April 2008 issue - Taguig Citys Prepared- ness Volume 1 Issue 5 by absences


									Volume 1 Issue 5                                                                            your guide to the BIG city
Taguig City’s Prepared-         Board in cooperation with
ness                            the Manila Water has set
                                up new water networks; for
                                2005 alone, LUB lay down
                                seventeen (17) pipelining
                                projects all over the city. So
                                far, more than 70% of Tagu-
                                ig receives adequate water
Everyday around Taguig,                                          > Partnered with Habitat for Humanity, to build 108 low
                                Flooding is now less likely in   cost housing units and 26 row houses.
ongoing projects speak of
                                Taguig with the city working
the city’s progress and pre-
                                overtime to clean, dredge        > Distributed more than 4,000 Certificates of Eligibility for
paredness. Taguig’s own
                                and rehabilitate all the         Lot Allocation.
Fort Bonifacio Global City
                                creeks, waterways and riv-
is a testament to modern
                                ers in Taguig.                   > Assisted the urban poor through the Community Mort-
infrastructure, where traf-
fic flows smoothly on well-                                        gage Program, made possible by a loan with the National
planned streets. There is                                        Home Mortgage and Finance Corporation.
                             Waste Not
no shortage of electricity
                             Clean and Green manpower
or clean drinking water. Gas
                             keeps Taguig’s streets clean
lines and a state-of-the-art
                             on a fastidious basis, tasked
fiber-optic network are laid
                             to keep roads and sidewalks
safely underground without
                             waste-free. Even city offi-
disrupting the cosmopoli-
                             cials and employees have
tan landscape. It’s the same
                             joined the Clean and Green
story throughout the City
                             bandwagon as they volun-
where a readiness for the
                             teer on weekends to clear
future is evident in close to
                             up streets and waterways of
a thousand completed in-
                             refuse. As part of the clean
frastructure projects, from
                             environment campaign, the
road networks to drainage
                             local government is also
                             educating constituents on
                             proper waste segregation,
All Clear
                             which has greatly improved
Motorists can now safe-
                             garbage collection and
ly drive down C-5 Road,
                             maintained a cleaner envi-
where the city government
installed 322 units of 250-
watt street lamps—in col-
                             Homes for all
laboration with Metro Ma-
                             Responding to the housing
nila Development Authority,
                             needs of the city’s poor and
                             homeless, the city govern-
                             ment with the Local Hous-
Water shortages are fast be-
                             ing Board has:
coming issues of the past.
The Taguig Local Utility
                          CITY OF TAGUIG                                                         problem of squatting, owing to the rapid
                                                                                                 population increase mainly due to massive
                         The fastest growing city in the Philippines                             migration.

                                                                        To say that Taguig       To effectively address this dilemma, the city
                                                                        City successfully        government last year embarked on a bold
                                                                        transformed from         initiative in the mass housing arena with the
                                                                        a rural commu-           launch of the “Family Townhomes” Project
                                                                        nity into a bustling     to provide decent shelters and change the
                                                                        urban center is a        way the underprivileged residents live in the
                                                                        complete under-          city.
                                                                        statement.       For
                                                                        one, it does not         Hundreds of families now have already ben-
                                                                        give justice to the      efited from this housing program, in collab-
                                                                        fact that the once       oration with housing advocates like Gawad
                                                                        old, rural and rus-      Kalinga, Habitat for Humanity and other pri-
                                                                        tic town has un-         vate partners.
                                                                        dergone a massive
                                                                        makeover that it         Tiñga said the Family Townhomes is Taguig’s
                                                                        has now become a         way of addressing the country’s squatting
Taguig (formerly spelled as Tagig; Filipino:    symbol of rapid growth and development in        problem head on, and at the same time,
Lungsod ng Taguig) is a city in Metro Ma-       the country today.                               bridging the widening gap between the rich
nila in the Philippines. From a thriving fish-
ing community along the shores of Laguna        The truth of the matter is that, in just over
de Bay, it is now an important residential      six years, Taguig has made a giant leap into
and industrial suburb of Manila. The recent     the highly-progressive future, a feat that no
construction of the C-5 highway and the ac-     other city in the country has ever achieved.
quisition of the Fort Bonifacio development
area has paved the way for the cityhood of      For Mayor Freddie R. Tiñga, the vision-
the municipality.                               ary leader that engineered this huge ur-
                                                ban transformation, inspiration came from
Taguig City lies on the western shore of La-    knowing and experiencing what it was like
guna de Bay and is bordered by Muntinlupa       to live in the old Taguig town.
City to the south, Parañaque City to the
southwest, Pasay City to the west, Cainta       “As a kid growing up in Taguig, I experienced    and the poor in his city, where the most ex-
and Taytay on the northwest and Makati          the slow-paced, provincial-like life. There      pensive residential developments are found
City, Pateros, and Pasig City to the north.     was even a time when my friends who lived        and continue to rise.
Taguig River, a tributary of the Pasig River    in other cities of the metropolis would tease
cuts through the northern half of the mu-       me that I came from ‘Taguig province’. No-       Now, the Family Townhomes has earned the
nicipality and Napindan River, also a tribu-    body knew about Taguig back then and this        interest of the people the world over and
tary of the Pasig forms the common border       helped motivate us to bring about change,”       has started a “global” trend in public hous-
of Taguig with Pasig City.                      he said.                                         ing, bringing into the city people of different
                                                                                                 races that share Mayor Tiñga’s vision.
                                                                   Indeed, Tiñga has literally
                                                                   and figuratively changed       The past months saw the influx of foreign
                                                                   the landscape of Taguig,      nationals in the city – a myriad of students,
                                                                   with the sweeping chang-      businessmen, naval forces and dignitaries
                                                                   es that he implemented        from different countries, armed with house-
                                                                   in the city. The secret, he   building tools as volunteer workers.
                                                                   shares, is going back to
                                                                   the basics – shelter, so-     “This is more than what we have envisioned
                                                                   cial services, health, and    for the city. We are not only building homes
                                                                   education.                    for the poor to change the way people live,
                                                                                                 but we are also promoting friendship and
                                                                   From squatter colony to       cooperation among these foreign nation-
                                                                   civilized community           als. And for us, sharing the same vision and
                                                                                                 working together to attain it is what’s im-
                                                                   For years, Taguig has         portant,” Tiñga said.
                                                                   been hounded with the

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Global City Innovative College                and sleepless nights, but armed with
                                              the purpose of providing equal oppor- Joselito Austria (JA) recently passed
                                              tunity education to all and with the the Nursing Battery Exam:
                                              perseverance and focus of the group,
                                              things started to fall in place.

                                              Opportunities were opened to GCIC
In 2002 GCIC was born .....A year be-         and the group was able to get a great
fore that... preparation for its opera-       location with excellent facilities and
tion was in full swing , God’s will has       the needed qualified personnel to
joined the energy of a group of dy-           start the school. All the incorpora-
namic & young entrepreneurs, with             tors of GCIC were very nervous about
the expertise of a respected acade-           getting 100 - 200 students for its first
mician and administrator with over            year... But with God’s blessing he           VP: How does it feel passing this Exam?
40 years of experience. Together they         blessed GCIC with 500 in its initial         JA: It was really unexpected. I didn’t
formed what is now known as GLOBAL            year. But as with everything else, with      think I would pass and continue my stud-
CITY INNOVATIVE COLLEGE.                      blessings come more challenges. GCIC         ies here in GCIC.
                                              had to expand quickly to accommo-
                                                                                           VP: Is Nursing really your dream-course?
The process was a long and complicat-         date the additional enrollees. Keeping
                                                                                           JA: Definitely. I long to help other people,
ed one; many trials and unforeseen            focus and rising up to the challenge,
                                                                                           just like Florence Nightingale.
problems came. There were times we            the group joined together their re-
thought that the school would not             sources and the night before classes
materialize. There were lots of prayers       opened… construction was finished.

Mind Builders Preschool
Are you looking for a preschool for your child? Mind-
builders Preschool is offering big discounts for reserva-
tions made before March 14, 2008.

Mindbuilders Preschool practices for its core curriculum
Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI),
a new educational system that aims to bring out the po-
tentials in each child. Traditionally, education is conduct-
ed and measured in terms of linguistic and mathemati-
cal intelligences and anyone who scores well in both has
been thought to be very smart. In contrary, according
to MI, each child is intelligent in eight different ways in
varying degrees: Linguistic, Mathematical, Naturalist, In-
terpersonal, Intra-personal, Musical, Kinesthetic and Vi-
sual- Spatial. In this progressive method of teaching, all
other intelligences of a child are also recognized.

Children are empowered to take a more active role in their learning through unconventional, artistic, creative, and inventive ways.
They are intrinsically motivated and find schoolwork fun because they can follow their interests and express their knowledge in
ways that are meaningful for them. The goal is for children to have a deep understanding of the concepts taught, providing a solid
foundation and equipping them with a readiness sufficient for formal schooling. As the children’s “mind- builders,” the teachers
are serious life-long learners and keep themselves abreast with the latest trends and studies in the ever-growing field of Early Child-
hood Education. Mindbuilders also offers Kindermusik programs, daycare, academic tutorials and Chinese tutorials.

To schedule a school tour and a free trial class, call us at 8257419. You may also visit us at 168 Tropical Avenue BF International,
Las Pinas (inside BF). For more information, check out our website at www.mindbuilderspreschool.com.

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Embotido Filipino Style                           Embutido Cooking Instructions:

                                                  •Prepare a steamer and set aside. Alternatively, prepare a
Embutido Ingredients:
                                                  baking pan and a wire rack and preheat oven to 350°F.
                                                  •In a bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix until well
•1 lb. ground pork                                blended.
•1/2 cup finely chopped carrots                    •Divide the mixture into 2 to 4 portions (depending on how
•1 cup (6 slices) finely chopped                   many you want to make).
  (sweet or cooked) ham                           •Spread and flatten the mixture onto the center of each foil,
•3 tbsp. minced green bell pepper                 divide the slices of hard cook eggs and Vienna sausages.
                                                  •Place each slices at the center of each mixture. Hold the foil onto your hand and roll until
•3 tbsp. minced red bell pepper
                                                  the ends of the mixture covers the eggs and sausages. Alternatively, by holding each ends
•1/3 cup sweet pickle relish                      of the foil, roll the mixture back and forth until it covers the slices of eggs and sausages in
•1/4 cup raisins                                  the center.
•3 whole eggs                                     •Finally, roll the aluminum foil into a tightly packed log about 1 to 2 in diameter, sealing on
•1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese                    both ends. Repeat with the remaining pork mixture.
•dash of liquid seasoning                         •Place the embutido in a steamer and steam for an hour. Alternatively, place embutido in
•salt & pepper, to taste                          a wire rack on a baking pan, half filled with hot water.
                                                  •Cover with aluminum foil (Be sure the steam will not escape). Steam-bake in the center
•1 tbsp. cornstarch
                                                  of the oven for an hour.
•slices (wedges) of hard-cooked eggs              •Remove from the oven. Let it cool and slice into rings. Serve with your favorite catsup or
•slices (wedges) of Vienna sausage                sauces.
•aluminum foil, 10 x 12 sizes                     •Refrigerate unused embutido.

The L’Incontro Experience
Tucked away in the tree-lined street of Nicanor Garcia (formerly Reposo) is another one of Ma-
nila’s favorite Italian haunts: L’Incontro. L’Incontro opened its doors in 1999, and is owned and
operated by Italian Gino Martinel.

gino was raised in Northern Italy, in an area close to the Alps. Although his family was already
in the food business there (owning a small restaurant in their town) Gino originally did not plan
on following that path. He worked mainly in construction, traveling the world for most of his
life, traveling the world for most of his life. He first came across the Philippines in 1988, and of
all the countries he visited and lived in, it was here he eventually decided to settle. He left the
construction business in early 1999, and later the same year, he opened L’Incontro.

Having been in construction gave Gino a fine advantage. He was able to design and build the
restaurant in only 45 days. He chose the then lonely street known as Reposo to create the foundation for what later would become on of
Manila’s bastions for Northern Italian cuisine. The idea was for the restaurant to become a destination-a place people would make an effort to
travel to.

L’Incontro means “meeting place,” and its interior interior design of cosy tables and chairs, brick inlays, and simple decoration makes it an ideal
location for a lunch or dinner rendezvous. Service staff is dressed in traditional white shirts and vests, and have all been working at the restau-
                                              rant since its inception (trained by Gino himself!). The food remains simple, yet made with the
                                              freshest ingredients, which Gino picks out himself every morning from the market. L’Incontro
                                              specializes in traditional Northern Italian cuisine, which uses mainly olive oil as its base ingredi-
                                              ent. L’Incontro is also known for its grilled steaks, which are brought raw to the table before grill-
                                              ing, for the customer’s choice and inspection.

                                               At L’Incontro, simplicity and consistency are the keys. Customers keep coming back because they
                                               are drawn to the place. Be it the multitude of chianti bottles hanging from the walls, or the color-
                                               ful dried pastas on display near the kitchen, L’Incontro gives one the feeling of being taken care of
                                               in a warm Italian home. the cheerful presence of Gino’s own 11-year old son welcoming guests
                                               at the door is a charming plus. “My cuisine is not rich,” says Gino, “but it has good flavor.” That
                                               about sums up not only the food, but the whole L’Incontro experience as well.

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All-new Mazda2 Wins 2008 joyed widespread popularity due to the all-new Mazda2 as their World
World Car of the Year Award its convenient size and superb stor- Car of the Year,” said Dan Morris,
                                          age and functionality. The second       Mazda’s senior managing executive
                                          generation all-new Mazda2 com-          officer in charge of Marketing, Sales
                                          menced sales in Japan in July 2007,     and Customer Service. “This is won-
                                          and soon drew attention thanks to       derful recognition which Mazda2
                                          its fun-to-drive, Zoom-Zoom driving     car owners and Mazda employees
                                          dynamics, and the emphasis Mazda        alike can celebrate worldwide.
                                          placed on the new generation’s de-
                                          sire for environmental and safety     “The all-new Mazda2 is exceed-
                                          attributes and great design. The all- ing our highest expectations, dem-
The Mazda2 is the 2008 World Car          new Mazda2 reflects these emerg-       onstrating it can compete and win
of the Year (WCOTY). From an ini-         ing modern attitudes with stylish     against the best compact cars in any
tial entry list of thirty-nine (39) new   exterior design complemented by       market in the world and is earning
vehicles from all over the world,         low running costs and excellent fuel  glowing praise at home and glob-
the overall 2008 WCOTY title was          economy, achieved by reducing the     ally, having also won a number of
announced at the New York Inter-          vehicle’s weight by approximately     Car of the Year awards around the
national Auto Show. The Mazda2            100 kilograms.                        globe, including Austria, Belgium,
(known as the Mazda Demio in Ja-                                                Denmark, Greece, New Zealand,
pan) edged out the Ford Mondeo            “We are delighted that the 2008 and the RJC Car of the Year award
and Mercedes-Benz C-Class to take         World Car of the Year jury has chosen in Japan.”
the overall award.

Based on the recommendations of
a design panel consisting of four
highly respected world design ex-
perts, the Mazda2 was also voted
by the jurors onto the short-list of
top three design finalists, together
with the Audi R8 and Volvo C30.

The WCOTY awards were officially
launched in January 2004 and are
initiated by, organized by, and con-
ducted by automotive journalists
from all over the world. A jury of 47
international automotive journal-
ists selected the overall winner by
secret ballot, based on their expe-
rience with each candidate as part
of their professional work. The jury
members constitute a balance of
representation from Asia, Europe,
North America, South America, as
well as other parts of the world.

Since it first went on sale in 2003 in
Europe, the Mazda2 compact has en-

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5 diet flubs — easy ways to fix them                  per week were more likely to gain weight            to satisfy your hunger, and cranberries con-
                                                    during the year than those who clocked out          tain antioxidants that help quell postworkout
For starters, don’t reward yourself with            earlier, a study in the International Journal       inflammation, says Leslie Bonci, R.D., director
M&M’s after workouts                                of Obesity reports. Stress and fatigue may          of sports medicine nutrition at the University
Like sailing, you set your course toward a des-     make desk jockeys more apt to eat fast food         of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
tination (your goal weight), propel yourself        and less inclined to exercise. “Women’s bod-
with the right fuel (diet and exercise) and end     ies are wired to hang on to fat, especially in      Diet flub #4: You don’t ever count calories
up on an island paradise (in a bikini!). But the    the abdomen, when they experience chronic           You may think you’re vigilant about monitor-
tiniest leak in your ship could sink your ef-       stress,” says Kathleen Hall, Ph.D., founder of      ing portions, but mindless bites can equal
forts. We’ve uncovered 10 sneaky ways your          The Stress Institute in Atlanta.                    hundreds of unaccounted-for calories.
workout, your work habits and even your
clothing can undermine your diet, and we de-        Fix it: Take mood-lifting breaks. “Pinpoint         Fix it: If dieting were a poker game, logging
vised easy fixes for each. Spot what’s holding       when during the day you’re most likely to hit a     your food intake would be your ace in the
you back, try our tips and set off toward your       slump,” Hall says. “Then engage in something        hole. But few women have the discipline (or
ideal body. Then slip into that swimsuit and        playful or soothing during that time — doing        the time) to record every morsel. Fortunately,
enjoy!                                              so produces feel-good endorphins to battle          simply thinking about your most recent meal
                                                    stress.” Put on headphones and download a           can keep overeating in check, a study from
Diet flub #1: You grocery shop on the fly             new song, or recap last night’s reality-TV an-      the University of Birmingham in England
Like your boss and karaoke night, some things       tics with a friend. Physically active downtime      suggests. When women were asked to write
simply don’t go well together. The super-           is especially effective, Hall says; stretch, toss    down what they had for lunch before they
market and an empty stomach are similarly           a foam ball with an officemate or pump out            were offered cookies later in the day, they ate
mismatched. Shopping when you’re hungry             a set of biceps curls using a dumbbell stashed      fewer treats than those who weren’t asked to
makes you more likely to fill your basket with       under your desk.                                    remember their meal. “Recalling what you ate
junk.                                                                                                   may remind you of how filling that food was,”
                                                    Diet flub #3: You celebrate workouts with            says lead researcher Suzanne Higgs, Ph.D.
Fix it: Skip the checkout line and go online.       M&M’s
Dieters who shopped at Web-based groceries          After a tough hour at the gym, do you (A) grab      Diet flub #5: You’re an e-mail addict
bought fewer high-fat foods, a study from the       fresh fruit, (B) feel too great to eat or (C) re-   The number of calories you burn e-mailing a
University of Connecticut at Storrs finds. “It       ward yourself with a huge dinner (“I’ll have        coworker? Five. The number it takes to walk
makes it easier to stick to your list,” says Ame-   the Fiesta Nachos, please!”)? If you answered       over to her? Eleven. Multiply that by how of-
lia Lake, Ph.D., a research fellow at the Hu-       C, you’re not alone. Women ate, about 120           ten this scenario plays out in a week (roughly
man Nutrition Research Centre at Newcastle          more calories following intense exercise than       a bazillion), and you see how tech squelches
University in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.         after a lighter workout that burned the same        your activity level.
(Go to Self.com/health for a balanced list.) If     calories, a study from the University of Ot-
you shop in person, stick to the store’s perim-     tawa reveals. The splurge may feel justified         Fix it: Slip movement into your entire day, not
eter (typically the produce and dairy areas) to     because the workout seemed so difficult.              only your gym time. Stand up when you’re
avoid impulse buys.                                                                                     talking on the phone, and deliver at least
                                                    Fix it: Stow a healthy snack in your gym bag        five messages a day in person. You can torch
Diet flub #2: You work late                          so you don’t overdo your next meal. Mix ¼           about 100 calories daily this way, says James
Overtime may help you nab a fatter paycheck,        cup of dried cranberries with 2 tablespoons         Levine, M.D., an endocrinologist at the Mayo
but it could foil your efforts to downsize your      of unshelled sunflower seeds in a resealable         Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. That’s enough
figure. Women who worked 40-plus hours               plastic bag. The mix packs protein and carbs        to burn off nearly a pound a month!

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God of War – High on my favorite list         PS2 “God of War” titles. If you’ve skipped        magic attacks by using the same buttons
                                              the console games, whose winding yarns of         while holding the right shoulder pad. “God
                                              Greek gods and monsters could fill a novel,        of War” vets will feel right at home and
                                              don’t sweat it. In a nutshell, Kratos, a leg-     newcomers will soon be slicing and dicing
                                              endary Spartan warrior, has been granted          with ease.
                                              godlike powers by Ares, the god of war. In
                                              return, Kratos must do Zeus & Co.’s bidding.      Certain finishing moves during battles are
                                              Resentment and glorious battles ensue.            accomplished with button sequences dis-
                                                                                                plays on-screen. My sole complaint with
                                              “Chains of Olympus” opens with Kratos             the controls is that, when prompted to ro-
                                              running an errand for the gods. The Greek         tate the analog stick, the motion would only
                                              periphery of Attica is under attack by the        register if done precisely right. This touchy
                                              Persians and some Kratos muscle is re-            aspect caused me considerable grief during
                                              quired to repel the invaders. The opening         already difficult boss fights.
The PSP, like big brother PS3, suffers from    segment is a trial by fire introduction to
overkill, packing plenty of graphics horse-   the core gameplay mechanics of “God of            Blades of Chaos – ‘Nuff Said
power with precious few games to take         War.” The main storyline is a quest to res-       Even a Spartan demigod is only as deadly as
advantage of it. As time goes on, however,    cue Helios, the sun god, who has been kid-        his weapons and “Chains of Olympus” has
more developers are getting their heads       napped by dream god Morpheus. Without             plenty of formidable gear. Kratos begins in
around how to harness the PSP’s poten-        Helios, the land has fallen under a dark and      Attica with his trademark Blades of Chaos,
tial.                                         gloomy spell; even the gods of Olympus are        dual choppers on chains grafted onto each
“Daxter,” developer Ready at Dawn’s 2006      snoozing. After being enlisted by Helios’         arm.
PSP game, featured gorgeous, console-         sister Eos to help, Kratos journeys, literally,
grade graphics. Since then, they’ve appar-    to hell and back to rescue Helios.                Upgraded magical abilities and weapons
ently been busy honing their blade — uh,                                                        are made available during Kratos’ travels
craft — as evidenced by their portable take   Near Perfect Controls                             including the Gauntlet of Zeus which trans-
on the epic action series, “God of War.”      Even on normal or “Hero” difficulty,                forms Kratos’ arm into a mighty club. My
                                              “Chains of Olympus” is a tough game. It’s         personal favorite is the Efreet magic ability;
Fear not, legions who doubted a success-      not “throw your PSP in disgust”-hard, but         the towering demon summoned is handy
ful handheld version of their beloved         I died frequently until mastering evasive         for getting a little breathing room when
franchise. “God of War: Chains of Olym-       maneuvering. While holding both of the            things get hectic.
pus,” out now for PSP, is the best looking    PSP’s shoulder buttons down and moving
handheld game I’ve ever seen. Stunning        the analog stick to dodge is awkward at           Behold the Glory
good looks together with deliciously fluid,    first, it soon becomes second nature. Get          The main attraction in “Chains of Olym-
responsive gameplay and the fan-favorite      the rolling dodge down since going toe-to-        pus” is its visual grandeur. I was in awe
tale of mythical Spartan warrior Kratos add   toe with any of the hardier opponents will        of the graphical detail and lighting effects
up to an essential game. Wielding Kratos’     end badly.                                        achieved on a handheld system. Flicker-
dual blades on the go has put a whole new                                                       ing flames and reflections on a marble
shine on my commute.                          The PSP control scheme closely mimics the         floor look startlingly realistic. Everywhere,
                                              PS2 “God of War” games with similarly ex-         crumbling structures are richly textured. I
Kratos a.k.a. Errand Boy of Olympus           cellent results. Unleash physical attacks and     was half expecting my PSP to start smoking
“Chains of Olympus” is a prequel to both      combos using the face buttons and trigger         from overexertion.

                                                                                                The character animations are a beautiful
                                                                                                sight to behold. I was reminded of Nariko’s
                                                                                                graceful, brutal moves from “Heavenly
                                                                                                Sword” on PS3. Considering that “Chains
                                                                                                of Olympus” is focused almost entirely
                                                                                                on combat, dull, clumsy animations could
                                                                                                have ruined the game. As it is, Kratos flows
                                                                                                with entrancing speed and grace.

                                                                                                When the game’s camera pulls back until
                                                                                                Kratos is just a speck on the screen, I was
                                                                                                struck by how powerfully cinematic “Chains
                                                                                                of Olympus” is to play. The fact that I was
                                                                                                feeling this way looking at a tiny 2” by 4”
                                                                                                screen was utterly incredible.
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Federer Express: Losing Steam?                    in 2006 – he lost to just two players, four times   Nadal in a 6-4,
                                                  to Rafael Nadal and once to Andy Murray – to        6-1     semifinal
                                                  allowing six different players to beat him in        victory that took
Believe it or not, one of the hot topics as the
                                                  2007. Last season, Federer fell twice each to       only 59 minutes
pros head to Melbourne this month will be
                                                  Rafael Nadal, David Nalbandian and Guiller-         to secure. Now
whether Roger Federer is still as untouchable
                                                  mo Canas, and once each to Novak Djokovic,          begins the quest
as he once was.
                                                  Filippo Volandri and Fernando Gonzalez.             to show that
                                                  The “is Federer vulnerable?” chatter really         this year will
Yes, you read that right. People – translation:
                                                  escalated in Shanghai when he lost his first         contain more of
primarily the sports media looking for a story
                                                  round match 3-6, 7-6, 7-5 to Fernando Gonza-        the same.
– will be questioning the dominance of a guy
who last year ended his fourth consecutive        lez, the first time Federer had lost a round rob-
                                                  in match in his six appearances at the event,       Looking at the
season at No. 1, won three Grand Slam titles,
                                                  and the first time he had lost two match in a        big picture, Fe-
and captured his fourth career Tennis Masters
                                                  row since mid-2003. It also marked the first         derer primarily
Cup trophy to finish with record earnings of
                                                  time Gonzalez had ever experienced success          chuckles at ques-
over $8 million.
                                                  against Federer, leaving the Chilean to quip,       tions about his supposedly shaky 2007.
                                                  “Nobody beats me 11 times in a row.”                “I think it’s a fantastic year,” said Federer, ana-
What’s prompting all of this strange concern?
                                                  After that match, Federer addressed the fact        lyzing his season after delivering a stinging 6-
It seems to be the fact that Federer had the
                                                  that while he’s still in charge, it’s getting in-   2, 6-3, 6-2 blow to David Ferrer in the Tennis
audacity to lose nine of the 77 matches he
                                                  creasingly hard to remain unassailable.             Masters Cup final. “It’s been in some ways a
played in 2007. It seems being upset in nine
                                                                                                      breakthrough year for me. Especially the way
matches is a shocking statistic – or at least,
                                                  “It’s not that easy to keep up the pace I have      I played in the beginning of the year, not los-
it is when you’ve been more indomitable in
                                                  the last few years,” Federer said. “Some play-      ing a set during the Australian Open, coming
the past three years. In 2004, Federer won
                                                  ers or people might think now he’s more             here, beating everybody in straight sets after
11 titles and 74 of 80 matches. In 2005, he
                                                  vulnerable. I disagree obviously. I’m going to      losing against Gonzalez when people thought,
won 81 out of 85 matches and again captured
                                                  hopefully show them again this week and then        ‘Okay, Federer is maybe not playing so well.
11 titles. The following year was perhaps the
most impressive of all – 92 of 97 matches and     obviously next year again.” He kept his word
                                                  about the rest of the week, tormenting Andy         “Beating Nadal for the first time on clay (in
12 titles in 2006.
                                                  Roddick 6-4, 6-2 in just 60 minutes during his      the Hamburg final). I’ve beaten all my closest
Compounding this scenario is the fact that Fe-
                                                  final round-robin match, and embarrassing            --Full storyy @ http://www.fab4online.com
derer has gone from being nearly bulletproof

                                                                                       Fab4 Publishing House / +63(2) 710-3598, Page 8
Welcome To Puerto Princesa                        as hassle-free and exciting as possible.          Palawan are easily the most popular items
                                                                                                    on the buffet table, the kitchen staff, our in-
Location                                          Puerto Princesa is a quick 1-hour and 15-         house Chef, is equally adept at whipping up
Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Central Pala-         minute flight from Manila, the nation’s capi-      other dishes to suit both local and interna-
wan                                               tal. Several domestic airlines ply the Puerto     tional tastes.
Resort Information                                Princesa-Manila route.
Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort is nestled                                                         Our different dining venues are designed to
                                                                           After touchdown at       make meals satisfying to all the senses. Kara-
                                                                           the Puerto Princ-        e-nan restaurant, which can seat up to 200
                                                                           esa airport, hop into    people, is the main dining venue. But if you
                                                                           one of our air-condi-    want to add even more spice to your meals,
                                                                           tioned vans waiting      you could have breakfast or lunch at one of
                                                                           for you. From there,     our huts on stilts right in the middle of the
                                                                           the Sta. Lourdes         sea! For al fresco dining, our special dinner
                                                                           Wharf is a 25-min-       buffet is served in a different part of the re-
                                                                           ute drive away.          sort every night. Kara-e-nan’s bar, Ereneman,
                                                                                                    is an ideal hangout for wines and spirits once
                                                                                     The pri-       the sun sets.
                                                                                       vate Dos
                                                                                       Palmas       Water Sports
                                                                                       Arreceffi      Find out for yourself why Palawan’s marine
                                                                                       b o a t      life has gained world renown; go diving and
                                                                                       will then    explore the numerous reefs a few minutes
                                                                                       take you     away from the resort by speedboat.
                                                                                       f r o m
in the tropical waters of Honda Bay, north-                                            the Sta.     The resort’s Marine Sports Center has a
east from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A quiet                                            Lourdes      complete line of equipment and facilities for
hideaway amidst pristine natural surround-                                             Wharf        diving, snorkeling, and other water sports.
ings in the Philippines’ last frontier, we offer   to an exhilarating cruise through the breath-     Guests without C-cards or proof of certifica-
comfortable and modern facilities while pro-      taking Honda Bay. And in less than an hour,       tion may take the Introductory Dive course.
viding you with the opportunity to enjoy and      you will be in the enchanting world of Dos        Full PADI (Professional Association of Diving
appreciate the wonders of nature.                 Palmas Arreceffi!                                   Instructors) diving courses are also available.
Of the island’s 20-hectare total land area,       Bay Cottages                                      Land Activities
60,000 sq. m. are fully developed with rest                                                         At Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort, you
and recreation facilities. On one edge of Dos     For full appreciation of the scenery, DPAIR       will never run out of things to do-even when
Palmas is a 3-hectare mangrove.                   created 10 Bay Cottages standing on rein-         you need a break from all that frolicking in
                                                  forced stilts above water so guests may enjoy     the water.
Our extensive recreational facilites are avail-   the beautiful Palawan sunrise and sunsets,.
able to help you in your pursuit of leisure.      the panoramic view of Honda Bay and living        The fun need not stop when darkness falls.
We have basketball, tennis, beach volleyball,     close to the fishes that have made the island      The Karawatan Recreation Center on the
badminton, billiards,and many more. For           popular to local and foreign tourists. Dos Pal-   north side of the island is a cluster of huts
some water adventure, our marine sports           mas Arreceffi Island Resort is also famous for      with indoor facilities for billiards, table ten-
center offers scuba diving, snorkeling, kayak-     the preservation of its lush mangroves.           nis, and darts. There is also a bar and a vid-
ing, windsurfing, island hopping and fishing.                                                         eoke lounge at Karawatan.
Rejuvenate both body and mind with an aro-        Garden Cottages
matic body massage, milk bath or foot spa         If you’d prefer to spend the night over dry       Don’t feel like moving a muscle? The Tropi-
treatment at our Tropical Spa. Or you can un-     land, chose one of 38 homey Garden Cot-           cal Spa offers complete massage and rejuve-
wind in one of our Bay or Garden cottages.        tages fronting the beach.                         nating services. Try out the spa’s relaxation
                                                                                                    treatments using natural oils and essences
So whether you derive a natural high from         A Bay Cottage could accommodate two adults        for aromatherapy, body massage, body
engaging in your favorite sport, commun-          and one child while a Garden Cottage is spa-      scrubs, milk baths, aromatic facials, smooth-
ing with nature, or simply basking in the sun     cious enough for five adults. All cottages have    ies, and foot spa.Don’t feel like moving a
and fresh air, Dos Palmas Arreceffi surely has      private balconies; air conditioning; toilet and   muscle? The Tropical Spa offers complete
something to make your vacation memo-             bath; hot and cold running water; a mini bar;     massage and rejuvenating services. Try out
rable.                                            and an intercom phone with NDD/IDD.               the spa’s relaxation treatments using natu-
                                                                                                    ral oils and essences for aromatherapy, body
Getting There                                     Facilities                                        massage, body scrubs, milk baths, aromatic
We literally go great distances to make sure      Restaurants and Bars                              facials, smoothies, and foot spa.
that your journey to Dos Palmas Arreceffi is        Although fresh seafood from the waters of

                                                                                      Fab4 Publishing House / +63(2) 710-3598, Page 9
Imelda’s Shoes on Display In Marikina

The Footwear Museum at Marikina City, the Mecca of Philippine shoe industry in
Manila attracts thousands of curious visitors to see the shoe collection of Philip-
pines’ former beauty queen as well as first lady, Imelda Marcos.

A collection of around 758 pairs in glass showcases were under display. These
include black leather boots, silk brocade stilettos and leather sling backs by local
designers. Few international names like Chanel, Charles Jourdan, Bally and Bruno
Magli can be seen here.

The museum is located in a 202-year old building which used to be a rice granary during the Spanish colonial period and
a warehouse for arsenal during the Japanese occupation in World War Two.

Philippines : Lulu brings French jeans
to town!

                        Paris-based,      lead-
                        ing European fashion
                        brand Lulu Castag-
                        nette, has launched
                        its ‘Lulu Jeans’ collec-
                        tion in the country,
                        available in most ma-
                        jor malls in Manila,
                        offering a wide range
                        of categories to cater
                        every taste and body-

While the company’s ‘Paris jeans range’ offers
low-waist cut, ‘Chatou’ offers extreme-low
and ‘Bordeaux’ is low-waist bootcut.

Besides, ‘Avignon’ flaunts mid-rise straight cut,
‘Lyon’ is a mid-bootcut.

However, the show-stopper ‘Vienne’ includes
sensual, teasing jeans, that hugs the silhou-
ettes like a second skin!

Fall/Winter collection gives feminine florals
and mystique motifs on smart silks, deligh ul
denims and knits in vibrant colors of scarlets,
orange and yellows.

Company also offers flexible T-shirts, stylish
tops, breezy beach wear, gorgeous lingerie,
hot accessories like bags and belts.

                                                                       Fab4 Publishing House / +63(2) 710-3598, Page 10
JOHN ROBERT POWERS INTERNATIONAL launches Lifestyle Book Series, a collection of 8 books.
First in the Powers Redbook series is SOCIAL SKILLS – A MODERN GUIDE TO GLOBAL LIVING. The
book launch was held at Asian Finds, 3rd level Home Zone Area, Trinoma, Quezon City last Janu-
ary 25, 2008. Contributors are Chris Upton together with Pat Castillo and Maribel Tison, both
of John Robert Powers International.

Attendees during the event were Cora Tagunicar, Sales & Marketing Consultant of Asian Finds,
Nini Araneta-Magsino, CEO of Asian Finds, Rica Rodis, CFO of Asian Finds and Lorna Clemente,
Franchisee Director of John Robert Powers International.

The Redbook Series is a comprehensive guide to living in today’s world. Each of the Redbooks will
focus on a topic that is particularly relevant to life in our contemporary global environment.

Together, the Redbooks series presents a uniquely user-friendly and thoroughly modern com-
panion and reference for being at your best in today’s world.

Available at all National Bookstores, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Bridges and Asian Home
                                                 Emancipation of Mimi, is due April 15 on Is-        in Miami.” She didn’t name names, but pro-
E=MC2 - Mariah goes Einstein                     land Def Jam.                                       ducers Cool & Dre told MTV News about vari-
on next album!                                                                                       ous sessions they had with the singer.
                                                 The album’s first single, “Touch My Body,”
                                                 which she wrote and produced with Tricky            “With Mariah, one of her favorite records is
                                                 Stewart and The-Dream (the duo behind Ri-           ‘New York’ [by Ja Rule], and she asked us to
                                                 hanna’s “Umbrella”), is set to hit radio Tues-      do a record like that,” Dre said. “It was like,
                                                 day. The video for “Touch My Body” will be          we got an opportunity to work with Mariah,
                                                 directed by longtime collaborator Brett Rat-        and she wants us to do something we already
                                                 ner, who helmed prior Carey clips such as           did. But we said, ‘You know what? You don’t
                                                 “We Belong Together,” “Heartbreaker” and “I         get too many opportunities to work with a
                                                 Still Believe.”                                     Mariah Carey.’ And to know you have her ear,
                                                                                                     you got to impress. So me and Cool decided
                                                 When Carey appeared on “TRL” in October,            not to do ‘New York.’ We wanted to show her
                                                 she offered a few hints regarding her album.         we could do big pop records too.
                                                 She was promoting her fragrance, M by Mari-
                                                 ah Carey, and said that creating the perfume        We turned it in, and her A&R came back and
                                                 and working on her album influenced each             asked us to go gutter instead. So we made the
                                                 other.                                              hardest beat ever in history. We had a bunch
Mariah Carey is still That Girl, but her album                                                       of rappers trying to steal the beat, and they
won’t be titled that anymore.                    “I’ve been working on this record while I’m         couldn’t believe we made the beat for her. Ja-
                                                 working on the fragrance,” she said. “I want-       dakiss, Busta Rhymes, all saying they couldn’t
The singer said in a statement Tuesday (Feb-     ed [the fragrance] to be sensual. ... It’s really   believe we were giving it to her. And then, she
ruary 12) that her upcoming album, will now      been like writing a song. ... This was almost       ended up taking the first record anyway.”
be called E=MC2 instead of the previously an-    the same creative process.”
                                                                                                     More Mariah Carey at http://www.fa-
                                                 Carey also mentioned in October that she “just      b4online.com for the full story.
That Girl. The forthcoming 11th studio al-       had a really, really hot session with somebody
bum, the follow-up to her critic-approved The

                                                                                     Fab4 Publishing House / +63(2) 710-3598, Page 12
THE NEWEST FACE OF PHILIP                       Pinakamamahal. Oyo Boy Sotto was her
                                                leading man in these soaps. GMA Net-                   THE TEAM
                                                work then cast her into mother roles for
MARIMAR…                                        the afternoon Philippine-Malaysian dra-        Editor-In-Chief / Janet Mendoza
                                                ma Muli and the primetime telefantasya        Editorial Assistant / Jun Salvacion
                              Marian Gra-       Super Twins.
                              cia     Rivera,
                                                                                                   Staff / Raquel Sucuangco
                              more popu-        Rivera rose to fame when she won an
                              larly known                                                                  Art
                                                audition for the title role of MariMar, the
                              as     Marian     remake of the Mexican telenovela which          Layout Consultant / Johnny
                              Rivera (born      starred Thalía. MariMar premiered on          Graphic-Layout Artist / JP Munoz
                              August      12,   August 13, 2007 with a 36.6% rating.
                              1984 in Ma-
                              drid, Spain) is   She also branched out in the music in-
                              a Filipina ac-
                                                                                                       Jaime Cordero
                                                dustry with the release of a dance album
tress and co mmercial model. She rose                                                                 Gracia Villanueva
                                                Marian Rivera Dance Hits, wherein she
to fame for her title role in the Philippine    did not record the songs but instead pre-
                                                                                                         Tina Alajar
remake of MariMar. With her gorgeous            sented a dance choreography for each                  Derek Francisco
looks and acting prowess, here’s a girl         track.                                                 Sarah Batacan
who has what it takes to have staying
power in showbiz.                               In 2008, Rivera was honored as 2007’s             Marketing / Advertising
                                                                 Favorite Television               VARTUK Productions
Basic Info                                                       Actress in the First
Name: Marian Rivera                                              Annual      Filipino-
Nickname: Yan-yan                                                American Visionary                Advertising Executives
Birthday: August 12                                              Awards. She also re-                 Joselito Austria
Birth Place: Madrid, Spain                                       ceived an award for                   Manny Palao
Showbiz Anniversary: 2005                                        Most Popular -Full                   Minnie Ocampo
                                                                 story @ http://www.                    Kaye Sevilla
Early life                                                       fab4online.com
Rivera’s father is a Spaniard named
Francisco Javier Gracia while her
mother is a Filipina named Amalia
Rivera.[1] Her parents separated
when she was 2 years of age.
While her parents stayed in Spain
where her mother worked as an
OFW, and Marian was sent to live
with her grandmother in Bacoor,
Cavite, Philippines.

Rivera began her career as a ramp
and commercial model, which
landed her with an appearance on
TV advertisements for Skin White
Lotion and Sky Flakes crackers.
Production company TAPE Inc.
then signed her to cast in a series
of afternoon soap operas for GMA
Network: Kung Mamahalin Mo
Lang Ako, Agawin Mo Man Ang La-
hat (where she was named as the
“Best New Female Personality” at
the 2006 PMPC Star Awards ) and
                                                                               Fab4 Publishing House / +63(2) 710-3598, Page 13
Can Science find God?                                  netic interactions requires divine intervention. Discovering the Higgs boson, confirming the
                                                      theory of electroweak symmetry breaking, is not going to upset people’s religion.
Europe will be the place of the big-                  What about possible contributions toward finding a final theory? Would that upset religious
gest experiments in Physics. Will it                  believers?
change our views of people?
                                                      If we put together something like a final theory in which all the forces and the particles are ex-
                                                      plained and that theory also throws light on the origin of the Big Bang and gives us a consistent
                                                      picture of cosmology, there will be a little less for religion to explain. But religion has evolved
                                                      along with science. It is something created by human beings, and as human beings learn more
                                                      and more their religion changes. Today, especially in the more established religious sects in the
                                                      West, they’ve learned to stop trying to explain nature religiously and leave that to science.
                                                      But won’t some people expect to find the presence of a grand designer in that final theory?

                                                      That’s what was thought at the beginning, but we see less and less possibility of that. The
                                                      more we learn about the universe the less sign we see of an intelligent designer. Isaac Newton
                                                      thought that it would require an explanation in terms of the action of God to explain how the
                                                      sun shone. Now we know that it shines because of the heat produced by the conversion of
                                                      hydrogen into helium in its core. People who expect to find evidence of divine action in nature,
The largest experiment in Physics will take           in the origin of the universe or in the laws that govern matter, are probably going to be disap-
place in Switzerland this summer. The goal            pointed.
is to find signs of an elusive particle called
the Higgs boson—also known as the “God
particle” because it might ultimately lead to
a grand theory of the universe. What impact
will the experiments have on our ideas of the
cosmos and our place in it?
After this experiment, will we have a theory
of how the universe was created?

It is possible that this experiment will give
theoretical physicists a brilliant new idea that
will explain all the particles and all the forces
that we know and bring everything together
in a beautiful mathematically consistent theo-
ry. But it is very unlikely that a final theory will
come just from this experiment. If had to bet,
I would bet it won’t be that easy.
The Ultimate theory of the universe un-
earthed, how will this impact religion?

As science explains more and more, there is
less and less need for religious explanations.
Originally, in the history of human beings,
everything was mysterious. Fire, rain, birth,
death, all seemed to require the action of
some kind of divine being. As time has passed,
we have explained more and more in a purely
naturalistic way. This doesn’t contradict reli-
gion, but it does takes away one of the origi-
nal motivations for religion.
You’ve said that Darwin’s theory of natural
selection was the biggest step in this direc-
tion. What about the possible CONT. p/12
findings in particle physics?

I don’t think that discoveries in elementary
particle physics in themselves are likely to
have anything like the impact of Darwin’s
theory. After all, I don’t know of any religious
people who say that the breaking of the sym-
metry between the weak and the electromag-

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The Future of                              partners business and contribute in            16th ANNUAL ASIA-PACIFIC
                                           the building of a progressive Filipino              AWARD WINNER
Publication!                               Nation.
                                                                                               “Most Innovative
Given the dynamism of the Philippines      FAB4’s mission is to play a significant            Online Publication”
Publication Sector, we entered into the    role in supporting the continuing prog-
market knowing that we might be en-        ress and development of the country’s
tering a venture already too crowded.      economy, education, government and
Keeping that in mind, we focus our         serve the general public’s needs, spe-
plans on innovations that will create a    cifically, in the areas of advertising and
niche in the industry.                     information exchange by:

Being a Marketing Practitioner for the     Providing FREE Print and On-Line Publi-
                                                                                       Village People through its online publication
past 10 years in one of the leading com-   cation and meet the growing demands
                                                                                       fab4online.com won an award as the “Most
panies in the Philippines, I have hands-   for an alternative quality-value-for-       Innovative Online Publication” during the
on experience on the ins and out of ad-    money media and meet the growing            prestigious 16th Annual Asia-Pacific Excel-
vertising. Having launched campaigns       demands for operational efficiency;           lence Awards (APEA) organized by the Asia-
through conventional tri-media have        Consistently pursuing sound business        Pacific Awards Council on March 30, 2008
given me the insight on what advertis-     and financial practices to guarantee         at the SM Megatrade Hall, Philippines. The
ers really need. An alternative venue      continuing viability and growth of the      award was received by Mr. Dario R. Abawag
where they can get the most out of                                                     who manage and maintain the online publi-
                                           company and ensure the attainment of
                                                                                       cation of Village People.
their hard-earned-money.                   gainful rewards for all concerned;
                                                                                       Feautring the performance of Faith Cuneta,
FAB4 Publishing House, the company         Primary betting on the constant de-         Naugthy Girls, and the Jaguar Boys, Soda Sis-
behind Village People – Your Guide to      mand on advertising, FAB4 Publing           ters, Ryan Anthony, Disco Jammers and a lot
the Big City, believes that its venture    House will enter the local market by        more.
in the Publication Business does not       being the 1st FREE Newsmagazine and
only support the company’s commer-         On-Line Publication in the Philippines!     The Annual Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards
                                                                                       (APEA) is a prestigious international trib-
cial intentions, but carries a high de-
                                                                                       ute to world-class consumer products and
gree of social commitment to serve the     FAB4’s Village People will capitalize on    achievers founded by Japanese-Chinese ed-
country and its people. The company,       the competition’s circulation limita-       ucator and civic leader Dr. Seiji Yii-Kagawa,
therefore, conducts business within        tions by initially printing 50,000 copies   international evangelist Rev. Sonia Y. Lim,
the virtues of its vision and mission      and establishing a Web-Portal ( http://     journalist-civic leader Jonathan Nazareno-
statements which will guide the com-       www.fab4online.com ) to address the         Navea, broadcaster Jerry Dy-Go and the
pany through its short and long term       demand for value-for-money advertis-        late educator-author Prof. Urbano S. Reyes
                                                                                       in 1992. APEA has been staged in various
operations.                                ing venue.
                                                                                       Asian countries, the latest of which was in
                                           FAB4 likewise will ensure to top-notch      Shenzhen, China and Singapore organized
Our Vision is to committing itself in      quality of its printed publication that     by the ASIA-PACIFIC AWARDS COUNCIL
establishing a long term presence and      will rival leading Newsmagazine’s and       (APAC) jointly with MEDIAPOWER SERVICES
leadership in providing FREE Print Me-     invest time in providing modern, rel-       as event and production manager.
dia and Online Publication and maxi-       evant news material and articles not to
mize the benefits of the Global Market      be seen with other free publications.       The project is a valuable showcase in rec-
in reaching readers both local and in-                                                 ognizing not only the quality of service and
                                                                                       product features of various consumer prod-
ternational at the same time providing     With this, we are very confident that        ucts and companies but also the significant
the highest level of quality which will    you, our readers will appreciate our        accomplishments of OUTSTANDING ACHIEV-
tremendously boost the advertising         humble effort, Village People.               ERS.

                                                             FAB 4 PUBLISHING HOUSE
                                                 Gen. Lacuna Street, Bangkal, Makati City, Philippines
                                                    Telephone Nos.: +63 (2) 710-3598 / 571-0722
                                                  Mobile Nos.: +63 (922) 845-0899 / (922) 866-8708
                                               E-Mail: fab4@fab4online.com / inquiry@fab4online.com
                                                         Website: http://www.fab4online.com
                                                                         Fab4 Publishing House / +63(2) 710-3598, Page 15
Re-Defining Fun at Platinum KTV BAR

Following the success and popularity of KTV Bars
all over the Metro, M/U/S/I/C Platinum Restau-
rant & Family KTV gives the concept a new fla-
vor. Paranaque’s young, hip, and able gather here
for a totally unforgettable celebration night after

The once quiet community of Paranaque comes
to life at night thanks to Platinum KTV. Platinum
KTV gives life to the sparkling evening of the com-
munity around it. Platinum brings to Paranaque
the total entertainment formula of singing, food,
booze, and adds a welcome change in ambiance
as it takes on a modern look and feel.

Doubling the elegance and allure of other KTV Bars, Platinum sparks the flame of passion for singing. The rich ambiance
exuding from the design, furniture and décor complements the divine flavors of its menu.

Have a feast at the various culinary specialties of Platinum. From their menu specialties to their uniquely refreshing
beverages, fun, satisfaction, and enjoyment for your entire family and friends is guaranteed. M/U/S/I/C Platinum, Res-
taurant and KTV is conveniently located at #48 President Avenue B.F. Homes Paranaque.
For Reservations, call 771-2123

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