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									Welcome to the
ORANGE world
The Gebrüder Weiss Group

                           The Gebrüder Weiss Group   1
The orange world

The best transport and logistics services
in Central …

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The orange world

… and Eastern Europe.

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The orange world

The capacities to climb every summit.
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The orange world

Reaching global destinations.

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The orange world

                   Quickening logistics solutions.

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The orange world

                   Efficiency by rail.

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The orange service portfolio

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 A long tradition

14th century - First documentary mention of the
               Wizze (Weiss) and Spechler (Spehler)
               families in Fussach, Vorarlberg,
15th century - The Milan messenger from Lindau to
               Milan over the Alps, operated by the
               Spehler and later by the Weiss family,
               transports letters, goods and people
               regularly from 1474 on.
19th century - In 1823, the three Weiss brothers
               found the Gebrüder Weiss company
               in Fussach.
             - In 1872, company headquarters are        Johann Alois Karl Weiss (Mitgründer 1823)

               relocated to Bregenz.
             - Establishment of branches in Vienna
               and in Adriatic ports.

                                                                                    The Gebrüder Weiss Group   9
 A long tradition

20th century - Branches covering all parts of Austria.
             - From 1970 on: expansion throughout
               the German-speaking area.
               Internationalisation,building new
               facilities and modernisation of
               existing ones.
             - 1988: The parcel service DPD is
               established in Austria.
             - From 1989 on: opening up in Central
               and Eastern Europe and in China.
21th century - In 2000 the Joint Venture
               Weiss-Röhlig is established.
             - Expansion in Central and Eastern
               European countries, in the Far East,
               the USA, Canada, the UAE and in
             - 2005 generational change.
             - Austrian State Prize for the daily train
               Orange Combi Cargo (OCC).                  The Gebrüder Weiss Group   10
Facts and figures


                                         Locations worldwide

        Average number of GW trucks on
        the road on any given day.

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Facts and figures

Worldwide scheduled

                          7,600 000

                          Consignments forwarded worldwide annually

           290,000 m²
           Storage area

                                                   The Gebrüder Weiss Group   12
Development of net turnover

                                             Mio. EUR
                                           CARG: 9,3%
                                              for 10 years

                              The Gebrüder Weiss Group       13
Allocation of
added values 2008

                    The Gebrüder Weiss Group   14
The GW executive board

       Wolfgang Niessner   Wolfram Senger-Weiss   Heinz Senger-Weiss      Peter Kloiber

                                                                       The Gebrüder Weiss Group   15
The orange strategy

Added value for customers.

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The orange values

Who we are.
What we stand for.

                     The Gebrüder Weiss Group   17
Locations in Europe

                      The Gebrüder Weiss Group   18
System Alliance Europe
GW and the partner network

 Gebrüder Weiss
 SAE Partner

                             The Gebrüder Weiss Group   19
Locations in Asia

                    The Gebrüder Weiss Group   20
Locations in Asia

                    The Gebrüder Weiss Group   21
Locations in the USA
and Canada

                       The Gebrüder Weiss Group   22
Location in the Middle East

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Worldwide Air & Sea

GW Worldwide          Air &
Sea Network

  Gebrüder Weiss
                              The Gebrüder Weiss Group   24
Europe Systems
System Alliance Europe

Europe-wide service from GW and
its partners

● European network of leading groupage
  freight forwarders
● 47 partners in 23 countries, altogether a total
  of approx. 50,000 employees
● The highest possible quality standards,
  Track & Trace, lead-sealed transport units
● Alliance of strong national and regional
  freight forwarders
● Maximum market orientation and superior
  flexibility thanks to local expertise
● Seamless process flows ensured by
  certified quality management

                                                    The Gebrüder Weiss Group   25
Intracorporate Destinations

ICD – Seamless logistics
● Transnational consignments that always
  remain in the hands of GW
● For consignments to and from Eastern
  Europe – from Basel to Bucharest
● Made possible thanks to a closely-knit
  network of our own subsidiaries

Safely and quickly en route
in any country
● Transport security thanks to seamless
  transfer within the GW Group
● Superior organisational and technical
  process standards in every country
● Proven in practice: Over 644,000 consignments,
  more than 55 million EUR turnover in 2008
                                                   The Gebrüder Weiss Group   26
National Distribution

Distribution solutions
● Distribution systems that offer
  many options throughout the
  entire Alpine and Danube region.
● From single consignments to
  country-wide mass distribution
● From small parcels to consignments
  weighing tons

From express to very affordable options
● 24h standard transit time with “Weiss24”
● Just-in-time delivery without reloading
  with “WeissDirekt”
● Reliable thanks to constant quality controls
                                                 The Gebrüder Weiss Group   27
Rail transportation

Rail transports

● For less urgent consignments
  with flexible arrival times
● All GW branches have a nearby rail access
● Pan-European transports

Fast – Safe – Inexpensive

● Large capacities
● Inexpensive freight costs
● No traffic congestion and
  environmentally friendly

                                              The Gebrüder Weiss Group   28
Air & Sea
Scope of services

Global logistics network
Branches or joint ventures at key
overseas locations worldwide

Everything – Everywhere
Air and sea freight, import and export,
all of Europe’s key air and seaports

Logistics services the direct way
Tailor-made logistics solutions, project
and warehouse logistics

                                           The Gebrüder Weiss Group   29
Air & Sea
Scope of services

Comprehensive service
for every need

● Risk minimization through seamless
  monitoring and door-to-door transport

● Regular groupage transport worldwide

● Economic combination of air/sea freight

● Project shipments

● Special transports such as dangerous and
  refrigerated goods, valuables, perishable

                                              The Gebrüder Weiss Group   30
IT Services
in transportation

Modern information management

● Barcode
  Consistent consignment tracing

  Customised and electronic data exchange

● iOrder
  Internet based dispatch

● iSIS
  Internet based track and trace

  Internet based arrangement of loading tackles

● eFactura
  Electronic exchange of invoicing data
                                                  The Gebrüder Weiss Group   31
Efficiency and added value

Our work is focused on
customer requirements
● Procurement
  Realisation of optimisation potentials

● Warehousing logistics
  Low fixed costs, no seasonal movements

● Distribution
  For your goods, all ways are prepared

● Fulfilment
  All from one source

● Branch solutions
  Standardised modules and individual services

● Individual Logistics solutions
  Tailor-made customer concepts
                                                 The Gebrüder Weiss Group   32
Subsidiaries and partners:
A strong network

Branch solutions

● tectraxx
● automotive logistics
● leisure + sports
● Trade fair and removal logistics
● Fashionet

Partner alliances

● System Alliance Europe

                                     The Gebrüder Weiss Group   33
Subsidiaries and partners:
A strong alliance


● x|vise
● inet-logistics
● dicall
● Rail Cargo

Joint ventures

● Weiss-Röhlig
● EuroExpress
● brigl weiss

                             The Gebrüder Weiss Group   34
Advantages and
added values

● Greater flexibility

● Geographical proximity

● Personal advice

● Local expertise

                           The Gebrüder Weiss Group   35
Advantages and
added values

● Global partner network

● The latest IT systems

● Quality based on commitment

● 500 years of experience

                                The Gebrüder Weiss Group   36

             Hewlett Packard
             Branch: IT

             Branch: Telecommunication

             Branch: Food industry

                                                The Gebrüder Weiss Group   37

             Branch: Sporting goods

             Branch: Tool manufacturer and fixing systems

             Branch: Electric- and electronic trading

                                                        The Gebrüder Weiss Group   38

             Branch: Electric- and electronic trading

             Branch: Car parts and accessories

                                                        The Gebrüder Weiss Group   39
Experience for yourself how

                              The Gebrüder Weiss Group

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