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					Kansas Travel & Tourism
  Marketing Initiatives
Primary Target Markets

    • German speaking Europe
      (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

    • United Kingdom
   Why European Visitors?
• The market’s have large prospecting pools for
  Kansas (many experienced USA travelers)
• European repeat, repeat USA travelers are
  seeking unique, off-the-beaten-path
• Enjoy American history, American people,
  and wide-open spaces
• High comfort level of using English
  (American) language
• Not “climate dependent”, plan farther in
• Travel is often in our shoulder seasons
  Why European Visitors…
• Stay longer – up to five times longer than
  domestic visitors
• Have longer paid vacations
• Work to live – not live to work
• Spend 5-10 times more than domestic visitors
• Europeans interested in our part of the United
  States generally are traveling independently –
  aka…Frequent Independent Travelers (FIT)
                2004 Success!
          Multi-state marketing initiatives
                Kansas, Oklahoma,
            New Mexico and Colorado
• Expanded Kansas travel packages in tour operator
   – CANUSA 2004 inquires = 5220 and increase of 208 from
   – CANUSA 2004 room night bookings = 4300, increase of
   340 from 2003
   – CANUSA 2004 car rental days = 1200 (through Jul ’04)
   – Travelpack’s first year, no bookings – Continuing program
   for 2005
• Improved interest from targeted journalist
• Highly leveraged marketing investments without
tapping into in-state tourism partner budgets
Santa Fe Trail Routing Map
Best of Kansas and Oklahoma Route Map
             2004 Success!

              German Advertising

• Generate 3122 inquires for future direct
marketing and conversion study
• Travel sections in national newspapers
• Business magazines
• Consumer travel magazines
          2004 Success!
        United Kingdom Advertising

• SeeAmerica! Cooperative
   –Brochure panel ad
   –Sunday Times
   –Saturday Telegraph
   –Preprint Insert with Essentially America March 2004
• 5832 inquiries – used for cooperative direct
market campaign with Travelpack
      2004 Success!
   Targeted Public Relations
• $228,831 Ad Equivalency
   – Essentially America – UK
   – -- UK
   – The Guardian – UK
   – Frankfurter Allegmeine Zeitung – G
   –American Journal – G
       Route 66, Lewis & Clark, OZ Museum, Overland
       Wagon Train Trips, Small Town America
   – North American Journeys - ALL
High Interest Level from Targeted Journalists

                            Leading German Consumer
                            Travel magazine
                            42,000 bi-monthly
                            Kansas spin-off article from
                            Route 66 series story
                            Three 1/3-page ads (Oct, Dec,
                            Feb)– resulted in 655 direct
            2004 Success!
       8-page Destination Guide

• English (British)

• German
8-page Destination Guide
            • Inserted with
              Essentially America
              Jan ’04 issue –
              Distributed to 20,000
            • 4000 English version
              copies distributed at
              London’s Heathrow
              Airport British
              Airways Gates in Sept
            • German language
              introduction to Kansas
          2004 Success!
      European Fulfillment Operation
• Frankfurt, Germany
• 72-hour fulfillment delivery
• Customized German or English language packet
(based on address origin)
• High-integrity data management
• Customer satisfaction letter/survey = 11% return
• Traveler/media hotline 01805-KANSAS
(answered in either English or German based on
caller phone number origin)
• 2004 Conversion Study (report due December
 2005 Focus and Objectives
• Maintain and Expand Travel Product
  – CANUSA will offer a tri-state brochure
    of KS/OK/NM – Three 15-day itineraries,
    each state featured in two of the three
  – Travelpack-is continuing our KS/OK/NM
    fly-drive programs
  – TAKE-OFF Reisen added the Santa Fe
    Trail fly/drive to their 2005 summer
    product line
  – Ranch America has added a KS/OK
    fly/drive excursion, “Cowboy Days and
    Indian Ways” to encourage pre-post ranch
    holiday trip extensions
Cowboy Days & Indian
  Ways Route Map
  2005 Focus and Objectives
• Leverage International Investment at 40%
   – Travelpack – 75% leverage advertising
     campaign in travel sections of Sunday Times
     and Saturday Telegraph
   – Oklahoma supporting multi-state coop
     initiative with a $90,000 investment
   – Kansas has increased international program
     tasks while decreasing our actual investment
     by 7%
   – Locate additional (out-of-state and corporate)
2005 Focus and Objectives

• Consumer Awareness
  – Single most important task this year
  – Direct marketing with T.O. partners
    to our “fresh” data base of inquires
  – Sponsorship of qualified travel
  – UK press event in June with Travel
    Industry of America (TIA)
  – Pow Wow press event in April
Lisa Weigt
International Marketing &
Public Relations Representative
Kansas Travel & Tourism
9316 E Corrine Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Tel: 480 664 3076
Fax: 480 361 4076

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