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   Marion Energy Limited
                                                                                         440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                         Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

  Figures in Australian Dollars

                                  Wright Quality Rating:LDNN                                  Key Data

   Marion Energy Limited is an Australia-based company. The Company is principally            Ticker:
   engaged in investment in oil and gas projects and the identification and assessment        MAE
   of new opportunities in the oil and gas industry in Texas, Utah and Oklahoma in the
   United States. The Company's projects include the Clear Creek Project, the Helper          2010 Sales:
   Project and the Jester Bloomington project and Willows project. As of June 30, 2010,
   the Company held 100% working interest in the Clear Creek project, and 100%
   interests in the Helper project and the Jester Bloomington project. During the fiscal
   year ended June 30, 2010 (fiscal 2010), it did not operate the wells, which were           Major Industry:
   located in the Clear Creek project and the Helper project. During fiscal 2010, the         Oil, Gas, Coal & Related
   Company assessed reserves of 138.8 billion cubic feet of proved reserves, 84.9             Services
   billion cubic feet of probable reserves and 18.2 billion cubic feet of possible reserves
   for a total of 241.9 billion cubic feet of reserves.                               Sub Industry:
                       Stock Chart                                  Officers          Exploration, Drilling Service
                                                          Executive Managing Director & Equip
                                                           & Chief Executive Officer
                                                                  Jeffrey Clarke      Country:
                                                            Chief Operating Officer
                                                                 Jay Stratton Jr.     Currency:
                                                                                              Australian Dollars
                                                               Chief Financial Officer
                                                                    Karel Louman
                                                                                              Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                               Managing Director &
                                                                  Peter Collery               Employees


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