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   Thomson Reuters Corporation
                                                                                         440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                         Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

  Figures in Canadian Dollars

                                 Wright Quality Rating:ABD0                                 Key Data

   Thomson Reuters Corporation (Thomson Reuters) is a provider of information for the       Ticker:
   world's businesses and professionals. Thomson Reuters has two divisions:                 TRI
   Professional and Markets. The Markets division serves financial services and
   corporate professionals globally, with Reuters Media serving the professional and        2010 Sales:
   consumer media market. Major brands include Thomson Reuters Eikon, Reuters 3000
   Xtra, Lipper, Elektron Datascope, Datastream and Thomson One. The Professional
   division consists of its businesses in the Legal, Tax and Accounting, and Healthcare
   and Science sectors. Major brands include Westlaw, ONESOURCE, Derwent World              Major Industry:
   Patents Index, Thomson Reuters Pharma, Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge, Web             Printing & Publishing
   of Science and Thomson Reuters Integrity. Its corporate headquarters are located in
   New York, with key operations in London, Bangalore, Eagan, Minnesota and                 Sub Industry:
   Stamford, Connecticut. In May 2011, it acquired World-Check and Mastersaf. In            Miscellaneous Printing &
   June 2011, it acquired CorpSmart from Deloitte.                                          Publishing
                       Stock Chart                                   Officers
                                                                    Chairman                Country:
                                                                David K.R. Thomson          Canada

                                                                   Vice Chairman            Currency:
                                                              William Geoffrey Beattie
                                                                                            Canadian Dollars

                                                              Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                            Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                                 Thomas H. Glocer
                                                         Executive Vice President &
                                                           Chief Financial Officer          Employees
                                                               Robert D. Daleo              57,900

                                                                                            NYSE TOR LON

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