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   A Wright Investors' Service Research Report:

   Canada Bread Company Limited
                                                                                        440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                        Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

  Figures in Canadian Dollars

                                 Wright Quality Rating:DAC5                                  Key Data

   Canada Bread Company, Limited (Canada Bread) is a manufacturer and distributor of         Ticker:
   fresh and frozen bakery products, specialty breads, and fresh pasta and sauces. The       CBY
   Company has two segments: the Fresh Bakery and the Frozen Bakery segments. The
   Fresh Bakery segment produces fresh bakery products, sweet goods, and specialty           2010 Sales:
   fresh pasta and sauces. The Frozen Bakery segment includes frozen par-baked
   bakery products, specialty and artisan breads, and bagels sold in North America and
   the United Kingdom, including frozen par-baked and specialty bakery products. Its
   Fresh Bakery brands include Dempster's, Villaggio, Olivieri, McGavin's, POM, Bon          Major Industry:
   Matin, Sunmaid and Ben's. Its Frozen Bakery brands include Wholesome Harvest,             Food & Beverages
   Tenderflake and New York Bakery. As of March 25, 2011, Canada Bread was 90%
   owned by Maple Leaf Foods Inc. On February 18, 2011, the Company completed the            Sub Industry:
   sale of its Fresh Bakery sandwich business.                                               Bakers
                       Stock Chart                                  Officers
                                                                    Chairman                 Country:
                                                                Michael H. McCain            Canada

                                                         President & Chief Executive         Currency:
                                                                Richard A. Lan
                                                                                             Canadian Dollars

                                                              Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                             Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                                  Michael H. Vels
                                                              Senior Vice President
                                                                    Finance                  Employees
                                                                Steven J. Attridge           7,500

                                                          Vice President & Treasurer         Exchanges:
                                                               Catherine Brennan             MON TOR

                                                                                             Share Type:

                                                                                             Market Capitalization:
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