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					                IAL  International Association of Laryngectomees
                                                                                              Vol 45 No. 3 May 2000

Music City 2000
                                 HEAR OUR VOICES
Imagine an elegant Southern manor located on a hilltop             pist Trainee. Want to meet fun and interesting people from all
and surrounded by 23 beautiful                                                               over the world who have shared the same
landscaped acres. Inside is a                                                                experiences as you? Then register for the
magnificent lobby elegantly                                                                  Annual Meeting and you will make new
appointed with period furnishings.                                                           friends for life while listening to superb
As you cross the lobby you will                                                              speakers who will teach you various
spot the Veranda Piano Bar,                                                                  rehabilitation skills and techniques. There
which is adjacent to a large                                                                 will even be time for lots of fun while
outdoor patio area. During the                                                               staying in Music City. The Grand Old
evening songs of many genres                                                                 Opry is just minutes away from the hotel
will float softly from the piano                                                             for all you country music fans. Opry Mills,
accompanied by beautiful vocals.                                                             a brand new country theme park and mall
      This is only the beginning, the setting for something        will be opening just weeks before our meeting. Historic music
much more spectacular. Because amidst the beauty of                row, resplendent with honky tonks that feature tomorrow’s stars
this grand hotel, the mouth watering Southern cuisine,             are just a short trip to downtown Nashville. If you’re into tours a
 and warm gentle Southern nights you will ”Hear Our                wide variety can be arranged right there at the hotel. Tour the
 Voices.” You will hear the voices of some of the best             historic downtown Nashville area, the Country Music Hall of
 speech and medical professionals in the world dedicated           Fame, see the homes of the Country stars and legends, visit the
 to laryngectomee rehabilitation. You will hear the voices         Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson, the Jack Daniels Distillery,
 of extraordinary survivors who have met the challenge             or get a group together and create your own tour.
 and now devote their energies to helping others over-                  For those of you who have attended in the past there are a
 come the silence, the fear and the uncertainty of their           few changes this year. The Voice Institute will start on Tuesday,
 future. You will hear new voices that speak for the first         Aug 15 and will run through Saturday, Aug. 19. Only those who
 time, as well as voices that will undergo tremendous              register as Speech Therapist Trainees (STs), or Laryngectomee
 improvement during this magical week and the weeks to             Trainees (LTs) are required to be there the first two days. Voice
 come. When you hear our voices you will experience the            Institute Pupils (VIPs) are those that need to improve their speech,
 sounds of victory, and the voices of courage that have met the    and they start on Thursday morning, Aug. 17. The Annual
 dragon head on with the determination not only to win, but to     Meeting portion also starts on Thursday morning but it is pre-
 help others as well. All of this takes place in Music City USA.   ceded by the always-fantastic Meet & Greet reception on
 But, all the music ever produced will not compare to the sweet    Wednesday night. Something you don’t want to miss. IAL
 sounds of success and the victories over the sounds of            committee meetings will also be ongoing all day Wednesday and
 silence when you hear our voices.                                 anyone is welcome to sit in if they desire. Everything will
      The IAL Clubs of Tennessee and Hopkinsville, KY invite       culminate Saturday afternoon with the ever popular fun show and
 you to join us in this celebration of the laryngectomee as we     then the Grand Banquet Saturday evening.
 move into the new millennium. The 2000 IAL Meeting and                 The host clubs are working hard to make this an event to
 Voice Institute will be the first of the new century and that’s   remember. Let’s help them by making this the biggest turnout
 something that shouldn’t be missed. Do you need help with         out ever. If you’ve never been to an Annual Meeting make this
 your speech or would you like to learn how to help others with    your first. If you’re a seasoned veteran come back again
 their speech? Then register for the Voice Institute as a Voice    and bring a first timer with you. Join us as we invite the
 Institute Pupil, a Laryngectomee Trainee, or a Speech Thera-      world to “Hear Our Voices.”
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Acupuncture TRANSPLANT                                                                feels he or she is really missing some-

    etc.     Second Anniversary
                                                                                      thing.” He adds, “it should not just
                                                                                      be a rich person’s procedure....”
     Several Laryngectomees have re-       On January 4,                                   Ron Langseth asked Dr. Strome
lated their experiences with alterna-      1998       Tim                             what he felt was the future of larynx
tive forms of treatment for various        Heidler was                                transplantation. “I expect to see many
conditions. The following letter from      given a new                                transplants performed in the future.
Ned Bienemann of Pasadena MD re-           larynx by Dr.                              Perhaps primarily at the time of la-
lates his experience with one of the       Marshall                                   ryngectomy, but also for longtime la-
more credible alternatives. Note that      Strome of the                              ryngectomized patients. I’d like to see
such treatments should be pursued          Cleveland                                  a replacement larynx for every indi-
only with the knowledge and ap-            Clinic. Tim                                vidual who needs one.”
proval of your doctor.                     was not a can-                                  Ron Langseth says, “We agree
                                                                  Tim Heidler
     “After my laryngectomy and            cer victim, he was young, in good          with Dr. Strome, and feel that in the
esophagectomy (which “omy-ed” a            health, emotionally stable and highly      twenty-first century we will see at
lot of other parts of me too, includ-      intelligent, the perfect candidate for     least as many larynx transplants as we
ing stomach, shoulder muscles, etc.)       the procedure.                             now see kidney transplants, perhaps
I was plagued by all sorts of pain.              On the occasion of his second an-    more. After all, Dr. Strome and his
With the nerves all scrambled up af-       niversary we find that Tim’s voice has     colleagues have put in a lot of time,
ter so much surgery it was hard to tell    continued to improve daily, and Dr.        risk and effort. Would they have done
what was causing what.                     Strome feels that it now sounds per-       so to perfect a procedure that they felt
     None of the “high-powered”            fectly natural. The problems have          would scarcely be utilized?”
places in Baltimore, DC, UPenn,            been small. Tim still has his stoma
Mayo were of any solace. I finally         which he has to occlude to speak. The      ACCIDENT OF BIRTH
tried some holistic approaches includ-     stoma will eventually be closed, but       Spared by a car- or airplane-crash or
                                                                                      cured of malignancy, people look
ing acupuncture. This latter approach      Dr. Strome has not yet set a time.
                                                                                      around with new eyes at a newly praise-
for me, in time, has worked almost               Dr. Strome had planned to wait       worthy world,
miraculously, not only in relieving a      at least two years before attempting       blinking eyes like these.
lot of pretty terrible pain, but also in   another transplant. Now that two
a sort of reintegration of the various     years have elapsed, he feels he’s al-      For I’ve been brought back again from
                                                                                      the fine silt, the mud where our
parts of the body into a working en-       most ready. He hopes to begin search-
                                                                                      atoms lie
tity again.                                ing for a subject in a few months,         down for long naps. And I’ve also been
     For awhile after the surgery there    possibly a cancer survivor. Dr. Strome     pardoned miraculously for years
was one department working on my           feels that a cancer survivor who is at     by the lava of chance which runs down
stomach, another working on my             least 5 years post op would be a good      the world’s gullies, silting us back.
                                                                                      Here I am, brought back, set up, not yet
mind another my throat, and another        candidate, as long as he or she is free
                                                                                      happened away.
my teeth, but they didn’t work to-         of disease, and has not had radiation      But it’s not this random
gether and one treatment would of-         or neck dissection.                        life only, throwing its sensual
ten offset or negate/distort another.            Dr Strome described Tim’s re-        astonishments upside down on
The acupuncture (which is not pain-        covery, his spirit and dedication, and     the bloody membranes behind my
                                                                                      eyeballs, not just me being here again,
ful, but a little scary at first) I feel   the knowledge that he and the medi-
was the primary factor which let me        cal community have gained from this        needier, looking for someone to need,
get back to some “normalcy”, and           noble experiment as “Incredible!”.
physically has let me rejoin much of             “The first of any medical proce-     but you, up from the clay yourself,
the athletic activity that the surgeons    dure is not easy; however, if you are      as luck would have it, and inching
                                                                                      over the same little segment of earth-
said would never return. I’m back to       going to move medicine forward, it
                                                                                      ball, in the same little eon, to
black diamond skiing, tennis,              must be done. This has been a sig-         meet in a room, alive in our skins,
triathlons (without the swim) and the      nificant moment in medicine, and           and the whole galaxy gaping there
like. I don’t know if it’ll work for       years from now many people will            and the centuries whirring like gnats-
anyone else but it sure worked for me      have Mr. Heidler to thank.” However,       you, to teach me to see it, to see
                                                                                      it with you, and to offer somebody
which is why I share it.”                  it is not for everyone. It’s for the se-
                                                                                      uncomprehending, impudent thanks.
 Ned Bienemann, Pasadena, MD               lect patient who, post-laryngectomy,                                William Meredith
                                                                                                          Page 3

     David “Dutch” Helms reports                                                       tomees and associated professionals
                                          tion, officers,
that LarynxLink went on line on Sep-                                                   ← A Library of laryngeal cancer in-
                                          Board of Direc-
tember 20, 1999 providing the Home                                                     formation, inspirational articles and
                                          tors, and commit-
Page of the International Association                                                  poems submitted by IAL members
                                          tees; its purposes,
of Laryngectomees, laryngectomee
                                          services and pub-                            ← An extensive list of "Laryngec-
clubs, products and services infor-                                                    tomee FAQ's" Frequently Asked
mation, alaryngeal speech therapy,                                                     Questions
                                          ← The IAL's
FAQ's on larynx cancer, newsletters,
                                          Annual Meetings                              ← Extensive links to other sites that
library, and related links.                                      Dutch Helms           deal with laryngectomy and larynx
     LarynxLink was turned over to        and Voice Institutes
                                                                                       cancer issues, voice rehabilitation,
the IAL by its founder, Jack              ← Assistance in locating qualified
                                                                                        and other useful laryngectomy-re-
Henslee. Among other things, Jack         alaryngeal speech pathologists/thera-
                                                                                       lated resources.
developed the maps on which users                                                      ← A Guide to Donations to the IAL;
click to find Laryngectomee Clubs         ← A worldwide listing of all current
                                                                                       financial support and/or services.
and Alaryngeal Speech Instructors         IAL-affiliated clubs and regional or-
                                                                                           The site is set up to provide
certified by the Voice Institute.         ganizations
                                                                                       NASHVILLE 2000 information and
The IAL website has three major cor-      ← The IAL News and other selected
porate sponsors for it’s first year,      local newsletters of interest to laryn-
                                                                                           Dutch notes that updating infor-
Bivona, Luminaud, and InHealth            gectomees
                                                                                       mation is a constant and ongoing pro-
Technologies, each have web pages         ← On-line forms to subscribe to the          cess. Indeed, he has spent hundreds
on the site.                              IAL News and to update/add club in-          of hours in the process of updating.
     Tod Date the 8000 visitors to the    formation                                    The IAL is indebted to Dutch for the
site have been presented with infor-      ← A Directory of Distributors pro-           excellent job that he has done as the
mation on:                                viding products and services of inter-       IAL Web Master and to Jack
← The International Association of        est to laryngectomees                        Henslee, founder of LarynxLink.
Laryngectomees (IAL): its organiza-       ← A Calendar of Events for laryngec-
                                                                                       JOHN G. KLOEPFER, WWII
  IAL SCHOLARSHIPS                        benefit to as many as possible the IAL
                                                                                       & CANCER VETERAN DIES
                                                                                            John Kloepfer, a former Direc-
THE IAL HAS A SCHOLARSHIP                                                              tor of the IAL and a member of the
FUND FOR LARYNGECTOMEES                   normally will only pay for the room          board of the American Cancer Soci-
TO ATTEND THE ANNUAL                      and the registration fee. However, it        ety, died in Buffalo at age 75.
VOICE INSTITUTE.                          will consider additional funds for spe-           As a sergeant in the 4th Division
     The fund was set up with money       cial cases who can demonstrate greater       of the Army John landed at Utah
donated by Mr. Frank Batten, a la-        need. If you feel that you qualify, and      Beach during D-Day and went on to
ryngectomee of considerable               would like to attend this year’s Voice       fight in the Battle of the Bulge.
geenrosity, is called the Batten Fund.    Institute, fill out the application on the        His battles continued as he
     To be eligible for a Batten Fund     back of this page, Page 4.                   fought against throat cancer in 1978
Scholarship all you have to do is                                                      and had heart bypass surgery in 1992.
demonstrate financial need, and not                CORRECTION                               He was a three-term president of
have received a scholarship before.       In the January issue of the IAL              the New Voice Club of the Niagra
You may use it to attend the Voice        News metntion was made of the                Frontier and edited its newsletter.
Institute as either a laryngectomee       IAL film CHECK THE NECK.                     Like so many of us, he was passion-
trainee who demonstrates good             No mention was made of the                   ate in his campaign against smoking
esophageal, TEP or electrolarynx          part played by Howard Moore
speech and want to learn how to           in the making of the film. The
assist with speech instruction, or as a
                                          film would not have happened
laryngectomee who wants to learn or
improve his or her speech.                without Howard. We are in-
     In order to provide the greatest     debted
                           Batten Scholarship Application Form
                                    For Voice Institute
Please Print Clearly

I would like to apply for a scholarship to attend the Voice Institute as a Laryngectomee Pupil or as a
Laryngectomee Trainee. (Laryngectomee Trainees must be well rehabilitated with a good voice and at
least two years post-op.) I understand that the scholarships will cover registration fees and up to 6 nights
lodging. Travel and meal expenses are the responsibility of the attendee, although some additional
limited assistance may be available if requested.

Are you employed?______ Where?_______________________________________________________

Annual Gross Income?____________Number of dependents?_________________

Have you ever attended an IAL Annual Meeting or Voice Institute?______ When?__________________

Would you share a room with another laryngectomee or pay for part of your room? _________________
(This is not a condition of acceptance, but it could allow for additional scholarships)

If you require additional assistance for travel expenses please attach a separate request that clearly states
your current rehabilitation status, your expectations from the Voice Institute, and an explanation as to
why your financial status prevents you from attending without additional assistance. This information is
required to insure that our limited funds are utilized in the best possible manner.

I affirm that it would be a financial hardship for me to attend the Voice Institute without financial
assistance and I have not received a scholarship to attend a previous Voice Institute.

Please respond by June 15. Early responses are recommended.

Signature______________________________________ Date_________________

Name (Print)_________________________________________________________


City________________________________________ State_______ Zip_________

Phone___________________________ Email______________________________

Send completed form to:
 R.E ( Ed) Stone, Jr., Ph.D.
 5921 Woodland Hills Dr.
 Nashville, TN 37211
                                                                                                              Page 5

                                                                                                    a new understanding
                                                                                                    of the realism of to-
                                                                                                    bacco use. Sharing
                                                                                                    his life’s story, he en-
                                                                                                    courages them to
                                                                                                    make an intelligent
                                                                                                    decision as to
                                                                                                    whether they will use
                                                                                                    tobacco or remain
                                                                                                    Joe was a smoker for
                                                                                                    53 years. After an on-
                                                                                                    slaught of laryngeal
                                                                                                    cancer, prostate can-
    Joe Mallon with 44 foot letter from Willow Glen High School in San Jose       cer, emphysema, Raynaud’s disease
    The American Cancer Society re-      doing laryngectomee visitations,         and diabetes he is still alive and fight-
cently awarded Joe Mallon of Santa       “showing them how to make lem-           ing for the lives of young people. The
Cruz its prestigious Patient Cour-       onade when life gives them lemons”.      Education Hero Award says in part:
age Award, given to one person each      He served as president of the Santa      “At age 78, long past the retirement
year in California. His accomplish-      Cruz ACS from Sept. 1997 to Sept.        age of teachers, he daily visits the
ments also earned him the Hero in        1999. Joe has spent about 40 volun-      classrooms to share with students what
Education award from the Califor-        teer hours a week, speaking to over      happened to him from smoking to-
nia Lottery, which was presented on      40,000 students as well as adult         bacco. His presentation has great vi-
TV by Melrose Place star Rob Estes       smoking cessation groups. The            sual and auditory impact.” “He con-
in Los Angeles.                          Courage Award says in part: “He          tinues his education by attending ev-
    In 1994 Joe began volunteering       shares the lemonade with humanity.       ery available seminar and by reli-
for the American Cancer Society          He instills in the students he teaches   giously surfing the Internet.”

     Some very important developments have occurred pains. It was very easy when ACS was doing the bulk
this past year. The IAL finally has got with the                  of the work. However, I believe we made the right
times, and with the work of Dutch Helms and                       decision to remain a stand alone association. Al-
his committee, the IAL has a web page. This web                   though we have had some problems there is nothing
page is full of information that is beneficial for                that we cannot master. As the oppressed have been
all laryngectomees. If you haven’t yet logged on                  singing for many years “We Shall Overcome”. We
I would recommend that you do so. You will not George             must move forward—Your directorate will do ev-
                                                      Ackerman ery thing that it can to get the job done and will con-
be disappointed.
     The meeting in Reno was very successful and we tinue to do the work of the IAL, the total rehabilitation
showed a profit. This was mainly due to the work of Jack of all laryngectomees throughout the world. We are truly
Henslee and the hard working group from California.            International. We even have a Canadian as President.
     The IAL has also had some set backs this past year—            The annual meeting in Nashville is going to be a great
due to many reasons we found it necessary to close the         meeting. This gives us all a chance to learn and to cope
Indianapolis office. Our thanks is given to Dr. Hamaker with the alaryngeal condition. This is also a chance to
who granted the space for no charge to the IAL and to meet old friends, as well as making new and lasting friend-
Mary Jane Renner who ran the office without compen- ships. I urge you all to make the effort to be there. You
sation.                                                        wont regret it.
     It was with a great deal of regret that I accepted the         It is amazing what one learns at these very impor-
resignation of our Treasurer Jack Keilsohn. Jack did a lot     tant functions. I have been to 16 meetings and am still
for the IAL and we do appreciate all the work that he did. learning and I have also been able to help others.
     As with any organization we have had some growing Hope to see you all there. George Ackerman, IAL President
                                                                                                                        Page 6

                                                                                            “choking”. If too much food or liquid
 CLASS ACTION                                   LARYNGECTOMY                                gets into the lungs you can develop
  LAW SUITS                                       ADVANCES                                  pneumonia, airway obstruction, and you
     Just a com-                             Actually things                                can “drown”. For voice production, the
ment from an at-                             HAVE changed                                   vocal cords close, the air comes up from
torney about                                 a lot in the last                              underneath them as you exhale and that
lawsuits. As a                               40 years. The                                  sets the vocal cords into vibration. The
warning, this is                             last 40 years has                              vibration then makes the voice.
a generalization                             seen more ag-                                       So for the various functions of
and may not be                               gressive at-                                   breathing, swallowing, and voice pro-
totally accurate.                            tempts at using                                duction, the larynx has to open and
I have, however,                             nonsurgical               Carla Gress          close. When the total laryngectomy
                         Terry Duga
defended against a few class actions.        treatments, such as radiation or combi-        is performed, the larynx is “cut off”
     Bringing a suit against big to-         nation radiation and chemotherapy, to          from the top of the windpipe. But it
bacco is an expensive thing. It takes        avoid surgery completely. Also, there          can’t just be left it as an open pas-
money to fight money. This is one            are now partial surgeries in which they        sageway to the mouth or nose. You
reason for class action suits. If the        can remove only a single vocal cord            have to have a valve at the top of the
class is big enough the return can be        (hemilaryngectomy) or by which they            windpipe to replace the valving ac-
substantial and therefore the attorneys      remove only the epiglottis and other           tion of the larynx - otherwise food or
get paid. And believe me, the attor-         structures above the vocal cords (supra-       liquid would just fall into the airway.
neys that can handle this type of suit       glottic laryngectomy). Both of these           As you might imagine, it is very dif-
aren’t going to be doing it out of the       procedures are designed to avoid hav-          ficult to reconstruct or rebuild the
goodness of their litigious hearts.          ing a stoma, if all heals well and the         valve. It has to be open for breathing,
     Now, you don’t necessarily              patient learns how to swallow safely           completely closed to prevent aspira-
“sign up” to take a class action. If a       with the reconstructed mechanism.              tion of food or liquid, and closed to
representative plaintiff or plaintiffs             If we have a little anatomy/physi-       produce voice.
will bring the suit in their names           ology tutorial, maybe it will help to un-           The first concern is always to re-
and as class representatives. When           derstand what the surgeon faces when           move enough tissue to provide the
and if a class is certified, then no-        trying to develop a viable alternative to      best chance for cure of the disease,
tice is given to the class members           total laryngectomy. Essentially what           and this is done at the sacrifice of the
who can be reached, allowing them            you have in the throat is two long tubes,      voice and creation of a stoma. If they
to stay in or opt out of the suit.           or pipes running in parallel. The tube in      can perform a partial removal safely,
     If the attorneys are operating on       the back is the esophagus that leads to        maintain safe swallowing and a de-
a contingency, they will get a percent-      the stomach for the passage of food. The       cent voice, and avoid the stoma, that’s
age of the judgment or settlement.           tube in the front is the windpipe or tra-      great. But if the entire larynx must
The percent that they take will typi-        chea, which leads to the lungs for trans-      be removed, the only way (currently)
cally vary depending on how far the          port of air. The larynx or “voicebox”          to allow you to safely swallow again,
suit progresses. Often the amount will       sits at the top of the windpipe and works      is to disconnect the windpipe from the
start at 30%, go to 40% if there is a        as a valve. It is open to let air move from    mouth by taking the windpipe and
trial and jump to 50% if there are           the mouth or nose down into the wind-          ending it in the neck (stoma). That
appeals. The process may be long and         pipe and to the lungs and then back out.       way you can never “choke”, because
drawn out. When you are talking big          But the larynx (the valve) has to be           there is no connection between the
money, you are talking big defense.          closed to keep food and liquid out of          mouth and the windpipe.
     The fact that the lawyers are tak-      the windpipe when you swallow. (If you              There are many bright minds
ing the matter on contingency does not       look at any of the BEFORE surgery              around the world who are trying to
necessarily mean that they are fronting      anatomy drawings on the WebWhispers            find a better way, but the complexi-
the costs of the litigation. They are just   site or the InHealth site, it will help your   ties of the larynx and conflicting de-
postponing their fees. Costs include         understanding of what I’m talking              mands for respiration, swallowing
hiring experts, who aren’t cheap, depo-      about.) If the valve doesn’t close prop-       and speech make it an extremely dif-
sitions, discovery, copying costs, all of    erly and food or liquid falls into the         ficult organ to rebuild or replace.
                                             larynx or the windpipe (aspiration),                                  Dr. Carla Gress
which can run into some big bucks.
                                             usually a person starts coughing or
                                       Registration Form
                               IAL Annual Meeting or Voice Institute
                                                Hear Our Voices
                                                   Music City -2000


  CITY                                             ST      Zip                   COUNTRY

  HOME PHONE                         WORK PHONE                           EMAIL
  Please check below. Please DO NOT register for both the AM and the VI unless attending with VI registrant

  Annual Meeting Registration: _______              Laryngectomee: Yes______ No______          $60 per attendee
   Voice Institute Registration: ST:______           LT:______      VIP:______       Student:______
  Voice Institute Fees:                $400 (ST’s)    $75 (LT’s)    $75 (VIP’s)      $100 (Student)
  Total Amount: __________                        Visa/Mastercard are accepted:

  Card Number:___________________________________________ Exp. Date:__________

  Card Holder Name:_____________________________________________

  Card Holder Signature:__________________________________________
   Mail Annual Meeting registrations to:                                            Mail Voice Institute registrations to:
   Hugh Hankins                                                                     Ms. Lisa Proper
   2035 Lebannon Road                                                               (Attn: Ial/Vi Registration)
   Lebannon, TN 37087                                                               938 Bayside Bluff Rd.
   (615) 449-2541                                                                   Switzerland, Fl 32259
                                                                                    Fax: 904-953-2458 (Mayo Clinic)

                                          Registration Information
The Annual Meeting dates are: Thursday August 17- Saturday August 19.
The Meet & Greet reception will be held the evening of August 16th (Wed) and the Board of Directors will meet the morning of
August 20th (Sun). The Annual Meeting registration fee is $60 per attendee. This fee enables you to attend all Annual Meeting
functions, to include the Saturday banquet. You may also attend Voice Institute sessions as an observer only as long as space is
available. This means that you will not receive any Voice Institute handouts or individual speech training.
The Voice Institute        dates are Tuesday August 15- Sat. Aug 19 for STs and LTs, Thurs. Aug 17-Sat Aug 19 for VIPs
The 2000 IAL Voice Institute will accept registrations in four different categories:
(1) Speech Pathology Trainees (STs): Registration fee of $400 for equivalent of 5+ days of instruction and receipt of a
demonstration model TruTone artificial larynx.
(2) Laryngectomized Trainees (LTs): Registration fee of $75 (limited scholarships available)
(3) Voice Institute Pupils (VIPs): Registration fee of $75 (limited scholarships are available)
(4) Graduate Student: Registration fee of $100
These fees enable you to attend all Annual Meeting functions, the Saturday banquet, and /or the Voice Institute
PLEASE NOTE register for the Annual Meeting OR the Voice Institute unless attending with VI registrant.
HOTEL The Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville TN 777 McGavock Pike, Nashville, TN.
For hotel reservations call: (800) 325-3535 or (615) 885-2200.
Room rates are $99 (single or double) and are good from Aug. 12-22. You must tell them that you are with the
IAL to get this rate.
A free shuttle service is provided from the airport (You need to call the hotel after 3 PM arrivals). It is strongly
recommended that you make your reservations early. The guaranteed rooms in Reno sold out last year because of
record attendance. Nashville is expected to be a very popular site as well.
IAL News                                                                                                    Non Profit
19 Tilden Circle                                                                                          Org.US Postage
San Rafael, CA 94901                                                                                        Mail-Com

  President: George Ackerman
              Winnipeg, MAN
  Vice Pres. Jack Henslee
              Stockton, CAL
  Secretary Barbara Nitschneider
              Carey, IL
  Treasurer Jack Henslee
  Pro Tem. Stockton, CAL
  Editor      Wayne Baker
              San Rafael, CAL
  The IAL News is published by
  the International Association of

       IAL OFFICE MANAGER                                                    IAL BOARD
           APPLICATIONS                        DUES REMINDER
       The paid position of IAL Office             IAL DUES                    SEEKS
                                                CAN BE SENT TO:
       Manager is being established, and
       applications are being solicited.         JACK HENSLEE
                                                                             The IAL is, like the Marine Corps,
       The Office Manager will provide         2137 HACIENDA DR.             always looking for a few good people
       services from their home until a         STOCKTON, CAL                to serve on the Board of Directors.
       permanent site is located.
                                                     95269                   These are working positions which
                                                                             receive no compensation and seldom
       Frank Morgan will continue to run                                     have expenses paid, but it looks good
       the IAL office until a permanent                                      on your resumé (remember those?).
       office manager is found.                    INTERNET SITES            Like any organization, we need pe-
                                                                             riodic infusions of fresh perspectives
       If you are interested in applying for       The IAL Web Site:         and new ideas. If you would like to
       this paid position you may com-        apply you may request an applica-
       municate with                                                         tion from:
           George Ackerman                             WebWhispers                 JEWELL HOFFMAN
           12 Beaumont Way                      105 D'EVEREUX
        Winnepeg, MB R3T 0N1                                                       SLIDELL, LA 70461
                                                                              We look forward the hearing from

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