minority" living things in his (her) under one person. The word
"tender", "tender" was not! Smoked for a
long time and then beef, but you are a "smoked beef", that was
all! Or Mr. Wang Xiaofeng wit: "The real thing can do, not that you are a
graduate of Beijing University or Tsinghua University graduate, or graduated from
Zhongshan University. I made that can do this more than anything . "
Treatment, the human is to have a critical spirit, which is North from the
"May 4th Movement" has been good for the world praiseworthy
tradition. However, the North this so-called "first class" so
reflect it? In such a situation, in that environment, even when Mr. Wang
Xiaofeng's DV works in your eyes "∞ flow", or that
claims to Peking University students of the performance of endless embarrassment.
This is a quieter era, is a critical age need to express their views on certain things is a
normal person's spiritual needs; However, this is also the era of civilization,
civilized people should have a civilized way, with respect others that the most basic
sense when dealing with others they do not have dare to in a large crowd under the
self-proclaimed "Beijing University Students", asked the
students to be big, "a little critical spirit," "come up
with a kind of first class out", would not people to whom shame! It not on
the Peking University Education "a shame!"
Mr. Wang Xiaofeng's DV what level, a few things flow, each of the
presence of students, teachers will make their own evaluation, will have its own
evaluation criteria, what need is there, "you Y" in the audience
pointed to Mr. Wang Xiaofeng nose with a "first class" to
You really Y "delicate"!
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