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Multiplex - India
Published on April 2009

                                                                                                               Report Summary

The cinema exhibition industry in India is growing at 10% per annum driven by multiplexes, which are expanding rapidly in major
metropolitan cities as well as second and third tier cities. Favorable demographics in a cinema-crazy nation, tax exemptions, and
quality locations such as malls, are driving growth of multiplexes in India.

The report provides a snapshot of the market including the two segments multiplexes and single screen cinemas. An overview gives a
quick picture of the market with estimated market size, growth rate and theatre distribution in India. Various business models adopted
by Indian multiplex operators are presented along with typical revenue streams and cost base. An analysis of drivers reveals that on
the supply side - growth in film industry, improving real estate supply, and favourable tax exemptions have help in growth of this
sector while on the demand side favourable demographics, rising income levels and willingness of people to spend on entertainment
are increasing footfalls. The key challenges identified include slowdown in economy, alternate modes of entertainment, development
delays, piracy and uncertainty over entertainment tax exemptions.

The industry is characterized by seasonality, low screen density, increasing average ticket prices, and reducing shelf life of movies.
The key trends identified include producers bypassing distributors, shift to digital cinema, and alternate content in multiplexes, retail
partnerships, and new single screen formats. The competitive landscape identifies and compares the major multiplex operators in the
market since they dominate an industry where single screen cinemas are highly fragmented. Comparison parameters include number
of screens, number of cinemas, footfalls and occupancy ratio.

                                                                                                               Table of Content

Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Market overview - Market size & growth, geographic distribution and growth of multiplexes
Business Model
Page 3: Operating models followed by multiplex operators
Page 4: Revenue- Cost structure
Drivers & Challenges
Page 5: Summary
Page 6-8: Drivers
Page 9: Summary
Page 10-11: Challenges
Characteristics & Trends
Page 12-13: Characteristics
Page 14-15: Trends
Page 16: PE Deals
Page 17: Competition, Number of screens multiplexes, Footfalls and Occupancy ratio
Key Developments

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Page 18: Key developments

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