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   Aeris Environmental Limited
                                                                                       440 Wheelers Farms Road
                                                                                       Milford, CT 06461 U.S.A.

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                                 Wright Quality Rating:LLNN                                 Key Data

   Aeris Environmental Ltd is an Australia-based environmental services company. The        Ticker:
   Company is engaged in the research, development, commercialization and global            AEI
   distribution of the AerisGuard range of products. It also provides full service air-
   conditioning and refrigeration remediations to commercial customers. It is also          2010 Sales:
   engaged in the provision of site-specific water treatment remediations to industrial
   customers. The Company has three segments: Australian Sales, which is engaged in
   sale of Aeris products from Australia; Australian Services, which is engaged in
   services rendered in Australia, and USA Operations, which is engaged in sales and        Major Industry:
   service on account of USA operations. It has foour business units: air conditioning,     Miscellaneous
   cold storage, water and corrosion protection. The Company is engaged in the
   development and commercialization of its AerisGuard Anti-Microbial Polymer (plastics)    Sub Industry:
   technology.                                                                              Service Organizations
                       Stock Chart                                   Officers
                                                              Non Executive Chairman        Country:
                                                                   Maurie Stang             Australia

                                                          Executive Director & Chief        Currency:
                                                                                            Australian Dollars
                                                               Huw David Jones

                                                                                            Fiscal Year Ends:
                                                                Managing Director
                                                                 Dr. David Fisher           June

                                                                    Secretary               Employees
                                                                  Robert J. Waring          21


                                                                                            Share Type:

                                                                                            Market Capitalization:
             Stock Price (8/5/2011): 0.19
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